giphybut a harmless bloody crank. Unlike most; especially those who converse with Gods.

Moving on:


more with every passing day that we are fed merely an emotive papful of the Human Story: by science, by academia, and even by some cranks.

So for any observer the starting point has to be Objective Thinking. Of his own. 


time again:

Hee hoo won’t learn from history has got to do it all again, over and over, and over again … until he gets the hang of it—proper.


(Hey, don’t growl at me—I’m just quoting (badly) one of the greats of philosophy.)


without ever being able to prove it …

(a) that the nutters are right when they state that civilisation existed pre the ice-age/s but was blown away by cosmic events that reset our clocks; and

(b) that we are entering a paradigm shift—thanks to cranks who ignore the blasted books and do their own thinking; and

(c) Eventually academia/ science/ experts and stuff will drop the outmoded ball they are desperately holding (and upon which their prestige and income depends) to become experts in the incoming mainstream.


Before you bite my head off — what were YOU taught in school, about the building of the pyramids?

Was it anything like “thousands of slaves, whips, and oodles of log rollers”, hmmm?

But I still don’t believe that “The aliens did it!”. Aliens, schmaliens … WE dunnit … but I’d love to know how, with what, by whom*, and when.

In some of my earlier posts I stated that I believe the Giza Pyramids were thrown together as piles of (literally) crude rubble, topped off with vastly superior casings—

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.09.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.14.png



—so (obviously?) the function was served by the skin of the edifice, its bulk, and possibly its hollow bits (shafts, chambers) etc etc while the junky rubble was merely to assist that end. (Perhaps as some suggest the functions were also served by positioning, permanence, and alignments. )

However, I do not (repeat) cannot go along with the idea of the GP of E as a tomb. No, no, no no no no no no no no … but for my reasons you’ll have to look at the subject yourself, objectively.

Or not …

* Yeah. But by whom? And how—it sure wasn’t done by log-roller technology and copper saws casually slicing through endless granite …





Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 08.18.37.pngsometimes is the ‘comments’. It takes no time at all before the thing bursts into flames, I really can’t be bothered.

But occasionally a genuine reflexive twitch on my part results in a genuine query on my part, which doesn’t faze me in the least when the Morlocks emerge with napalm—if I get answers.


will be honestly met by someone who although well intentioned is tied by state-of-the-art current thinking. Let’s get an understanding here: facts change but fancy is forever (until the new arrives).


I haunt cranks. Cranks are the lifeblood of my existence. Without Crankology life would be reduced to a grind of ‘facts’. I need cranks like hogs need mud.


say things that ‘science’ (eventually) agrees with.


that various previously hidden shafts in the Great Pyramid of Egypt (concealed by the ancient builders) align precisely with stars. This notion has entered the lexicon. “But,” I squawk with wild-eyed enthusiasm, “but — but how can we possibly know that?”

I liken it to naval gunnery—moving vessels needs precise alignments, so all possible factors must be served.

And here we have a pyramid with now unconcealed shafts that align to the sky. Wow.


if you feed all the currently known relevant data into your computer it smugly tells you that the shaft lines up with the star Alpha Gurgleatis in the year fifteen thousand X-hundred and umpty years BCE.

“But~” I squawk with ignorant bewilderment, “but is that the only star it aligns to? Surely with the rotation of the Earth and the precession of the equinoxes and Gods alone know what else, it sweeps the sky and in so doing aligns with oodles of other stars?”

I shan’t ask why a so-called ‘air shaft’ was blocked off by the builders … or whom they were trying to provide air for; or why an intangible ethereal ‘spirit’ wouldn’t just float through all the blockery and make his own way out. I just accept that I don’t accept that the GP of E was ever a tomb, and for all the reasons provided by my cranks.


rejoin my cranks. Don’t wait up.




Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 22.59.00COMES AROUND

and blessed be

the name of Eternity.


what can you do with an eternity? (Think about it, but don’t take too long)—

How long, how long, in infinite Pursuit 

Of this and That endeavour and dispute?

 Better be merry with the fruitful Grape

 Than sadden after none, or bitter, Fruit.

And let’s get to the nitty gritty:

TOPIC: Global Warming

INFO  : as per link below, c/o wwweb/u-toobe)   down there

—this guy (whether you warm to him (ouch) or not) seems better informed than me. But I love stuff like this ‘cos it makes my stomach-turning barf-reflexes (instinctive, I can’t help myself when I hear sheople bleating) more justifiable*.


* I was turned off (the Al Gore types) right from the outset by that too obviously opportunistic pig-ignorant sheep-milking attention-grabbing money-making misuse of the word ‘unprecedented’ …




A lengthy article is quoted from. Blitz the below snippet and if you wish, go for the rest—


—or not.

The Yanks have words to the effect “Feel free? Hug a veteran~!”  


down there

“All WWI vets are today all long dead. The World War II survivors are all well into their 90s now at least, and fewer by the week. These men and women, they witnessed history. Touchstones, last living links to some of the most momentous and monumental events of the last century and they needed to be given a voice. They should be able to die peacefully, knowing that someone listened.

Often, when they came home, they struggled to return to society, normal life. Nobody understood them, except those who had been there. But they didn’t want to talk about it anyway. It was too hard, grown men crying. Who wants to see that? Plus, you grew up humble, no bragging or you get a clip in your ear. Know your place. Kiwi vets were supposed to be strong, unflappable characters, brave, laconic and generous. And many were. But so often too they were damaged souls, robbed of their youth, battlers who sucked it up and worked and drank and worked and drank and were sectioned in wooded hospital grounds … Some say that time heals all wounds. Old soldiers disagree. For them, the scars of war are always there …”

Now here’s a genuine kiwi hero, recently knighted; I give you—

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 08.46.36

—Sir Timothy Shadbolt~!

Boom boom!

(For those not in the know, in the sixties he helped lead the anti-Establishment yobs* known as the ‘Progressive Youth Movement‘. Vietnam was their excus  shining glory).

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 16.26.51.png


  • Servicemen get PTSD
  • yobs get knighthoods

I see the pattern …

chimp rocks


‘When You Go Home,

Tell Them Of Us And Say,

For Your Tomorrow,

We Gave Our Today.’



* Yob (slang) – Wikipedia

Yob is a slang word used in the United Kingdom. The term denotes a loutish, uncultured person …


Art Nouveau & Art Deco

without knowing much at all about either (and wishing to expand my horizons) I came across this wee filler—

—which I most heartily recommend.

If I had to advertise it I’d simply say “Go there! Or miss out, your call …” and leave it at that. (24 minutes if you do go there.)

Now go there or miss out—






OM …


screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.14.21Okay, they all do it. 

Even I have done it (and that was as a kid before I ever knew of ‘om’) (in an old water tank, big enough to explore and intriguing enough to “om” in — I started high notes and ranged down through, I didn’t now the word back then).


raving, dammit.

I watch a lot of u-toobes, often of people in spooky places—and it seems that whenever anyone gets into an old tomb, pyramid, cave, sarcophagus, deserted cathedral or rose-red-city-half-as-old-as-time … they om.

They om loud enough to attract attention from the innocent—but for such innocents it could be a bit perplexing … “Is that guy loopy, Honey?”  “Dunno, but let’s get outside with other people, pronto!”.

Look at the movie, at about minute 24 the guy tries to sneak in a few oms … and then quietly goes for it. Boom boom~!


pretty near any room (sans drapes) will give a satisfactory return on investment for just a few oms …

And now: here’s a wee u-toobe. The subject is dear to my heart, even if their delivery lacks finesse and I’m no good with accents and the cinematography is often bloody awful. Still, it delivers.

It delivers to some.

Closed minds need not apply—

—be advised you may have to work at it in places; and you’re looking at forty-plus minutes here.

So why did ol’ Argus post it?

Sense of wonder, so here’s a clue:

Keep asking yourself—“How would I have done that?”*

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 11.48.45

“Easy! Plenty of slaves and whips!”



* Dammit, Zahi—we’re not talking about making the blasted movie …