Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15not only ‘strange bedfellows’ but folks who are just a little bit     …    different    …    and who are often withdrawn, deeply introspective, given to outbursts for provocations seen as minor and who even often dwell in a world apart from the rest of us.


is how so very many normal folks can effectively ‘take it in their stride’ and simply get on with life. Do they ever ‘turn to God’? Apparently, I’m told, some do—there is a saying beloved of Goddists that “There are no atheists in foxholes”.

Thank God, then, for foxholes, no?*

So warfare is just one of God’s cute little ‘teaching aids’ (engineered by Him some fourteen thousand million years ago before He omnisciently created the universe)—and so all of us ungrateful bastards should be thankful for His methods of trying to draw us into His holy Kingdom?

Rather than me spending the rest of the day bleating, try visiting this link—


—for the source of this wee quote:

“Returned servicemen didn’t want to talk about war.

“It was seen as taboo. They bottled it up because they weren’t able to talk about the things they had seen and wanted it to be in the past.”

Partly right, even.

But to talk about something requires a common language. So now go hug a veteran … and be careful not to get bitten.


* Who else? (Trick question—be careful here.)


I’ve just blitzed

(if I may use the word) a library book on the Normandy landings and the ensuing Normandy campaign in WW2. On a subsequent Googolising whim I ended up in u-toobe with this serendipitatious happenstance viewing—

static more.png

Which is actually narrated (with rather unBritish enthusiasm) by the guy who wrote the book:

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 20.38.08.png

(this book)

—which he holds during his delivery. And well he should, it’s rather good, and it may even enter history as the Definitive work on the Normandy campaign from D-day planning through to kaputulation (if I may be allowed such a word).

The book is, literally, an eye-opener …






        down finger


—which may (or not) be of interest to anyone with a few hours to spare. I have no idea how true it is or even if the writer is just a wee bit paranoid. (For all I know it could be American counter-counter-propaganda~?)*


A Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.39.37.png

And totally unrelated, a wee while ago I came across this sample pic of the latest Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.45.53.png

—nearing completion. But do not fret … they will only ever use it in home waters, where it can be of no threat to anyone complying with international law. AND—

—even if it did stay afloat long enough to reach international waters, any crew aboard would all be unwilling conscript paddy farmers, quite unable to see enough through those hooded slitty eyes to reliably land safely anyway—

“Mr Argus!”

(Oops) “Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Mr Argus, Sir! Your racist comments read like racist World War 2 racist propaganda!”

(Bugger …) Do not fret, Pet. I’m sure that any other nice reader out there will divine my drift—?”

  … … (Or maybe not.)

Anyway, I’m off to look up all possible meanings of the word ‘hubris’ … so I shall leave you wondering if this, too, may be relevant?   CLICK HERE

dodo  dodo

* Naaaaahhhh … si vis pacem parabellum


Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15NONE TO DO IT


Prof Tab recently posted (headed ‘five hundred yards‘)—

read Prof:  CLICK HERE

—and it’s sobering stuff. Thank heavens such can never happen again, today we have  experts in charge.

In charge to lead the charge … what was that song from a while back~? Oh, yes …

“… and who was it that led the charge, that took us safe to the rear …”

Yep. That’s what leaders do. Real leaders, that is: our leaders (all salute!).

I just re-blitzed the Prof’s D-Day post, again. Equally as depresse  inspired. (Don’t go there—it’s far better for the average punter to watch John Wayne’s version or similar.)

You still not sure what the ol’ Dog is on about?

See below for a clue … (you can’t miss it, it’s labelled “CLUE” in big letters—and if by now you’re feeling a bit miffed, I confidently predict that you are a voter. No?)


Cannon-fodder is cheap (and expendable).

Actually getting up off your arse and thinking ain’t cheap. It takes effort (but cheer up, if you run low on personnel there’s always the draft …)

active service        active service             active service                    active service

active service             active service

                active service                            active service                 active service

* Sit out it in the rear, secure in the knowledge that once the bombardment has reduced the obstacles/defences to bits of old scrap all the troops have to do after (paddling ashore) is dry out their socks and stroll through to Berlin … you know:          numbers game  


Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 09.37.10the Mac’s onboard dictionary says ‘lingo’ means “… a foreign language or dialect etc etc” whereas I use it to refer to the English language as used by us foreigners in New Zealand.

Now you’re ready, cast your eyes over this snippet—

“After thinking it all over I have come to the conclusion that if I had got married and dodged military service as long as I could, I might have had my car and bungalow to-day.”

The above constitutes the majority of a letter written to the Otago Daily Times and published on January 8, 1919, from a returned soldier who signed themselves simply as “Main Body”. The letter received two responses.

Snipped recently from a local paper.


So: I wuz brung up proper to use the lingo the way it should be spoke and writed, and not like how them moderns make up there own rules as they goes along.

Given that—

(a) it is essential that Political Correctness be flavour compulsion of the day, and

(b) there shalt be NO distinctions made—regardless of gender, age, colour, race, creed (or any other distinguishments) on any grounds whatsoever …

—I find it disturbing that unless I pop my clogs within the next decade I may no longer be able to communicate with replacement generation/s.


to know who is behind the modern wave of “anything goes”—one by one the old values are being systematically demolished. Why? Cui bono?


before ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ are replaced around our world with ‘THEIRS’ and have done with it.


That’s replaced sexism with universalism … wonderful start!

For some—we’ll have twice as many toilets and changing rooms available to all for no extra cost.

But what about extending the concept? Make it universal, remove distinguishments of any kind? So that … atheists can now go worship in Catholic churches, Moslems in synagogues, peaceniks in barrackses; anyone can say anything about anything anywhere at any time with no more of this damn (panty-waist) ‘consideration for others’?


is concerned, indeed there should be no exemptions.

Make it compulsory for all: round ’em up off the streets and induct the lot—herd ’em in and take away their names, clothing, gender, anything at all … and give ’em all at least two years compulsory re-education and service: make men of (oops) make people of them!

Just like we used to in the good old days when men were men and galloped off to war while the fair sex stayed at home courting the ‘slackers’ and ‘dodgers’.  (Oops—I’d add more but The Spouse has just summoned me … gotta rush …)

chimp rocks 

Gotta figure out

how that returned soldier

became a ‘them’ … don’t wait up ….



And that’s not just my morals.


selfie—an elderly new naval problem with a modern twist. The twist this time being … aawww, heck … you figure it out—

“Surface ships engaged in shallow water ASW or merely operating in shallow water will likely find themselves in surprise, close range encounters with non-nuclear submarines and a short range, quick reaction ASW weapon could provide the defense needed to survive the encounter.  The small size and weight of the launcher makes it suitable for any ship and allows it to be added almost anywhere that a small deck penetration for the reloads can be accommodated.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE


—AND never forget that the more geniuses you apply to any problem the more remarkable your results*


“Moreover, during the first part of the war, the Japanese tended to set their depth charges too shallow, unaware U.S. submarines could dive below 150 feet (45m). Unfortunately, this deficiency was revealed in a June 1943 press conference held by U.S. Congressman Andrew J. May, and soon enemy depth charges were set to explode as deep as 250 feet (76m). Vice Admiral Charles A. LockwoodCOMSUBPAC, later estimated May’s revelation cost the navy as many as ten submarines and 800 crewmen.[14][15]”

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15.png

Yep. Pure genius …


* Can you imagine what a Naval Committee revamped hairbrush might look like (and all the accompanying screeds extolling its virtues) after the routine fifteen year investigation and development?