oh … reeelly? skull & bones

I sampled this wee webbie—

—and although not often given to expletives, this has to be outstanding as one of the most very #@*&%@$!!! worstest ever sites I’ve regretfully visited.


do happen to go there (don’t~!) you may be inspired enough to use it as a “How NOT to”; and may all your Gods forgive you for ignoring my warning …





skull & bonesSomewhere, somehow, I fluffed my post and lost it. But worse, in trying to recover my lost post I hit one key several too often and managed to switch myself from my faithful old posting format to the horrible new horrible ‘progressive’ horrible format. Not good … so?

So be careful out there, lest thee be likewise smote by herds of progressives (most often folks trying to impress bosses)(or otherwise keep their jobs …

“Ve haff vays of making you advance, verdammit,—

—effen if you do not vishing to do so in the slightest!”

I really really really wish I’d never goofed—and I’m sure the captain of the Titanic felt the same. (Wishing didn’t do him no good neither …)




being unintentionally


to anyone.

But for some I’m happy to take a punt—

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 18.11.31.png

Having been almost bulletproof (off the radar) for years we had our phone ring just the other night, and since Spouse was busy I took it—

—strange unknown voice, thinking he may have the wrong number and “please,what number did I call?”

… dammit … I could have had a ball with this but had promised Spouse I wouldn’t if ever it came up. So almost reflexively I hung up, hoping for a replay.

It didn’t.


we were told (and this years ago, long before all these ‘web’ things were even dreams) that if any calls were at all suss to politely request the caller’s name and number— “And I’ll call you back just as soon as I can~!”


who kept a referee’s whistle (the two-tone type with a pea in it) by her phone. She explained it was for annoyance callers. In the midst of a call at a later date I remembered this and asked if she’d like to test her systems—happy to do so, she said, and promptly did so … I became an instant Christian, so to speak. Sheesh!


is that we miss out on so much. You can real fun with idiots … or telemarketers. (They don’t do it much these days but I managed to keep one talking for more than twenty minutes once, before he finally twigged; got quite ratty before he hung up.)



Call me …

skull & bones


SCARCE REMEMBERED devil-29973__340 copy

is of no help at all sometimes.

But for those of us with minds I draw your attention to this offering—

—and should you go there … please spread the good news.

Oh … more? Okaaaaayy—

This might make your head spin — officials of the Roman Catholic Church are offering a week-long course in exorcism, and dozens of Catholic priests have flocked to Rome to partake of the Holy See’s demon-banishing tips and strategies.

Titled Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation, the course is now in its 13th year, and is presented at The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, a Catholic educational institution … An estimated 200 people — lay Catholics as well as priests — attended, Reuters reported.

From April 16 to 21, the would-be exorcists learn about issues they might encounter, including recognizing the devil, differentiating between possession and mental disorders, and legal protections for exorcists, according to a course outline. [Exorcism: Facts and Fiction About Demonic Possession]

Read from source: clicketh hereunto

—for myself I don’t understand any of it but their advertising blurb makes it all look jolly good fun (ol’ Shaitan must be quaking in his hoofs) …


“Actually Argie … too busy right now …”


if Satan didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent Him, no?

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy.png

     “Would too~!”                                                                                 “Would not!”

         “Would not~!”                                                                                 “Would too!”

AND from someone who can advise (being me):   … rather than spend a fortune on the Vatican’s professional courses, all you need to stop the Devil in His tracks is salt from the local shop. Sprinkle salt on His tail and He’s naffed (sea salt works best).


on Satanic self-defence just send me a a signed blank cheque and by return post I’ll send you—in one compact package—all the equipment you’ll need to protect your home and loved ones from the entire unholy spooktrum from Apparitions to Zombies. (First twenty responders, I’ll even throw in a can of Mormon Repellent, free.)

Go here  finger down     to see their course …

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 00.51.45.png


—and don’t forget, extra credits for every shekel you drop in the Papal ‘poor box’ on arrival/departure from campus.


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.26.51

“Trust me—I’m with Him!”




Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46I have your undivided attention …

Yes. Money is important. Very. But I’m not selling any, or trying to separate you from yours. This is not a spam site, this is pure babble (and don’t you forget it). You are quite safe.


by a young thug who not long after sorted himself out and went on to very much greater things, that—

“Money is survival—

—when you run out of money you run out of survival!”


—he was absolutely right.

But let’s not get into unwinnable discussions here, just read on … nod sagely … in agreement … then cheerfully dismiss the wisdoms in the referenced source and get on with life.

“When it comes to day-to-day lessons, the best way to teach your kids the value of a dollar is to … use cash with your kids. When my daughter was 13, she wanted to go shopping with friends for back-to-school clothes. The other parents gave their girls a credit or debit card and imposed a spending limit. Me? I embarrassed my daughter by handing her $50…in cash. The reason: I knew that when she got to the checkout line with more than $50 worth of merchandise, she’d have to make hard choices and put something back.”

Read from sourceCLICK HERE

Or not …

I wish I’d had the sense when I was young.

No excuses, I was an idealist who lacked worldly vision—more the fool me.







and it’s good to see that our devout Abrahamic friends understand this point and know enough to get in first with the young—

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 09.10.25.png

—a family Sunday reading by the look of it. Moral guidance at its best, boom boom!

As much as I suggest to the rational that they might achieve more by educating the young … my seeds fall upon stoney ground, but these Christians at least have a handle on reality. (Well, on the bits that matter most, at least.)