but why deliberately pass the keys of the kennel and control of the leash to strangers?


in Capitalism, its weakness — is its driving force, which in simple terms is the desire for the greatest profit for the least cost.

This time, any takers?

Anyone willing to argue, or call me stupid? Hey — I’m calling YOU stupid, no? Or am I simply lamenting and making a public display of personal despair?

Have we all been little Caesars, standing on the balcony with a wee fiddle whilst below and all around our ‘new Rome’ is engulfed in flames? Why have we turned the Nelsonian ‘blind eye’ to obvious signs?


indeed. But despite your optimisms and the appearance: there ain’t no ‘return to normal’. The incoming normal ain’t no normal, and shall not be*.

Now please forgive me, I’m off to look up the word ‘watershed’. As Oates said on that sad and sorry occasion:


Oh. Yes.

Here’s your quote:

Basic ingredients often come from just a few factories in China and India — and in early March, India suspended the export of 26 active ingredients and drugs, including paracetamol and the ingredients used to produce antibiotics. A study compiled by the logistics consulting firm Resilience360, a subsidiary of DHL, warns that the current crisis has shown just how important it is to maintain multiple supply sources. “Overall, the COVID-19 outbreak may be a wakeup call to the pharma industry and governments,” the consultants write.

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dodo me


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 08.37.58JUST BECAUSE

someone has a good name … doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in everything. Try this quote on, tell me what YOU think. It’s from Der Spiegel*: CLICK ME


“This loss of prestige of the North is also reflected in the fact that no country is capable of assuming a global leadership role. The U.S. is no longer a global power, and China is no longer a role model. What we see instead are nation states going their own way.”

But wait, it gets better—

“The question of how they will emerge from this crisis will determine who we will look to for guidance in the future.”

Oops. Insecurity, coupled with smugness?

“This could lead to social uprisings, not in the form of revolutions but as a redefinition of the democratic exercise of power.”

As I’ve mentioned before, ‘Democracy’ is best defined as two wolves and a lamb voting on dinner …

“I see great efforts from the Chinese side to help Africa. And I think this will pay off in the end, because America is currently doing nothing to help and Europe is doing very little. China will be an even more important trading partner in the future than it already is.”

The most successful method for a pusher to get someone hooked on drugs is to give him all he can gobble at a ‘loss leader’ price (bait). Once sucker is hooked the pushers then charge whatever they like …


is a ‘western’ news outlet, why all the anti-western rhetoric?

Why indeed …

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Line, green

*  Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 08.17.39.png

                                        Sourced: Wikipedia



You know: maxing out the ol’ credit card, waaaayyy through the gates to limits above and beyond the call of any form of fiscal acumen:

The United Kingdom’s economy is crumbling under the strain of the coronavirus lockdown and government borrowing is soaring to the highest levels in peacetime history, increasing pressure on the government to set out an exit strategy.

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So we all know what happened in Dickens’s time to folks who couldn’t meet monetary obligations; the Heavies were sent in to repossess. So: whom today do they send in to repossess sovereign nations?

Who knows?

Who actually cares?

Just eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we diet. In spades … in the meantime here’s a further snippet you can add to the “D’oh~!” quotient:

Ministers have been struggling to explain high death rates, limited testing and shortages of protective kit, and the reality of the damage to the world’s fifth largest economy hit home on Thursday.

… hey, don’t ask me—I’m just a dum’ dog, remember? Go ask those nice baby-kissing horn-of-plenty politicians who are not even trying to cover their arses in the face of the wrath of the insouciant.

But rest assured, Your country is safe in the hands of your elected officials and their professional lackeys.

Until foreclosure, of course. Oops.

Moi & bucket zzz

DANGER:  insouciance at work



tourism-based operations. Face it, people are going to be shonky about moving out of that nice warm homely ‘bubble’ for quite a while. So opportunities abound for those who test the wind and can set their sails accordingly.

And now, your depressing clip of the day—

“If you ask most operators whether their business can survive on 10% or less of their last year’s revenue, they would say “no”.

So adventure operators are going to have to convince New Zealanders to spend more — but even if we did this successfully and domestic numbers doubled, very few operators can survive on just 20% of the previous year’s revenue. Therefore it is a pretty grim prognosis if borders stay closed.”

—make of it what you will.

It refers to Kiwiland’s tourism industry, and is from:



3 gerbils




SKULLY BONESand a silent voice of reason

calling for balance. But wait—cheerful stuff isn’t news, only Doom & Gloom is news!

Whither then, this observation?

Remember swine flu in 2009? Initial estimates of case-fatality rates were about ten times higher than those calculated once the dust had settled. It turned out that swine flu, that year’s killer virus, was no more harmful than seasonal flu.

Damn. Here I am cheerfully reminiscing the old naval toast—

“Sudden plague, or a bloody war!”

(SFX: clink, glug glug glug … … burp)


the toast covers the two events which (in peacetime) could speed promotion. As can lack of foresight coupled with the inevitable hubris …

These include forgetfulness. In the 23 years since 1995, new generations who have never experienced the horrors of Ebola have been born in Kikwit. Protective equipment to shield doctors and nurses from contaminated blood has vanished, even as the virus has continued to emerge in other corners of the country. The city’s population has tripled. 


still don’t see where we’re going with this … trust me now:

I envy you~!


Headbangers Inc.gif

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I really don’t

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15WANT TO BECOME


but Greta Thunderbutt is a chance that as a pedantic old poop I can’t resist.

Simply put:  she is an over-indulged spoiled brat puppet. An actress not even of the first order; a creation of the malaise known simply as Political Correctness.


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 20.36.12Yes … no matter how we dress it up. For myself (you know, the honest opinion we all used to be allowed but these days few dare express) (other than ‘cute’ little Miss Greta—) I see her as an over-indulged manipulated marionette who in more enlightened times should have been sent to bed without any supper. Instead … she’s the new Messiah?

And yet—

—they lap it up!

Is that some kind of perversion, some strange subliminal sexual desire for fem-dom, or child molestation? Are all the lappers and sycophants simply lonely closet perverts of some kind? Think about it …

OR are they too damned scared (of fouling political correctness) to just get up on their hind legs and tell the kid to at least “GET A LIFE, you obnoxious brat!” … hmmm?

Now try this one on for size (it’s only a couple of minutes) and ask yourself:

“Who is trying to kid whom?”

down finger

… and why is she wearing man-made fabrics?

She’s wearing synthetics. Why not locally sourced organically farmed indigenous reindeer hides? (Worked into shape with bone—not steel—tools … hmmm?).



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15



come across as a


dragons17but having a wee appreciation for some of the factors involved I was delighted (?) to cut-and-paste this tonight; inspired by an article en passant that led me to HMS Fortrose escorting a Brit ship somewhere in a hot zone somewhere hot*.  (Yeuch, they can have my share …) And here’s your quote:

The first recipient of the new gun and mount, the Mark 8, was the Iranian frigate Zaal in 1971. The gun entered Royal Navy service in 1973 on the new destroyer Bristol.[4]

These guns proved to be less reliable than the older 4.5 inch Mark V gun (redesignated Mark 6 gun mounting) during the Falklands War, being forced to cease fire on several occasions due to faults.[3]

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don’t get me wrong. I respect the Royal Navy immensely. But sometimes I really do wonder if the next violent punch-up will last long enough for the usual British ‘wake-up’ after the opening stages of an unpleasant scene.

Maybe … just maybe, it really is time now for the Brits to understand that in the next stoush they just might not have time to get their act together?


I broke a shoelace this morning …

chimp rocks

*Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 20.00.47.png