values, dreams, motivators … notions? Aaah, as Khayyam says ‘take the cash in hand, and waive the rest … oh, the brave music of a distant drum!’

Fret not, cast yer eyes over this, then—

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—look upon my works, ye mighty, and weep ...


So I have a suggestion intended to appeal to the blessed Snowflakes, Socialists, Communists and sporting among us.

How about—

  • it be guaranteed (by respected audit) that NO state monies of any kind be used in funding any entries in the America’s Cup
  • that three (3) identical-in-every-respect duplicates of the original winner (that gave its name to the race) be made
  • that otherwise it be ‘bunfight as normal’ in eliminations until the final two teams are ready to slug it out
  • and when they do: they each use one of the replicas; their replica for the day being chosen by toss of a coin for each day …


So this would ensure that it’s seamanship (think: ability) against seamanship; not a case of “our financiers can beat your bankers” and/or “our eggheads can beat your eggheads”.

  • Otherwise the sailors on the water remain no more than pawns the bankers etc use to pursue their own glories; and
  • otherwise the breaking of records is quite meaningless: can a state-of-the-art modern jet fighter not out speed an FE2?

(So what if the ‘record’ time over the distance is ‘beaten’?)


dodo copy








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and I’m left scratching. All over …

“…The film also details the story of Lamarr as an inventor. “She came up with a secure communication system that was really about helping the Allies beat the Nazis in the Atlantic,” Dean said. “Wireless torpedoes were being blown up by Nazi ‘wolfpacks.’”

Lamarr worked to create a system called “frequency hopping” in which torpedoes would “hop” between frequencies to avoid detection …”

source:  CLICK HERE 

The ‘Lamarr’ referred to is of course Hedy, film star (boom boom~!) of a few years back. I had no idea that she was the slightest bit technical but there ya go. I also had no idea the wolfpacks could capture control of allied torpedoes so it’s learning curves all round.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 20.09.15.png


lines of thought triggered by the above ref’d article, I came upon this gem—

The Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy promptly identified and eliminated the problems. In the United States Navy, there was an extended wrangle over the problems plaguing the Mark 14 torpedo (and its Mark 6 exploder). Cursory trials had allowed bad designs to enter service. Both the Navy Bureau of Ordnance and the United States Congress were too busy protecting their own interests to correct the errors, and fully functioning torpedoes only became available to the USN twenty-one months into the Pacific War.[33]

source:  CLICK HERE 

—forcing once again this plaintive bleat: that in times of active unpleasantness the guys responsible for the procurement of vital equipments must be made to accompany them into the field:

Their invention was granted a patent … and at that time the U.S. Navy was not receptive to considering inventions coming from outside the military.[22] Only in 1962  … did an updated version of their design appear on Navy ships.[29]

Think of Self Interest as a wee bit of essential Quality Assurance if you like—there’s nothing quite like it for real motivation.





(below) actually mean? This is the standard of definitive news reporting, in the English language, in New Zealand today:

“Over the past three decades alone, the Navy’s fleet has shrunk from almost 600 ships to 308 today. It included nearly 1200 aircraft and more than 130,000 sailors and civilians.”

And then—

“While the US Navy’s operations overseas are growing considerably, it has been forced to navigate through some serious accidents while showing brute force to its enemies.”

—which is brilliantly ‘poetic’ and ‘clever’ … but is it accurate? (Clue: does the US’s navy actually have any enemies?)

“Mr Argus, Sir~”

Oh no …

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Are you nit-picking again, Sir?”

“Wars have been started through miscommunications, Missy. No.”

But don’t fret. The laws for The Draft are, I understand, still in place although in abeyance and in The Land Of The Free they can be invoked with a stroke of a pen at any time.

There, problem solved. And if the gobs are disgruntled—

“Mr Argus, Sir~”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

… … … I don’t like you, Sir …”

“I don’t like meself sometimes, Kiddo …”


Jolly chappies

“Don’t listen to ’em, Don … ya doin’ just great!”

—shackle the ungrateful little snowflakes to their oars~! Bring back the cat, I say! Keelhaul the bastards! Or even better … set up a few Commissions of Enquiry.


Problem solved. (If it actually is a problem, and not just some disgusting little oik reporter out to make a name for herself.)


The above quotes from:  CLICK HERE




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Regardless, I for one am a bit impressed …




This (above) is the manner the old Royal Navy used to describe articles being formally mustered (accounted for).

So … it’s how I describe the natural habitat of some of the wildly enthusiastic folks who come up with this sort of stuff—

“…But the theory has been getting renewed attention recently. Added to it is the precise date of the astronomical event leading to Earth’s destruction. And that, according to David Meade, is in six days — Sept. 23, 2017. Unsealed, an evangelical Christian publication, foretells the Rapture in a viral, four-minute YouTube video, complete with special effects and ominous doomsday soundtrack. It’s called “September 23, 2017: You Need to See This.”

Why Sept. 23, 2017?

Meade’s prediction is based largely on verses and numerical codes in the Bible. He’s honed in one number: 33…”

—and if you want to explore the holes in that particular woodwork, you will find it and more at——-again-—-if-you-believe-this-biblical-doomsday-claim/ar-AAs56IJ?ocid=ob-fb-enus-580

—go get’em, Tiger! (It will have you in raptures … )

I haven’t read it all through myself. I’m too happy being a damned atheist and I must stay away ‘lest the dread hand of God poke me in the tummy and make me see The Light. Dammit, I’m too old to see the blasted light …

But if you want to see what rationality is up against, get thee over there (and don’t forget your bucket).

And now I’m off to watch that video before the 23rd gets me … oh … it’s been and gone already, and I missed it?

Bugger …



Oh … wow …


blitzing something else, this webbie came up and I hit on it—

—and at first thought quite simply that it would be worth changing my nationality just so I could vote for this guy (if ever he had the lobotomy and morals-extraction that would qualify him to run for pubic office). Whoever he is …

And now, back to my searching ‘ancient civilisations’.  Don’t wait up …

SF 1

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

Oh no “Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir—a typo? Don’t you mean ‘public’?”

“No, Cutie … I mean entirely what it alludes, as is. Stet.”