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of research


across a lot of (dare I say it?) codswallop (aka utter poop—only more so).

To illustrate, I offer this rather pathetic would-be attempt at humour. (It has to be humour—no genuine viewer could be quite that thick~!) (But judging by the ‘comments’ … quite a few of them actually are. Thats’ moddin edyakashun fore yew!)



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buitre16You really don’t want to go there: it’s a tad worse than pathetic (believe me, I suffer for my research).

I read somewhere that Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica soon after WW2 was sent scampering home with its tail between its legs after getting beaten up by Nazi and Space Alien flying saucers (’nuff said). I liked the idea so thought I’d check it out—you know, brainless Conspiracy Theorist and stuff. But ye gods, way out of my league …


blurry stuff with US gobs running around in RN hats I thought I recognised a few snippets from other sites and vids, one of which I’d found interesting but under a heading similar to “Kamikaze” (and referring to some Sons Of Heaven hot-footing to their heaven).


apologise if anyone can show me where I’m wrong?




and quite irrelevant.

Just as well, too …

Or not—view these snaps and you’ll understand why, they’ll show just how far we’ve come since then:


—I don’t recall that they had any places set up on these beaches where the guys could sit down, towel off, have a hot java and change their socks? These were definitely unhealthy working conditions and with no consideration at all for the employees. Not good.

But wait—it gets worse:


this is undeniably racist ridicule of a minority and the inappropriate misappropriation/denigration of Native American culture.

At the very least United Nations should step in, send a very strongly worded letter of censure to the Pentagon and get these troopers severely disciplined. This is NOT the sort of behaviour (by obviously insensitive thugs) to be tolerated. It should be roundly condemned. Let us see no more repetitions.

At the very least official letters of apology should be sent to the victims.


And here, to further illustrate the points—sleeping on a beach is all very well and good in summer … but in June (even fully clothed) should never be tolerated in a free country. This man’s employers should get a visit from the Department Of Health & Safety, and quickly.

And look at the uncaring manner in which those rifles have been negligently downed—there’s a chance of a blocked barrel or sand in the mechanisms, which  could lead to malfunctions (if I have to spell it out—skinned knuckles and improper language).

And look further: nobody involved in any of these photos is wearing ear-protection against acoustic hazards. Totally unacceptable in the workplace, I tell you!


of ‘Health and Safety in the workplace’ issues. No wonder so many troopers went off needlessly sick.


we came in—


—going for a wee jolly trip around the bay at taxpayer expense is all well and good, but once again nobody in this shot seems to be wearing a lifejacket …

However it’s good to see that they are taking Health And Safety seriously wrt head protection—but are there quick-release mechanisms on those hats?  What happens if (God forbid~!) they were to get tossed out by a freak wave or accident? Wouldn’t the weight of their helmets and other accoutrements make swimming a bit difficult?

Is their helmsman fully certified to current standards, and are his tickets up to date? Has anyone checked all relevant documentation before boarding? Are his charts accurate and guaranteed in-date, certified as such? Has he been tested for drugs and alcohol? Did he get a good night’s sleep before coming to work?

Does that craft have a current Warrant Of Fitness, issued by a Government-approved licensing authority?

Some of the passengers are carrying rifles—were they checked before boarding to make sure that none of them are loaded, and all safeties applied?

Again I must mention about the dry socks—it is unhealthy for any employee to sit around all day in wet socks and totally unacceptable for any employer to expect his her their employees to do so.





—or do I have to spell it out?


and I am grateful to the UK’s ‘Daily Mail‘ news outlet for publishing that article and snaps. Excellent artwork on the part of the restorer/colourist.

This post on behalf of the Offices of Public Good …

Web Troll





and who can come up with a viable alternative? (The first to mention Godwin’s Law gets the official raspberry~!)*

Here, have a nice quote from a source that I must admit I was directed to (not usually my taste) …

snip 1.png

—the image above is an active link to source (UK’s Daily Mail).


obvious action will be accused of trying to resurrect Guantanamo Bay, but in Britain. Oops, I meant reconstruct. Replicate. Dammit …


In our Lands Of The Free, would such action be tolerable? Or do we continue to hang ourselves from the nearest and highest rafters by our own testimonials? It’s a bit of a toughie …


if given draconian powers (or the gift of swaying enough voters) (which means the same thing) I’d very swiftly move to—

a.     emphasise that we have absolute Freedom of speech

b.     in all forms of communication …

—simultaneously followed by a do-gooder-&-snowflake-shocking purge of permissibles in any and all forms of communication such that:

c.     any exhortation to the use of

d.     any force or violence

e.     not specifically authorised by The Law**, or

f.    not demonstrably in spontaneous self-defence …

be banned outright, with severe penalties for anyone ‘inciting’ unlawful violence. As such I’m very happy to announce that the Islamics within our nation must either cleanse their sick literatures and behaviours to conform to civilised (our) standards—or buzz off back to the Islamic paradises they migrated from.


they’d have to meet our standards in all respects. No such thing as religious exemptions from ‘common’ law … or, of course, the rest of us may also go around ‘marrying’ six-year-old little girls and ‘lawfully’ copulating with nine-year-olds; sawing/chopping the heads off disbelievers and generally being a bit inventive in forcing compliance.


in the image above should realise, surely, that us Snowflakes will never allow anyone to slide us into Naziism ‘by the back door’~! Not even for our own good … concentration camps? (Brrrr … but for Islamics at least, the idea has a certain piquancy) (you’re allowed to advocate such when you’d talking theory).


should be equally stuffed up the gander, right? So why single out the sickness that is Islam’s unique true word of God—why pick on just the big guy? Why not purge all such literatures in any so-called ‘religious’ treatises? As a start I offer that all literature pertaining to the Abrahamics be so cleansed.


civilised (I use it to mean possessing Free Speech and secular Justice based on unhung juries of oafs off the street) nations adopt the methods employed by Islam—if no ‘infidels’ be allowed into Mecca, declare the whole of the west (Britain at least) to be similarly sacred.

Boot out/forbid anyone not of my persuasions. The Meccanese (Meccanix?) could never object—they, after all, set the precedents; so they’d continue selling us their oil and we’d keep selling them modern weaponry with which to spread their systems of Love, Truth, Peace, Compassion, Charity and Mercy: win/win.


I’m a genius, the world’s problems solved and before my second coffee too.

So: what do YOU say—




* Pretty bloody obvious, though, ain’t it?

** By OUR law, you silly little invading immigrant ‘refugee’, you …



your ‘own’ business?


and not.

“A lot of the feedback we received from managers and team mates was worrying about using the right language with transitioning team members, or not knowing how to approach conversations or questions.

“We have several coaches who have extensive experience in helping people through the gender transitioning process, and can assist our leaders with potential conversations they might have with their teams.”


you aren’t free to pick, choose, set rules for and regulate your own employees. No? So while we fall over each other frantically demonstrating how very enlightened we are (or purport to be) the folks who actually can control their businesses will be taking over. Not in the Homeland, the Fatherland, the Motherland, the soon to be Parent-land … but anywhere they are free from simpering brainless PC conformists. But the gun rules.

transitioning” team members? What’s wrong with the old fashioned ‘coming out’? Oh. I see. Newspeak … bugger, something else I have to learn, a whole new language.


it’s all to do with human values and freedoms and other good(?) stuffs.

But, dammit—I’ve always been open minded and liberal. I’ve never fretted the colour of someone’s skin, the length of his hair, whether he wears a frock or if she is covered in tatts, I just treat people as people.

So what it boils down to is values. (I know I’m talking dirty here—the entire concept of anyone having values is loathsome these days: ‘individual’ is a dirty word.)


boys become interchangeable with girls, and vice-versa … just look at the savings! In schools, hospitals, prisons, armed forces, public parks—instead of building two wee edifices and labelling one ‘His’ and the other ‘Hers’, they can get away with just one labelled ‘Theirs’ and have done with it. No more expectant parents knitting pink or blue booties, mauve will cover all bases. Win/win all around, no?

Coming soon to you





SEE IT YET buitre16

here’s another snippet from my previous post’s reference.

Make of it what you will—

You’re going to see other countries leaving the EU. The next one might be Italy. All of the Italian banks are truly and totally bankrupt at this point. Who’s going to kiss that and make it better? Is the rest of the European Union going to contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to make the average Italian depositor well again? I don’t think so. There’s an excellent chance that Italy is going to get rid of the euro and leave the EU.

If Marine Le Pen wins the elections, France will leave as well. That would be a smart move. She would also want to deport the migrants from Africa that are living in tent camps and cardboard boxes everywhere. Another good move. These people aren’t self-supporting, and are acting to destroy what’s left of French culture. Then again, Le Pen herself is no prize. She wants to continue the welfare state, and increase regulations and taxes. The French have zero good alternatives, at least if you care about either free minds or free markets. But that’s true everywhere in Europe. The very concept of liberty is dead in Europe…

Read from source: CLICK HERE

A smart move?

Ye gods … we can’t leave our unions!

Or our Big Governments~! We NEED our bureaucrats to tell us what to do … and when to do it, and where—hell, we’d be naffled without them!





and ricochetting screaming into the far far distance from the ears of the unthinking—

The European Union evolved, devolved actually, from basically a free trade pact among a few countries to a giant, dysfunctional, overreaching bureaucracy. Free trade is an excellent idea. However, you don’t need to legislate free trade; that’s almost a contradiction in terms. A free trade pact between different governments is unnecessary for free trade. An individual country interested in prosperity and freedom only needs to eliminate all import and export duties, and all import and export quotas. When a country has duties or quotas, it’s essentially putting itself under embargo, shooting its economy in the foot. Businesses should trade with whomever they want for their own advantage.

To read more from source: CLICK HERE

—and qualifying in all respects for the classic Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 08.16.10.png

Or not.

YOU are a voter, no?

What do YOU think?

Go with flow?

Free Trade?


Far better to put everything under the control of the experts (that means politicians, Bub) (you know: professionals!) who know what they’re doing. Lenin did it and dragged his nation from monarchy into modern timesy. Stalin improved on it, and He won the Second World War (even if he did have to import a few bits and pieces)(‘needs must’ sometimes).

Don’t forget, it’s coming soon to a nation like you … actually, for many, it already has. Don’t you feel better being regulated, and knowing exactly who to please if you want anything?

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … will you buy me an ice cream, please?”

“Sure kiddo … do you have form USBG 112-345-9535 filled out in triplicate, and is your ration-book up to date, and can you handle the six week wait?”



“Please don’t bother …”





tell us the truth? pc

Dumb question.

Easy answer: no.


that in war the first casualty always is truth. (Cliché, but true …)


whom do we believe—

  • those typically perfidious Russians
  • the nice duly-elected (ergo God) President of the United Sates*?
  • any of the many truth propaganda outlets …

… all claiming (blatantly or subtly) to be good honest reporting? (Other than me, do any such exist?) (And I have my doubts even about him).


but wait, believe now and you get a Free Pass to eternity, complete with all the wine, women, men, infants (if Islamic) and song you could want for all eternity. (Actually, believe now and you may just get it even sooner … boom boom~!)


disgustipated with the ‘truths’ they are fed sometimes set themselves up as alternate dispensers thereof. It’s all very confusing … a bit like poking through all the various brands and franchises of ‘holy’ books looking for the One True God/s. Pays yer money, take ya chances. Brrrr.


this new (to me) outlet. Got a wee article titled “Houthi’s Destroy 11 Saudi Warships in 6 Months” which for all I know might even be true. I have no way of proving/disproving, so like any ‘news’ outlet we have to either accept on faith or worry and fret.

But if you go there I think you are intended to accept the shattered ship image as being of a Saudi ship so clobbered. To which I respond with a cynical “Oh. Really?”


is not only the First Casualty, Truth is always grabbed, stripped, raped, and tucked away out of sight.

But Truth will eventually out, despite the best efforts of the nice folks you have duly elected to safely run your life for you—

La Verite.png

Truth escaping from the well

Her mirror, there? It’s the Mirror Of Truth. Let’s hope that YOU never have to look into it, but sadly there is no evading it in the long run.

The gamble that our politicians and beloved Leaders always take is purely one of time …


* Who already has kept every single one of his campaign promises and so is utterly  blameless, incorruptible; as pure as the driven snow and even more trustworthy than Santa Claus.

“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Hic? Oh, Little Virginia; please, not now, Sweetie …”

“Sir—you’re looking awfully green after that asterisk; would you like me to get you a barf-bag?”