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“When we have the over-authoritarian leader of any political party failing to realise that they are simply temporarily chairing a group of  loosely-united individuals — not there to rule the country — democracy flies out the window.”


“Initially, most New Zealanders acquiesced to what has been assessed as ‘the most significant impact on human rights in living memory’, with government imposing lockdown level four. However, the estimated number of deaths of those unable to access hospitals for scheduled cancer, kidney, heart and other urgent surgery and care is apparently going to be far greater than from Covid-19. Reportedly, 20,000 operations and 60,000 specialist appointments have been cancelled.”

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This is one of those times; it’s kiwi context but almost universally applicable …




“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“Did I hear you subconsciously praying, just now?”

“Eeeek! No, Your Godliness, Sir — I was just wishing that if reincarnation is real we could come back into a genuinely democratic countr—”

“You realise, Dog, don’t you? No-one then would ever come back?!”

(Damn! He would see that …)



Fly Pig, left bigTHINKING

of two people removed in time but equally sacrificed on the Altars of Dogma (which means “defending my investments”). (Not mine, dammit …)

But first, your link for the moment—

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—and try hard not to actually think for yourself. If you do, your degree and all those bucks invested in educatio (oops) current dogma might just be wasted.

So dig in—go with the flow, build ramparts, plant minefields around your ‘knowledge’ and fight with rearguard fury against any damned twat that asks questions.

Am I bitter, do you think? Oh … wow … such astuteness … you’ll go a long way, not; but please, for your own sake take note and don’t ever never never quote:




You may guess that I read Cranks. A lot. You’d be right, too, I do. So remember that you read it here first:

quite often cranks are cranks—

—until ‘science’ catches up.

The Holy Inquisition set a precedent that still dominates and they set it well. God may be dead but His sacred sincerity lives on.

 Contradictions Law.pngIf you think I’m wrong please feel free to refute me. Rip into me, savage me (but never my points, no?) as only a good* little dogmatist can. (Here’s a further help, go look up the words “ad hominem” … I’ll wait.)

To while away the hours here’s a wee number for us, I love it~!

(Just a beat dated now, though …)


* Knows his works parrot-perfect. Top marks, in fact …


WTF DEPT: 180319

pc, notOpening with a quote—

“New Zealand judges rarely sentence people who have committed multiple offences to serve their sentences consecutively. Instead, they serve them concurrently – which means the same spell of jail time is served for all the crimes.

“In the United States, offenders usually get consecutive sentences and so much longer time in prison – for example, financial criminal Bernie Madoff is serving a 150-year tariff.

“The longest sentence given to a multiple murderer in modern times was the 30-year non-parole term (meaning the earliest date he can apply for parole) given to William Bell, who killed three people and left another close to death in a gun attack …”

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—and I stand with mixed feelings:

  • I hold human life as sacred
  • Islam is on a War of Conquest*
  • Islamics do exactly that to innocents, themselves
  • all over the place (when they feel safe enough)


self-protection clash head-on with my humanism. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 17.56.47.pngWHAT WE DESPERATELY NEED

in New Zealand is good law and ‘moral fibre’.

By good law I mean law based on Reality; rational law, realistic law; and law that is applicable equally to all. Law wherein there are no ‘special’ exemptions or excuses—law that is indeed blind to colour, ethnic derivation, creed.

As a Humanist I am primarily a Freedom-ist. NOT a ‘god-ist’. Gods exist only in the minds of their victims.

I believe in Freedom, personal liberty; and intercourse based on real values with the free exchange of values.

This could help explain my atheism and total contempt for religions: show me a religion based on my principles?

You can’t. And you’ll be wandering the world for a very long time with your sputtering candle, searching). (NOTE: I judge by what they actually do, not by what they claim.)

Show me, and you may just score a convert.


of any sentencing by judges desperate to appear ‘cool’ … one has to ask:

Given that everything is The Will Of God


—what possible grounds might any religious person have for complaint?


* And has been for hundreds of years—sometimes active and hot, other times quietly by stealth—yet it never stops.


down there

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 18.07.16.png


pc, notfor all you blasted Realists and Rationalists and otherwise atheistic/agnostic cynics out there—cry “Raspberry~!” and let loose the dogs of ire.

In other words, learned fellows, try to enforce an open mind. (Open, I said … not empty. Tut~!)


have all the answers?


Neither do the religious, the superstitious, the rational, the credulous, the incredulous, and anyone I may have missed. Nobody does (except me, but I don’t count—nobody listens to a dog …)


were about one Edgar Cayce and the disproportionate effect he has had/is having on modern Egyptian archaeology. You can Google the name and explore the topic for yourself, I’m more tied up with the here and now—and my own ‘here and now’ sadly moves over in the boat to make room for the above quote from Hamlet.


things that I cannot explain rationally—but by the same stroke of the brush I cannot accept ghosties, spooks, spirits, shades, wraiths, phantoms, gods, angels, and things that go ‘plop~!’ in the night for no reason.


being one of them. Precognition being another. Take my word for it (or not, ’tis all the same to me) —I know what I know, and having run it through all the conventional filters am happy to accept that there are indeed “more things” etc etc.


  • do your own research
  • don’t take anyone’s word as absolute
  • always doubt—

—doubt your own senses, distrust your own eyes, and when all else fails just keep on asking. Any reasonable stage magician can help you with your homework.


Ol’ Cayce was a very clever man. A man who if right is denied the acclaim he is due—if wrong has no damned credibility to direct control of the Giza Plateau in modern Egypt.

I understand that Cayce also claimed there was/is a “Hall of Records” from ancient Atlantis under the front starboard paw of The Sphinx.

I understand that some enthusiasts with echo sounders and other scientific stuffs agree that indeed, there is a void of some kind in that location … I also understand that Hawass and his cronies will NOT permit independent excavation there. (You can see why, of course, a tiny exploratory hole dug there might cause the entire Sphinx to collapse … it is, after all, thousands of years old.)

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can o' worms



Bop 2Quoting—

“What Dawkins doesn’t consider is the possibility that “the spirit world” (for lack of a better phrase) has used evolution to manifest physical entities in which consciousness can emerge and express itself and learn lessons.”

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

Graham Hancock is one of my all-time greatest heroes. Dawkins? Well … a penchant for cleverly stating the obvious (another of my heroes) doesn’t disqualify him either; so it’s “one coin, two sides”.


every argument can only be a summary, no? And by the time we can put something together convincingly the world has moved on and we’ve lost our audience anyway.


I like to start with First Causes and as soon as possible bring in that ever-ready tool we know as The Law Of Contradiction—


—which can’t be beat or bettered.

I’d love to see someone define ‘spirit’ too—I think it’s one of those terms with universal application, an infinite number of meanings that all people can select quite from; very useful. And misleading.

Me? I like simple …