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with every passing day. Clue: I vaguely remember back in the past someone drawing a line in the sand. And now we have to ask: is it possible to draw a line in the sea?

But compared to eternal acceptance and ever withdrawing withdrawals … could it not now be time to do some fairly serious thinking?

China, I read somewhere, believes itself entitled to re-establish old boundaries, borders, and influences out to ancient limits. And now seems determined to do so, more than in any recent past. (What if everyone tried the same? Ouch …)

I think I’ll look seriously at trading in my Whoarewe celephone for something a little less reliant on God-knows-wot’s-hidden-inside-it from China.And, bear in mind that to use any Chinese product is a monetary endorsement of China’s ever-expanding territorial ambitions. Not good.

It’s time, I think, to buy local—even if it ‘costs’ more in the short term.

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Pretty wee thing, too.


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I’ll admit

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 20.20.56.pngI just do not know enough about the present mishap to comment.

All I can offer is a quote—

“How did this fire happen? The answer will emerge from the investigation that will surely follow, but the events onboard the Bonhomme Richard will raise questions in the minds of our Navy’s sailors, our allies, and our competitors as to whether the U.S. Navy is still fit to fight a war if a major capital vessel can catch fire and gut itself while tied to a pier at a major naval base in one of the nation’s largest modern cities. The Navy appears broken …”


—and offer that there’s a huge difference between “a major capital vessel can catch fire and gut itself while tied to a pier at a major naval base in one of the nation’s largest modern cities” and a ship fully worked up and ready-for-anything out at sea.

So let’s all just get things into perspective, no?

Personally I think that scapegoats will be frantically sought (and found) and heads will roll — somebodies’ jobs will be on the line and the infighting* will get vicious. So:

So here’s a novel idea—

—without seek-and-ye-shall-finding a scapegoat or two … why not look to the facts of the matter, and address them, such that it doesn’t happen again?




Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 10.25.57

This, these (the bullet-proof), others like them and all parasites that noisily consume but do not produce: I offer thee my blessing in these words:



—but please:  leave me out of it~!

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“He is also credited with having fought the Air Ministry so that fighter planes were equipped with bullet proof wind shields.”

I need do more research but I understand that the same anti-social git even advocated putting guns into Britain’s fighter planes. Honestly, some people! Have they no respect for the ‘noise pollution’ laws, and the fact that falling empties might break the panes in some bugger’s greenhouse?




Surely not. We’re much too clever for that … or at least, our beloved and personally elected officials are. (So there!)

The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has attempted to rally member nations of the WHO to support an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of the coronavirus …

But China is seemingly unwilling to co-operate and has issued veiled threats over whether Chinese citizens would continue to travel to Australia and purchase the country’s products.

This week, the state-controlled People’s Daily lashed out at Scott Morrison as deserving “a slap in the face” for trying to blame the Covid-19 pandemic on the communist state, warning any push for an independent inquiry into the virus’ origins will spark a travel and trade boycott.

Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just an impartial spectator here. Ask yourself, you’re clever. Australians, ahhhh … almost the same as people, bless ’em! And as a people myself, I know which side my butter is breaded on and when not to eat the hand that feeds me. Now, an aside—

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jolly rogerNow before any sardonic remarks, please read this:

“This month Hanoi expedited the shipment to the US of nearly half a million protective medical suits manufactured at a DuPont factory in Vietnam, earning a thank-you tweet from President Donald Trump.”

A donor carries rice bags to contribute to poor people during coronavirus disease (COVID-19)...

sourced:  CLICK HERE

—and it is still burning in my memory of what America (and us allies) delivered to Hanoi decades ago. Different times, different faces. Different strokes for different folks … etc

And the beat goes on.

ANZAC Day here tomorrow. (Just thought I’d throw that in.)




vulture 2come out of our Lockdown? Especially given that some pundits have pundated that “the world will never be the same again*


I ponder mindset, Shakespeare’s “insolence of office” … how’s everyone’s local Gestapo going to act when their raisons d’etre are whipped out from under their feet?

But man, proud man,
Drest in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d;

Business as usual? Naaahhhh …


Our own freedoms are the biggest threat to our democratic ways of life. Being free to seek the cheapest/best bargains (as we see them) we toddle off to the markets; and open’ markets are the genuine true democracies. Choice; given competing suppliers with competing price/quality levels to choose from we buy as WE see best. Every dollar is actually a vote—if you buy from Seller A rather than Seller B you are voting for the continued existence of seller A …


essentially a slave system. It is Communist, and Communism is slavery. And guess what this Corona thing has taught me? If nothing else, much of America’s front-line medical stuffs … comes from China.

Sure, good Supply Officers will buy the best they can get for the lowest price. We all do it.

But why can China supply its products so cheaply?

Don’t ask … just wonder for a moment how much a Master has to ‘pay’ his slaves … and could we compete? So who has whom by the testimonials, hey?


actually is some form of “warfare” release, it was loosed too soon. But so what? Will it make any difference? (CLUE: none at all.) Even if it kills us we shall continue buying from the cheapest source and that’s the end of it.

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Line, green copy* I do too.



“Prato’s Chinese community, built originally around the textile industry, went into lockdown from the end of January, three weeks before Italy’s first recorded infection.

Many were returning from new year holidays in China, the then epicentre.

They knew what was coming and spread the word: stay home.

So as Italians headed to the ski slopes and crowded into cafes and bars as normal, the Chinese inhabitants of Prato had seemingly disappeared. Its streets, still festooned with Chinese New Year decorations, were semi-deserted, shops shuttered.

There is some anecdotal evidence that Chinese people elsewhere in Italy took similar precautions, though national data on infection rates among the community is unavailable. The health ministry did not respond to an email seeking comment.”

The article from the NZ newspaper (online) The Otago Daily Times raises a few questions but I shan’t go down that track; I’ve posted here simply for interest. Make of it what you will.

And now—






arrow down red smartish copy

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 18.18.14.png“In recent years, a number of investigators have taken a new look at this matter, and many have come to the conclusion that Hitler did escape after all. What has brought about this shift is considerable new evidence that was not known to previous historians and investigators. Much of this new evidence was dug up by Argentine journalist Abel Basti. Basti has been traveling up and down South America doing research on Hitler for many years and has published several books on this subject in the Spanish language. Recently, he combined all his findings into a new German language book entitled Hitler Uberlebte in Argentinen (“Hitler survived in Argentina”). Hitler Uberlebte in Argentinien also contains new research by Basti not published in any of his previous books as well as contributions from other writers.”

Sourced:  CLICK HERE

I’ve recently blitzed some interesting guffs from a wide variety of sources covering  related aspects of such an escape—including the life story of Hitler’s favourite (fanatical Nazi) pilot, a brilliant young woman who could put a light plane down anywhere. (Aaaah, but could even she put one down in the wreckage that was Berlin, pick up the boss and then scarper unnoticed through flocks of grumpy allied aircraft looking to bolster their scores?) And take him to … where?

On a different note Nazi submarines after the war seemed to keep popping up in the strangest of places, especially South America (IF u-toobe is to be believed).

And recently a secret room (filled with genuine Nazi stuff) (memorabilia? Okaaaayyyy, yeah, sure …) was discovered in Buenos Aires.

Then again, it almost seems as if there are as many old (very old by now) Hitlers running around the place as Elvis Presleys. No way~!

But, but …

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Line, green



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15not only ‘strange bedfellows’ but folks who are just a little bit     …    different    …    and who are often withdrawn, deeply introspective, given to outbursts for provocations seen as minor and who even often dwell in a world apart from the rest of us.


is how so very many normal folks can effectively ‘take it in their stride’ and simply get on with life. Do they ever ‘turn to God’? Apparently, I’m told, some do—there is a saying beloved of Goddists that “There are no atheists in foxholes”.

Thank God, then, for foxholes, no?*

So warfare is just one of God’s cute little ‘teaching aids’ (engineered by Him some fourteen thousand million years ago before He omnisciently created the universe)—and so all of us ungrateful bastards should be thankful for His methods of trying to draw us into His holy Kingdom?

Rather than me spending the rest of the day bleating, try visiting this link—


—for the source of this wee quote:

“Returned servicemen didn’t want to talk about war.

“It was seen as taboo. They bottled it up because they weren’t able to talk about the things they had seen and wanted it to be in the past.”

Partly right, even.

But to talk about something requires a common language. So now go hug a veteran … and be careful not to get bitten.


* Who else? (Trick question—be careful here.)