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and I’m left scratching. All over …

“…The film also details the story of Lamarr as an inventor. “She came up with a secure communication system that was really about helping the Allies beat the Nazis in the Atlantic,” Dean said. “Wireless torpedoes were being blown up by Nazi ‘wolfpacks.’”

Lamarr worked to create a system called “frequency hopping” in which torpedoes would “hop” between frequencies to avoid detection …”

source:  CLICK HERE 

The ‘Lamarr’ referred to is of course Hedy, film star (boom boom~!) of a few years back. I had no idea that she was the slightest bit technical but there ya go. I also had no idea the wolfpacks could capture control of allied torpedoes so it’s learning curves all round.

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lines of thought triggered by the above ref’d article, I came upon this gem—

The Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy promptly identified and eliminated the problems. In the United States Navy, there was an extended wrangle over the problems plaguing the Mark 14 torpedo (and its Mark 6 exploder). Cursory trials had allowed bad designs to enter service. Both the Navy Bureau of Ordnance and the United States Congress were too busy protecting their own interests to correct the errors, and fully functioning torpedoes only became available to the USN twenty-one months into the Pacific War.[33]

source:  CLICK HERE 

—forcing once again this plaintive bleat: that in times of active unpleasantness the guys responsible for the procurement of vital equipments must be made to accompany them into the field:

Their invention was granted a patent … and at that time the U.S. Navy was not receptive to considering inventions coming from outside the military.[22] Only in 1962  … did an updated version of their design appear on Navy ships.[29]

Think of Self Interest as a wee bit of essential Quality Assurance if you like—there’s nothing quite like it for real motivation.





& CRANKScreen Shot 2017-11-24 at 07.57.56.png

Put me down for both.

Especially crank … right now allowing curiosity to dominate.

I keep asking myself: WRT the Great Sphinx of Giza—what/why/how/etc the knob on the beast’s chest?


we get down to the gritty (pun intentional!) let us not forget that said beast spent a significant amount of time covered up to the neck in sand.

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 07.55.49.png

One might ask ‘How long has that region been sandy?’ and into many answers try to work the Establishment’s (now abandoned) notions of slaves dragging all those cute little pyramid blocks on rollers up wee ramps. (Dragging across loose sands ain’t easy … so how long has it been not-sand?)


is digression and we need to get back to the lump on his chest. Her chest. Bugger … the model for the sculptor had a cancer, perhaps?  (I wish I were omniscient)(or had the sympathies of one.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 07.56.22.png

Damn … there it is again …

Dr Schoch (re)dated the Sphinx after due consideration—and decided that it is just a little older than The Establishment bleats. The actual antiquity seems to be a moving target of opportunity opinion.

But don’t fret—

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 07.58.24.png

—the wee lump is still there; ‘they’ haven’t covered it over. Yet.

Now back to my query:

is it there by design,

or a work of Nature?



—I should have noted the source for this wee snippet, but as final words—

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 07.59.58.png

—I didn’t.

Another blasted crank (possibly a bit ahead of his time).






dodoso please pass the Tinfoil Hat.


of cranks. Many modern, some so old they were cranks before cranks were even invented. I put my interests down to the ‘wotif’ syndrome. You know, the old ‘wotif this rubbish is actually real‘?


against supposition. Lots of those about, so take your pick. All welcome—whoever controls the purse shrieks the loudest and establishes The Only Truth.


I’m fascinated by ancient stuff. Especially the Pyramids of Egypt and South America (we won’t mention the colossals of China ‘cos the Chinese are frantically hiding theirs under artificial forests); and, of course, ancient stonework that if the reports are true quite simply shouldn’t be there.


(every man can be excused a harmless hobby, no?) by pondering enigmae put up by cranks such as Graham Hancock, Dr Schoch (geologist who re-dated the Sphinx and so embarrassed outraged The Establishment*), Bauval, Jimmy**, J A West, and oodles of others.



looked at a few of the works the above cranks were investigating and noted that some of the markings on some of the stonework had patterns suggestive of the appearance of worked plastic stone; ie concrete or similar. One (Davidovitz) even suggested that the Giza pyramid blocks were cast in situ. To each his own, but the commonality here ‘is appearance of worked plastic stone’.


have looked at the finish of some of the stoneworks (even the great Petrie was impressed) and declared that zillions of slaves, whips, and long skinny ramps aside … the precision of the emplaced stonework and associated artefacts precludes oafs with stone pounders (and/or copper chisels).


the less than credible “little green men from beyond the stars” and keeping our problems in house:  how?


reading Fawcett’s book, located my own copy, and had a quick blitz. Fascinating stuff, but I was delighted to quickly find the reference I was after—


—and if you read on from there you’ll find a wee anecdote about nephew’s silver spurs eroding to diddley-squat as he hoofed through some low bushery.

It could of course be a huge giggle at my expense, no? But if true would answer a lot of questions—

finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy


Ooops … more words than most people like, so I’ll draw a halt here.




*  Outraged them, yes … but they cannot refute him.

** Of ‘Bright Insight’ on u-tube. You wanna real crank? Go gettum, Tiger! But is he, though?



gave us a copy of  ‘Moana’. Very enjoyable and will become much loved but I admit that I still prefer ‘Frozen’.

Moana is based loosely around the Polynesian skills in navigation. (At school in NZ when I was a lad the fashionable paradigm was ‘hit and miss’ coupled with oodles of luck and  starvation arrivals. Sometimes.)


matured my current thoughts are that ‘civilisation’ has been cyclic, literally coming and going. We seem to have been high achievers and then knocked back to the stone age more than once. But as eyebrow raising as the thought may be nobody can deny that the ‘stone-age savages’ were brilliant navigators. Blown at random from island to island? Yeah … sure. Oink.


include deluded cranks like Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Bauval, West and others. Guys who think outside the bottle and dare to raise questions.

So right now I’m ploughing through Hapgood’s ‘Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings’ (some of which I understand). A brief clue here, one German scientist* gave it a glowing write up which my own el cheapo copy doesn’t have in it. Bugger.)


at all you’ll know my opinion of ‘science’ and education. Don’t get me wrong, science can revive corpses and stuff; education can create scientists and all combine to give us ‘thought’. But again I state that too often yesterday’s fact is today’s hilarious giggle.

But don’t ever misquote me: I am NOT an ‘ancient astronaut’ nutter. (Loopy, yes, but that far outside the square, not.)




nice book that I’m also currently re-reading.

I bought my own copy from an old bookshop in a back street in Aberdeen (the one shown is from a Google) and guess what? Yup~!

I found the reference I was looking for, about a wee bird of the Amazon, and shall soon be posting a screenshot of the page and my reasons for wanting it.




it is clear that in the 13th century, Tahitians used sophisticated navigational skills to travel the 2,500-mile distance and settle the Hawaiian Islands. Archaeological and linguistic evidence shows that navigators from Tahiti’s neighbor islands the Marquesas had settled the islands even earlier. Skepticism over the validity of those navigational methods has long muddied the waters. A most notable naysayer was ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl whose 1947 Kon Tiki raft expedition advanced the drift idea that colonization occurred only as vessels simply traveled on the tides. But the 1976 voyage of the Hōkūleʻa—guided by Micronesian navigator Pius “Mau” Piailug—resolved the debate. Piailug demonstrated his profound skill for reading the night sky and the ocean swells and safely guided the massive ocean-going canoe from Hawaii to Tahiti.

Read more:  CLICK HERE 

And as wonderful as ol’ Thor was, perhaps he goofed. (The bugger should’ve read Hapgood), Now get thee to the ref and have a read.

And then go watch Moana, if only to see how a foxy wee minx can kick godly butt.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 10.42.21.png


finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy


* A guy who played around with atoms and things (name of Einstein).




no, not that one. The earlier one, vintage 1958


—which Spouse and I have just watched thanks to the modern miracle that is the Dvd. A bit dated now (aaaah, black and white—we had real movies in those days!) but still a trifle unsettling.

Spouse always has problems with me at the end and as much as I try to be placid, gentle, forgiving, and a good christian I am torn between two polar opposite emotions.

On the one hand I am in the ‘live and let live’ camp. Provided they do harm to neither me nor mine I can tolerate human foibles to a remarkable degree. I’m kinda sweet like that. But—

I cannot stand sanctimonious craptrap and/or confidence tricksters making a bloody good living out of people’s fears, injuries, bereavements and other petty problems.


of the movie survivors of a busy night are gathered in a large room aboard the rescue ship that got there a wee bit too late to save some fifteen hundred souls from an absolutely torturous death—

—and there’s a sanctimonious bastard priest ‘earning’ a foul/filthy living by standing before them and excreting endless paeans of praise to the Great God Almighty … you know, the Holy Divinity of unbounded compassion, love, and infinite mercy (I think he mentioned grace too).


won’t let me ask simple questions ‘cos she’s heard ’em all before—

(a) when that ship was launched, did God not know that it was going to run into the iceberg that as Creator of all existence HE alone had set in motion—

(b) having planned it all even before The Creation? Or—

(c) did the omniscient Lord of infinite wisdom not know? And could the omnipotent not intervene to save at least some of the wee children who died?


it could get better—any genuine Christian reading this should (around about … now) bleat to the effect that He did; not all of the kids aboard were drowned or frozen to death so who saved the survivors, hey?

It’s really all too tough for an old primate like me.

I leave such thoughts to the more clever among us who can resolve contradictions into acceptable polar opposites…






to try to answer the myriad unasked questions. Hell, it can’t even begin to answer the asked ones—


… Considering how remarkable it is, the Antikythera Mechanism has received comparatively scant attention from archaeologists or historians of science and technology, and is largely unappreciated in the wider world. A virtual reconstruction of the device, published by Mike Edmunds and his colleagues in this week’s Nature (see page 587), may help to change that. With the help of pioneering three-dimensional images of the fragments’ innards, the authors present something close to a complete picture of how the device worked, which in turn hints at who might have been responsible for building it.

… also interested in finding the answer to a more perplexing question — once the technology arose, where did it go to? …


lies in the mechanism being an elaborate hoax. This is the obvious answer, because anything else is conjecture and impossible anyway. No?


I like the idea someone threw up to the effect that it was one of the secret works of Leonardo, who was a Time Traveller … sure; and while we’re here he made the pyramids single handedly using machines of his own devising—which he subsequently sent by oopart rocketry to the far side of the moon because Mankind wasn’t ready for them*.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 09.05.10

“Mr Argus! My ancestors could make these …”



3 gerbils

* Yet …




BUGGER! (Again)


just like that, a fortune in books, lectures, midnight oil, notes, certification and academic honours. Why, oh why, can’t someone come up with some definitive enduring facts~?

“…have cemented the idea that hominins (early members of the human lineage) not only originated in Africa but remained isolated there for several million years before dispersing to Europe and Asia. The discovery of approximately 5.7 million year old human-like footprints from Crete, published online this week by an international team of researchers, overthrows this simple picture and suggests a more complex reality …”

Read more at:

Have the uncaring authors of these items no thought at all for the rice-bowls they are breaking? What’s ol’ Zahi going to do for a crust if something like this gets into the mainstream about ‘his’ blasted pyramids, hey? Or is it exactly this sort of thing that sends him shrieking from the room if anyone rocks his cradle?

1.pngDammit—we keep getting closer and closer to that infamous iconoclastic* image of the trilobite squashed under the stitched sole** …

Bugger … I just took my own advice and googled.  icon_lol.gif  The pic I had in mind didn’t come up but oodles of others did—ancient peoples must’ve spent most of their waking hours squelching about in the mud down at the local beach …

If you go there (click the images, they are active ‘new window’ links) you’ll find a wee blog with an awesome amount of

(a) nutter guff, and/or

(b) food for thought



I do not (R) not go along with any manner of ancient astronautical aliens. No sir. But I do hold a candle for the notion that human beings are much older as a species than the average Joe believes. And I am very much warming to the idea that in the far past humans attained a higher state of technical capabilities than given credit for.

Something horrible happened and knocked us (okay, them) back to monkey-man days and they had to start again. From scratch.

And why not? If one silly little space rock can sort out all those blasted dinosaurs world wide (and they were much bigger than us), and a few other rocks create ice-ages and universal slaughterful conflagrations … why not?


why not is because the notion would put a lot of hard-won academics out of business.

Millions of books would have to be rewritten and new experts created.

The only other only reason of course is if the nutters are all exactly that, nutters.

But … what if ?

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 09.05.51

And you live where, Mr Argus?


just found this one:

If the guy is as sincere as he seems then something is wrong somewhere. Occam’s razor suggests he’s a nutter. Fair enough, but what if he’s not …  

*   Don’t ask. I can only tell you porkies … better to Google it for yourself.

**  Shoe, not fish.