4 U 2 WELCOME  turk-e

refugee immigrants with open arms wallets.


In the absence of welfare benefits, immigrants are usually the best of people because you get mobile, aggressive, and opportunity-seeking people that want to leave a dead old culture for a vibrant new one. The millions of immigrants who came to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries had zero in the way of state support.


But what is going on in Europe today is entirely different. The migrants coming to Europe aren’t being attracted by opportunity in the new land so much as the welfare benefits and the soft life. When they arrive, they expect free food, shelter, clothing, and entertainment—totally unlike past immigrants. For the most part they are unskilled and poorly educated. And 99% of them will stay that way, because it takes generations to change cultural attitudes. Few of them will ever become self-supporting.

I say again that someone wants control of the political/economic/military systems of the entire world. Dictatorship, on his terms … democracy? Hah! You wish (please put me in a bid for a nice Lotto win while you’re at it).

I say again that the endless floods of ‘refugees’ pouring into Europe are nothing less than a Fourth Generation Warfare weapon. Well targeted, well wielded; very well done in fact.

Can you think of why? Or by whom?

Don’t ask me—I’m just a daft old dog watching his world self destruct. Ask yourself


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Hell, Salvador Dali had it, Picasso had it, Disney had it … artists can be identified by their unique ‘style’.


how about this famous image?

Cave art.png

—purloined from one of the books I’m currently reading and/or re-reading. Nobody ever mentions the obvious, that the buffaluff pic is a totally different ‘style’ from the image of the falling man in front of it.


to reconcile what I’ve read/viewed of cave art and cavern artefacts (some going back forty thousand years or more) with your bog-standard brutish cave men. Brutish cave men? Hardly …


really think that we are looking at two different styles in this image—

Field Museum 6.jpg

—although the significance of the wee duck on a stick eludes me still.

Obviously some earlier genius created that buffalo image, and some wag with the equivalent of a spray can came along later and added the wee sketch. Hell, he/she may have done so thousands of years after the original artist shuffled off; who knows? Who cares?


elsewhere that the slobbering primitive brutes that created cave art here and elsewhere could well have been not brutes but brutesses.

Apparently some clever modern person with nothing better to do took a closer look at some of the many hand-printed walls around the world and concluded that they were too feminine to have been male brutes. If not male, they had to be female brutes, no?

Here, have some hands—


—actually spray painted silhouettes. Nothing new there either … the significance of the tattoos and/or markings is a mystery to me but some knowledgeable archaeologist can doubtlessly explain.

(Bugger … I was going to repost a pic of a very modern wall in an alleyway in Gore (NZ) but find I can’t find it. Damn~! Maybe later …)




you archaeologists. And who knows, you may yet reach a consensus. Or (horrors~!) one day get it right …

The timing of the first entry of humans into North America across the Bering Strait has now been set back 10,000 years.

This has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt by Ariane Burke, a professor in Université de Montréal’s Department of Anthropology, and her doctoral student Lauriane Bourgeon, with the contribution of Dr. Thomas Higham, Deputy Director of Oxford University’s Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit.

The earliest settlement date of North America, until now estimated at 14,000 years Before Present (BP) according to the earliest dated archaeological sites, is now estimated at 24,000 BP, at the height of the last ice age or Last Glacial Maximum.

The researchers made their discovery using artifacts from the Bluefish …

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pc… if you just stick with it long enough. Or like good ol’ Zahi simply zealously (and very sincerely) out-gabble any genuine querents*.

So stick to your last till the very last—victory, as they say, goes to the stayer. ‘Twas ever thus.


it gets better—

How smart were human-like species of the Stone Age? New research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science by a team led by paleoanthropologist April Nowell of the University of Victoria reveals surprisingly sophisticated adaptations by early humans living 250,000 years ago in a former oasis near Azraq, Jordan.

The research team from UVic and partner universities in the US and Jordan has found the oldest evidence of protein residue—the residual remains of butchered animals including horse, rhinoceros, wild cattle and duck—on stone tools. The discovery draws startling conclusions about how these early humans subsisted in a very demanding habitat, thousands of years before Homo sapiens first evolved in Africa.

The team excavated 10,000 stone tools over three years from what is now a desert in the northwest of Jordan, but was once a wetland that became increasingly arid habitat 250,000 years ago. The team closely examined 7,000 of these tools, including scrapers, flakes, projectile points and hand axes (commonly known as the “Swiss army knife” of the Paleolithic period), with 44 subsequently selected as candidates for testing. Of this sample, 17 tools tested positive for protein residue, i.e. blood and other animal products.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2016-08-archaeology-team-world-first-tool-discovery.html#jCp

Here, as reward for reading this far you get a nice freebie—


—from the same source. (But be careful, these things can be very sharp.)

May your Light Of Knowledge never dim—


—despite the best efforts of The Establishment.


* Whilst holding the door shut and  earnestly proclaiming you are holding it wide open (and inviting debate). Cute …





the literature goes to great lengths to emphasise the mechanical perfection of many of the  artefacts of ancient Egypt. I know, ‘cos as a crank I’ve had to plough through, read, view, enjoy, and suffer a helluva lot of it.

Here, have a nice snap—

Oops CU.png

—downlifted from u-toobe. (To go there, CLICK HERE )


buy now and you get this one free~!

Oops 3.png

Okaaaaaayyyy … if it’s the same beast I have to conclude that whatever it was in the first shot foreground was casually shoved out of view for the second, or telephotos versus wide-angles were legedermainerised. But that’s not my point—

—my point is that if those monsters are really created from solid granite (oops, redundancy there: granite is pretty dam’ solid anyway) and made initially technically perfect (you know … flat, square, level, etc?) then how come the rather idiosyncratic deformations?

TO NOT DIGRESS Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 12.50.43.png

Percy Harrison Fawcett was lost and died in the jungles of South America. So? So having not found the book in decades I came across a copy (no problem these days with Amazon, boom boom!) in Aberdeen. You know, usual romantic tale of poking about amongst the dusty tomes etc etc when suddenly: BINGO—

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

Oh no. It’s Little Ollivia … … now I’m for it …

“Yes, Little Ollivia, darling child?”

“Sir — you’re raving again …”

Oops. Course correction needed. Left-hand down a bit, steady as she goes …

—I found it.

Still have it: Exploration Fawcett. Like this only different—


my own copy is a decrepit hardback


So (from memory) in it ol’ Percy’s scribe mentions two intriguing things—

(a) legends of ancient cities lit by cold lights, and

(b) chemical temporary softenings of hard stone.


So … doesn’t the ‘damage’ to the mechanically perfect stonery of that box above look just a wee bit like a ‘temporarily softened box’ deformation?

Or do we really think it was carved that way, by master craftsmen, for whatever purpose?

But if some manner of impact (earthquake? Comet? Men with rocks?) deformation was involved … well, you figure it out. But I keep niggling—at what point was the decorative/instructional artwork added? Before, after, even during that soft deforming? Brrrr …

Bugger~! Spouse wants me to go do some overdue work in the garden, and I know that tone of request (ignore it and beyond here be monsters.) (Dum dog I may well be, but stupid I ain’t…)











I made decades ago is soon up for plucking. (I was actually expecting it long before now, but I will be a prophet without honour because everyone will be seeing the obvious)

we are in for a bumpy ride


Anyway, here’s your quote. But if the All Blacks are in to bat, or the Wallabies are Wannebees, or the Lions are roaring at Les Coqs, or the Dodgers are clobbering the White Sox at the Army/Navy game; or even if Lassie is Coming Home — don’t bother. Some things are more important …

your quote:

Doug Casey: All of the Italian banks are bankrupt truly and totally at this point, so who’s going to kiss that and make it better? Is the rest of the European Union going to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to make the average Italian depositor well again? I don’t think so. At this point, there’s an excellent chance that Italy is going to get rid of both the euro and the EU. After the UK, Italy will be the next to go.

Europe’s terminal condition is increasingly hard to hide, its symptoms obvious; they are even making headlines now.

Deutsche Bank, one of the biggest banks in the world, is underwater by scores of billions of euros. In fact, most of the banks in the world are essentially bankrupt and will go under once the economy turns down in earnest. What are the central banks going to do? Bail them out? Or let them go under? If they let them go under, it’s going to lead to an economic catastrophe without precedent. People will lose their savings, day-to-day commercial activities will be disrupted, businesses will collapse and the entire economy will come to a screeching halt. On the other hand, if they bail them all out through even more freshly printed money, currencies will lose all value. It’s a disaster either way.

At the end of the day, actions have consequences. They’ve been experimenting and tinkering with the world’s economy and monetary system for decades now and finally the price will have to be paid.

to read from source: CLICK HERE

Especially I like (nay, I love. I adore~!!) that final para. It makes me do a Billy Connolley “Oh, yeah?” followed by a loud derisive “Paid by who? Whom?” (and who exactly is going to make them pay?)

Sure —We The Proles will have to pay. And we will.

They have the guns, and for their desperate troopers, the butter. Soldiers too gotta eat and feed their families, and when it comes to the crunch soldiers will do exactly as they have been trained: they will obey without question. How’s it go—even the two little possum guys on the Ice Age movies do it—



Hee hoo controls the biggest and mostest weapons without qualms, rules.


Any takers?*


* Hah~! I thought not …



pcbut don’t fret. I mean, who could ever trust a source labelled “Russia Today“?

So make of it what we will—

Terrorist recruiters in Europe have been focusing their energies on London and the southern English city of Portsmouth to find new fighters, a study from the US military shows.

According to a study from the Combating Terrorism Centre (CTC), recruiters from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate group, have established strong networks in the two English cities.

Portsmouth and the British capital are thought to attract extremists because their large migrant communities offer easy access to “high numbers of potential recruits who are potentially under social-economic stress.”

—which even if you did think about it in a modern western democracy can’t amount to much.

Think, yes. Speak, no.

Silence today isn’t golden—it’s survival. PC at its best.

The study also revealed that most militants had “basic” formal religious education and that recruiters prefer such volunteers as they are “less capable of critically scrutinizing the jihadi narrative and ideology.”

I love that last line—

cerberus………………………—it means “cannot think for themselves” (as in organic robots).


Just keep on guzzling your favourite tipple for as long as it stays legal— which once the nice Muslims take over (Sharia Law no longer limited to wee enclaves but becoming ubiquitous) won’t be long. We’ll have to trade in our Champagnes, beers, and fine whiskeys, and just celebrate our weddings Christenings Mohammedings and things with bursts of machine-gun fire …

“Mr Argus! Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … that sounds dangerous?”

“Not really kiddo. They shoot into the air, you see—”

“But surely what goes up must come down, Sir?”

“Of course, Child. But please don’t tell them that~!”


if not indoctrinated by birth environment* why do British young people adopt Islam and toddle off overseas to cut the heads off of disbelievers? Is it an educational failure, is our own ‘culture’ not getting through to them?

Is it because we simply are not allowed in our schools to point out that such behaviour is just a wee tiny bit anti-social?

Has PC tied the already silent voices of the gutless?


  • Born Islamic you’re doomed to a shuttered mind right from the start. (Especially when the erstwhile ‘government’ of where you live ignores the problem.) (The ‘too hard‘ baskets are overflowing, no?)