Then make your catchment of taxpayers larger!

Easy peasey—


—and they call ME a dum’ animal …

My concern is the all-singing, all-dancing, new wonderful multimega-dollar development the Invercargill City Council is dabbling in. Both the ‘heritage’ buildings in the piccie below are to go, but the one towards the back will have its facade (only) retained as a sop to the damned reactionaries. Hah! Give ’em the ol’ one-two—

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 08.57.57.png

  • One:  boot out any existing businesses/tenants
  • Two:  bulldoze the whole ratty lot—

—and then build to the heart’s desire (regardless of effects on mere mortals nearby simply trying to scrape a living and/or a Return On Investment).

It will be an ongoing cesspit for the draining of the funds of innocents. But what do I know? I’m just an old dog—one who thought (hah!) that living a bit distant from Invercargill should be reasonably safe.

So even at my age I’m still ruefully learning—



BUT LIFE GOES ON,                3-gerbils


And here to rattle your cage is a wee fellow who tells it like it is. I’d never heard of him before and don’t doubt that I shall again, but in the meantime he says what I think although he says it much better—

—sadly I now have to do some unplanned research. Anyone who calls it like it actually is, and who resonates with me — can’t be all that good. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.32.10



(don’t get too excited … read on)

COMPUTERScreen Shot 2019-12-29 at 09.50.26.png

was an Apple Macintosh. All around me folks had “computers” but it was early days and I was on a budget. Not hard up but circumspect. All I wanted was a games machine—hell, I didn’t even know they could do anything else …


hoofing along Auckland’s High Street I glanced into the window of a wee shoppe and saw oodles of funny looking little televisions. Intrigued, I entered. I must’ve looked a prospect ‘cos I was immediately pounced on by a salesman with enough nous to understand that I didn’t understand a word (bites? Wot? These things bite?) so he sat me down with one, gave me a very brief lesson “Watch the little arrow on the screen—this thing is called a ‘mouse’ … go gett’um, Tiger!” and left me to it.

A blissful hour or so later I came out with a lighter wallet and a heavy box. (It was by the time I reached the Ferry Buildings …)

Here, a Mac—

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 08.32.27.png

—which at 128k of RAM had twice the computing power of my contemporaries’ 64k other things.


I discovered how ‘user friendly’ the Mac was compared to those other … things. From cold you booted up your Mac by switching it on and once awake simply shoved in a wee disc called a ‘floppy’ (which wasn’t). Once the screen smiled back you could make it do things.

Other computers didn’t … you had to type looooong involved formulas and if you didn’t get ’em absolutely letter-perfect, brrrrr; something like: “Load : //’C’  etc etc etc (ad nauseam).


when the nice Mr Gates came out with ‘Windows’ I saw it as a blatant copy of the Mac‘s interfacing.


  • his stuff was cheap
  • the Mac was costly
  • and the rest is history …

If you want the nitty gritty cut ahead to minute 25 to his summary. (Then go back and start at the beginning.)

Steve Jobs was an innovative genius, Gates a very clever businessman—the rest is history. (And the wee image up top is a Woz.)






Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 18.05.54I LOVE

what irked people sometimes say in response. Herewith below please find a few quotes (only slightly censored) from an Oz U-toobe regarding wee Greta:

  • When Facts don’t matter it becomes a Religion.
  • Recent studies have shown that one out of every three Liberals is just as stupid as the other two
  • The Climate change movement has become a religion
  • Someone needs to feed her better so she’ll start puberty.
  • … actually she travels by sailing boat. The crews of those boats have to fly…
  • Never let facts get in the way of a good story…
  • he who controls the media controls the message. Fashion before facts are all the rage
  • Key word here is “fashion.” Ideas become fashionable, and there’s no accounting for fashion
  • “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” -Voltaire
  • The adults have left the room, the west is lost
  • Fools will always be fooled by the foolish, so what’s new in the world
  • Why don’t they build a city for snowflakes. No electricity, no cars. No flying. No central heating etc etc
  • you’re a virus of selfish, badly educated, virtue signaling little turds
  • Self flagellation in the middle ages, climate cult now
  • Mark Twain said its easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled

There’s more but if you made it this far you’ll have to go there for yourself. (Link below). Only the first part is relevant to this post.

In the meantime we’ll wrap up with this time-hallowed old clunker:

Never let facts

get in the way

of a good story.


(It’s eight and a half minutes)(enjoy~!)

(And yes, you’re right—I don’t overly like that guy … he irks me.)





I just loooove Art Deco!

No idea why, I always have. To analyse something is to remove the selfie.pngmystery, and with mystery goes the magic.

Hell … as a non expert tyro I often confuse my decos with my nouveauses. Sue moi. I love Nouveau too, for different reasons; but Deco has a vitality about it, a pure in-your-face joie de vivre.

Try this—

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 09.53.36.png

—uplifted just now from the wwweb. There’s art deco architecture too—and Invercargill is rich in it. For now …

Was rich—the City Fathers are tearing down too much to replace it with an all-singing all-dancing modern eyesor  shopping mall (that they are going to call Plaza)—to attract people from all over the planet.

Stage 1 is under way: the savage demolition of whole streets of Art Deco buildings.

Progress, she can’t be beat! Win/win for the City Councillors—they will never be held to account for the coming huge overruns; and mega-ouch for the little guys forced out of the businesses they sank their own capital into.

CLUE for my angst:

Communism is when the means of Production or distribution are owned/controlled by Government. 

AND here’s a photo I took just four years ago, during some minor improvements that by themselves ran into million plus—

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.22.54.png

—and now all that your eye can see is doomed, businesses mostly gone, much already actively demolishing. Starbucks alone will survive … but in a new incarnation.

Vulture 2a



I love it—

“In September, Ms Thunberg travelled to New York to speak at the UN Climate Conference. She made her way there on a zero-emissions boat in a journey that lasted two weeks.”


To be zero-emissions that boat would have to be natural materials—wood, cotton, jute, and such—no plastics (neither in the vessel itself nor the construction thereof)—no chainsaws, no power tools … no metal nails, screws, cleats etc (unless from meteoric iron or native copper). Even no non-organic emergency fuel. Radio? Radar? GPS? Fergeddit~!

The list is endless. If wee cutie* is serious she should be faking it seriously: no canned food aboard, no bottled water—but (horrors!) didn’t they have to fly out a crew member? Oh noooo … jet fuel pollution, the horror, the horror …

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 17.17.29.png

And that yellow jacket … is it kosher?


Is she asking telling us to

shut down the 21st century …

… whilst appropriating its benefits HERSELF?


JANUS — patron of Warming Alarmists


* Face it, she’s hardly cute … (but a great tool for the unscrupulous). Although she does nothing for me she holds immense appeal for many—much like that nice Mr Adolf did a while back.


dragons17For this scary stuff.


and eeek, too …

arrow down red smartish

Line, blacker copy 2.png

Line, blacker copy 2.png

Guy might have had me worried if I hadn’t previously seen this—

down finger

DOOM sayers.png

—which I uplifted en passant from this:

—and so …


the beat goes onnnnnn …