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(And gobble your cake soma …)

Even here, even in ‘God’s Own Country’ (which we fondly know as “Godzone”) there are two laws:

  • one for you, the rich and or famous
  • & one for We The People, anywhere

So:  we, Kiwis (the New Zealander citizenry unique) are actually right in the three sigma (or wotever it was back when I knew more than I’ve long forgotten). Here, have thee some nice sigmas*:




interested in what promoted this emotional outburst, I pray thee then, pop along to and read this—

And if you have any sense:



Can o' Worms.png

line, turquoise thin

*  Which apply only to the unquestioning. (But they apply very well, though.)



I’ll admit

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 20.20.56.pngI just do not know enough about the present mishap to comment.

All I can offer is a quote—

“How did this fire happen? The answer will emerge from the investigation that will surely follow, but the events onboard the Bonhomme Richard will raise questions in the minds of our Navy’s sailors, our allies, and our competitors as to whether the U.S. Navy is still fit to fight a war if a major capital vessel can catch fire and gut itself while tied to a pier at a major naval base in one of the nation’s largest modern cities. The Navy appears broken …”


—and offer that there’s a huge difference between “a major capital vessel can catch fire and gut itself while tied to a pier at a major naval base in one of the nation’s largest modern cities” and a ship fully worked up and ready-for-anything out at sea.

So let’s all just get things into perspective, no?

Personally I think that scapegoats will be frantically sought (and found) and heads will roll — somebodies’ jobs will be on the line and the infighting* will get vicious. So:

So here’s a novel idea—

—without seek-and-ye-shall-finding a scapegoat or two … why not look to the facts of the matter, and address them, such that it doesn’t happen again?




Are we not, by now, well past and beyond such pathetic petty politicking?

Sexism by example, perhaps; in the manner of so-called ‘reverse psychology’ …


Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 09.13.38.png

One wonders why only ‘female’ doctors supported this guy—sheesh, he was MY pick for the next God. And he did a good job too, while that guy who apparently tried to steal the limelight was actually running around violating the ‘Lockdown’ (him a government minister too) (but they of course are holier than us Great Unwashed folks, so must be allowed extra freeboard).

But the nice minister is not unique after all, I guess—

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 09.27.51

—not everyone’s s**t don’t stink.

How say you, Mr Clark of Kiwi government fame (our very own shining paradigm of coping with ‘Lockdowns’)?




country. Where the natives are jolly folks with decorated faces and grass skirts, offering visitors true hospitality … once. Sadly no more, thanks to a white Pom thug called Cook—


“The deaths of Maori that did occur in his time in New Zealand were both provoked (yes, a haka is a provocation, if you don’t know what’s going on) and often not ordered by Cook himself. It should be remembered that the only previous encounter between Maori and Europeans (Abel Tasman’s fleeting visit) had resulted in a four nil win to the home team. No doubt Cook didn’t want to lose any of his own men the same way. And yet he regretted every death that did occur and went out of his way to show tolerance. On his second voyage, when ten men were killed and eaten at the behest of a Chief called Kahura in Queen Charlotte Sound, Cook took no action. Despite being urged to take revenge by both his crew and rival Maori, he invited Kahura to dinner on board HMS Resolution. Perhaps to show him what a more civilised menu looked like.”

Civilised? That’s a comparison open to debate … but in Kiwiland here it’s one never mentioned in public. Tut! Nor do we mention stuff like this—

A macabre international trade in severed heads intensified Maori inter-tribal warfare to such an extent it was feared they would be wiped out altogether, a new book has found.

European agents sent to New Zealand in the nineteenth century to buy or trade for the best baked heads were often murdered and beheaded themselves, before being traded back as authentic “Maori warriors” …

sourced:  CLICK HERE

Racist? That depends on how objective you are.  Let’s just call a spade a spade, no? As Shakespeare said (paraphrasing a bit)—

“A smoked cannibal head,

By any other name

Would smell as sweet…”



line, turquoise thin

First quote above from—HERE 


KIWI STYLE:Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 16.43.28

but first a word from Wiki to explain my use of a term that may be unfamiliar:

Claytons is the brand name of a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage coloured and packaged to resemble bottled whisky … promoting it as “the drink you have when you’re not having a drink at a time when alcohol was … a major factor in the road death toll

The name has entered into Australian and New Zealand vernacular where it stands for something that is obviously ineffective.


of our world-beating Claytons anti-corona campaign:

An Oamaru man is concerned processes are not being followed at the Novotel Auckland Airport, the managed isolation facility … 

… quarantined in an Auckland hotel says he has not been tested for Covid-19 after a week in managed isolation.

The man … said the policy of testing all arrivals to the country on days three and 12 of their isolation had clearly not been followed.

He was also concerned about conditions at the Novotel Auckland Airport, where  … the public was able to easily enter the hotel and there was no requirement to wear a mask.

Oh dear, click here. But don’t fret, there must be some way we can shut him up? Properly?

Vulture 2

Another ‘Claytons’ lockdown, Argus?



considerate, courteous, and compassionate too. Yup!



We alone beat COVID 19! Take that, world! We’re the greatest! We’re the paradigmatic exemplar of all that you mere mortals wish to be! And like I said:


especially compassionate.


words now fail me. I simply cannot find ways enough to tell you folks out there how clever we are, or how this latest news inspires me … so get thee to this link and let it demonstrate:

link            spins RH           CLICK ME

and may your gods go with you. I’m off now to dig out my last flagon of Pussers Rum, ‘lest I be tempted to say those immortal words—

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 17.09.23

—aloud in public. (And be isolated in solitary confinement for years and years) … oh, yes, here’s your quote:

“The women had been careful not to put anyone at risk and had not stopped for petrol and had gone to the toilet on the side of the road.”

Well now … if I may hazard a guess, this act of compassion will either give someone immediate access to sainthood—

—or cost them the upcoming election. (I live here … my guess, ‘saint’.)

Headbangers Inc


kiwi 2 LAND OF

five million humans* …

“A controversial statue of Captain John Hamilton has been removed from Civic Square in Hamilton where it has stood since 2013.

The decision to remove it was made after local kaumātua Taitimu Maipi declared he would tear it down during a planned protest in the city.”

Colonial statue removal sparks name debate for Hamilton
Hamilton City Council takes down Captain Hamilton statue

woke New Zealanders feel the need to mimic mindless actions imported from overseas“.

SFX: please insert a loud “Naaaah, surely not?!” (followed by a none-too-subtle raspberry.)

(Hey … don’t growl at me—I live here, for Dog’s sake; if you don’t believe come and see for yourself!)

Vulture 2

“Hey, Dog!”

(Good heavens—birds talk?)

“Yes, Mr Buzzard?”

“The word you want, Dog, is ‘sheeple’ …”


dodo me

line, turquoise thin

*  … and umpty million sheep  … sheeple.



“Mountain Biking Otago has been ordered to rename three of its tracks after the Dunedin City Council deemed them inappropriate.

The Mrs, The Mistress and Ginger Cougar on Signall Hill in Dunedin will be replaced with more appropriate names approved by the council.”

source:  HERE

C’est no more wrt uncommon sense. Our NWO is PC; and I anticipate that ere long we shall be commanded to put little lace petticoats around all chair legs … as was done in Victorian times. (Rightly so! Bare legs, in public! Eeeeeek!)

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.30.42



in God’s own country

—and this bit in New Zealand’s ‘Southland Times”(social comment?)

Admittedly, church services are far from identical. At some the worshipers take the “He is my shield” declaration literally indeed. Hence those T-shirts reading: “Spoiler alert: Jesus wasn’t vaccinated.”

Certainly there was cause for concern when Destiny Church’s earthly leader Brian Tamaki was taking the line during the strictures of level 4 that tithe-paying Christians were protected from coronavirus.

What are we discussing/illustrating there—ignorance? Arrogance? The eternal lust of the con-man for pelf?

Above snippet from:  CLICK HERE

And for all those people who died in the epidemic:

get God in your lives! You know: ‘sure and certain resurrection’ etc etc … but hopefully in a world free from the viruses that the Unique Prime Mover of The Universe set up and loosed God alone knows how long ago. Why’d He do that? Hey, don’t ask me … go ask a priest. Any priest …

Vulture 2



                                                                               SKULLY CHEERFUL                                                


The unsigned editorial from the Lancet concluded that Trump should be replaced.

“Americans must put a president in the White House come January 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics,” said the journal, which was founded in Britain in 1823.

Sourced:  CLICK HERE

This is referring to the same guy who recommended that folks fight Corona Virus by injecting themselves with disinfectant~?


para 2 in the quote above demonstrates why I never vote; up front I am a


and would find it horribly hard to live with myself if ever my vote helped someone like the above mentioned paradigm get in.