this simple question:

What colour is your roof?

Because … if it isn’t polished silver, or at least white—

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 09.23.21

—you are insincere. Actually, you would be a BS merchant out to profit from other peoples’ good faith, or their gullibility, or both … and quite two-faced.

cb922372af7ff4692a4ccfe77b79d2bbSo, Alarmists … don’t tell me, show me.

Lead by example—or quit your blasted squawking; shut up and sit down, crawl back under your rock and wait until some other sucker comes along.


when you can tell me how to save the planet from the ‘unprecedented’ swings in temperatures, in a manner that doesn’t involve killing off millions of innocents … I shall be all ears. (Mind you, a good brisk all-out nuclear war would indeed drop the temperatures a bit—once that ‘nuclear winter’ thing kicks in.)

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 21.31.16

Oh no … not

again, Mr Argus …

henpecked-1… PERLEEEEZE~ 

Hard luck, Toots! Here it comes—so deep breath, close your eyes, cross your legs and think of England:


(actually, lots of pups, but who’s counting?)


be aware that—regardless of truththe academic professionals (being people who have invested in education and now use the fruits of their labours to defend their turf) (much like anyone else) will NOT countenance any threat to their dominance. No?


whatever they have absorbed as ‘fact’ will stay locked in forever as FACT.

BUT don’t fret.

On occasion some outfielder comes in despite the flak and drops bombshells of unassailable evidence revealing the current paradigms false, wrong, a wee bit totally incorrect … and old hat. Junk.

And so some of the ‘knowledge’ gets quietly revamped. To hell with any ‘facts’ from past doctrines, they get quietly buried; the newest facts become “This is exactly what WE were saying all along!”


I have two filters where knowledge is concerned:

  • I look for apparent contradictions, and
  • does it make sense?

The Establishment has much to answer for but so long as it holds all the power progress is halted—

—until their dams burst under the accumulating weight of no-longer-deniable apostate facts. (Yes, Little Virginia … Academia too is Church.)

Here’s an instance (14 minutes)—

—make of it what you will* .

For myself I still have faith in one Virginia Steen McIntyre. And I bitterly regret that I cannot go back through time to kick the shit out of those good doctors (all highly qualified) who so wisely/cleverly prevented Semelweiss from sabotaging medicine …

     chimp rocks.gif

And the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnn …



* Clue: I’m with him~!


down there

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 18.07.16.png


pc, notfor all you blasted Realists and Rationalists and otherwise atheistic/agnostic cynics out there—cry “Raspberry~!” and let loose the dogs of ire.

In other words, learned fellows, try to enforce an open mind. (Open, I said … not empty. Tut~!)


have all the answers?


Neither do the religious, the superstitious, the rational, the credulous, the incredulous, and anyone I may have missed. Nobody does (except me, but I don’t count—nobody listens to a dog …)


were about one Edgar Cayce and the disproportionate effect he has had/is having on modern Egyptian archaeology. You can Google the name and explore the topic for yourself, I’m more tied up with the here and now—and my own ‘here and now’ sadly moves over in the boat to make room for the above quote from Hamlet.


things that I cannot explain rationally—but by the same stroke of the brush I cannot accept ghosties, spooks, spirits, shades, wraiths, phantoms, gods, angels, and things that go ‘plop~!’ in the night for no reason.


being one of them. Precognition being another. Take my word for it (or not, ’tis all the same to me) —I know what I know, and having run it through all the conventional filters am happy to accept that there are indeed “more things” etc etc.


  • do your own research
  • don’t take anyone’s word as absolute
  • always doubt—

—doubt your own senses, distrust your own eyes, and when all else fails just keep on asking. Any reasonable stage magician can help you with your homework.


Ol’ Cayce was a very clever man. A man who if right is denied the acclaim he is due—if wrong has no damned credibility to direct control of the Giza Plateau in modern Egypt.

I understand that Cayce also claimed there was/is a “Hall of Records” from ancient Atlantis under the front starboard paw of The Sphinx.

I understand that some enthusiasts with echo sounders and other scientific stuffs agree that indeed, there is a void of some kind in that location … I also understand that Hawass and his cronies will NOT permit independent excavation there. (You can see why, of course, a tiny exploratory hole dug there might cause the entire Sphinx to collapse … it is, after all, thousands of years old.)

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can o' worms




Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 11.48.45.pngOne has to innocently ask—and here now is someone else’s problem:

where will glorious Dr Zahi Hawass have his plaque inserted?

(With of course, a requisite throwaway brieffie footnote mention, perhaps, of his long suffering sidekick.)

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 11.12.38

We all know the above beast.

‘Nuff sed, and the Sphinx too … let’s get closer:

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 11.14.53.png

—and ponder: are we looking at ‘restoration’ here, or is it actually original (think “new, modern, contemporary” …) artwork passing under that rubric?


so long as the spirit of the brute is (somehow) retained the actual actualities don’t really matter—perhaps those ‘ribs’ will in the long run be fleshed out to look more like the uneroded beast of yore?

If it had been moi in charge I’d have looked long and hard at the possibilities presented by modern spray-on plastics/lacquers and stuff. (Maybe he did …)

If short of the requisite funds I’d have offered a limited high-charge tour through the tunnelly bits within and beneath and so let ol’ Leo fund his own repairs.

There’s another possibility (but here we go crank) (nobody wants that, do we?) and that is the possibility that ol’ Zahi is—in plain sight—simply reburying evidences of some kind. Good on him—I cannot stand the guy (does it show?) but he has to be admired, sometimes … hell, even Hitler made the trains run on time.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 11.39.48.png

“Love me, love my hat (thanks, Mr Jones; much obliged).”


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Oh ... WOW!

Oh … WOW~!



a small, biggererand the very essential all-driving will to create. (Without both you ain’t gonna get nowhere.)


  • this post is a bunch of eclectically garnered images
  • and a brieffie explanation (of sorts).


the Serapeum. (Ya wanna know more? Go google …)

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 16.06.50.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 15.50.34.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 09.21.33.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 15.45.46.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 15.43.43.png


Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 15.49.14.png


where it calls for a wee bit of imagination—

—as always we are told that there was no sign of ‘lamp black’ or soot/s on the walls and ceilings when first discovered.  Okaaaaaaayyyy …

The explanation is

that the place was a graveyard for the remains of the sacred bulls, and those polished granite boxes were wee coffins, sort of. Could be true … but who would go to the lengths of pilfering ancient beefs? The boxes were all empty … no bull remains were ever found there (if we are to believe the cranks).


how were they made, and even more, how were they delivered & installed—given that the boxes weigh (I am told often enough) some seventy tons each, and the lids are thirty tons each—

70 + 30 = 100 tons


—is that WOW~! or wot?

I’ll leave it to you to conjecture how many slaves/taxpayers/volunteers would be required to even budge the buggers, much less get ’em in and snuggle them down into their wee niches.

While you’re at it, ponder how they manoeuvred them around corners and things down there. (I’ll admit it, I haven’t a bloody clue, and the fruit-loop offer of ‘sonic levitation’ makes as much sense as manpower. Perhaps YOU may have a suggestion?*

1 ac

Line, black



*  Keep it seemly …



You throw your hands up in righteous frustration as yet another loopy (it means crackers) crosses and blights your screen.

“Come on,” you squawk. “Puhleeeeeze, come ONNNNNN~!”

And well you might.

Justifiably so.

No evidence, you see.

Or, do you look but not see? Do you remember—

(“But,” you squawk, “I’m different! An open mind! Go ahead, you easily duped imbecile, SHOW me! Where’s ya bloody evidence?”)

—when Science was enraged because some damned crank suggested that the huge bones were actually genuine relics of monsters long departed? (Impossible monsters, because anything that big and heavy would just collapse under its own weight…)


there’s science and there’s fashion, and that much ‘science’ is no more than (the current) fashion.

I also restate that often yesterday’s highly lauded scientific ‘expert’ is today’s sad giggle. Sad because ‘authority’ enabled it to dictate fict from faction and so further confute the innocent. (But it kept/keeps some folks in funded tenure …).


Look at what the ancients did. Achieved. And ponder how we might replicate such—given only their (known) state of technologies. (Petra, anybody? The GP of E?) Still not convinced—then go research a bit on the Serapeum*).


just Egypt, is it? It’s all over the world, little nibbles of derided evidences here and there that add up to one huge unknown.

Again my advice is:



—because beyond a point there be monsters. Let them bite you and your life will never be the same again.


Always invoke the essential query—        down there

W . I . I . F. M?

—applied to whatever Authority is modestly pontificating in answer to your queries.

Here, have a nice box for your trinkets—

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 09.21.33.png

Box itself weighs in at about seventy tons, lid is about thirty. Wow?

If you read up on these things you may be impressed, I certainly was; underground in very narrow passages … and all for bulls**

Sure …


Line, black

* If not at least a bit impressed there’s no hope for you.

** BS more like …


SIMPLY.  PC, not

The cranks at whose feet I sit with rapt attention often quote much the same unbelievable stuff. But then again, the Establishment does (and always did) likewise. So it all boils down to judgement on the part of the beholder: Who presents the more convincing case, hmm?


by history itself with a whole bunch of enigmatic enigmas. Enigmae. Puzzles … for which there are absolutely no shortage of expert explanations—ranging from the almost possible to the totally absurd; acceptance or rejection often boils down to prestige versus the WTF reflex.


we are told that the trinket in the below photo dates back to the time when the ancient Egyptians had no better stone-working tools than copper chisels, wet string, sand, balls made of very hard rock (diorite) and probably a few bronze saws. (The balls were used to make statues and things, and a damn’ fine job they made of it too)(we are told).


how likely, really, even given the wealth and total power of the Living God that was Pharaoh … is it that a herd of mallet-men wielding their balls and rubbing with sand could come up with (say) … this:down there

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 23.26.27.png


It’s quite big, too. I understand that what we are looking at there was rejected by QA but I could be wrong. Without looking it up I do believe it was made from a quite hard stone—but even if it were made of wet clay and allowed to dry it would still be a bit impressive.


copper and/or bronze saws and stuff have a ‘major’ working with hard stone—could YOU create something like it using a diorite ball, fist sized or just a little bigger?

Oh … really? Hold me tight … I damned well couldn’t.

But wait—it gets better. Tomorrow I hope to post some real ‘things to think about’ but right now I need some sleep. I’ll close with an image of the archaeologist’s standard explanation for how that ancients made such things—

chimp rocks

—and leave it to you to decide if you’ll run with their ball. (Or break out—think for yourself.)

Good night~!