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be warned: I ain’t checked nuthin’, I’m just re-posting here* out of human interest:

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A very SAD day for a 100 year old industry of AVIATION. 

Virgin fires more than 3,000 people including 600 Pilots.

– Virgin Australia files for Bankruptcy.

– Air Mauritius goes into Administarion.

– South African Airways Bankrupt.

 – Finnair returns 12 planes and lays off 2,400 people.

 – YOU grounds 22 planes and fires 4,100 people.

– Ryanair grounds 113 planes and gets rid of 900 pilots for the moment, 450 more in the coming months.

– Norwegian completely stops its long-haul activity!!!  The 787s are returned to the lessors.

– SAS returns 14 planes and fires 520 pilots… The Scandinavian states are studying a plan to liquidate Norwegian and SAS to rebuild a new company from their ashes.

– Ethiad cancels 18 orders for A350, grounds 10 A380 and 10 Boeing 787. Lays off 720 staff.

– Emirates grounds 38 A380s and cancels all orders for the Boeing 777x (150 aircraft, the largest order for this type). They “invite” all employees over 56 to retire 

– Wizzair returns 32 A320s and lays off 1,200 people, including 200 pilots, another wave of 430 layoffs planned in the coming months.  Remaining employees will see their wages reduced by 30%.

– IAG (British Airways’ parent company) abandons the takeover of Air Europa (and will pay €40 million compensation for that).

– IAG (Iberia) grounds 56 planes.

– IAG (British Airways) grounds 34 planes.  Everyone over 58 to retire.

– Luxair reduces its fleet by 50% (and associated redundancies)

– CSA abolishes its long-haul sector and keeps only 5 medium-haul aircraft.

– Eurowings goes into Bankruptcy

– Brussels Airline reduces its fleet by 50% (and associated redundancies).

– Lufthansa plans to ground 72 aircraft (in two instalments).

– Hop is studying the possibility of reducing fleet and staff by 50%.

Additional info:

Currently, 60 new aircraft stored at Airbus with no buyers in sight (order cancellations) including 18 A350s.

They forecast a minimum of 8,000 grounded planes by September.  With an average of 5.8 crews per plane (medium and long haul combined), that would make more than 90,000 unemployed pilots worldwide.

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I haven’t checked any part of it (I just post it here ‘cos it’s there, so there).

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* More or less exactly as it arrived, in an e-mail.


Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.43.28 This,

(below) make of it what you will (click on the ferry to go to the source)

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—as for the damned fat foul filthy bloated Capitalist pig ‘boss’ here … I have just four little heart-felt words:


“I’m with you, Ma’am!!”

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(Are we allowed to take the name of our* deities in vain?)


“For MySelf, Dog … I honestly don’t mind.”


I really am worried. In accordance with the new mores and values, I really do NOT wish to impugn anyone’s integrity, downgrade their image, be uncouth, or trample any of their what passes for values.)


So how do you think I thought I felt when I hadn’t even considered such a delicacy as this, from years ago—

(delicacy below)

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—and had no idea that such a damned foul filthy stinking reeking slanderous insulting denigrating obnoxious preposterous politically incorrect and racially slurring product name was still around?

So on behalf of every obnoxion dating back decades, generation, centuries; millennia even, may I please grovelingly apologise—both now and retrospectively, and in advance for any insult perceived however unintentional or acceptably appropriate at the time?


dodo me dodo me                                                       dodo me

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* Okay, I meant ‘your’ … YOUR damned deities. I don’t have no gods meself.



being inalienable etc etc … this guy (see quote below) who is “up to his neck in learning yet devoid of knowledge” disturbs me. He brandishes the plumage of a ‘One World Government’ enthusiast; which in the position he holds is not good—as an educator in a respected university he should be objective. I find him objectionable.

A quote—

Much future damage caused by climate change cannot now be avoided. But wise policy-making can still limit the impact of this impending disaster – if all nation-states take the challenge seriously. As Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has remarked, “We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.”

In my humble opinion Miss Greta comes across as emotionally disturbed, an immature child still lacking common courtesies. I see her as a cleverly manipulated glove puppet; who once her usefulness has passed its ‘use by’ date will be pensioned off to a nice sinecure somewhere deep within the (so called) United Nations.


Should be fact-based and objective. There is a crisis, granted … but it is a crisis of Reality. Poorly educated voters cast on emotion, not content; so sadly our realities are ruled by feelings rather than facts. By beliefs, in fact. The loudest screechers in our ‘democracies’ will win … after which might makes its own right, no?


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‘NO BRAINER’ DEPT (issue 2)


so the goververnment needs revenue and we are all desperate for income. So? Do you fancy a quick flight?

“That disembarkment ruined everything I’ve been doing for the last two months. The whole thing flew out the window …”


So don’t ask me—I’m just a dog. Go ask a people … actually, you don’t need ask ’em, just watch ’em. Observe, and as the famous Pogo said, in words to the effect:

“We have met the enemy,

   And he is us …”

In the meantime:  the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnn* …

dodo me

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* Sonny & Cher number, from a few years back.



tourism-based operations. Face it, people are going to be shonky about moving out of that nice warm homely ‘bubble’ for quite a while. So opportunities abound for those who test the wind and can set their sails accordingly.

And now, your depressing clip of the day—

“If you ask most operators whether their business can survive on 10% or less of their last year’s revenue, they would say “no”.

So adventure operators are going to have to convince New Zealanders to spend more — but even if we did this successfully and domestic numbers doubled, very few operators can survive on just 20% of the previous year’s revenue. Therefore it is a pretty grim prognosis if borders stay closed.”

—make of it what you will.

It refers to Kiwiland’s tourism industry, and is from:



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Moi copy

—I JUST make the inane comments.

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 15.06.21.png

If you’re familiar with New Zealand you’ll know that this news is a 24-karat five star gob-smack. Unexpected? Not really in today’s environment of the dread flu bug. Thank God for that bug, we can blame everything on it (even Global Warming, Miss Greta, are you missing a trick here?)

So I guess shares in various ancillaries will go down too; transport & haulage, inks, chemicals … printers, editors, reporters, photographers … paper, warehousing, coffee … pension schemes, insurances … but will there also be opportunities opening for quick-off-the-mark entrepreneurs? Possibly “one ring to bind them all” as in a new single all-embracing glossy magazine?


Don’t talk to me—

—I’m in mourning.

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Liberty_$50_Obverse-1And I don’t mean just in babies~! (Not so much these days, we now have the internet)(boooorrrriiiiing!)

I mean


No? There is going to be a depression. People who’ve been caught short are going to have to liquidise and quickly. For the once-rich and poor alike, essential bucks will be made by selling off the family silver. And castle. 


state of affairs with capital to invest is going to find a buyer’s market, it will be flooded with offerings at diminished prices. So—


With the blessings of the guys who created this whole state of affairs: your beloved politicians* . Bless our pollies from whom all blessings flow. And no, you can’t blame the Chinese, or even the Bug—if not them, some other black-swan trigger would have come along (or been created).

The keyword in this (and any other) boom/bust is timing … and (do I really have to say it?) due diligence.

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Monkey see, monkey do.

For myself, I’ve been dreading the backlash of all this: an economic depression like we moderns cannot begin to imagine. Brrrr. The fix will require “outside the square” thinking. Writ large.

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Let’s face it: the old model is now history.

Death throes, yes, but dead on its feet already though in places it may twitch for a while yet. We are in for a bumpy ride—but we did have it good, no?

This week, the Danish government told private companies hit by the effects of the pandemic that it would pay 75 percent of their employees’ salaries to avoid mass layoffs. The plan could require the government to spend as much as 13 percent of the national economy in three months. That is roughly the equivalent of a $2.5 trillion stimulus in the United States spread out over just 13 weeks. Like I said: very, very big.

This response might strike some as a catastrophically ruinous overreaction. Perhaps for Denmark, it will be. But we are at a fragile moment in American history. The U.S. faces the sharpest economic downturn in a century, and statistics that seem impossibly pessimistic one moment look positively optimistic hours later. In weeks—even days—Denmark’s aggressive response could be a blueprint for how the world can avoid another Great Depression.

Sourced:  CLICK HERE

Worth a look?

Don’t ask me, I’m just an old dog happy to scratch fleas … or burgle next-door’s clothesline.

Argus triumphant


buzzard vulture copySHE CAN’T BE BEAT~!

First, your quote—

When the final report was released to the museum board eight months ago its members agreed it should be released to the public.

However, the councils had asked the board not to release it as they wanted time to read it in order to react if media asked them about it, Eagles said.

The board agreed, and several months later, in October, the councils again asked the museum board not to release the report which the board again agreed to, he said.

“Now we have a report that’s eight months old.

“It’s contents may be controversial … 

—and now, your refresher on the background: this vast ‘city’ of Invercargill* panic-closed one of its major tourist attractions for being “earthquake prone”. The same as was done to the iconic historical Water Tower—

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 08.27.12.png

—and the equally so Anderson Park historical home & art gallery—and for that matter, many of the buildings in the (historical) Central Business District. The shot above is the water tower; for source of quote click that pic.

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* Home to the “southernmost Starbucks in the world” (is that a claim to fame, or wot? BOOM BOOM!)