Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 11.12.42AGAIN.

“I’ve met the enemy,” says Pogo, “and guess who he is?”


“Victoria University coronavirus researchers Vasso Apostolopoulos, Maja Husaric and Maximilian de Courten say there are several reasons the case numbers haven’t tapered off, including lax restrictions, people not taking the pandemic seriously, and the nature of the virus itself.”

—’nuff sed.





voice for God, or

a call to further fund the ultimately cunning? Hey, don’t ask me, go ask your “let’s bend over backwards to accommodate” PC folks. (And yes, I would indeed be happy to explain — ask, and ye shall receive.)

Your quote:


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The Echo of “Allahu Akbar”Muslim Calls to Prayers Get a Mixed Reception in Germany

A growing number of mosques in Germany are seeking permission to conduct calls to prayer over loudspeakers. Residents and critics in some cities are pushing back.
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If indeed anywhere in the ‘west’ (before these invaders were imported) we had ‘noise control’ laws … why do we relax then now to accommodate the vicious? 
Incomers should adapt themselves to US (to we, the natives) — or get the hell out, back to the slime-pit religious dictatorships they are “fleeing”.
Again, I see it—and am calling it—as an invasion. Would anybody disagree?



Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.43.28but will never be eliminated. How so?

Simple human nature—

—most often in the uneducated classes, most often in the arrogant classes, but very rarely in the Realist classes:

“They are people deciding they still want to party, people who have decided they want to continue to go to brothels, decided that the gym can continue to operate and, of course, people who have decided to go into unrestricted areas,” she said.

Sourced: click here

For myself … I “walk softly and carry a big stick”. Which doesn’t mean literally …

This is where America is falling flat on its arse. And, I guess, the free-minded* independent thinkers of Australia likewise … in both places the authorities are going to have to—

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dodo medodo me           dodo me      dodo me           dodo me      dodo medodo medodo me

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* Unthinking; as in ‘not capable of objectivity‘.


when looking through some web-images of the ‘Gloriavale’ religious commune in New Zealand. One image thrown up* triggered a wee memory.

This image—

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 17.22.51.png

triggered this memory—


Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 17.26.26.png

—of an illustration in one of my Khayyam’s Rubaiyats (most of my copies are much more Fitzgerald than Khayyam, but let’s not quibble). Without you looking up the verse—what does the image above suggest, to you?

Is it art?

And the upper pic, what is that all about?

dodo me.gif




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* Reading about Gloriavale, and watching movie snippets makes me want to throw up. To each his/her own, but why inflict it on their kids?


Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.43.28FOR YOUR ENDLESS BLESSINGS

“Daily travel permits will be granted to people who live in border towns and cities but with the closure just hours away, the application system was still being developed.

Kevin Mack, the mayor of Albury, a border town on the NSW side, said with an estimated 50,000 car movements across the state line every day “it will be a nightmare for everyone.”

“About a quarter of my staff like me live in NSW, and cross that border every day to come to work,” said Paul Armstrong, who runs a petrol station in Wodonga, a border town on the Victorian side. “I don’t know if they are going to be able to get in.”

Read from source (ODT)CLICK HERE

And the first person to say that ‘Lockdowns are man-made, not of God’ will be severely nominated as a wee bit mentally challenged. (No … forgive me, not “a wee bit”; actually I meant a whole heap.*)


“Well put, Dog! They won’t challenge you, though …”

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* Clue:  if I do have to spell it out … think of those three unique defining qualities of God, and ‘Prime Causes’.


Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 19.42.53OR

the alternative headline—


down spins copy

Truth escaping from the well 2.jpg

and boy oh boy, is she ever PEEVED at what’s been done in her name! But here below is at last some honesty, from a once-was-an-expert person. Stand by to repel boarders…

down eyeface

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 08.14.25.png

But will it make any difference?

I think not.

“One snowflake doth not a winter make”


We actually need honesty. No, innocent optimist person, I don’t mean merely in reportage: we MUST start with education. (And while I’m dreaming …)

dodo me    dodo me    dodo medodo me dodo medodo medodo medodo me  dodo me

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* I suspect his former colleagues will say he’s flipped. Query: do the sane seem insane to the insane? To each his own …


Moi copy, bigNo, silly person! I’m not calling your God a moron … I’m just too dum to spell ‘more on’ proper.

There’s an article in the Otago Daily Times that I feel divinely inspired to address. Knowing that the ODT would never in a million Creations print none of my unedjicated responses, I shall do so here; bit by by bit, and even then not all of ’em—I leave some to the discretion of my reader. So now, into it—and damned be he who first cries “Hold, enough!”

eyeface, fingrt down copy

“The God of the Bible is anything but domesticated. In the pages of these Judeo-Christian Scriptures, we learn that God is not like us. Our Creator is not made in our image, though we are made in God’s.”

Yeuch. If we were made in God’s image … why does the Infinite, His lonely (unique, you see …) self have a “toggle and two”?

Anyone, please?

May I anticipate a riposte here: “It’s only a metaphor, ya stupid dog! Yer not meant to take it litera—    oops. Er … semantics, Dog!”


“Pawn to King Four, Pup. Nothing original there.”


Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 16.47.11



I haven’t visited the link yet so I may state my piece first—this has to be a genuine ‘no brainer’, if only from the catchline:


to visit:  CLICK HERE


(and why not?) then visit Brian Cox’s link on how Hubble poked its long-range nose into an apparent vacancy in the far far far distant universe, and what it found therein (another reason why I put the Big Bang theory into the same basket as God’s very own personal Creation).

In my case it’s a simple WTF game—

—all the mass matter energies contained within the entire universe, originally squashed down into a non existent point (so small it didn’t exist)? And in that timeless entity something changed (?) sufficient to trigger an explosion so very large etc etc etc and now here we are counting the angels dancing on the head of the pin.


“Yo, Argus?”

“Beam me up, please. Now. At once! Give it wings …”


“Hey, Dog! Cool it—he’s one of MINE!”


jolly rogerCALLS THE TUNE

pays the fiddler. (Well, so they said.) Other than simply vote, feel smug, then pay and pay and pay and pay (the ‘for how long‘ is a working definition of eternity) why not opt out? Brrrr.

Quote (New Zealand source)—

“Parliament has passed the biggest single tax support package in modern New Zealand history as businesses small and large continue to be hit by Covid-19.

The reforms – passed under urgency in the House yesterday – provide businesses with more than $3 billion in tax relief.”

Well now … 3 billion in a country of just 5 millions … that may just take a wee while to pay off? Quite. Would that make the kiwi voters slaves? Naaaahh—but it will enslave their children.

Perhaps they just don’t know whom to shower their surpluses on. Now to get Biblical: stuff their silly Meeks … the moneylenders shall inherit the Earth.

BUT: that comes later, so meanwhile don’t think for yourself … just guzzle your blasted Soma.

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