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Line, simple thin

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Line, simple thin

—and finish with a comment … my comment, Sir or Madame:

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—and there we have it. My briefest post … any takers? 

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Don’t be confuddled—

I’ve just watched a wee u-toobe vid on the Big Bang Theory. It was all good clean fun but the only memorable thing about it was this treasurable snippet:

“I don’t know who discovered water … but it wasn’t a fish!”

The sort of thing I wish I’d said …




for Sydney, and the Australian bush firesGod has listened, heard, and is answering your prayers.

Bravo Zulu, all!


“There ya go, Gertie! God has listened!”


“Hey, you on the end—Miss Greta, take a bow!”

“Can’t … I’m overcome …”

“Emotion? That’s what ya get with a sheila on the team—”

“Fumes, Chief! Can we move a bit, before we pray some more?”


“Hey, Dog! Don’t I get no credit? … Bloody typical! Sheesh!


(among other things)



Richard Dawkins


And enjoying it. Understated, which probably partly explains why he’s successful and I’m not—he’s gentle and easy with his facts (I tend to use ’em as bludgeons).

devil-2 BOPAlso he speaks nicely without insulting his readers. I tend to call a spade a spade and where I find a duped boofwit lacking the basic nous to challenge outrageous propositions … he remains gentle.

My sister (a practising Spiritualist medium) (yep~!) gently tells me that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” (it’s true, too; she does)(but I don’t think she’s familiar with some of the other usages of the term ‘honey pot’).

Anyway, back to The Dawk. I’m about a third of the way through and am decided on getting my own copy; ol’ Dawkins is easy to read and certainly comes across a both a thinker and well read researcher.

Given half a chance I recommend his work—

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 19.24.02.png

—to anyone interested in blowing away unreality (by which I mean interested in facing the universe as it really is).

ye Gods


(Eeeek!)  “Er … yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“I’ve read that book myself, Dog. It’s good! About fourteen thousand million years ago, before I got ’round to creating The Creation and all who sail in her. Things were bloody boring back then—”

“Are you putting in a plug for a book denying your own good Self, Sir?”

“Hah! Truth will out, Dog …”





THIS DUDE IS … and it doesn’t matter a damn.

But, what I would really like to see would be this guy and Miss Greta Thunderbutt sitting at opposite ends of a small table with

  • a microphone each,
  • no (R) NO supporters at all, and
  • allowed to just go for it. 

Free and open discussion of the whole Climate Emergency thing:

—first to make the other cry wins. But predictably it can never happen. Never would happen, never will happen, and there’s absolutely zero percent possibility that it might ever happen … not even in the Alarmist’s alternate universe.

Your question, if you made it this far:

Q:  why is that?

Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 22.20.20

Don’t ask me … nothing in my programming about it~!”

dodo dodo                                           dodo



Miss Greta Thunberg and the whole new Anthropogenic Global Warming Religion. But I can’t.  Not when stuff like this keeps popping up:

Face it … someone, somewhere, is MILKING this rather disturbed kid; and when she’s been sucked dry she’ll be spat out.

And so the beat goes on … world without end; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be etc etc … with this popular new religion*  replacing the old in one foul swoop. Saint Greta? Why not?

If that’s what it takes her manipulators will do it; and if she burns out in the process that’s even better—martyrs are in such short supply these days.

dodododododododododo                  dodo        dodo

* Saving the planet from climate change.


My thought is that eventually those con-job (confidence trick) eyesore turbines will prove to be mega-mistakes

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 09.34.40.png

The theory seems plausible enough—ships used natural wind power for millennia (most today use oil) (some even use atoms) …

But I think wind-turbines should be funded only by voluntary pubic subscription

“Mr Argus!?”

… Little Virginia, how nice …

“Yes, Pest? … Pet?”

“Sir—what you’ve just written? Is that a typo?

“No, Sweet Child. Think about it for a moment. Stet.”

—with no exceptions.


If you’re a bird lover, or perhaps into the defining moment—

—you can cut to the chase by cutting ahead to 1:35. (The fox, no fool, would vote for more wind farms …)


only by voluntary subscription!

Let’s see where we’d go from there (not far, I guess …)