BUGGER! (Again)


just like that, a fortune in books, lectures, midnight oil, notes, certification and academic honours. Why, oh why, can’t someone come up with some definitive enduring facts~?

“…have cemented the idea that hominins (early members of the human lineage) not only originated in Africa but remained isolated there for several million years before dispersing to Europe and Asia. The discovery of approximately 5.7 million year old human-like footprints from Crete, published online this week by an international team of researchers, overthrows this simple picture and suggests a more complex reality …”

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2017-08-fossil-footprints-theories-human-evolution.html#jCp

Have the uncaring authors of these items no thought at all for the rice-bowls they are breaking? What’s ol’ Zahi going to do for a crust if something like this gets into the mainstream about ‘his’ blasted pyramids, hey? Or is it exactly this sort of thing that sends him shrieking from the room if anyone rocks his cradle?

1.pngDammit—we keep getting closer and closer to that infamous iconoclastic* image of the trilobite squashed under the stitched sole** …

Bugger … I just took my own advice and googled.  icon_lol.gif  The pic I had in mind didn’t come up but oodles of others did—ancient peoples must’ve spent most of their waking hours squelching about in the mud down at the local beach …

If you go there (click the images, they are active ‘new window’ links) you’ll find a wee blog with an awesome amount of

(a) nutter guff, and/or

(b) food for thought



I do not (R) not go along with any manner of ancient astronautical aliens. No sir. But I do hold a candle for the notion that human beings are much older as a species than the average Joe believes. And I am very much warming to the idea that in the far past humans attained a higher state of technical capabilities than given credit for.

Something horrible happened and knocked us (okay, them) back to monkey-man days and they had to start again. From scratch.

And why not? If one silly little space rock can sort out all those blasted dinosaurs world wide (and they were much bigger than us), and a few other rocks create ice-ages and universal slaughterful conflagrations … why not?


why not is because the notion would put a lot of hard-won academics out of business.

Millions of books would have to be rewritten and new experts created.

The only other only reason of course is if the nutters are all exactly that, nutters.

But … what if ?

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 09.05.51

And you live where, Mr Argus?


just found this one:


If the guy is as sincere as he seems then something is wrong somewhere. Occam’s razor suggests he’s a nutter. Fair enough, but what if he’s not …  

*   Don’t ask. I can only tell you porkies … better to Google it for yourself.

**  Shoe, not fish.




3 gerbilsBLOGGER

totally innocent (and unaware of my dark side) posted this—

“Downstairs, in the basement, there is a… prison! I was more than surprised to find it out… Like the library stuff explained to me, the students who thought differently, ‘against the rulers’ were placed there to elaborate on their ideas and change their opinion to the mainstream. In some cases, the students were kept in those tiny rooms so long that they went crazy and were not able to function normally…”

to read from source:  CLICK HERE

—and if you want to see where from and what it’s all about you’ll have to go there (boom boom!).  But if you’ve been following my thoughts, clever person,  you’ll know why I cut-and-pasted her snippet herein.


the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnnnn







this:        finger-pointing-down

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 17.24.17.png



that old ditty with words to the effect “… fire, not a flood, next time” and here I am, in the firing line with no fire extinguisher* .

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

C’mon in! We’re just getting warmed up!


five days left. Or is that six? Greenwich Mean Time or US Standard Time? Bugger … New Zealand time? (We kiwis lead the world in times, so I guess we go under the mallet first—the Aussies a close second—and after them: the rest of you heathens.)

So I visited the link—all very normal, but I didn’t suffer through the videos though. I find it hard to believe that even God could sneak a planet of Niburu size in close enough to pounce on us with no more warning than a web site.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 17.56.21.png

But then again, anyone who could erase innocent dinosaurs without warning, and then later on pop off all those mammoths and stuff, creating and ending ice ages … brrrrr.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Eek!  Oh, it’s just you, Little Ollivia—”

“Sir, are you going to abandon Nick and embrace the Christian God?”

“Not at this stage, Child … I’ll take my chances along with them dinos.”


*  Okay, I do have a fire extinguisher (but from that prophecy and ol’ Nick above it ain’t gonna be nowhere near up to the job). Brrrrr~!



Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 16.36.23“… bring me a little perspective,” said one Anton Ego in the famous Rats movie (I still don’t know how the Yanks get “Ratatooey” out of “ratatwee” but there yer goes) … *


meanderings (Conspiracy Theorist First Class) I frequently have recourse to maps.

No big deal, anyone can read a map—even if over the course of a lifetime all the lovely red bits on the world map have been replaced with bleuch.

All well and good but not many seem to realise that the typical map is only representational (meaning: the world isn’t really like that). Globes are better …


through oodles of the literature I finally found one that (really!) rings my bell.

This wee bugger—


—which I believe is an ‘azimuthal equidistant projection’. Wow … apparently it puts things into perspective (even if a chunk of Argentina seems a bit missing).


thanks to the miracle of modern science coupled with the need for some folks to make their honest buck I happened across a few more—


By Strebe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16115152

—and this one I especially like, ‘cos it put us up at the top. If you’re wondering about the white frilly edge, that’s Antarctica. I guess equidistant penguins must get bigger …


centred on the Equator, the same thing only different—


—I love ’em. They play merry hell with perspectives drilled into us by our education indoctrination systems, but they’re fun.

But if you want a true perspective buy a globe. Expensive for what they are you get your money’s worth reality wise—or if you’re a cheapskate like moi, buy an inflatable one …


—mine looks just like this only different. And on a really cold morning it goes a little 3d, with the added bonus of bogs and mountains. Boom boom!


* No, don’t tell me — let me dream on in peace …


attention to



again. Everything is politics


have a couple of ‘Pages’ attached.

One of them, (in a form anyone can read) is written more or less as child-lit. Kid-lit, call it what you will. I first drafted it before the great J K Rowling hit the shelves so although you may find similarities there’s no plagiarism involved. She made a bundle, I flubbed, but that’s the way of it and I won’t (can’t~!) complain. Dammit …


tale I encapsulated a lifetime’s observations with a few bits of cynical thought. But the premises are valid and I challenge anyone to dispute them:


—and for anyone not au fait with the British way of English, Swindleham isn’t pronounced “Swindle Ham”.  It’s actually “Swindle ’em” …

falls off a pale horse



pcwhom I absolutely adore, nevertheless


intelligence (she leaves me in the shade, dammit) by failing to understand why I adamantly refuse to vote. So, safe in the knowledge that none of my family know I blog, I can give my reasons here …


a hypothetical case:panacea.png

You have a tummy bug. You don’t trust modern medicine and your doctor, aware of this, decides to compromise—but sadly your condition is on The Government’s List of Things That Must Be Treated Our Way.

His compromise?

“Mr Argus … your condition is treatable—”

“Phew~! That’s nice, I was getting worri—”

“—and as instructed by the government I’m to offer you three new miracle treatments. You must pick one.”

“Must, Doc?”

“Compulsory, Sir. But don’t fret, it’s your own choice. In effect you vote for your treatment.”

“Oh, wow. I was thinking it might be something nasty … go ahead, Doc, gimme the selection.”

“Oral dose. One huge swallow and all is done—”

“Desist prevaricating, you fiend. Show me.”

“Here ya go, then. Your own choice, Mr Argus: any of Arsenic, Cyanide, or Strychnine. Choose wisely …”

In case you haven’t sussed it yet: there’s a General Election coming up in New Zealand—you know, the public bunfight in which we democratically get to elect our dictators for the next three years.

I never vote, and Sister simply can’t understand why.

From her I keep getting the pap “How can you complain if you don’t vote?”

I’ve given up trying to explain that it’s only by exercising my right not to vote that I’m actually preserving my right to say to any voter: “Well, YOU voted for them, I didn’t!”

A vote is nothing less than an endorsement of a deeply flawed system.


But what is the alternative? The Nazis were voted in, even Soviet Communists had elections too.



I shall never vote



(a) ‘they’ make it compulsory (at gunpoint), or

(b) they make politicians accountable, or

(c) they revamp ‘democracy’ so that We, The People, pull the strings.

I’m told that’s how it’s done in Switzerland. So I’d use Swiss systems as a starting point and work from there to make ours democratic.

BUT …  it ain’t ever gonna happen.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Olivia?”

“Sir—isn’t that a rather defeatist attitude?”

“What did your mother often chant, kid?”

“If you always do—”

“—what you’ve always done—”

“—you’ll always get what you always go…  oh.”

Sadly, Sister can’t see that.

So she votes, every time, and sets free Four Galloping Horsemen—

4 hm of the a.png

—which is her right.

She has descendants—I don’t. But the best I can do for anyone’s downlines is simply not vote.

I do that …


falls off a pale horse.png



I KEEP dodo

harping on about the blasted pyramids of Egypt (and others) (but especially those of Egypt).


that I’m excessive with hyperbole. Sue me.


that some take me literally. Then they have a look at my subjects, do the sums and find that things don’t compute. For example—I often use the word ‘rubble’ to describe the stone blocks under the skin of the GP of E and various others. Blatantly they are not (r) NOT ‘rubble’.


let’s take a closer look—

outer & inner.png

—and it becomes obvious that some beauty is only skin deep.

But wait, it gets better—

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 07.25.03.png

—and it’s beginning to look as if the lady is shabby beneath her gown. But so what? The purpose of heaping up rocks is achieved by final performance and appearance—from the outside and from the inside.

The outside is what you see on approach.

Inside is what you see when running about within (you know, tunnels, chambers and stuff).

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 07.45.08


is achieved by all the ins and outs—the rest is just … infill? So the infill was nonchalantly gathered, brought over, and tossed up there, no? But particular care was taken with the purposes of the beasts*.

For infill I choose to use the term ‘rubble’—

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 07.23.49.png

—so now you know. Is that rubble, or what? Wow~!

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 07.56.09.png

Over two million two-ton blocks … that’s some infill, boom boom! That’s not counting the slightly larger forty, seventy ton blocks. We won’t go into how the ancients got ’em up hundreds of feet and so neatly (?) into place—but it’s amazing what good slaves can achieve.

Want more?

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 08.45.48.png

Hell … I got hundreds—

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 08.45.21.png

—and I’ll carry on using the term ‘rubble’.


* Be warned—I’m one of the nutters who finds it hard to reconcile those masterpieces of Giza rock-art with the conventional ‘tomb’ theory.