Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.07.29I’m not.

Much … I can’t be bothered with questions of unanswerable complexity. So instead of trying for answers I simply accept what I’m told by experts—any wee doubts bellowing in the back of my mind get ruthlessly fertilised until tiny becomes universal.


I keep ending up back in the past, trying to balance what our recognised over-powerful experts tell us—against the good ol’ cynical WTF?


has to be (one of them, anyway—) the immortal words of Jules Verne in one of the favourite books of my youth:

mobilis in mobile

(English translation, of course) which loosely translated means that “Everything, Bud, is moving—and you are moving in it~” … brrrrr.


have a beak at this:

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.23.37.png

—being of course, a sketch of the famed GP of E (a pile of rocks very strictly under the control of one Dr Zahi Hawass).


The sketch shows the pyramid with shafts set at angles. Fair enough, too. For some reason they were called ‘air shafts’ but for some other reason some never reached the air. (Don’t ask me—I’m just a dum dog.)


So: the consensus seems to be that “the shafts were actually aimed at particular stars” … and, furthermore—

I believe that nobody actually knows

  • when the pyramid was built
  • how the pyramid was built
  • why the pyramid was built

(although some cranks do say it was built by a pre-flood civilisation for purposes not yet understood; while others say it was thrown together by a megalomanic king as a tomb. Myself? As a fully qualified crank I’m in the first crank camp. However …)

Claims are mede for the shafts aligning with particular stars and/or constellations.

Using the most basic of canine reasoning I ponder such conclusions. Nobody knows exactly when these rocks were thrown together to make this heap*. Ya gotta know ‘when’, no? … Stars are moving targets, they gallop about the sky with mad rapturous abandonment and entire constellations change position with the seasons/aeons.

So if the shafts align … it can only be sometimes; and given that the universe is ‘mobilis in mobile‘ it really could have only ever been the once, and that on the date of construction?**

Given too that it took longer than that (Flick!) to construct, perhaps we are thinking date of dedication here; and to be exactly precise perhaps the very hour/minute/second when the builder smashed the bottle across its bows and named it?


How can anyone know what stars the unused shafts were pointing at, and when?

All, I think, is conjecture.


Don’t get me started on the Sphinx …

chimp rocks

Stupid nut! Stupid nut! Stupid nut! Stupid nut!


dodododododododododo                   dodo

* Or how. At school (and for years after) we were told zillions of well-whipped slaves dragged those stones across the desert on loggy rollers. (And folks actually believed that? I certainly did …)

** Let’s not get too picky: to drag in Great Years (roughly 26 kiloyears) is to upset nice people even more … tact, ya gotta be tactful …



—don’t ask, it’s a trick question.

So first, let’s not wander off topic—said topic being the Invercargill upcoming all-singing all-dancing reconstructive renovations. But while you’re here, have thee a nice wee shack …

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.33.17.png

—apparently still standing after about four and a bit thousand years. (According to some. Others put forward quite convincing cases for The Beast being older than that … like about ten thousand years older … and although I’m firmly in their court it’s hardly germane to/with the point I’m making here.)

Now have thee a beak at a shot of a building made some time in the art deco period, so it’s not even a hundred yet—

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.42.30.png

—and even though I snapped that snap on Monday and today is only Wednesday—

—it don’t look like that no more. Already huge gobbles have been taken out of it by very hungry gobbling machines (hah! REAL men would have used dynamite)

BOOM BOOM.png—but that might have rattled somebody‘s tea cups. However, what this post is actually about:

  • WHAT did they know

  • umpty oodles of years ago

  • about building buildings to last,

  • that we don’t know today?

active service


and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pa— oops, apologies, drifting again—I shall get me hence and grab some shots of the lovely rubble new hole in the ground.

But wait~!

Buy now,

and you’ll get an entire city block being demolished~!

“An engineering expert said the buildings in the block were generally not in good shape, with some exceptions,  but it shouldn’t surprise given they were among the first to be built in Invercargill, some before the 1900s.”

Yes, indeedy, and Free Enterprise be damned: when kiwi dictators want something, they don’t just pussyfoot around, they Go For It and they get it. To hell with any petty damned wannabe capitalists in their way. And their families. And their dog, if they had a dog …

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.57.09.png

I shall be galloping about with mine camera and will score all the shots I can, so if you’re interested in Genuine Democracy inaction this should be your source—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Typo, Sir?”

“Stet, Kid. It’s wysiwip.”


“What you see is what I put …”





So whom are we to believe? What should a reasoning and reasonable being believe? Or should we simply have faith—hah! That’s where they have us …


suggest that ‘flat Earth’ people are alive and well even in this day and age. Cute.

But nothing new here, they always were, long before Columbus fell over the edge. Since him ‘science’ has established that our planet is not a disc but a ball, and who would I be to argue with science—even when it’s offered by a bunch of apparent amateurs using nothing more than a wee lake (thank you, God) and a laser (thank you, technicians) and a wee helicopter (thank you, Sikorsky and all the others who ignored the fact that man will never fly).


so there has to be a flaw in the ointment somewhere. Water doesn’t naturally curve on a small scale, as the surface is flat (except when it goes all lumpy, like in storms and stuff … but we’re talking calm here).


the argument, proof, and conclusions are false in this video

down there


but I thought the rest of you flat-earthlings might have a more reasonable explanation.


I refuse to believe that God would allow water to be piled up into localised little hills like these nice people are suggesting!



dodo dodo       dodododododo  dodo


slithering, rather than storming, this time


and making excellent progress.


the recent shooting by a lone nutcase in New Zealand is predictable from a people who live in a Fool’s Paradise— and absolutely to be expected. Thus God is in His Heaven and despite appearances all is well with His world. Our world … no?

I’ve stated often that Islam is a system intended for Full Spectrum Domination. But I never get challenged and rarely even a comment. Total agreement, then?

The Islamic dietary requirements are just one of the tools used. Subtle? No—blatant. Blatant to those who look, but there all the time. New Zealand, of course, sheltered behind a belt of grass-skirted ‘warriors’ (wild eyes and poking tongues yelling “Ugga boo! Ugga boo!”) is a cherry ripe for the picking.

And picked it will be.

“… Halal slaughtermen work in nearly all of New Zealand’s red meat export slaughter premises, which are certified to undertake slaughter in compliance with halal requirements. Halal meat is exported to Middle Eastern markets and eaten by Muslim consumers in other countries …” 

Sourced:  CLICK HERE 

  • We had no Muslims
  • We want oil
  • We need trade for that oil
  • We offer sheep meats (God loves lamb!)
  • But to be acceptable—
  • —the offering must be Kosher (oops) ‘halal’
  • which means, despatched only by ‘clean’ slaughtermen
  • which means Muslims only
  • so we had to import qualified Muslims to slaughter, etc etc

skull & bones


of course, needed a mosque to worship their God in. So of course they obtained building permissions and away they went. Boom boom!

Now there’s oodles of them, as is only to be expected. So:


—and out with the old, in with the new.

To not digress, this cute wee shack  down there

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.07.24.png

until very recently was the Masonic Lodge of Invercargill. I guess that Freemasons are ye olde hat these days, so they put it up for sale. For a wee while it became a Farmers Market but now has finally been sold.


Very recently.

To Muslims …

I shall watch with an admittedly jaundiced eye to see what will become of it. (They did say in a release that it was to remain open to all as a (from memory, please excuse) ‘hasjiq’ (something like that. I really can’t be bothered; but next time in town I’ll bimble over for a closer look).

I still think it would make someone a lovely mosque … impressive, too.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 09.43.22




and all who sail in her. Profits for prophets, and prophet to the propheteers … damn: just bit my tongue. Anyway, moving on—

This snippet I just snup from Wikipedia refers to the aforementioned ‘sleeping prophet’ who apparently from beyond the grave (gravy boat?) controls access to Egypt’s most important sites:

down there

Line, black, thick

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 08.27.31.png

Line, black, thick


yet earnest questions:

  • what did he (Cayce) know that we don’t?
  • why is that knowledge apparently THE driver behind the too earnest Dr Hawass—
  • —and his faithful sidekick Lehner?
  • and why do they prevent fully open real-time investigations at Giza?


I know, I knowwe can’t have every wild-eyed Atlantean-minded space-aliens Crank running around uncontrolled, ‘scientifically’ excavating (with dynamite to hurry/ease the process) (been done before, by ‘experts’)*—

—but who was THE biggest babbling burbler about ‘Atlantis’, hey? Who was it kept telling everyone (whilst he was was asleep, too—no mean feat) that “in Atlantean times you were a priest…” and such things?

Bop 2.png


Edgar Cayce was a charlatan whose influence even now controls arguably the most important archaeological site/s in the world …

… or he was correct; in which case I’d owe a few apologies and would willingly deliver them given proof to that effect.

I suspect it will be a long wait for such proof—which if it came would rewrite the history of humankind completely—sure, we’d have no option but to keep all our wars and explorers and discoverers and things; but if such knowledge were ever proven and emerged from the realms of the fairies to everyday life—what would be the effect?

No wonder the believers believe they are doing good things. Too many books would have to be rewritten, for a start … brrr.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 19.21.24



Used explosives to ease and hasten the search for Pharaoh’s riches in the Great Pyramid, the laugh (if there is one) was on them ‘cos the GP was never a tomb. Not for nobody, never … so why does Hawass … oh, never mind. To go down that track is to get into their box with them … but I, for one, cannot credit ‘sleeping prophets’.




Occam said—

“The simplest answer is often the best”

—or words to that effect.

Simple is good.

Looove simple.

Simple rules~!


I have my theory wrt Time Travel, namely:  ’tain’t possible*.

Now, get thee to U-toobe—there you will find no end of (some of ’em quite convincing) clips of Time Travellers caught in the act.

Human OOPARTs, in fact.

can o' worms

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia~”

“What’s an ‘Oopart’?”

“Acronymically speaking, it’s an Out Of Place Artefact, Ma’am.”

“Oh …?”

“If they discovered an undiscovered tomb in the Valley Of The Kings, Child; and on breaking the seals wandered in to find an iPad in the mummy’s grip—that would be an OOPART. The iPad, not the mummy.”

3 gerbils


I state again—


—that any such imagery is simply at best a misunderstanding or (at human-naturest) an attempt to deceive.





(and never shall be.)

Not unless God rewrites the laws, which of course would mean Him going back to beyond the Big Bang itself and starting over. (God being omnipotent it should present no problems.)

And now, a frivolous point germane to this issue—

—in the ‘time’ it took you to read this, how far through space has this entire planet shifted? And your location on the surface of this spinning orb? (Even just sitting at your desk you’ve covered a few miles.)

So:  what …

… would it take in mathematical sums to calculate just the vectorage to get you back (say) one teensy weensy little hour?

Goof even a wee bit of a minifraction and you’ll need a space-suit, or a shovel with a long handle—ya gotta be precise; just one squillionth of an inch of error and quite a few of your molecules will be arguing furiously with foreign molecules over who has rights of possession to the co-ordinates you’re now in—and I don’t think yours will win.


for some reason I keep thinking of these things—down there

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 15.44.36.png

… effectively irrelevant but that’s my wandering mind for you.






* Other than going forwards 




Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 08.18.37.pngsometimes is the ‘comments’. It takes no time at all before the thing bursts into flames, I really can’t be bothered.

But occasionally a genuine reflexive twitch on my part results in a genuine query on my part, which doesn’t faze me in the least when the Morlocks emerge with napalm—if I get answers.


will be honestly met by someone who although well intentioned is tied by state-of-the-art current thinking. Let’s get an understanding here: facts change but fancy is forever (until the new arrives).


I haunt cranks. Cranks are the lifeblood of my existence. Without Crankology life would be reduced to a grind of ‘facts’. I need cranks like hogs need mud.


say things that ‘science’ (eventually) agrees with.


that various previously hidden shafts in the Great Pyramid of Egypt (concealed by the ancient builders) align precisely with stars. This notion has entered the lexicon. “But,” I squawk with wild-eyed enthusiasm, “but — but how can we possibly know that?”

I liken it to naval gunnery—moving vessels needs precise alignments, so all possible factors must be served.

And here we have a pyramid with now unconcealed shafts that align to the sky. Wow.


if you feed all the currently known relevant data into your computer it smugly tells you that the shaft lines up with the star Alpha Gurgleatis in the year fifteen thousand X-hundred and umpty years BCE.

“But~” I squawk with ignorant bewilderment, “but is that the only star it aligns to? Surely with the rotation of the Earth and the precession of the equinoxes and Gods alone know what else, it sweeps the sky and in so doing aligns with oodles of other stars?”

I shan’t ask why a so-called ‘air shaft’ was blocked off by the builders … or whom they were trying to provide air for; or why an intangible ethereal ‘spirit’ wouldn’t just float through all the blockery and make his own way out. I just accept that I don’t accept that the GP of E was ever a tomb, and for all the reasons provided by my cranks.


rejoin my cranks. Don’t wait up.