dodoso good for so long. Now you’ve blown your own foot off and are shifting target to the other—have fun~!


recently, written by someone with a bigger axe to grind than I. As a devout atheist I hold Abrahamic religions in contempt as wannabe ‘con job’ monopolies; whereas being a devout Christian this lady (below) holds Islam as THE very real threat to her own semi-monopoly on superstition.

Tell me if this resonates finger down

“The undoubted risk of importing large numbers from an anti-Western culture which refuses to assimilate, and regards us as the infidel, has hitherto apparently been too sensitive to be debated. Already pressure grows for special concessions to ‘Muslim sensitivity’, such as for Muslim women to have their own exclusive times at a community swimming pool.”

—and if not, would it resonate if it were your way of life being rushed to the edge by the unthinking insouciant?

It’s from an Australian publication—it would have to be, kiwi stuff yes but I doubt that any kiwi outlet would get away with it. Well worth reading in full—I love the bit about how animals for the pot must face Mecca to have their throats cut by a practising Muslim (which guarantees “jobs for the boys”, no?).

to read from source:  CLICK HERE

So question of the day, think carefully:

Who do YOU think will win in the end—

(a)  Chinese expansion, or

(b)  the Islamic invasions?

Don’t ask me—by the grace of God I shan’t be here when it happens. And I at least don’t have descendants—I feel for those who do; but hey, it’s a Democracy* and you get what you vote for, no?

Big G, bigger

“Don’t fret Argus—I’ll always be right here, watching over you.”

Oh …

gast me flabbers!

… wow~!




* For now …



Dodoa one line quiz (Americans need not attempt)—

Q:  Why did the seabirds fall and crash?

A:  (No, not yet, go to the foot of the page. But don’t do it until you have read the clues presented in this referenced article in the Southland Times: CLICK HERE)

And why would I exclude Yanks?

Nothing personal. I have the greatest (and ever increasing, dammit) respect for Yanks—but it pays to be practical, sometimes. Here, now have thee a nice chicken to admire (aaaawww, c’mon Argus! Why the hell should anyone admire a skinny black duck?) (So read on, and be enlightened …).

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 09.00.56.png


Okay then … but you’ll hate me for it—here’s yer answer:


finger down

A:  ‘Cos they ran out of petrol~!





So we should be.

We are the single most sensitive and misunderstood wee souls in the entire universe.


Awww, don’t fret, Diddums, we love you …


with an analytical bent and no first hand experience here’s your quote from the objective BBC —

What’s behind New Zealand’s shocking youth suicide rate?

By Andreas Illmer

Think of New Zealand and what likely comes to mind is beautiful nature – fjords, mountains and magnificent landscapes, vast, empty and endless.

But for years already, the country has been struggling with another form of isolation – depression and suicide.

A new report by Unicef contains a shocking statistic – New Zealand has by far the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world. A shock but no surprise – it’s not the first time the country tops that table …

For myself I’m nether shocked nor surprised. Ho hum (yawn, too). But you’d have to live here to understand.


I came up through our world-beating Kiwi ‘education’ system. (We weren’t taught to think but boy, could we ever play rugby!)

It took me decades to break free of the conditioning. I had to teach myself—my dear ol’ Dad often in despair because I perpetually had my snout in a book.

At school I was roundly hated for answering questions that smug teachers would pose to

(a) shut us up and/or

(b) demonstrate their superiority.


have a saying to the effect that the nail that sticks up should be hammered down—kiwis take it to heart in spades. So I became a quiet ‘loner’.

Lonely? No way—I revelled in it. Scrooge enjoyed darkness because it was cheap, I enjoyed solitude because of the company* .


did I ever contemplate killing myself. My world was angles, blocks, colours, rhyme, distances, history and endless unanswered questions.

Life itself was a challenge and I quickly burned through the religious hoo-flung we were fed—I quietly drew cartoons in Bible class and no-one said a word so long as I stayed quiet. I stayed quiet so long as no indoctrinated idiot challenged me.

big J

Built the lot out of nothing, I did.  Dad did.  We did … bugger …

Long before coming across Aristotle I’d learned to see through contradictions for myself. Powerful stuff.


does ol’ God allow kiwi kids to pop themselves off all over the place?


that kiwi kids are simply a bunch of over-indulged Snowflakes these days, and God just doesn’t come into it?


one before, that once asked at a gathering ‘how to raise the self-esteem of a kid’ my response was ‘Set that kid a difficult task, as tough as you can make but within his reach’ … stunned silence.

dodo Now please don’t ask me how to lower our world-beating suicide statistic.

It can be done. It could be done—but I predict with one hundred percent confidence that it won’t be done.

So we shall continue to be ‘world beaters’ in that field too, boom boom!


finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

* Some of the greatest minds that ever lived.




4 U 2 WELCOME  turk-e

refugee immigrants with open arms wallets.


In the absence of welfare benefits, immigrants are usually the best of people because you get mobile, aggressive, and opportunity-seeking people that want to leave a dead old culture for a vibrant new one. The millions of immigrants who came to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had zero in the way of state support.


But what is going on in Europe today is entirely different. The migrants coming to Europe aren’t being attracted by opportunity in the new land so much as the welfare benefits and the soft life. When they arrive, they expect free food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment—totally unlike past immigrants. For the most part they are unskilled and poorly educated. And 99% of them will stay that way, because it takes generations to change cultural attitudes. Few of them will ever become self-supporting.

I say again that someone wants control of the political/economic/military systems of the entire world. Dictatorship, on his terms … democracy? Hah! You wish (please put me in a bid for a nice Lotto win while you’re at it).

I say again that the endless floods of ‘refugees’ pouring into Europe are nothing less than a Fourth Generation Warfare weapon. Well targeted, well wielded; very well done in fact.

Can you think of why? Or by whom?

Don’t ask me—I’m just a daft old dog watching his world self destruct. Ask yourself


(For source of quotes: CLICK HERE)



just now, in my ‘Drafts’

pcbut never posted. I’ve since lost the source and can’t be bothered looking it up, but it’s just as valid today.

Actually more so, Snowflake—but you wouldn’t understand that. For the rest of us: the future is what we allow it to be. Ideas …

Prime Minister Rutte recently issued a warning to migrants who refuse to assimilate into Dutch society. Of course, Rutte was not referring to the thousands of migrants from former Dutch colonies in the Dutch East and West Indies who had no problem adopting Dutch culture, religion, and social manners. Rutte, who faces a 9-point lead by Wilders’s PVV, had some pointed words for the Muslim migrants in the Netherlands. In an interview with «Algemeen Dagblad», Rutte, in what could have been a speech by Wilders, said:

«I tell everyone. If you don’t like it here in this country, get out, get out! That’s the choice you have. If you live in a country where the ways of dealing with others annoy you, you have a choice, go away. You do not need to be here.» Rutte had a particular disdain for those who «don’t want to adapt… who attack gay people, shout at women in short skirts, or call ordinary Dutch people racist». Rutte left very little doubt about to whom he was referring, the recently-arrived Muslim migrants, «There have always been people who exhibited deviant behavior. But something has come to pass in the last year where we, as a society, should have an answer. With the arrival of large groups of refugees, the question arises: will the Netherlands still be the Netherlands?»


Perhaps the above cartoon might be more apt if the word ‘Islam’ were to be deleted, and ‘Snowflake’ put in its place?





the PM of Oz and the P of the USA; falling out over the issues of so-called Human ‘Rights’.

Mind you—I understand the fleeing of conflicts. And as heartless as I may seem sometimes, I feel for the people involved.

Sympathy, empathy, yes—but open my door to total strangers? Just because I’ve been ordered to, by self-serving politicos?

No. Count me out—

First, the “illegal immigrants” are in fact desperate people fleeing conflict whose status as refugees has in most cases been officially recognized. Second, as refugees, they have the right, under the Geneva Conventions, of which the United States is a signatory, to be treated “without discrimination as to race, religion or country of origin.”

For source: CLICK HERE

I care nothing for Donald Trump or the Prime Minister of Australia. pc

What I do care is that bods in palatial surroundings thousands of miles away are commanding innocents to accept into their midst folks they know nothing about. On ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Ordering them to accept “without discrimination“. Brrr.

As an atheist/humanist (if I’m to be typecast) I state that discrimination must be applied, and vigorously.

“Political power comes from the barrel of a gun”* and that’s the only way an authority could get ME to accept strangers into my own home. By force. At gunpoint.


Read the above then consider all possible meanings of the word ‘Freedom‘.

Now consider that contradictions can not exist. (There being no such thing as contradictions—only false premises.)

Finally …

Can a Free nation be commanded to accept strangers— without discrimination?




* And I did after all look up that quote—

Gunny 1.png

—by an infamous realist who got it right (to make it even more right simply delete the word Communist … it then becomes a universal). No?





pc“A mos-quito? Har har, ho ho, snorp—”

“Can I come in?”

“You’re not selling free things that end up costing oodles, are you?”

“No. I’m running from the mad dogs down your street, and need a sucker—”


“Oops. I need a succour. A refuge. A shelter from the storm and such, in accordance with your ethics—you wouldn’t deny a poor supplicant in desperate need of shelter, would you?”

“Of course not. Come in, my friend—drag up a chair while I put the kettle on for a nice hot coff—”

“Oh. I don’t drink with barb—  … er, coffee …”


“Sure. so long as it’s free—”


(Eeek!) … … … …—ly given in a spirit of charity, compassion, and refuge.”

“Here ya go—”

“I’ll use your toilet.”

“Sure—upstairs, first on the left.”

pitta pat pitta pat pitta … pat

Clunk. Whir. Click. Scraunch.

Trickle trickle tinkle—

. . . . . …………… . . . —PLOP!

click … errrrrrk …

pitta pat pitta pat pitta pat

“There was one of those silly ‘little-man-on-a-stick’ things on the door. I got rid of it—”

“My crucifix?”

“Yuk. Yes.”

“Oh … okay … … not a problem. Would you like to stay for dinner? I’m on my own tonight—the wife’s gone out with some friends. Line-dancing nite.”

“You let her out alone? Perhaps your son is with her, or your brother, or her brother, or her father-uncle-male cousin-nephew-grandfather, or your father-uncle-male cousin-nephew-grandfather, or—”

“No. Just herself and some friends from her pub-club.”

” …. …. ….”


“What were you having?”

“Pork sausage casserole, it’s my own reci—”

“No! Pork is foul filthy disgusting stuff. Here, I’ll empty your fridge for you and throw all the verminous excrements out—”

“You don’t like sausages? Not a problem. How about some nice pork tongue?”

“You aren’t getting it! Pork is the excretions of the Devil! I can’t eat something that’s been in so foul an animal’s mouth—”

“I suppose you’d love an egg, then?”

etc etc etc. You may finish it yourself; and now for something completely different— your Quote Of The Day:


Oink not.png

Oh dear.

But wait, it gets even more  better yet—

menu change.png

“Before you leave, what were you saying about your name?”

“It certainly isn’t Amos! Foul filthy Jewish-pig name! No, I am telling you—foul infidel dog—that I am a moslem!”





By their sins? You know—integrating with the locals. Blending in. Assimilating, becoming good citizens and all that stuff? (Sin don’t get no sinnier than that~!)

Some commentators went as far as to accuse the authors of the poll, as well as the party they support, of harboring racist views and disregarding the contribution of the Muslim workers to the society. 

to read from source: CLICK HERE

Ye gods! By the Prophet’s very (peace be upon him)(and his dog) beard, I swear they’ll be wolfing roast pork and bacon sandwiches next~!

But wait, there’s more miracles in line—

“Many Muslims have a problem with the word ‘Christmas’ and it is debated whether the Christmas markets should be renamed to winter markets… And as far as Christmas money is concerned suddenly no one Muslim has a problem with the word ‘Christmas,’ he argued.


too. I want to be me, to hold my own hard-earned beliefs and prejudices. I like having non-mainstream (okay, dammit … non PC) views. Frankly I don’t give a stuff for PC—and it’s about time everyone thunk thought for themselves rather that accepting the mindless pap their betters keep force-feeding them. pc

I don’t mind in the least being labelled a ‘racist’.

I also like women, so I’m a sexist.

All humans should be equal in the eyes of The Law, so I’m a Male Chauvinist sexist atheistic heathen pork swilling rum soaked dog loving pig (not a Muslim, you see …)

For God’s sake (hey, and Mrs God’s too) People:please get your blasted self-respect together* and go spit in the eyes of anyone falsely labelling you.

THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT—  spins-down.gif(click it, to go there)


—and I see no reason why Muslims should be denied religious freedom (other than their anti-social behaviour based on their foul and filthy vicious credos).cerberus-2

Even offering them a Christian bonus is force, trust me.

Ringing Christmas bells within earshot of a Muslim is acoustic aggression (and intimidation); all clappers to be removed forthwith …

Xmas lights, garlands, decorations in the streets—all are aggressions.

… we really don’t want to offend anyone, do we?


* If you have any left …



I found the magazine in an Op Shoppe. Crank magazine, of course, never to be confused with either—

(a) common sense, or

(b) what is actually happening in the world.

Make of it what you will (and I thought that I was the only cracked egg in the carton—so there’s hope for me yet~!).

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 19.54.38.png


if you do go to the guy’s webbie you may find he has some very ‘alternative’ notions. I like nutters, I much prefer them to unthinking sheeple, but there ya go…

To each his own.


PS  For further info, try:




the ‘two minutes’ point …

If you really want, you may tell me how it ends. No, on second thoughts … this is actually how the end begins.

Yes, good people, this is how the end begins.

Luckily I’m an old dog and will be safely out of here before it gets too close to home—MY home … no kids, no pets, and no such personal investment in the future; nothing to lose.

But you?

It’s all yours—so enjoy your future with my blessing.

You worked for it …