The rest of us … well, we’re not Australians so we don’t have a God-damned thing to worry about—


—not bloody much. (Do we?)

















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Imagery below courtesy of the New Zealand Herald (for their reporting) and God (for giving them something to report about). Aaaaahhh, teamwork ….


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and …

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What does the divine scamp do to those He doesn’t love? (Oops, don’t ask… )

But of course he loves His flocks (especially in the Pacific)(in the islands they are about as devoutly Christian as they come anywhere).

… and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnn …



“I love you, God. I LOVE you God!!!”

Hi, Brazil~!


Hy Brasil …

any the wiser now? Not yet. Let me explain:

I’m a self-confessed CT nutcase. So  whatever you call me it’s been said before.

Moving on—

dodo copydodo copy


dodo copydodo copy





a professor at an American university did some sums after he’d suffered a rush of eurekas. He’d been poring over ye olde sea-maps …

Knowing that his conclusions would upset the current ‘experts’ he wrote his book anyway. So there.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 19.29.52.png

Before publishing he asked an obscure kraut crank to check it out; kraut* gave it quite an endorsement. He then went ahead, was predictably soundly rubbished (and eventually I purchased a reprint).

I added his info to some of the other bits I’ve garnered; thinking how unfortunate it was that he had to do his sums the old way with slide-rules and had no computers, calculators, Google Maps etc. My good fortune …


Roughly 12000 years ago an ice-age ended. Various icery  (two miles thick in places) melted sending enough water downhill to raise the then sea levels by about four hundred feet-ish. (Doggerland went from forests to seabed.) So?


Hapgood noted similarities in many of his old maps, similar mistakes even. Not only puffy winds and mermaids, but actual navigational things. Here’s a selection for you, see if you notice ’em too—this first being hardly fair, a real toughie …

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.57.25.png

… and moving on …

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.57.20.png

With all these clues it’s hard not to notice …

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.56.36.png

Are we there yet?

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.56.31

Here’s one that seems a bit dated …finger-pointing-down

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.56.23.png

And they all have something in common:

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 19.52.39.png

That ‘something’ being a wee island group that doesn’t exist. So trying to find it using Google Maps, we come up with this—

Hi Brasil.png

Which when you blow it up, looks like this—

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 18.00.12.png

—which coupled with the old legends and maps … is spooky.

(Or not, I’m off now ‘cos The Spouse gets cranky if I don’t come running when she yodels about dinner …)

3 sages.png


by the way … aforementioned kraut crank was one Albert Einstein (famous for doing things with atoms and clocks).


panaceaOH NO …


If this be true, then all the world is coming to an end.

An honest government official? Naaaaahhh …

Kathleen Hartnett White has said publicly in the past that the goal of the United Nations and climate change activists is “all-powerful government” that would effectively end democracy.

Phew. For a moment there … but it’s those last few words that give me relief; quite simply you cannot lose something you haven’t got. But wait, it gets better—

In radio and event appearances in 2015 and 2016, White pushed a conspiratorial view of climate change activism, arguing that the goal of political leaders and activists who seek to address climate change is “power and control.”

And obviously someone somewhere has had their cage rattled. Nobody uses the term ‘conspiratorial’ these days unless either

(a)  attempting to smear and/or belittle, or

(b)  being honest.

The above quotes are sourced from—


—make of ’em what you will. As for myself Conspiracy Theorist (CT) is a label I wear with pride although I’d prefer ‘conspiracy caller’ … to me there’s no theory about obvious bloody facts. And to close with a final quote—

White has a long history of questioning established science on climate change, which has drawn criticism from environmentalists who oppose her nomination. CNN’s KFile previously reported on White’s comments in 2016 calling support for climate change science a “kind of paganism” and describing the goals of climate change activists as “one-world state ruled by planetary managers.”

—and the observation that

You get no prizes

for stating the obvious

—a fact which should be pounded into all blank slates from Day One at ‘school’.





Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 16.36.23“… bring me a little perspective,” said one Anton Ego in the famous Rats movie (I still don’t know how the Yanks get “Ratatooey” out of “ratatwee” but there yer goes) … *


meanderings (Conspiracy Theorist First Class) I frequently have recourse to maps.

No big deal, anyone can read a map—even if over the course of a lifetime all the lovely red bits on the world map have been replaced with bleuch.

All well and good but not many seem to realise that the typical map is only representational (meaning: the world isn’t really like that). Globes are better …


through oodles of the literature I finally found one that (really!) rings my bell.

This wee bugger—


—which I believe is an ‘azimuthal equidistant projection’. Wow … apparently it puts things into perspective (even if a chunk of Argentina seems a bit missing).


thanks to the miracle of modern science coupled with the need for some folks to make their honest buck I happened across a few more—


By Strebe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16115152

—and this one I especially like, ‘cos it put us up at the top. If you’re wondering about the white frilly edge, that’s Antarctica. I guess equidistant penguins must get bigger …


centred on the Equator, the same thing only different—


—I love ’em. They play merry hell with perspectives drilled into us by our education indoctrination systems, but they’re fun.

But if you want a true perspective buy a globe. Expensive for what they are you get your money’s worth reality wise—or if you’re a cheapskate like moi, buy an inflatable one …


—mine looks just like this only different. And on a really cold morning it goes a little 3d, with the added bonus of bogs and mountains. Boom boom!


* No, don’t tell me — let me dream on in peace …



and pass the ammunition. (If we’re out of ammo, pass that other tot over … and give it wings~!).

Or otherwise don’t even think of telling me what’s in my mind as I dwell upon these two briefies snipped from this morning’s news—

She added: “I’m very overwhelmed by that man. That gentleman was a great gentleman right there. God will bless that man.”



However solar storms may disrupt any plans to test missiles …

Eruptions of mass and energy from the sun pose a threat to electronics meaning missiles could lose data or ancillary equipment.



not just one, but two whole blessings by Act Of God in a single day. Boom boom!

3 gerbils

Praise the Lord:

(a) some nice Christian-like dude helped protect the lady and her dear ol’ Dad from the consequences of God’s tempest. (Which of course His sacred Self knew all about hundreds of millions of years ago, when He was planning everything before The Creation) (no?).

(b) and wasn’t that nice of him, to book us in for a Solar Storm just in time to disrupt North Korea’s thermonuclear missile test? God is good, no? Kind, sweet, merciful, generous … oh gods, there just aren’t enough superlatives!

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes, little Ollivia?”

“You don’t need overdo it, Sir. Some of them get the message—”


“—and some of them never will.”

Point taken. What a good thing real Christians never take me up on nothing (and Islamists won’t bother anyway).

All I have to worry about is the guy with the funny haircut …

solar delay.png

… but we’ll be told he probably can’t even spell Noo Zeeland, so I can get away with signing off my posts “…with luv and kisses from Australia” (most folks can’t tell the difference anyway, boom boom!).

I look at that snap above and ponder—have they cloned ol’ Mousey Dung, or is that guy on the left just a coincidence?


the meek shall inherit the Earth*



* six feet of it …



attention to



again. Everything is politics


have a couple of ‘Pages’ attached.

One of them, (in a form anyone can read) is written more or less as child-lit. Kid-lit, call it what you will. I first drafted it before the great J K Rowling hit the shelves so although you may find similarities there’s no plagiarism involved. She made a bundle, I flubbed, but that’s the way of it and I won’t (can’t~!) complain. Dammit …


tale I encapsulated a lifetime’s observations with a few bits of cynical thought. But the premises are valid and I challenge anyone to dispute them:


—and for anyone not au fait with the British way of English, Swindleham isn’t pronounced “Swindle Ham”.  It’s actually “Swindle ’em” …

falls off a pale horse