Dodoand their unholy ilk are so successful. No need to go into any depth with psychological studies, just watch this brief (1 min 48 secs) video and—


—then do your own* analysis. No? And there’s ooooodles more such on the Tube. Go gettum, Tiger!


(Wow! Is that ever my shortest blog post! Is the ol’ dog getting better, or what?)


Big G, bigger

“Argus—ever noticed how you and other debunkers say much the same things?”

Brrrrr …

* It means: think. For yourself. As a unique individual.







in the Winton gravery. Don’t fret, all give vent to the spleen of The Almighty. Vent, as a demonstration of power (and part of ‘invent’ which can be applied to new ways of finding excuses for His Holy behaviour); and vent, as in blowing hard (oops).


I snup this in passing. (Couldn’t really resist it as a superb illustration of the Human Condition):

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 14.09.50.png

—it made me ponder the point of petty petulance in adolescents. The old “if you don’t let me on the waggon I’ll kick the wheels off”.

It also made me think of sycophantic (psycho-phantic?) grovellers frantically sycophanting to their utmost. A bit like when ol’ Saddam Hussein ‘came out’ at a huge meeting and began naming blokes one by own, to go outside—and each time after the hall door closed behind the lucky one there was a semi-silenced ‘bang’ …

… and weirdly, none of ’em came back in.

Once the realisation struck the rest were all on their feet, even up on their chairs, yodelling and shrieking the praises of Sassam … and still he worked doggedly on through the list. God, in Person, at that point …


a strong air of fatalism in that inscription, an admission that there is (and can be) no Free Will. Here ’tis in situ in setting and for that matter, in full:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 14.30.14.png

—and judging by the rest of the cemetery—by the rest of any cemeteries—the Good Ol’ Lord is blessed all over the place. No pain, no gain; as the wee possum guys say in that ‘Ice Age’ movie … why the Omnipotent Almighty cannot create everything perfect from the outset I’m copulated if I’ll ever know, especially as how being Omniscient He knows what He’s doing.

I, at least, have an excuse: I’m ignorant.

Long may it last …




Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34with a blog-pal made me ponder:

I seem to be coming across incorrectly (and I find that a bit  disconcerting).


folks might think that I actually believe there’s a worldwide undercover Conspiracy to take us all over—you know, that old “absolute control of products and resources” sort of thing.


at rest.

Not so. There’s not a worldwide undercover Conspiracy to take us over.

There’s many. (Prove it? I wish~!)


here’s a snippet for you, make of it what you will—

If you’ve sat down and watched an interview with any one of the outspoken conservative religious leaders recently, you’ve probably noticed something: they’re aging and angry …

Gone are the days of compassionate conservatism where they at least appeared to seek middle ground on various issues or where they were careful with tone. These leaders of yesteryear are are in full panic mode, and it’s showing …

When we try to break open the question as to why they seem so angry, the various answers all seem to point to one root cause: they’ve lost power and control.

During the height of the “religious right” these men were figures of power and control. Presidential candidates could not advance without their support, whether public or in secret, giving them tremendous influence over the direction of some political arms. They sold thousands of books, packed stadiums, and commanded massive influence over audiences of thirsty church goers ready to do their political bidding …

Read more: CLICK HERE

Now even the religious seem to be admitting that it’s all about Power and Control.

Whips can’t make willing slaves … but a harshly judging unseen Supervisor watching 24/7 can keep anyone in line.

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“Argus! If you ‘out’ me and mine I may not be quite so forgiving …”

So if ol’ God didn’t exist, the unscrupulous* would have to invent Him.

Actually, they did … all over the world. Throughout history. Religion is just another bloody Conspiracy, no? And worldwide.


* Count the known gods of history—and that’s only a fraction of the numbers of the unscrupulous. Can I rest my case?



“So,” says the acerbic old pup acerbically (he’s good at that), “so—where’s the difference?”

And faced with that blunt conundrum the laws of the universe break down—forward becomes back’ard, far or forget is near, shadow and sunlight are the same. Vanished gods appear like mushrooms but disappear again before you lock on. Tain’t fair, but hist—what light through yonder hole breaks?

“there was never a Big Bang that produced something from nothing. It just seemed that way from mankind’s point of perspective.”


Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 18.37.42.png


Now we know~!

The gem above is from the greatest of modern prophets sages, from hee hoo must not be ignored.


unedjicated ol’ dog I must confess I’m with him. I never believed in the Big Bang either. Or God.

To ‘believe’ in either means you must believe in the other, both; face and obverse (one cannot produce a single sided disc*).

Or, possibly, they are different names for the same thing:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light …

… etc etc, you know how it goes; Cains, Abels, slaughters of innocents and mindless massacres of millions all dished up to the salaciously salivating on Sundays …

I say again that it takes as much faith to believe that the entire cosmos was created from nothing as it does to believe that the entire cosmos was created from nothing. Trust me, I’m a Dog …

Big G, bigger


(Oops) … Yes, Your Godliness?”

“… … down, boy!”


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.26.51

* Ol’ Mobius did it when he stripped, no? Oops, your link: CLICKETH HERE  




Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.26.20DOG BRAIN

… words always win.

But the good news is, I’m friends with Mr Google and Mr G knows everything (no, not that Mr G, dammit—I mean the other one, the one that we can all talk to and who actually answers us).


So provoked beyond canine endurance (and embarrassed to boot) I looked it up, and along with a whole herd of other stuff Mr G came up with this—

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 17.07.35.png

line-animated-birds-wire copy

—which is a much better answer than going to church and asking the Big G (the infallible one—nice enough guy, but doesn’t say much these days).

This post triggered by Professor Taboo in one of Ark’s posts—thanks, Prof*.

Argus copy 4

* You’ll keep. (Where did you say you live?)



dodoBUT WHO?


into the face of earnest innocence and anticipations that can never be rewarded. So we travel in hope, no?


etc etc … look on my works, ye mighty, and despair” … and now we flash forward to fairly recently (late seventies—you do the sums, I’ll keep on typing) when a wee space probe/traveller/thing was fired off into the void carrying with it the forlorn hope that maybe some day, possibly gillions of years from now (or perhaps next Tuesday) someone will snaffle said artefact and decipher the encryptions there on—

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 21.34.22.png

—if they aren’t looking at it sideways. Perhaps rather than using it as a scoop for ashes from their cooking fires they may take it into town and offer it to their wise- (eek! Their wise what?) as a gift (read: a palm-greasing bribe) to hopefully reduce their tax bills for a while.

Although why parts of it seem to be straight lines and others dotty, hatched, or pointed could elude even their very best brains—and as for those two amorphous blobs, who knows? Now …

… cast your eyes over this  finger-pointing-down



and see if you can tell me why I thought the two images might belong on the same page; or is it just another example of canine wishful cynical thinking?


to we lunatic fringe cranks is the collection of dots between the heads of the two guys on the left. Sadly, unless the finders of The Thing have mastered the arcane art of time travel—which face it, I can’t see happening—it will be (as buried with the prize in Kit Williams’s “Masquerade”)* words to the effect:





Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 00.42.12


* For further info on KW and M:  CLICK HERE 



no-one wants to be seen agreeing?


for a brief revision:

Contradictions Law

—and they don’t come simpler than that. No argument? Good. I thought not—lets rave (oops) move on …


—has a unique possession called Free Will. Christianity claims that Man (meaning YOU, Bub!) is free to make his/her own choices and decisions.


(in summary) that God offers us the simple choice of Right versus Wrong. Right being that which is in accordance with God’s will (as revealed by priestly franchises) and Wrong being the flip-side of Right.

We are all of us responsible for our own choices at all times. (With me so far?) It’s so simple as to be simplistic:

a. God gave us rules

b. If we choose to follow them we are good (yay! Heaven) but

c. Should we choose not to follow them, Hell awaits.


Don’t panic (it’s only a little ‘but’) but God also has three endearing qualities; He is—

a. omniscient (knows absolutely everything)

b. omnipresent (wee bugger is everywhere at every time)

c. omnipotent (can do absolutely anything)

—therefore not the sort of God to cross.


as a dum’ dog incapable of resolving apparent contradictions I get a wee bit dizzy trying to fit in ‘Free Will‘ with respect to God’s omniscience.


a point here? Short of blowing my gaskets, can it be done? Am I alone in thinking that God’s omniscience blows Free Will right out of the water?

It could be one …

… or the other …

… but never both.




“Seeds on stoney ground, old son—”

Bugger …

… oops, incoming …

Big G, bigger.png


“Yes, Your Godliness?”

“Just listen to Nick … He’s one of Mine anyway.”