Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15I don’t think so …

In fact, from this guy’s offering, perhaps


If you’re a ‘Global Heat-Death’ enthusiast try this (snippet below) in the light of

(a)  history, and

(b)  the infallibility of ‘Science’

down there


—and have yourself an A-grade giggle.

A thought that further betrays me as a failed Prophetthe guy says it was coal dust they were gonna spread on the ice caps.  Sheesh~! (I remembered it as being soot …)




“What has subsequently occurred of course is the development of the rabid Greens and their insane policies of locking up wilderness areas at great cost to the environment. Vast swathes of the nation have been placed off limits in national parks and in Aboriginal reserves. The forestry trails which once were kept open and permitted regular burn-offs have long been allowed to grow over. The mills have closed and competent foresters have lost their livelihoods. The small communities those mills supported have either become ghost towns or turned over to the communes and hippy dwellers which have in turn elected Green-dominated councils which have fought against hazard reduction burns in their areas—”

To read from source:  CLICK HERE 



“I dunno how to say this, Chief — I forgot the sausages again …”





download.jpgAND SHE MAY ASK:

“Were there any seals or walruses or polar bears killed to make my lovely little signature jacket?”

“If not … what is the carbon footprint of my garment? Should I send it back*  to make my point? May I keep wearing it and stay warm? Am I being hypocritical?”


here’s an image from a webbie:


—just to engender a sense of proportion. (I haven’t checked it myself.)

Factors here:

  • I recognise expertise when I see it
  • and emotive propaganda
  • and graphic hyperbole
  • also a blatant hint of opportunism.


I stand by what I said in previous posts about this ‘Anthropogenic Global Climate Changing‘ thing meeting the definitions of—and having becomeyet another religion.

All hallows to Michael Mann, then, the Greatest Living Prophet along with the great holy scribe Al Gore—both probably soon to overtake Jesus; but that’s what atheists get when you pull the rug out from under An Establishment. (The ‘vacuum’ theory—people gotta have a religion; and since Jesus and God were demoted …)

I can see people one day praying to Saint Greta for deliverance. (Hey, don’t knock the idea, stranger things are being prayed to.)


Is this illustration a hint, the artist thinks she may be frigid?

Perhaps we should launch a fund to buy her another jacket … one this time all natural, with hide softened only by genuine natural chewing using unfilled teeth …




line-animated-birds-wire copy 3

*  By camel post (or ‘sail-boat only’ sea mail) …


(among other things)



Richard Dawkins


And enjoying it. Understated, which probably partly explains why he’s successful and I’m not—he’s gentle and easy with his facts (I tend to use ’em as bludgeons).

devil-2 BOPAlso he speaks nicely without insulting his readers. I tend to call a spade a spade and where I find a duped boofwit lacking the basic nous to challenge outrageous propositions … he remains gentle.

My sister (a practising Spiritualist medium) (yep~!) gently tells me that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” (it’s true, too; she does)(but I don’t think she’s familiar with some of the other usages of the term ‘honey pot’).

Anyway, back to The Dawk. I’m about a third of the way through and am decided on getting my own copy; ol’ Dawkins is easy to read and certainly comes across a both a thinker and well read researcher.

Given half a chance I recommend his work—

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 19.24.02.png

—to anyone interested in blowing away unreality (by which I mean interested in facing the universe as it really is).

ye Gods


(Eeeek!)  “Er … yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“I’ve read that book myself, Dog. It’s good! About fourteen thousand million years ago, before I got ’round to creating The Creation and all who sail in her. Things were bloody boring back then—”

“Are you putting in a plug for a book denying your own good Self, Sir?”

“Hah! Truth will out, Dog …”




A simple



We’ll open with a quote from today’s Southland Times and then get into it.  Read through as often as you like, and in accordance with current practises you may indeed refer to the text.

The below is honest quoting with no editorial adjustment.



4. Give everyone a home

Sometimes I think landlords really consider themselves to be the Lord. About one in five renters spend 40 per cent of their incomes on housingFor sole parents, researchers have found about 60 per cent of their income goes on rent.

If you think that’s okay, you are obviously a landlord or about to start your property portfolio thanks to hard work and (or, actually, just) a large inheritance. 

Instead of focusing on building thousands of homes to be sold to private owners – who will eventually reap profit from a government service – why not build thousands of state homes? State homes cost about 25 per cent of a tenant’s income, up to the market rental of that house. You need to be in difficult circumstances to qualify for a state house. But we could decide that a house is a right, and everyone has access to a state house. 

We could cut the banks out of the family home, and rent to buy.

You’ll still pay 25 per cent of your income, that’s a lot of money. Anything is better than giving 40 or 60 per cent of your money to a guy who happens to own some land.

—end quote.)

There. That didn’t hurt, did it?

Now before we hit the Quiz, for the source of those gems—


—may your gods go with you, and here’s to your future when scribes like the above get elected into high office.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“So it’s true Sir? Money really does grow on trees?”

“Can’t answer that right now, Cutie—gotta hit ’em with this test!”

moving more

Scroll down for the test. There will be one question, which if you answer correctly will score you an instant MBA from the University Of New Zealand. Good luck~!


arrow down red smartish copy


arrow down red smartish copy


arrow down red smartish copy


arrow down red smartish copy


arrow down red smartish copy



Line, blacker copy 2.png








I really don’t

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15WANT TO BECOME


but Greta Thunderbutt is a chance that as a pedantic old poop I can’t resist.

Simply put:  she is an over-indulged spoiled brat puppet. An actress not even of the first order; a creation of the malaise known simply as Political Correctness.


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 20.36.12Yes … no matter how we dress it up. For myself (you know, the honest opinion we all used to be allowed but these days few dare express) (other than ‘cute’ little Miss Greta—) I see her as an over-indulged manipulated marionette who in more enlightened times should have been sent to bed without any supper. Instead … she’s the new Messiah?

And yet—

—they lap it up!

Is that some kind of perversion, some strange subliminal sexual desire for fem-dom, or child molestation? Are all the lappers and sycophants simply lonely closet perverts of some kind? Think about it …

OR are they too damned scared (of fouling political correctness) to just get up on their hind legs and tell the kid to at least “GET A LIFE, you obnoxious brat!” … hmmm?

Now try this one on for size (it’s only a couple of minutes) and ask yourself:

“Who is trying to kid whom?”

down finger

… and why is she wearing man-made fabrics?

She’s wearing synthetics. Why not locally sourced organically farmed indigenous reindeer hides? (Worked into shape with bone—not steel—tools … hmmm?).



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15




People of The Book.png







once in the ball park we might refine definitions to be more precise. In this Christian region then, let’s do just that—




“Seventh Day Adventist!”


Bugger it … I could be here for the rest of the week, I’ll do a double-cheat now and ask good ol’ Wiki 🙂

down finger

Historical Protestantism – 300–400 million[17]
Modern Protestantism – 400–500 million

Eastern Orthodox Church – 270 million

A map of Eastern Orthodoxy by population percentage.

The most common estimate of the number of Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide is 225–300 million, forming a single communion, making it the second largest, single Christian denomination behind the Catholic Church.[177] These are the adherents of the recognized Orthodox jurisdictions (autocephalous and autonomous churches) that are in full communion with each other. In addition, there are some Orthodox splinter groups and non-universally recognized churches.

Autocephalous churches – 230 million
Autonomous churches – 13 million
Non-universally recognized churches – 24 million
Other separated Orthodox groups – 6 million


Anglicanism – 85 million[edit]

A map of the Anglican Communion (blue), the Porvoo Communion (green), comprising European Anglican and Lutheran churches, and the Union of Utrecht (Old Catholic) (red), a federation of Old Catholic Churches.

Anglican Communion – 80 million[185][disputed ]
Continuing Anglican movement and independent churches – 0.4 million

Oriental Orthodoxy – 80 million[edit]

A map of Oriental Orthodoxy by population percentage.

Oriental Orthodox churches are the churches descended from those that rejected the Council of Chalcedon in 451. Despite the similar name, they are therefore a different branch of Christianity from the Eastern Orthodox (see above).

Autocephalous churches – 78.7 million
Autonomous churches – 0.01 million
Churches not in communion – 0.07 million

Non-trinitarian Restorationism – 35 million[edit]

Note that these groups are quite distinct from orthodox Trinitarian restorationist groups such as the Disciples of Christ, despite some shared history.

Latter Day Saint movement (Mormonism) – 16.4 million
Jehovah’s Witnesses – 8.5 million [222]
Oneness Pentecostalism – 6 million
Minor denominations – 4.4 million

Miscellaneous branches – 2 million[edit]

Reformed Eastern Christianity – 1.1 million
Former Church of the East (Nestorianism) – 0.6 million
Messianic Judaism – 0.3 million[228]

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(Bloody hell~! A joke’s a joke but mine coffee has gotten colden — if you knew me at all, you’d know that is something SERIOUS!)