young pup; bright-eyed, bushy tailed, fresh in the navy … they took us down to the ranges and stuck various weapons in our paws with instructions to hit the wee dots shimmering far far off in the dizzying distance.

At the ranges Gunnery Instructors were God (God does exist~!and regardless of age or mileage everyone was in obeisance (you know what gods are like).

So there I was happily banging away when the salty old guy alongside (a real ancient mariner) laid down his rifle and with a look of all sweet accord asked very nicely; at what target was I so enthusiastically discharging my weapon?

Let us draw a veil of consideration over the rest of this scene—Ed)

Anyway, moving on … I pulled this in this morning and thought if those numbers are well researched and accurate, it says a lot about someone’s marksmanship and the trainings involved—  down there

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 09.47.57.png

But let us not lose track of the fact that the insalubrious conditions under which these hits were scored were a wee bit removed from cheerfully banging away on the ranges.

So no wonder everyone’s gone missile mad these days, even if a single round does cost a bit more.

Chart above from—

But the good news today is, who needs hit anything if you can just obliterate the whole arena it is in? (Aaaaahhhh … progress, she can’t be beat!)

active serviceactive service                                                                      active service




Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34that the selling point


meant “made before 1935” …

Quoting now—

Army Sergeant C.W. Arrowood completely agreed: “The Jap knee mortar gives us hell. They come in fast, thick, and accurate. Can’t we have one?”

The answer to Sergeant Arrowood’s question was a resounding No. United States forces soldiered on with the little loved rifle grenade until the advent of the M79 40mm grenade launcher during the early stages of the Vietnam War.

sourced:  CLICK HERE

—reraises an old bugbear of mine, having suffered years of obsolete and obsolescent junk (of which the warehouses were full).

I find myself asking over and over and over again … “Why can’t the designers, manufacturers, and procurers of weaponry be drafted into the forces as ‘coal face’ USERS of said equipments?” for substantial genuine (field) testing?


is best served always by getting the end user to evaluate products under user conditions; and not at all ‘served’ by pen-pushers and crony business/politicians in luxury air conditioned offices discussing over cocktail lunches.

But Mr Warbucks (love that name!) wouldn’t agree. And for many millions of deceased warriors, what might their families say if they only knew~?

Here’s a nice bugbear to help you think finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

Bugbear big.png

“Always expect the unexpected! Got it, yet, Shorty?”

AND if you have any manner of ‘flesh and blood’ input in your nation’s defence forces—be you Brit, Yank, Russki, or whatever:

how would you feel about getting your relative back in a wee box (if you even got the bugger back at all) discovering later that when dropped in the mud briefly his/her weapon ceased functioning (but rarely the bad guy’s weapons? Weird, that)?

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34




made me update a bit:


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 22.10.42.png

Some damned atheist swine asked the obvious, to the effect—

“So beloved of God … why does the Pope need an armoured waggon?”

We might add: “… and vigilant well-armed guards?”

(If not armed, are they ‘mobile martyrs’ ready to earn a no-questions-hotfoot-to-Heaven ticket by throwing themselves on grenades or absorbing bullets?)


and Mr Google as always came up trumps—

What do you get for the holy man who has everything? If he’s Pope Benedict XVI, you get him a new Mercedes-Benz Popemobile.

Based on the company’s midsize M-Class SUV, the new diamond-white Popemobile replaces an older Mercedes model that had served his holiness since 2002. The automaker has been providing popes their eponymous vehicles since 1930.

Mercedes says the new model has an upgraded dome for the Pope to ride in. It features easier access for the 85-year-old pontiff, larger bulletproof glass panels for better visibility and lights in the roof to illuminate the subject below. The throne inside the dome is embroidered with the coat of arms of the pontiff.

It rides a bit lower than the previous version, to make it easier to ship to the Pope’s destinations. The project took Mercedes about nine months to build, the company said.


To read from source: CLICK HERE

Oh wow, I’m truly impressed! Not with the understated ostentation of The Beast (and his transport) but with the wildly enthusiastic Nelson-eyed gullibility of the millions of Widow’s Miters who fund it.

Oops, “indignant rebuttal” alert … okaaaaay … … yes.

But money is fungible, no? (Now go say fifteen hundred Hail Argies and I’ll forgive you.)(Go on, off you go, shoo~!)


AND here’s the grand ultimate paradigm of humility and service standing with a justifiably pleased capitalist of the species. What is it with Popes and religiosi that even their blessed coats have to look like dresses?


I can’t spend any more time on this. I have to look up the reference I was going to finish with … something about a rich man squashing himself through the eye of a needle to enter Heaven. Don’t wait up …



“Hey Argus! It’s right here in The Bible, ya dum’ dog!”





FREE MONEY Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34.png

—or, at least, money.

“Money,” a wise man once told me, “is survival. No money … … no survival.”

I was low on LSD at the time (relax—it’s the old abbreviation for Pounds, Shillings, and Pence) and took the advice to heart. But money is just a means of converting your own time, talent, and efforts into someone else’s, no?  Oh, come on~! The products thereof!? No? (Sheesh!)

So bearing that in mind … and what has we here? (As the nasty villain giant says in the movie BFG (horrible guy, says it just before wee Sophie puts him in his place)(oops, I digress …).

Bugger, here’s your quote before I goof more further—

—oops— that wasn’t meant to happen, but sure beats me typing the quote out in full (and he’s right about them girls! Boom boom!).


Is that I think Mr Putin and his merry mates are perhaps just a wee bit worried about the future; especially the low man person-power available for their armed forces. Hence the semi-free money for reproducers.

And good luck to them—I watched a Dvd the other night (horrible quality from WW2 cinematography and stuff, but got the message) to the effect that Russia is not to be trifled with.

Disc was called “The Battle of Russia” — a lot of American WW2 filmage too—

—horribly dated, scratchy, and if you are of a mind you could cut out everything until just after Napoleon … but if you do that you’d lose a lot of important background.

I could be wrong, and mistaken too … but I think the Russians would really just like to be left alone to get on with it. In peace. Stalin is dead now and hopefully ol’ Marx too. Dumb idea anyway … ‘free money’ just doesn’t work as a way of life. It can’t. Here, have a few moneys on me—

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.31.50.png

—ol’ Ben was a favourite of mine too, I’d love to collect his portraits like that …

Big G, bigger

“Me too, Argie! Collection plates are a bit pauce these days …”







cerberusIN SIGHT


but Jesus rides again~ Boom boom! (Five of Him)

An act of God rendered my previous attempts at this post irrecoverable (vindictive holy vandal) so I’m trying again in a different browser.


reported by Nat Geog … (I love it!) … I thought I’d spread The Good Word. Jesuses for everyone, and it could be that more if the recruitment is successful.


for you—not the biggest, nor the best—


Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 07.00.06.png

“No wine, no fishies, no virgins … my God, why hast Thou forsaken moi?”


out of the five offered—

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 08.14.42.png

—a genuine Holy Jesus who caters for all tastes.

But a  point that narks me a bit:

Shouldn’t He be nailed to that bloody thing, not sitting like a Pope?

Damn, scripture is just so difficult … but the folks who designed the uniforms got it spot on. Boom boom!

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.28.04

“That’s ‘cos they used my personal tailor, ya dum’ dog!”


clicketh hereith (or forever repent), posted herein for purposes of review …


Five living Jesuses, and all unique. Can’t get much better than that!


dodoyada yada yada

and it’s all getting a bit boring.


New Zealand Herald came up with this

A high-ranking former member of the North Korean Government says the harsh economic sanctions imposed on the country could be enough to wipe it out within 12 months.

Oh my goodness—

Ri Jong-ho, a former economic official appointed by Kim Jong-un’s father and predecessor Kim Jong-il, says the United Nations’ trade restrictions are so strong that it could cripple the isolated nation …

Yeah, sure.

I’ve lost track of how often in the last few decades sanctions have passed their ‘cripple by’ date and still the starving(?)  sanctionee isn’t crippled.

Not only not crippled—North Korea’s capabilities seem to be improving by giant leaps and bounds.

All propaganda, of course! Them Commie ratbags can no more afford nukes than I can (everyone knows that Communists can’t even feed themselves)(so there).

The answer?

Send a gunboat!


it gets better—

“Many people will die.”

—yeah. Sure they will—but not the ones some would like to die, such as these jolly smiling chaps with the overdose of cheery—

Jolly chappies.png

—who like all good politicians are very good at getting stand-ins to do their dying for them.


the “high ranking former etc etc” chap — did nobody tell him that blasted commies can’t even afford bootlaces, much less nukes and missiles?

So exactly who is propagandising whom, here?


What? We did send a gunboat? They did what? They laughed?



score five, and you’re an ace!


try this quote:

Official ACE literature says “students are taught to see life from God’s point of view.” Religious instruction is not a separate subject: “Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum.” In English, for example, students are given examples of interrogative sentences: “Do you know Jesus as your personal Saviour? Can you ever praise Him enough?” and asked to underline the correct verb in a sentence like “Jesus (is, are) good.”


Guff like this makes my eyes water and teeth itch. So shall we look at some of the claims made here?

Taught “to see life from God’s point of view” … wow. Given that God is Omniscient (knows everything) and Omnipresent (the wee bugger is everywhere—present in every grain of sand, planet, star, dog poop etc, both out to beyond the farthest reaches of infinity and in every poisoned dinner ever served).

I don’t believe anyone can transmit such a viewpoint …


may wonder where I’m going with this? Let me set you at rest: no further.

I’m just restating that religious ‘schooling’ doesn’t teach one to think but to blindly accept:








I am either right or wrong—

  • If wrong, challenge me
  • If right—note that it’s YOUR income they’re after,

… what are you going to do about it?


(Sniff) … all these blasted religions have put me out of a job …

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.50.43.png