and it’s good to see that our devout Abrahamic friends understand this point and know enough to get in first with the young—

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 09.10.25.png

—a family Sunday reading by the look of it. Moral guidance at its best, boom boom!

As much as I suggest to the rational that they might achieve more by educating the young … my seeds fall upon stoney ground, but these Christians at least have a handle on reality. (Well, on the bits that matter most, at least.)





and old notions. 3 sages


do, not by what they say bleat. So? There’s yet fortunes to be made (Al Gore did pretty well out of it) from AGW. But I still wonder … hold that thought; here’s today’s quote—

At some point, it turns out, deforestation, drought, and other forest-disturbing factors tipped the scales, making tropical forests a net producer of carbon rather than a sink, according to a new study published today (Sept. 28) in the journal Science. Each year, instead of absorbing carbon, these degraded forests are a source of more carbon (roughly 425 teragrams of carbon per year) than an entire year’s worth of US transportation emissions.

Read more by:  CLICKING HERE

—use it wisely. As for my thought:

how much would it contribute to the albedo of Mother Earth if everyone responsible for a roof … painted said roof white?

If nothing else at least by so doing he’d be declaring his own personal sincerity and making a political statement, no?

What about white roads, hmmmm? And airports? Ship decks? Hell, in the seventies they were so worried about Global Cooling that they seriously suggested sprinkling soot all over the arctic ice caps. You know, suck in much needed heat rather than bang it back out into space, wasted.


if you claim to be concerned about Global Warming, but your roof isn’t solar reflective … thou speaketh with forked tongue. For shame, Sir or Madam~!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 17.40.49


have yourself a nice cow. Look, admire, then do your bit for the planet by getting out there and shooting as many as you can (before being visited by nice inquisitive men)—the damned things produce Greenhouses gases like you wouldn’t believe~! Otherwise the least you can do is drink your coffee black (and stop gobbling all them ice-creams) …

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 09.13.47.png

Need any more advice? I’ll pop ’round soon …


WTF Dept

dodo copy… and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnn ..

Others wished infertility …  “I hope your wife can’t have kids, that’ll be god’s way of punishing you”.

Well now. What disastrous catastrophic Earth-shattering sin had this couple committed, to attract such opprobrium from the nice punters?

Phillips and his wife had not planned to make a political statement with their …. …… decision.

“My wife has no … and  …


note that God had to come into it somewhere. But the possessing of a narrow mind and the requisite accompanying bully-thug instinct is a state not limited entirely to Christian religious nuts. Apparently MCP nuts too.

In fact any pea-brained nut can do it …

For background  CLICK HERE

But wait, buy now and you get this too—

Why would these men — and yes all the abusive messages sent to Phillips were written by men* — take time out of their day … abusing someone they don’t know for doing something that doesn’t affect them?

I think it depends really on how you define ‘men’ … no?

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 20.08.53

(Hah! I was hoping to be able to use this image again~!)

Now this1-animated-arrow-up.gif folks, could be called a real nut-cracker. As for the couple concerned my advice is just get on with your lives … but watch out for closed minds. Yeuch …

And sometimes—

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 17.00.27.png

—even the most innocent can be misinterpreted.


Honi soit qui mal y pense


* That’s debatable …



it was put me on to this dude. Okay, he’s got a bit of a speech impediment* and starey eyes and I can’t make out what the badge is; but listen to what he’s saying.

And then rubbish it …



After all, where’d we be without extra taxes, huh? Sign up now and you get to save the planet—double all taxes and you invest in saving it for years to come.

And now we are left (in New Zealand) with plakky baggies going out of style in our supermarkets. Bugger … we’ll have to carry our goodies home in something else; hopefully non-plastics, renewable, washable, unrustable, non-alumniumic, reusable—and I mean better than cupped hands. Suggestions?**


* Most Aussies do, but I don’t hold that against them (they’re almost the same as people).

** JZ  …  keep it seemly …




First, your (not boring) quote—


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 09.25.05.png


—to read at source:  CLICKETH HERE 

and ponder (if you will) all possible connotations of the word “Wow~!” And now ponder the Truth uttered by one ‘Scientific Christian’. Yep, I said truth (ya wanna make something of it?).

Ol’ SC says it right there, out loud in B & W for all the world to ignore (so I’ll say it again, it’s too good to gloss over with robotic glass eyes) :



—and nobody has ever put it better than that. Not even me, and I’ve said it often enough too.

Sadly people don’t believe what they think — ‘cos most don’t think. They don’t know how so they just accept the words of their chosen experts. Not good.


for everybody (and this includes YOU, Bub!)


How can you get people to think?


As the Weasel (Buck) says in that Ice Age movie “C’mon Mammals, think!” …

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 09.44.03.png

—and it ain’t easy.

Again I offer as a starting point* the Law of Contradiction. (If it’s a bit much after your years of indoctrination, at least offer it to your kids—they’ll see at a glance what to do with it …)


* Pretty bloody reliable starting point.


ArgusI can be a sour and sarcastic old cynic often sometimes. True~! But my heart and intentions are as pure as the driven snow, regardless of appearances.


thank God(s) that’s over and we can get on with it.

I promised Scottie a refresher on the Basic Tools of Thought—summarised as bullets here but expanded further down—

  • Everything must either be,

  • or not-be;

  • nothing can both be and not-be

—simple enough if you use ‘be’ to represent ‘exist’ (either physically or as concepts).

Which then leads us to the mind-bender’s worst nightmare:




(actually, strictly speaking, they cannot exist). Read on …

  • if you find an apparent contradiction
  • look to the premises, because
  • one of them (at least) is wrong.

And that’s it. Lesson complete.

Full ahead all engines and damn the torpedoes. No?

No. That YOU can think for yourself and spot contradictions all over the place doesn’t mean anyone else can, or will. You now have to be very careful.

devil-1I was told once by a genuine Crank that—

In the Land of the Blind

the one-eyed man is King.

The two-eyed a monstrosity

—and from memory ‘monstrosities’ often got burned at the stake. Brrrr … which is why thinkers need be careful. CLUE: it’s never a good idea to argue with the man holding a gun.


or even if not in doubt: always look for contradictions. If you find one (okay, when you find …) check your own safety before pointing them out.


too is a favourite peeve of mine. This is how people get what they want at your expense. Mind control (MC) doesn’t necessarily mean implants in the brain. MC simply means someone else getting you to do what they want, often without you realising.


is Mind Control—do you really believe in spooks in the sky watching your every move with a mind to consigning you to eternal hellfire (or endless sex with gorgeous houris)?

If you do … you are being milked—whichever of the unlimited unique pathways to Salvation it is**.


* Mind-bender = someone seeking to control others.

** You missed it, no?  Unlimited means ‘lots of’—unique means ‘one only’.




remember that you can’t trust any bast (oops) bugger.


paranoia talking, or am I in fact an unsung prophet~? (Put me down for prophet, please—the successful ones make great profits).



The Melbourne school boy who consumed Greentime Natural Coconut Drink in December 2013 experienced a fatal anaphylactic reaction after it was revealed the imported product from Taiwan contained undeclared milk content, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.  

To read more (different source): CLICK HERE

coco 1.pngI was minding my own business swearing quietly at the computer when The Spouse came galloping in with an article in one of her magazines; which prompted me to a quick Googleising; after which I felt inspired to spread the Good Word.*

Apparently it is a widespread (means common) practise to dolly up the pure coconut juice with cow juice.

I didn’t know that, although The Spouse refuses to drink any ‘pure’ juice that comes from a can or bottle or packet—she has a few problems of her own and has had reactions from such. Original container or nothing.

coco 2.png


* Namely that you can only trust yourself (and some selected others, of course—their adoption tried, grappled to your soul with hoops of steel etc etc)