This guy tells us that the Spanish, at night, start up a diesel generator to power floodlights aimed at solar panels so they can keep their subsidies scam going

That’s my paraphrasing a wee bit: if you want it from the guy himself go to:

arrow down red smartish copy.jpeg

(if in a hurry, cut ahead to 13:25)


Naaaahhh … surely not! Who, surely, in their right mind/s … …

but then again …




selfieA DAMN

as a self-centred old silly old poop who doesn’t believe in reincarnation. But for those of you with

  • downline descendants
  • common sense
  • morals
  • mathematical genius

I invite you to this—

down finger

To get the point I’d otherwise make come in at 4:07 to get my drift.

Miss Thunberg (or any of your profiteer/puppeteers) … any comment?

No. I thought not. Too busy swanning about in things other folks have made using machinery built with and fuelled by (gulp!) un-natural man-made synthetic stuffs.

Folks like you should take yourselves out of this modern world before trying to nuke the rest of us back to the Stone Age. (Yes, Little Ma’am — you are right. A good nuclear winter would do the job) —

nuclear blast & girl.png

“Yay! That’ll show those recalcitrant bastards!”

—but please be careful what you so wildly enthusiastically ask for—you just might get it … yes, there really are enough kooks out there.


Death chattering.gif



this simple question:

What colour is your roof?

Because … if it isn’t polished silver, or at least white—

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 09.23.21

—you are insincere. Actually, you would be a BS merchant out to profit from other peoples’ good faith, or their gullibility, or both … and quite two-faced.

cb922372af7ff4692a4ccfe77b79d2bbSo, Alarmists … don’t tell me, show me.

Lead by example—or quit your blasted squawking; shut up and sit down, crawl back under your rock and wait until some other sucker comes along.


when you can tell me how to save the planet from the ‘unprecedented’ swings in temperatures, in a manner that doesn’t involve killing off millions of innocents … I shall be all ears. (Mind you, a good brisk all-out nuclear war would indeed drop the temperatures a bit—once that ‘nuclear winter’ thing kicks in.)

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 21.31.16

tenner co too

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.42.59BRRRRRR~!

Here’s a wee snippet from someone who is often long winded but also makes valid sense. Her blog is well worth a visit, international in its concepts and deserving of meditations thereon.

I believe the lady to be a devout Christian (but as a devout Atheist myself—so wot?Live, and let live—and never let superstitions stand in the way of facts. Use your own judgement. For myself I evaluate statements on the basis of content and that content’s relation to Reality.

Your snippet—

“Originally offered to help all, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to fulfil their potential or not lose job opportunities depending upon good pronunciation and general intelligibility – such as an air traffic controller – the time-honoured practice of encouraging children to speak well was deliberately removed from the curricula.”


Sadly, if you go to her blog you won’t be able to leave a comment—which is a real pity as she often has excellent insights.

ye Gods.png

“Well done, thou true and faithful servant!”

“Who? … Me, Mr God, Sir?”

“Not you, ya dum’ dog! Her, Amy Brooke!”



Phew …



put not your trust in propheteers, listen to the experts—

  • ex = a has been
  • spurt = a drip under pressure

—and now thoroughly confused, ask yourself “cui bono”? And whilst we’re here, that great illustrative query from English literature—

is there honey still for tea?

Or failing all else, pop along to this webbie:

AND say to yourself those magic words—


—and don’t forget that nice people in suits never lie to you, nor do they ever ever ever tell you porkies. (Trust me, I’m a dog.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 18.10.05




        down finger


—which may (or not) be of interest to anyone with a few hours to spare. I have no idea how true it is or even if the writer is just a wee bit paranoid. (For all I know it could be American counter-counter-propaganda~?)*


A Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.39.37.png

And totally unrelated, a wee while ago I came across this sample pic of the latest Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.45.53.png

—nearing completion. But do not fret … they will only ever use it in home waters, where it can be of no threat to anyone complying with international law. AND—

—even if it did stay afloat long enough to reach international waters, any crew aboard would all be unwilling conscript paddy farmers, quite unable to see enough through those hooded slitty eyes to reliably land safely anyway—

“Mr Argus!”

(Oops) “Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Mr Argus, Sir! Your racist comments read like racist World War 2 racist propaganda!”

(Bugger …) Do not fret, Pet. I’m sure that any other nice reader out there will divine my drift—?”

  … … (Or maybe not.)

Anyway, I’m off to look up all possible meanings of the word ‘hubris’ … so I shall leave you wondering if this, too, may be relevant?   CLICK HERE

dodo  dodo

* Naaaaahhhh … si vis pacem parabellum