I love it—

“In September, Ms Thunberg travelled to New York to speak at the UN Climate Conference. She made her way there on a zero-emissions boat in a journey that lasted two weeks.”


To be zero-emissions that boat would have to be natural materials—wood, cotton, jute, and such—no plastics (neither in the vessel itself nor the construction thereof)—no chainsaws, no power tools … no metal nails, screws, cleats etc (unless from meteoric iron or native copper). Even no non-organic emergency fuel. Radio? Radar? GPS? Fergeddit~!

The list is endless. If wee cutie* is serious she should be faking it seriously: no canned food aboard, no bottled water—but (horrors!) didn’t they have to fly out a crew member? Oh noooo … jet fuel pollution, the horror, the horror …

Screen Shot 2019-11-30 at 17.17.29.png

And that yellow jacket … is it kosher?


Is she asking telling us to

shut down the 21st century …

… whilst appropriating its benefits HERSELF?


JANUS — patron of Warming Alarmists


* Face it, she’s hardly cute … (but a great tool for the unscrupulous). Although she does nothing for me she holds immense appeal for many—much like that nice Mr Adolf did a while back.



I’d have said “rule over” which means something quite different—

“Ominously, we have moved far from the understanding that it is the business of parliament to act according to the wishes of the people – not to over-rule them.”

sourced:  CLICK HERE

—but is a lot more accurate.

Is there—or was there ever—a true ‘Democracy’ anywhere in this world? (I’m told the closest current attempt is Switzerland.)

Then can anyone suggest a better method, one by which we might actually ‘democratise’ our governments?


Hah ~ I guessed not!



devil-2 BOP

“In January, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear a case that could result in states being required to use taxpayer money to fund religious education…”

To read from source: CLICKETH HERE

And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Isn’t it (or would it not be) just marvellous to know that the monies YOU worked for were being hijacke  (oops) funnelled via your Government for ‘good works’? You will be funding churches and chapels and stuff instead of having the fruits of your labours fund your kids through college — ain’t that ever so sweet of you?


So via the orifices of God’s ministries I’m voting you a seat right next to Jesus at God’s table: it is a far far better thing you do, than anything you might ever have done.

(Democracy, though … she can’t be beat~!)

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 21.31.16

En Passant (again …)

Ram leftTRY THIS—

Religious extremism not only interferes with the advance of science but with personal freedoms and human dignity, and not only in places where jihadists hold sway but in America as well, in areas such as access to contraception, LGBTQ rights and women’s equality…”

Time to back up the truck, reload, re-aim and fire again. Can best be done by returning to the source, no?

For anyone who may have just come in—when I reductio ad absurdum it means to nothing more than basics. You know: basic basics. The kind of basics that are very hard to explain.


our beloved ‘religious’ have it all over us, they do in fact ‘treat others how they’d like to be treated’.

No? Okay, perhaps not everyone is kinky and likes to be burned at the stake or strappado-dropped to enlightenment, but hey—we have to cut a little slack, no? So we tolerate all the different ‘churches’* and all their histories complete with talking snakes and loving tortures and merciful killings for simple copulations and stuff. No wonder Mary stayed a virgin …

I just discovered the Dickie Dawk Foundation and am soon to explore, it looks intriguing:



ye Gods

“Hey, Dog! We got ‘im up here with us, ya know~!”



I knew that …

* I use that word as a catch-all for all the many different belief systems—strangely, each and every one of them being the sole single one-and-only ‘unique’ pathway to God/Enlightenment. (For an old dog this might be confusing, but then … to each his own, no?)



Somehow I linked one of my posts to my whole blog and now end up with a basta—  unwanted hybrid.

This post is a ‘test piece’ to see if my latest bumbling efforts have managed to unlink.

(God, are you watching? — Of course you are! YOU planned this billions of years ago, no? You knew I’d do it, and did nothing to stop me?)

ye Gods

“Argus … you WILL sort it out … I have faith in you …”



Given, that the only

Death chatteringEnduring Constant



then if we are to believe hysterical little girls our planet is doomed to its upcoming Heat Extinction. The logic is unassailable:

  • Carbon dioxide is a Greenhouse gas
  • that will cause the planet to heat up
  • beyond a Doomsday tipping point—

—and WE are pumping out all the carbon dioxide we can produce.

We’re doomed!

Unless we can somehow suck some of it back in? Or at least stop producing the damned stuff—by law, at gunpoint if we have to … and we damned well HAVE TO (haven’t you been paying attention? Sheesh!)


What hope through yonder window peeks?

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 11.18.14.png

—’tis the sun, and Sol be his holy name. Now look closely at the pic … do you see any spots? Nary a one, no?

Which at this stage of the game is apparently a wonderful thing—when this happened a few centuries ago the world entered a chilly patch, peasants all over the place died not from the heat but from the terrible cold.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 17.01.11.png

Now ponder this WOTIFF:

WOTIFF our spotless cold cancels out the Global Warming?

If you can’t figure it then consider statistics: imagine a statistician with his head in the oven and feet in the fridge—on average he’s comfortable.

If uncomfortable yourself go look at the historical records of global temperatures (and all possible meanings of the word “unprecedented”).

If still unhappy I can provide you a solution but you’d have to give me absolute power to implement it … your children will be eternally grateful (trust me, I’m a dog). Experts never lie—


You can take refuge in God already knows what’s happening, and He’s onto it (so don’t get him mad) —

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 18.35.20.png




Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 09.23.08.pngGOES TO THE STAYER

which means to the last one standing after all the fur and feathers settle. It should go to the best argument … but mere fact cannot compete with over-hyped emotive.

So, really … can any bespectacled balding male scientist compete with the little girl sobbing and sniffing on centre-stage, almost screaming her hysterical* little heart out? No … but millions (voters) lap up her every squawk and sniffle—and since the Beatles retired, what else do they have?

Certainly not room for dry fact when the well orchestrated is so emotionally presented. Sadly, soon Miss Greta will be tossed aside onto the heap of once-useful has-beens now past expiry date. (Greta who—?)


  • the science is NOT settled
  • actually, the science is just rising
  • and the science is becoming indignant

Try clicking this    1-animated-arrow-right.gif   CLICK HERE

for a letter some of those scientists and buddies sent off. But dry presentation cannot beat hysterical little girls on stage so I think the scientists should really just bite the bullet (and hope to be around long enough to say “Hah! We told you so!”).

Now look again at the image top right—it’s obvious what the photographer was trying to achieve with that wannabe halo, no? Sadly, missed …

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 09.23.21.png

I’m sixteen! YOU listen to ME!


They will listen, Kid. They’re called voters … and I hope you live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labours.



Death chatteringABOUT DYING?


the “END OF LIFE” Transition.

Bad, because:  why?

Because most either fear their fate too much or their desserts are small … and they dare not harbour the novel notion of their being just as dead before birth as after dying. No difference at all—you were just as dead a year, a million years, or a few billion years before you were conceived. So—

which is the natural state? Your ‘three score years plus ten’ (if lucky), or the entirety of known eternity in both directions?

SO: ‘After death’ must be the same as ‘before birth’ … don’t you remember those celestial choirs etc?

Before you squawk the obvious, let me remind you that God may be testing you—but is that because He needs to test you (in which case He isn’t omniscient) or because He does so in knowing full well which way your ball will bounce (in which case He’s simply amusing Himself)(a sadist pulling the wings off flies).

But we digress … back to source then:

Out there in the future,

YOU are already dead.




Utter rubbish?

Your call. Have fun with it, I do … and it doesn’t keep me awake at night. Why sweat the inevitable? Better be merry with the fruitful grape than sadden after none or bitter fru—

“Mr Argus!”

“Oh no … Little Virginia … how sweet—”

“Cool it, Pops! You’re quoting again—”

Damn …


You were just as dead before you were born as after you pop your clogs. Life is merely an unnatural interlude.


So get out there!

Find yourself a God (or several) and pray frantically. (It won’t help but may make you feel better.)(Briefly.)

devil-2 BOP

Or Not …



—which is simply another term for

“If we can’t beat you in open forum—we’ll shame you!”

The Politically Correct (PC) can be easily recognised but in today’s climate not so easily defeated—because logic and rationality don’t come into it. Quite simply, with the PC it’s

  • You are WITH us, or
  • You are against us—
  • —and therefore a target to be vilified, victimised, and/or sent to Siberia.


comply. Without thought or reasoning. Don’t fret—compliance isn’t all that painful once you’ve sold your soul …


which the PC desperately loathe and actively campaign against is simply


Which by my definition doesn’t exist anywhere in this world outside of my own home. MY personal definition? Perhaps a bit simplistic:





Gainsayers are entirely free—using words only—to counter any seddits. Words only … (you know, that good old ‘rational argument’ thing); the first to go for a gun reveals himself as an incompetent mindless Thug—

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 08.36.21

—and un/common courtesy would of course be a consideration but not an imperative. Now go ahead—present your argument against Free Speech. (Call it Political Correctness, a term which covers a lot of options.)


“Watch it, Dog! The presenters of Holy Writ are my best frontline troopers!”

ye Gods

“Bugger~! I was going to say tha—  … never mind.”

I got only fifty secs into this U-toobe before I fell compelled to make this post—

—and now I can go back to watch it through (and possibly be motivated to a new post).


(JZ: you might like the vid~!)



in retrospect … rebranded as a wee bit of a 24 karat


Don’t ask ask me.

I never met the lady. No loss …

But maggots crawl out of corpses. However, here’s a guy pulling the wings off yet another sweet wee cherub I’ve also never met:

—it begins at about 1:49

Does the nice man have a point? (But I do love that bit about the fuel-free sailing—to avoid emitting carbon atoms—and those poor crew guys catching their carbon-free boat). 

Ya just gotta lead by example, no?*


* No. Only some of us. Remember, be it right or wrong:

you cannot stop an idea whose time has come

(Just ask ol’ Adolf, He did pretty well out of his ideas until enough folks finally woke up.)