HEY! Don’t you—

—dare growl at me!

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 20.09.23I just pass this stuff along. Go growl at them; to growl at me is like (say) me biting the postperson delivering my plastic-chewbone-of-the week.

So, for what it may be worth, try this on for a nibble (Miss Greta, are you following?)


Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 20.07.09.png

And in the meantime, aren’t walruses closer to extinction now that Gertie Thunderbutt’s bears are NOT extincting? (I mean, all them cute cuddly little bears gotta eat somebody, no?


I really don’t give a damn!

You’ve made your point with the credulous gullibles but I prefer people to practise what they preach—only when you make your own garments out of chewed sealskin rather than synthetics, or eat things you have killed yourself with stone-age weapons, or planted your own crops without benefit of man-made tools, seeds, machineries, fuels, or sciences … then, and only then, Madame, will I hear you as one who actually practises what she preaches.

It ain’t gonna happen … and ponder the below, if you can:

Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 07.26.42

dodo me                dodo me                      dodo medodo me

dodo me                     dodo medodo me          dodo me        dodo me                



Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 07.26.42.png


Oops, my apologies; you’ll have to do your own research on this one. But here’s a clue—


—and may your objectionable little ranting ill-mannered puffed up over-hyped expendable little goddess go with you. ‘Use by’ date fast approaching, I think — and beware Truth when she emerges from the well …

Truth escaping from the well 2

“Hey you!  GERTIE!  I wanna word with you—!”


dodo me


Dr John Robson telling us about his wood stove—

—when I had a horrible unrelated thought:

What would happen to miss Greta* if she were to recant?

  • Car crash?
  • Mad axeman in the night?
  • Mushrooms?
  • Wild dingos?

And the most likely contingency for which no-one has consideration:

  • martyred by her controllers? (See above.)

Possible, maybe even probable—but how? (Reference the list above, and you tell me.)

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 19.42.53












“Yes, Miss greta, your up-for-soonest sainthood Sir? Ma’am? Wotever?”


Brrrrrrr … !

“Quite easy, Ma’am! You just have to think. For yourself. Try it, you may find you like it.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 09.51.18

line, turquoise thin

* Greta Thunberg … whom I believe has only two (frequently interchanged) moving parts—her mouth and her anus.

The Very Model Of A Modern


or is he? So mostly I watch twice, the first time to enjoy the act, the second for what I might learn. Win/win.

Here’s a wee screenie for you—Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 16.49.24.png

—and no, that’s not THE guy. But if you click on the shot above you will see what I mean; and there you may find some of what is said a little different from what we’re fed. Make your own mind up; and let’s consider why Miss Greta is so impossible to best in open discourse …


Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 16.47.11

… if such would ever be permitted. (Frankly I expect the Second Coming of Christ first.)   


if you have the time, this too is relevant—

And I’m now sneaking off to find out wot a ‘spruik’ is (it sounds painful?).

dodo me

line, turquoise thin



being inalienable etc etc … this guy (see quote below) who is “up to his neck in learning yet devoid of knowledge” disturbs me. He brandishes the plumage of a ‘One World Government’ enthusiast; which in the position he holds is not good—as an educator in a respected university he should be objective. I find him objectionable.

A quote—

Much future damage caused by climate change cannot now be avoided. But wise policy-making can still limit the impact of this impending disaster – if all nation-states take the challenge seriously. As Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has remarked, “We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis.”

In my humble opinion Miss Greta comes across as emotionally disturbed, an immature child still lacking common courtesies. I see her as a cleverly manipulated glove puppet; who once her usefulness has passed its ‘use by’ date will be pensioned off to a nice sinecure somewhere deep within the (so called) United Nations.


Should be fact-based and objective. There is a crisis, granted … but it is a crisis of Reality. Poorly educated voters cast on emotion, not content; so sadly our realities are ruled by feelings rather than facts. By beliefs, in fact. The loudest screechers in our ‘democracies’ will win … after which might makes its own right, no?


3 gerbils


eyeface, fingrt down copy

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.18.55

ex, and spert.

  • an ‘ex’ is a once was, a has been
  • ‘spurt’ is a drip under pressure.

Now: what is the ‘half life’ of a fact? 

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) is understood to be on the verge of doing a U-turn on its mask advisory.

Epidemiologist and face mask supporter Michael Baker … yesterday said WHO officials were actively reconsidering the global health organisation’s stance on face masks.

“It will almost certainly change,” Prof Baker said.

To date, WHO has said there was no evidence wearing a mask protected against the virus.

It only recommended the use of masks by members of the public who had symptoms or were caring for people who had Covid-19 …

The Ministry of Health said for most people wearing masks was not recommended.

The ministry had been asked whether a U-turn by WHO would result in it changing its advice to New Zealanders and whether a change of policy would mean it was compulsory to wear face masks in public …”


No cynical bleat would be complete without mention of a rising star in NZ … one Professor Robert Patman who seems to be taking the NZ media by storm. From Otago University (home of ‘progressives’) he’s the definitive expert on man-made global warming (it’s all our fault, apparently) … and now on matters medical.

He could even be in line for Prime Minister in just a few years if he plays his cards right, maybe a knighthood?

eyeface, fingrt down copy


Certainly he’s doing well, even without my help.

I’m off now to look up the expression “One World Government” … that is, after I’ve considered all possible meanings of the word ‘temporary’ (definitions may have changed since I was a pup).

Headbangers Inc



Bop the Idiot copyWHY THE HELL DON’T

people simply think

for themselves? Don’t know how? Peer pressure? Conformance dues? Selling?

But it gets worse, not better, when we scan the trite tripe in the ‘news’ media. Try this on for objective reportage—

“Young people are annoying,” it said.

It was the voice of an angry old white man.The angry old man lives inside me. He’s reactionary and defensive. He doesn’t like change and I hear him getting louder as the years roll by. He’s technically right about a lot of things, but he’s almost always on the wrong side of history.

I don’t like him much.

Sourced, NZ Herald: CLICK HERE

I don’t like him much either. If you go to the source and read through the whole article you may conclude the same as I, that the writer has (almost desperately) set his sails to the wind. To his perception of the wind, actually. Sails for a sale?


reading me you’ll know my opinions and thoughts on Miss Thunberg …

dodo medodo medodo medodo medodo medodo medodo me              dodo me



Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 19.01.30

Give who?

Who else?

“The 16-year-old climate activist has been busy making a name for herself in recent months for her hard-hitting campaigning and demands for instant action on climate change.”


So give it to her!

That which she demands. Give it in full, in droves, in spades—

  • Refuse her passage on any transportation that either uses (or was created) with or by “environmentally unfriendly” means.
  • Refuse her publicity via any medium using similar ‘unfriendly’ means.
  • Enshrine in Law her Right to prove herself by making it illegal for anyone to provide her any (r) ANY product or service created by/with/at/or from any “environmentally unfriendly” means—

—her handlers have already defined the terms.

So practise what you preach, Miss Thunberg—please don’t keep shrieking hysterically at us, instead lead by example—it may give you a little more credibility. It may not, too …

(SFX: insert here, please, any invocation you wish of Godwin’s Law)(so long as it’s apt.)


Oh … Dr Goebbels’ sweet little girl? Good choice!

In the meantime, let Cassandra speak once more, using the golden tones of one Jim Reeves …

—for myself; when it all turns pear-shaped and gets ugly please remember those of us who suffer from the Cassandra Syndrome.

We Also Serve, who only watch and whimper …


And IDEALISM, Sir or Madam, sucks…

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 09.11.20.pngSo rather than mourn the passing of principles—do the sensible thing and get aboard the incoming Gravy Boat while there’s still room.

Learn the mantras, get out in the streets, cover yourself with sackcloth and ashes, and this above all:


         —BE TRUE

—which, with due apologies where due if due, means to hell with rational thought, logic, the lessons of history, the facts of any matter, and even base Compassion:  just get out there with the herd and go with the flow. Power is for the grabbing, vast fortunes eventually come with such power. But be quick, be early (there’s still time) and be seen!

“Mr Argus?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir … where did nice lady get that microphone?”

“Like everything she uses, Sweet Child, it was made entirely from climate-friendly non-polluting BS. Don’t fret, she has it covered.”







172539-9215b10c-0afb-4179-8d30-cdb287e048fa(just one of ’em)


Herewith a snippet of an organiser doing her thing—practical democracy in the field. My challenge for you is to look first at the images, and then to come up with a caption for each image—

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 09.12.45.png

—and yes, nice lady did repeat herself.

She wanted (demanded? Of the sheeple? Naaaah …) compliance, no?

Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 09.12.46.png


But don’t just take my word for it you damn’ honkies, go there for yourself — Reality is only one click away. (But why would such a modest person bellow such an order?)

Now I’m off to look up all possible meanings of the words “zealot” and “power hungry control freaks” “BS” and “suckers”. Don’t wait up … Reality, folks, is not a religion; despite the charisma of over-hyped sainted little puppets.

And why did Nice Lady insist on such a thing? Don’t ask me — I’m just a dum’ dog.