there are expressions in the English language that are brief yet loaded with hidden depths, often chosen as titles for books.

You don’t even have to go there to get goosebumps. I saw a film years ago and can’t remember any part of it other than the title—



—which resonates. Me? I’m a watcher—a vulture perched high in the Tree Of Life; too old to care but hanging in to see if any of it will ever make sense* .

There are others that resonate too—

*  Above Us The Waves

*  Ill Met By Moonlight

*  The Colour Of War

—endless. But this below is the most misguided bit of utter dog’s droppings that anyone can blindly spout—


—to which I can only shake my head in sorrow (I’ve gone beyond anger). It is pure social formula, conditioned by design to become habit. No? Okay—


“If this is ten o’clock, it’s time for coffee.”


If this is 25th April, it’s ANZAC Day. If this is 7th December, it’s Pearl Harbor Day. If this is the 11th day of the 11th month, it’s Armistice Day (WW1) …


Why not … we drool on cue, we make obeisance to parroted phrases on cue (brilliant at that).

To not digress, how about:  Truth, Justice, Freedom, and the American Way?

Oh … oops, sorry, did I miss one? Of course:  Liberty~!

So why not remember Liberty?

After all, as much as they brush it under the carpet and try to hush it up—

—today is still Liberty Day!

Yay! Fireworks all round, no?

No … here, have another wee reminder of Liberty—


—and ask yourself that most revealing and most evaded ‘why’—

  • why have so few heard of the ‘Liberty’ event, and
  • why was it covered up, and

and of course: so what?  It’s all ancient history now, dead, and the world is for the living … no?

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 14.55.33.png

pic:  survivors coming ashore



pic:  about to bring the not-survivors ashore …


I’m running a ‘best caption competition‘ for the below contemporary shot (my own entry is in italics under it) —


“Don’t worry, lil’ Buddy, we’re here** …”

My comment?

Is pictorial—

—for anyone not actually aboard Liberty but proximate at the time. If this is you, please share it; one each (no hogging, mind) —


As for my opening para about ‘four-word expressions’, I adore Americanisms and I still love that ever so reassuring, confidence inspiring—

























Remember? That’s a cathartic emotion-fest … but actually think for ourselves enough to actually DO something?








* I suspect not. (If reincarnation is real I’m putting in a bid for albatross rather than Ancient Mariner.)

** And we have been all along—but the boss wouldn’t let us join in. Sorry ’bout that.



total surrender

to the sacred

holy infinite Word Of God*


Well. Now we know and it’s official. But doesn’t the Pope and his merry men-in-dresses stress likewise? Hell, even the great unwashed Ayn Rand said much the same … in the meantime, coming out of the east and the south to Europe, here’s a nice Islamic proselytiser—


—don’t forget to open your heart and hearth to make him welcome. He has four** fecund wives and at your expense all the time in the world to repopulate your desolate lands and salvage your stuttering economy. Coming right now to you, by the shipload …


* Acronym ‘WOG‘ … I’ll be using it in future for Islamics, the definitive experts in this field. Any objections?

** Wow. We are only allowed one … but they are special, no?



By Hydra I don’t mean a formal criminal/mainstream institution, an organised mob of self-serving altruists pursuing their own ends around the globe and down through the generations.  I mean simply the universal human tendency for self-service; self-service most often concealed behind an ‘altruistic’ mask.

Beware the Hydra —>

But don’t fret—it isn’t coming soon to a place near you …

… it’s already here.


may we gather about the below item that triggers the Hydra hackles on this old dog’s neck?

FIRST my disclaimer: No 2 pyramid of G.png

I’d never heard of this writer/source before and have no idea of the reliability of facts provided other than

(a) some of them I already know, and

(b) I’m not impressed that he/she seems to have gotten it a wee bit wrong with the attribution of this snap.


if you go there and read it through you’ll find that it asks questions I often ask. Small world, ain’t it? The issue is that the Egyptians are making a goodly buck from their antiquities, which—pyramids especially—they claim were created by Egyptians.

I doubt very much that four millennia back there were any ‘Egyptians’; but the issue now is that there are two schools of thought on the date of that Creation—convention had it that the pyramids were created back then by herds of men and lots of whips. But even convention can change and the fashionable ‘consensus’ now is that the herds of men weren’t slaves at all but cheery volunteers and stuff. (Whips optional?)

The unconvention is that the GP of E (the so called Khufu Pyramid, the biggie) was in fact created thousands of years earlier. Brrrr.

Having read/viewed/etc widely on the topic I am very firmly in the latter camp; which still leaves the arguments unresolved: who exactly created the GP of E, when, how, and why? The damned masterpiece was never signed—but if it were, and with paint, the paint could be scientifically dated, no? Such science applied under the most scrupulous of conditions would resolve the issues, no?

No …

First we’d need a sample of signature paint.

And it would have to be unarguably genuine. That ain’t gonna happen. Not while the nice Establishment folks are in control and very very nervous about their milch cow.

I’m getting wordy—but if you are interested why not just toddle along to this reference:  CLICK ME  … and get a vague idea?

As for our cute little Hydra, I’ll explain a bit more later. (Sufficient unto the day…)


Cerberus & Hydra




in Sweden. Raises some questions, but first a few snippets from it—pc

For source article (RT):  CLICK HERE


—along with a few gut reactions from a soured commentator (me) who is no longer an idealist. The war of ideas is stepping up to a new level, my old pacifism can no longer be sustained.

A refugee in Sweden has said it is “clear as hell” that ..“The older adults in the area look at us as if we are animals or abnormal,” the man wrote in his letter …


I find myself asking, why?

Are all the natives (Swedes) just a bunch of racist Nazis? Why would anyone look upon ‘refugees’ as if they were unpleasant?

The letter was apparently written in response to a wave of arson attacks on cars that has hit the European country this year. Mostly centered around Stockholm and Malmo, some 2,000 vehicles have been set on fire between January and July, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Only 2000 — yet the Swedes took in how many ‘refugees’? Doing a few simple proportion sums suggests that they (Swedes) should really expect a lot more, and that someone is restraining the youthful high spirits of the immigrants quite a bit.

And how do they know it was refugees set those cars ablaze?  Could’ve been any antisocial misfits. (Okay, the writer of that letter admitted it)(but that must an interpolation.)

the unnamed young man blamed discrimination from those in power for making him and others like him feel unwelcome in the country…

Again I ask: why?

All I can offer that the Swedes are narrow minded antisocial xenophobic racist Nazi thugs, who obviously should double all taxes to fund and encourage more immigration—and so raise the national IQ (and moral standards) by many points. No?

Despite being a relatively low-crime country, there have been alarming reports of over fifty so-called “no-go zones” across Sweden where crime rates are high and police officers are at risk of attack.

I’ve read about those areas elsewhere. In such places ‘Sharia Law’ rules, so of course the immoral and uncivilised disgusting natives are kept out. (Nothing new here, all empire builders do it.)

Together, these factors create a sense of hopelessness and frustration, causing young people from such neighbourhoods to lash out, particularly by setting cars on fire.

All good clean fun and it keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, no? The authorities should encourage more parking in those areas, win/win. No?

The acts of arson, according to the writer, are cries for help …

I’d help.

I’d send him home, soonest. And the rest of his ilk.

I think that if I were what is left of the natives in Sweden I’d declare independence from all relevant binding treaties—immediately—and sweep the antisocial misfit imports back into the sea (if nobody else wants or will take them—I’m not entirely heartless).

Entire families, including any born on Swedish soil—I’m not so soulless as to split families or deny innocent babes the chance of a better life in their  better world.

And, for the Swedish taxpayers it would be cheaper … win/win.








oh yes. Another good reason for any red blooded (but poor salesman*) male to get into Islam—

rape is allowed between times of “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies.

In a television interview Saleh appears to try to discourage the purchase of slaves from Asian countries for sex, claiming Allah has given Muslim men a “legitimate” way to have sexual relations with slave women.

to visit site:  CLICK HERE

—the university professoress** video is intriguing too.


your Question Of The Post:

Can we legitimately use the words ‘modern’ and ‘Islam’ in the same sentence?


* Cannot sell himself to a willing woman, cannot win her heart … but fear not, little inadequate ‘man’ … Allah will provide you with all the sex you want. Can’t win it? Then take it, with the blessings of the “Great Religion of peace, love, and compassion”. (There, it’s all legal—now go get’em, you pathetic ponce.)

** I deliberately draw attention to its gender. Sue me …



You may have seen/read my posts on Denver Airport—some nutcases actually believe that there’s a secret ‘elitist’ bomb-proof bunker beneath it. If you have seen my posts you’ll now be even more convinced that I’m a total crank*,  because nothing like that is at all possible.

No? I offer (CLUE: think ‘precedent’)

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 09.01.58.png

for source:  CLICK HERE

(If the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ is inadequate, go and Google the topic itself …)

—while I say that something like that is entirely possible.

It’s only sometimes that ‘they’ get outed … so what are they not telling us? Brrrrr …

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 08.13.30.png

This (below) in Canada suggests they’re doing it there too. Probably almost everyone’s doing it.

(Actually, if you look a little closely you might think that they’re both (Diefenbunker and the Greenbriers) using the same interior decorator—?


Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 18.09.27.pngAgain you may ask:  “So what?”

In which case all I can offer is that if you want to expand your frontiers a little there are animated Road Runner cartoons available on some channels.

Road runner, I said—not ostrich … so enjoy (loooooove that coyote, beep beep!)


sempvig* Am too—got a card to prove it (made it myself and did a damned fine job) (boom boom!)


but all Politically Correct.

I haven’t watched the video, just the image was enough to turn my stomach—

hits of the blitz.png


—but be of good cheer:  we all know that Ruptly is a (hoick, spit) Russian outlet, don’t we?  And who can ever trust a damned (hoick, spit spit spit spit) Russian?

And in real life no dupe would ever be that stupid …