a ‘Unique Selling Point‘.

I posted before on the head of New Zealand’s very own ‘home grown’ church. And here it is again, reinforcing old statements:

  • a ‘religion’ is nothing more than wealth and power
  • there’s one born every minute (it means a sucker)


if only to compare this guy’s successes with the lifestyles of other ‘unique’ worshipping systems. (Yours could well be among them, no?)

To read article at source:

finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif


There’s a wee video clip on the NZ Herald item. It’s about a minute and a half, I didn’t watch it through … but it is interesting to observe that the church is heavily into Maoris, the guy himself is Maori … and just watch his body language. (Good one, Bro~!)

So as far as selling goes, ya gotta have that USP and ya gotta study your victi  sucke  prospec audience.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 07.57.26.png

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big J

“So I said to Brian, be careful and watch out for sharp nails …”


me~! “Bugger this Brian dude~! Nothing left for me. But you can’t fault his approach, dammit—just look at this point— Advocates of prosperity theology believe that faith, positive speech and donations to churches will increase one’s own wealth. This view has encouraged a 10 per cent tithing within the church, and the creation of an annual “First Fruits” offering in October to provide Tamaki with members gifting between $350,000 and $500,000 …” Yep. That’s it. I’m redundant. Early retirement, I guess … ”

dodo dodo







  • Religion is highly competitive, you desperately need a new angle. Or charisma …




at the speed of light—

“This pretty much rules out the alien megastructure theory, as that could not explain the wavelength-dependent dimming,” lead author Huan Meng of the University of Arizona said in a statement. “We suspect, instead, there is a cloud of dust orbiting the star with a roughly 700-day orbital period.”

Your link: CLICK HERE

—this should wrap it up. And crank as I may seem, I do not (never have, Erich) gone along with the ‘space aliens’ notions.

Have fun, keep your powder dry and always remember that steam rollers do not roll steam—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir — you’re still a product of your times, aren’t you?”

(Bugger …)




Boom boom!

And that is mostly how it works. Capture their ‘formative years’ and reap tithes and donations forever. Great idea. I wish I’d thought of it first …





—oft attributed to Jesuits


Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

Hey … I like that! Can I use it?


other blogs in the course of reinforcing my prejudices, especially the one based on “Get ’em young! Do it properly, and we have an income for life!” (Not to drift: did you know that Thoreau did time for not paying taxes to support the Church?)

Religion = unearned income* = power and wealth

Now try this snippet—

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) in the UK. Since you have probably never heard of it, here’s an introduction.

Accelerated Christian Eduction is a fundamentalist curriculum from Texas, distributed in the UK by Christian Education Europe (CEE). There are approximately 2,000 students of ACE in the UK, including homeschoolers. ACE students work in silence in “offices” that Ofsted describes as “rather like a modern version of a monk’s cell in a medieval monastery.” Students are not allowed to turn around, talk, or move without permission, which they gain by raising a flag to get a supervisor’s attention. ACE students complete PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education), a prescribed series of workbooks.


—and now I can go finish mowing my lawns. Thank God from whom all blessings flow, God hath given me a superlative Godly lovely day (… bastard!).

Remember that battles are won by “whoever gets there firstest with the mostest” and the battle for the your buck is no exception. Indoctrinate them young and they’re your devoted slaves for life—what’s so hard about that? (Sunday ‘school’, anyone?)

dodo  dodo              dodo

* For the clever unscrupulous, especially those with their hand in the government’s pockets … and worse, in my pockets.




when the deluded make their point by aiming the shotgun squarely at their own feet before mindlessly pressing the trigger—

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 09.51.03.png


—I think this lady, and Colorstorm, are part of God’s Great Plan to keep me preoccupied and off the streets. It won’t work.

Not much the Divinity does these days is successful, it seems. I mean just look at the works of His only beloved Son, whose holy efforts are being overtaken hand-over-fist by one Mohammad and his demented legions.

Same God, different prophets—even Big G spreads his bets, it seems. But let’s now take it one step further—



—and given that all scripture is the WOG* (ref 2 Tim 3:16 above); now couple with the dictionary input’s “… the sacred writings of another religion …” and because I’m easily confused (a damned Godless atheist to boot) you can draw your own conclusions.

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

Argus! Please cool it! You’re putting me out of a job …

Oops. Sorry, Mr Satan, Sir—it’s not your unearned income I’m trying to investigate—it’s those of the charlatans running the myriad religious franchises in the name of Big G and JC, making absolute fortunes by Widow’s Mites and controlling governments from behind the scenes*.


Argie, cool it. You may just put ME out in the cold too …


that is my wish, my devout prayer, that you and yours will have to get productive jobs in a genuine economic system based only on fair exchange.

Enough of your con games, dammit, crawl back into those sick imaginations whence you sprang. Please**.


No~! I’ll have nothing but ME to face Reality with~!

Don’t fret, Little One … just dry up all those nasty old tears, and invest in one of these wee gadgets.

From the look of it you sure need one …




*   WOG being the ‘Word Of God’.

**  And give it wings …



dodothere sometimes comes a moment of Truth when you realise that as good as it feels to waste your life in this manner there are other fields, other worlds, and other arrogant dupes Experts to confront.

Ignore them. Life is for the living, and as it says in their own ‘Good’ Book*

“Let the dead bury their dead”


For myself I do not fear death.  Possibly because I’ve lived a long and fruitless (sometimes quite debauched) (boom boom!) life and am in all respects ready to meet my maker. Or not—



“Hmmmm … yes, Argus?”

“If you exist, will you please grant me the honour of an interview before firing me down to Hel—”

“You’re already booked in Argus. But yes, we can meet—although I know everything you are going to say—”

“Oops. Omniscience, I’d forgotten about that. Bugger—”

“—and reserved a seat for you at my own table.”


“You, and just a few others, at least are honest. But then, I knew that before I created you and anything else …”

“You’re good like that, Sir—”

“Don’t flatter me, Argie. It ill becomes you.”

“Stating a fact, Sir. In many—if not all—other ways you are an absolute unscrupulous basta—”

“That’s enough, Dog. Point taken. Let’s keep it civil until we meet.”

Yeah, God knows. And He still has some explaining to do … but if I do have to meet my maker face to face when I have crossed the bar I bet I’ll fare a damned sight better than many of the ultra devout arrogant smug mindless automaton Christians**.


*    Yes, I’ll admit to having read from it. I’m no expert, thank God.

**  May they be endlessly ‘born again’ — at least until they see undefined Reality.



when people—unwittingly, entirely by accident, and even better guided by the very Hand Of God (acronym H. O. G, I love it and shall use it in future)—


in their very own foot. Feets. Both of. It makes my point whilst the HOG saves me effort, all praises to Him for His timely intervention:


I admit I don’t understand the maths involved in computing limits to God’s lifetime, but if Christianity is reducing the span of the infinite I’m all for it and looking forward to the replacement—we gotta have our gods, right? (The name being immaterial, actually—so long as they are both invisible and in charge.)(And some intermediaries collect a fortune.)

But that’s digression.

The true delight lies in a devout religious quoter (Christian in this instance)(yes, Little Virginia, there are other religions—many thousands of conflicting brands but get this: each is the Unique Path to Salvation and all others are false) has unwittingly confirmed one of my own points.

The is the HOG at work, no?

Trying not to overly repeat myself (please bear with me)—

(a) Contradictions do not exist etc etc, yet

(b) God’s much vaunted Omniscience—

(c) —attempts to contradict the vaunted Christian concept of Free Will

(d) ref (a) above and apply to the clipping quoted above

(e) ergo there is no Free Will (or God isn’t omniscient)

I raised this point with a charismatic Christian once. He was thunderstruck, promptly broke away and shot off home to “ask God”. God’s answer when I finally got it was neither satisfying nor memorable …

(CS … if you’re attending, God just reminded me that He’s provided all the answers you’ll ever need in your Good Book. So no need to think, Sir—just go look ’em up, come back and quote, I’m waiting in rapt anticipation).

chimp bashes rock copy

Darwin … baloney … mutter mutter mutter …




This (above) is the manner the old Royal Navy used to describe articles being formally mustered (accounted for).

So … it’s how I describe the natural habitat of some of the wildly enthusiastic folks who come up with this sort of stuff—

“…But the theory has been getting renewed attention recently. Added to it is the precise date of the astronomical event leading to Earth’s destruction. And that, according to David Meade, is in six days — Sept. 23, 2017. Unsealed, an evangelical Christian publication, foretells the Rapture in a viral, four-minute YouTube video, complete with special effects and ominous doomsday soundtrack. It’s called “September 23, 2017: You Need to See This.”

Why Sept. 23, 2017?

Meade’s prediction is based largely on verses and numerical codes in the Bible. He’s honed in one number: 33…”

—and if you want to explore the holes in that particular woodwork, you will find it and more at——-again-—-if-you-believe-this-biblical-doomsday-claim/ar-AAs56IJ?ocid=ob-fb-enus-580

—go get’em, Tiger! (It will have you in raptures … )

I haven’t read it all through myself. I’m too happy being a damned atheist and I must stay away ‘lest the dread hand of God poke me in the tummy and make me see The Light. Dammit, I’m too old to see the blasted light …

But if you want to see what rationality is up against, get thee over there (and don’t forget your bucket).

And now I’m off to watch that video before the 23rd gets me … oh … it’s been and gone already, and I missed it?

Bugger …