I haven’t visited the link yet so I may state my piece first—this has to be a genuine ‘no brainer’, if only from the catchline:


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(and why not?) then visit Brian Cox’s link on how Hubble poked its long-range nose into an apparent vacancy in the far far far distant universe, and what it found therein (another reason why I put the Big Bang theory into the same basket as God’s very own personal Creation).

In my case it’s a simple WTF game—

—all the mass matter energies contained within the entire universe, originally squashed down into a non existent point (so small it didn’t exist)? And in that timeless entity something changed (?) sufficient to trigger an explosion so very large etc etc etc and now here we are counting the angels dancing on the head of the pin.


“Yo, Argus?”

“Beam me up, please. Now. At once! Give it wings …”


“Hey, Dog! Cool it—he’s one of MINE!”


                                                                               SKULLY CHEERFUL                                                


The unsigned editorial from the Lancet concluded that Trump should be replaced.

“Americans must put a president in the White House come January 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics,” said the journal, which was founded in Britain in 1823.

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This is referring to the same guy who recommended that folks fight Corona Virus by injecting themselves with disinfectant~?


para 2 in the quote above demonstrates why I never vote; up front I am a


and would find it horribly hard to live with myself if ever my vote helped someone like the above mentioned paradigm get in. 




—and thus it is official~!

For the first 26 years of her life, Megan Phelps-Roper belonged to America’s most notorious hate group, the Westboro Baptist Church, a community of religious zealots founded in the 1950s by her grandfather Fred Phelps. Westboro celebrates terrorist attacks and gatecrashes military funerals with signs that read, ‘Pray For More Dead Soldiers’. They picket the funerals of Aids victims holding placards emblazoned with ‘Fags Go To Hell’. Their abhorrent behaviour is fuelled by the belief that these tragedies are God’s will – his punishment for humanity’s sins. On the outside of their church in a suburban street in Topeka, Kansas, hangs a banner:

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Can anyone possibly refute their logic? I say not. Certainly to me what they do and say is abhorrent and an insult to human decency … but hey, you cannot argue it being The Will Of God. (I’d like to see someone—anyone—try!)

Unless of course you are one of those foul filthy reeking stinking God-damned atheist things. Yeuch! But even then you are fulfilling God’s will …



that before He created this universe God knew the entirety of its physical reaches and everything qua everything that would, did, will (and even might) happen within it. So—

So the nice fag-hating folks of their church are merely organic automatons following programs instituted by God. Ergo they cannot be blamed, no more than the fags or soldiers or any other victims of their putrid mindicide*.

Blame God  … I always do, but He’s never yet growled at me; not even once, so I must be doing something right and entirely in accordance with His loving omniscient will.

 God .png

“You’re sweet, Argus … I’ll keep you.”

In addition to picketing and running their website,, Westboro churned out hate-filled press releases in celebration of Aids, school shootings, famines and plane crashes, using scripture to justify their twisted logic.

Twisted? Matter of opinion; only God can answer. He won’t though …

Bop the Idiot copy

Line, green* Mindicide being ‘mind’ (as in brain work), and sui ‘cide’. Like it? It’s yours … free.




dodo copyMisquoted meaning here possibly misquoted? As in, perhaps, out-of-context?

Either way, this extremely successful man seems to make a habit of it. If it were a genuine (pathetic) attempt at a joke then he’s both the ultimate paradigm clown and not a good humorist. Or—

—idiots taking him seriously and shooting up with Ajax, Jeyes, Janola, Bashabug, or Chlorogerm both deserve themselves and are a once-living testament to American education. Now that I’ve whetted your appetite and dampened your ardour, here’s the ‘quote’ for you (not an active video link in itself, but to the news item) to make of what you will:Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 08.12.23.pngline animated birds copy.gif

Click on the Leader of The Free World‘s nose to go to the source.  AND:

This presents one of the reasons why I’m so against some parts of the concept of ‘democracy’; but all I can say in defence is


(Certainly I didn’t.) (Couldn’t, and wouldn’t … but some ‘majority’ (?) must have!)

jolly roger

U.S. of Eu~?


Folks in the not-so-United States of Europe are beginning to wake up.

But will it end in tears? Or may yet some divine presence come forth to line up lions, lambs, and menus at one big happy table?

Fresh in this morning.

The pressure is once again on the German government now to approve eurobonds, which have been rebranded as corona bonds. Again, Berlin is refusing. And again, Europe is presenting a rather miserable image in a difficult crisis.

The EU wasn’t doing all that well even before the crisis. There were divisions between North and South, and between East and West. And there was the burgeoning renaissance of the nation-state and the return of internal borders due to the refugee crisis …

Without wishing to suggest any Nazi leanings—it’s high time the natives everywhere reasserted themselves and took back control within their own borders. No, not concentration camps etc; quite simply a choice for mendicant ‘refugees’—

  • If you want to stay with us
  • then become one of us;
  • or bugger off.* 


* Meaning: go back to the sewers you fled. Otherwise adapt to us and stop trying to make us into you: YOU are the beggar here—change, or get out.



stand a chance. (Dare I say it? Not a hope in hell …)

Your quote:

arrow down red smartish copy

“I’m praying — I’m a Catholic — to make sure everybody’s fine,” Dewhurst said.


Ennit gorgeous? But, am I sometimes a little too subtle? Normally I’d leave it there, the post finished after the word “said” above.

I usually leave it to you good folks to find any contradictions in the nice lady’s “Lord” (aka Jesus, God) with all His infinite compassions and kindnesses and sweetness etc etc versus the Corona Bug (and leprosy, napalm, polio, toothache, cancer, and so on ad nauseam (pun intentional if you missed it) (weak, but hey—I’m locked down over here in Kiwiland. Woddya expect?)

En passant:

I believe the deer shooting season here is being cancelled—but the war on ducks will be going ahead as usual. Or it could be the other way ’round; I just stay away from risky territories and if in the bush or trees make sure I’m loudly whistling—very very loudly. Anyway, I’m hoping that under the terms of the ‘lockdown’ they won’t be allowed to shoot me. We’ll see …

It could explain why kiwis make the world’s best sentries—



“—who went there?”

And the beat goes onnnnnn. Oh, yes, and by the way—


Thank you Jesus (and your loving Daddy) for Your Corona Virus … which couldn’t have done it without You. (The bubonic plague sends its regards too.)


172539-9215b10c-0afb-4179-8d30-cdb287e048faespecially with the powerful.

Okaaaayyy … you’ve read the labels and cleaned the tables. Now what? All that’s left is to wear the antiseptic filtering defensive mask.


“Mr O’Connor made the call not to allow pupils to wear face masks to school. As he rightly pointed out, there was no-one with the illness at the school and he felt wearing of facemasks, as well as being pointless, would create hysteria. Nor was he copying another school in the same situation which was doing a deep clean of the school and curtailing assemblies.”

—you don’t go there.



yet, not in this PC country where you have to abandon any principles of your own. So for those pupils mentioned in that snippet, I say:

tell the nice man your mask is actually a form of burqa and your right to wear it is constitutionally guaranteed!  If by coincidence it might possibly prevent contamination by droplets of some unprotected bugger’s exploded snot, then

GOD moves in mysterious ways

and, Mr Headmaster,

who the hell are you to interfere?

(Besides which, until ‘they’ decide to shut all the schools such adornments may well become compulsory anyway.

For everyone.