not PC 2

—lead to misunderstandings, and


can lead to mistakes—which can further along the track escalate into real unpleasantness.


to help prevent such would be to get away from ‘newspeak’ and atully apply the lingo the wai it were writ and wunce tort at shool. Skool, bugger, now im too also doing it as well…


all and dont’ except modern twists and turns which are programmed by knaves to entrap the fools innocents. try this on for size—


—which I pulled in this morning from New Zealand’s once mighty (and definitive~!*) ‘New Zealand Herald’.

My impression is that it was sourced from overseas and accepted on faith value, and simply rerun as a filler/grabber. Could be wrong~?

It’s quite redundant that the guy who shot her is now an ‘ex’ boyfriend … but if all is accurately reported and truthful, the lassie in that snap doesn’t look overly suicidal or even worried. It doesn’t look to me as an ‘ex’ relationship.

Suicide? One could ask why someone about to die (knowingly) would be taking photographs … but that’s just the bitterness in me coming to the surface. So relaxed, too. Great actress.


accident, can they? He shot her in the back of the head—she’d have dropped on the spot, as-is where-is … and ‘once between the eyes’?

So he flipped her over …Why? (Dumb question: so he could shoot her between the eyes, of course.) (Sheesh.) After which he nonchalantly shoved her over the edge.


imposed back in the days of sail for murder aboard a ship at sea was for the transgressor to be tied to the deceased and both thrown overboard whilst under way. I like it.


concludes with the now mandatory homily, words to the effect that ‘if you have mental problems help is always at hand’. Sweet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 11.10.55.png

So how flexible are the US ‘justice’ systems?

A court initially ruled Bunner would be tried as a youthful offender, which would have meant he could have served a maximum of just three years behind bars.”


we in the western world damned well stopped being ‘nice’ and bending over backwards for people who run around being anti-social? (Oubliette springs to mind …)


   *    *    *    *


  * But that was back in the days when they had proof readers (professional nit-pickers who questioned all and accepted nothing on simple say-so. All gone now, and the world is a sorrier place).





UTTER NUTTERS Bovine-excrement-meter-animation

I now offer you this lot from folks—

Conspiracy theorists around the world are claiming that a planet will collide with Earth this September – and that the coming solar eclipse will signal the apocalypse’s beginning.

David Meade, author of ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’, asserts the planet Nibiru (also known as Planet X) will crash into our own on 23 September 2017.

Although scientists deny the planet’s existence, Meade is convinced he is right after finding bible passages to support his claims …

—from folks, note, who without authorisation, certification, or any proper form of accreditation are claiming to be ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. Not good.

As a genuine CT I take offence—they should at least be properly certified. No?

Nibs 1, Erf nil.png

A Nibiru smiting the Earth and cataclysmising it


buy now and you get this extra for free:

Meade told The Daily Star earlier this month: “The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017, is a major – huge – harbinger.”

The conspiracy theorist points to warnings in the Old Testament book of Isaiah: “See, the Day of the Lord is coming – a cruel day, with wrath and fierce anger – to make the land desolate and destroy the sinners within it.

Eek~! By definition I’m a sinner!*

“The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light. The rising Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give its light.”

To read quotes at source:  CLICK HERE  


3 gerbils.gif


* I’m human—sort of—and I breathe. (Yup! I qualify.)






of a unique image of Station 14 of The Stations of The Cross if ever I could find it (my computer has haphazard files—many lots of) again.


here’s some refreshers (Come in, number 14, your time is up).


Above, one of many interpretations.

Below, an example of pubic spirited citizenry serving mammo their fellow man men beings—


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 07.59.48.png

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 08.00.21.png


But if you really want to impress your holy friends, you need one of these—

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 08.03.18.png

—which the CT in me immediately screams of the similarities ‘twixt this beast and Masonic chapels lodges. (The ‘detail’ pic below should blow up larger for you, if desired.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 08.04.30.png

But here now is  the image in question—

Stat 14, CT.png

—and despite the obvious lack of halos and things … it raises a few questions.

Now I have to rabbit through my books looking for the source. After brekkie …cerberus-2

“Mr Argus, Sir~!”

“Eek! … Yes, little Ollivia?”

“Sir—you’re a darned cynic!”

“… … … you are too, kid~”

“It takes one to be one, Sir!”


I OBJECT~!baaabs

First quote—

“Another week, another spate of barmy campus bans and ‘safe space’ shenanigans by a new breed of hyper–sensitive censorious youth. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them …  It all seems beyond parody.”

to read from source:   CLICK HERE**


why? Simple: the upcoming generation is being programmed.

Programmed, not educated. I believe it was Lenin who coined and initiated ‘Political Correctness’ (and he was very good at it*).


is Power. Hee Hoo controls information rocks the cradle and controls the world.


is teach the young to think. As in ‘use of reason’. Ain’t gonna happen though. So eventually the few will be the whistles that control the dogs that control the sheep.


conspiracy theorist I see the hand of the Hydra in everything—


coming soon, if not already:  enjoy~!

Health-and-safety mania means the young are denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed, such as playing outdoors, climbing trees and walking to school unaided. Modern mollycoddling means that pupils have been prevented from engaging in activities such as leapfrog, marbles and conkers … Last week, a headmistress in Dundee suggested changing the colour of her school’s red uniform because ‘some research indicates that it can increase heart and breathing rates’

You couldn’t make this stuff up and sell it as fiction.

Fiction has to make sense.

And this stuff is becoming law—

Anti-bullying policies are a statutory obligation in schools and children are subjected to an endless stream of anti-bullying assemblies, activities, books, dramas and stories of celebrity victims. This propaganda encourages children to examine all their interactions through the prism of bullying …



“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“I sense a non-PC remark coming?”

“Not at all, beloved sensitive sweet child. Don’t you fret, just pop along to your safety rug on your safety-zone stool in your insulated Safety Room and don’t you worry your purty lil’ head none …”

Now, where were we? Oh yes—


Education (in New Zealand) seems to be becoming more and more the domain of Women. Wimmin. At the risk of being savaged by shrieking harridans, or worse, their subjects …

is this a universal, or limited only to the west?

Are we beginning to reap what we sow? Horrible thought …


*   Look at what happened to Russia when the unthinking masses took Lenin seriously …

** But be warned, not for the squeamish (and consumption may make you unwell)


COULD IT BE~?a two

I have no idea. (I’ve heard the name, and think he may be a rock-star of some kind. If a successful one:  good on him.)


minutes ago awaiting whilst awaiting the Spouse I happened across this—

JB & JC.png

  to read more: CLICK HERE (or the pic above)


And I got to thinking—where do you go when you’ve met the basic human needs? You know: food, shelter, clothing?

And what I see as (for many folks) the almost-as-important ‘secondary’ needs: recognition, sex, power, control? Could these be the driving force behind ol’ JB’s opening up his very own personal Christian franchise? (The “Church of the Holy Rocker” perhaps?)


and enter politics. Lots, actually …

What else is left after a very wealthy successful man reaches his summit? The presidency of the USA, perhaps? Naaaa … that one’s been taken, and currently no vacancy. But your very own personal Pope-hood—God on Earth—that’s almost as good.

And you never know …


the guy and find out, but sometimes I delight in my ignorance innocence.

Let it lie.


buitre162                    buitre162

buitre162buitre162                                                                              buitre162






“C’mon in~! Plenty of room (and the more the merrier~!)”






that moment of enlightenment, the breakthrough. It comes suddenly, and often when least expected.

buitre162I JUST HAD

a mini-satori.

Almost ashamed to admit in mixed company that I am a (SFX: insert a ‘Hoooooickkkkk … SPIT~!’ here please) damned Conspiracy Theorist (CT) because of their use of the term ‘reptilian’ … but first, here’s a wee image for you—


—one that denigrates my cause rather than enhances. Fanciful? Read on …

It illustrates one of the reasons I detest being typecast. I am an individual and dislike being lumped in with the other nutters (one of the symptoms of other nuttery being their usage of the word ‘reptilian’) (see image, above).

I find it hard to believe that citizens of the planet Zork (why are they always given names like Zork?) are here with snakey visages concealed behind peel-off faces.


of Dog-given rapture I had a Satori—the entire universe went ‘CLICK!’ (or was it clunk? Squelch?) and high-school botany sprang to mind.


that our human brain comprises of all sorts of lobes, synapses, sub brains and various wriggly bits. All good clean fun … and we have primarily the mammalian brain that makes us what we are (civilised? Oops) and (you’ll love this!) a more ancient ‘reptilian’ brain.

Well now.

And the reptilian brain is a lot more primitive, being unconcerned with such niceties as sharing and compassion. Apparently the reptile thinks only of self—and is totally focussed on that.

Now we know ....png

Anyone we know?

So I can say with a clear conscience that effectively all politicians and religious leaders are Reptilians. No need for peel-off faces with snakey good looks beneath—and it all comes together nicely. Took me a long time, I must be getting old …

cerberus-2Now go look up the derivation and meaning of the word ‘persona’ … I shan’t wait. (I have a skin to shed …)


pcyielding place to new …

It sure does, Bub—

—and coming soon to your country near you. Enjoy~! (Just 5 and a bit minutes.)




voted for them.

“But,” I hear you squawk, “but I did the very best I could with what I’ve got!”

Fair enough too, so your conscience is clear, no?

Mine isn’t.

I chose the easy way—to post an occasional slightly critical obscure unnoticed little blog with wee saccharine updates now and then. A bit (okay, a lot) like those academics in England writing about the first blasted cuckoos of springtime when Hitler was rampaging across Europe—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?

“Sir—you’re validated Godwin’s Law again.”

“Shush, Child. No-one will ever notice …”

—when I should be storming the doors of Parliament with an electric cattle prod in one hand and a written-in-words-of no-more-than two-syllables definition of Fourth Generation Warfare in the other.


if you got this far without watching the less than six minutes video above, here it is again, only this time invest those few blasted minutes dammit—

—or not. But whatever happens to you, your families, downlines, children, shopping malls, pork roasts, pet dogs, tax dollars in future—


—and if you are kept awake by the sound of hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers spinning in their graves … what the hell, don’t fret—they’re all ancient history.