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of two people removed in time but equally sacrificed on the Altars of Dogma (which means “defending my investments”). (Not mine, dammit …)

But first, your link for the moment—

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—and try hard not to actually think for yourself. If you do, your degree and all those bucks invested in educatio (oops) current dogma might just be wasted.

So dig in—go with the flow, build ramparts, plant minefields around your ‘knowledge’ and fight with rearguard fury against any damned twat that asks questions.

Am I bitter, do you think? Oh … wow … such astuteness … you’ll go a long way, not; but please, for your own sake take note and don’t ever never never quote:




You may guess that I read Cranks. A lot. You’d be right, too, I do. So remember that you read it here first:

quite often cranks are cranks—

—until ‘science’ catches up.

The Holy Inquisition set a precedent that still dominates and they set it well. God may be dead but His sacred sincerity lives on.

 Contradictions Law.pngIf you think I’m wrong please feel free to refute me. Rip into me, savage me (but never my points, no?) as only a good* little dogmatist can. (Here’s a further help, go look up the words “ad hominem” … I’ll wait.)

To while away the hours here’s a wee number for us, I love it~!

(Just a beat dated now, though …)


* Knows his works parrot-perfect. Top marks, in fact …




down eyeface

“I respect enormously, peoples’ beliefs!”


Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 11.42.18.png

That’s what she said … and this is where so many get it wrong—

  • totally wrong
  • infinitely wrong
  • enormously wrong
  • absolutely unarguably wrong
  • and even a wee bit incorrect, too—

but it’s a party line and she’s very happy bleating it. (And she has a right to, no?)


Much of what people bleat is utter crap


So I don’t respect crap. Tried, can’t.

Sure, they have the right to bleat and spout their BS all over the place; and that is the right I’d fight for if I had to. That is the right I respect—even if I have no respect at all for much of the Crap they spout.

Let us not misuse semantics here.

Let’s not get it wrong … it actually IS important. Sometimes. I think it was Voltaire* said words to the effect that “I care not for your words, Sir—but I’d fight to the death for your Right to say them!”

Amen to that, Bro … and would only that the blasted bigoted (desperate?) religious might do the same. That ain’t gonna happen—never in an eternity of church-days.


Death chattering



skull & bonesINDEED

Read me,

and you’ll know that I stand entirely for unfettered Freedoms.




It’s YES—

—so long as YOUR freedom doesn’t infringe mine, and mine doesn’t infringe yours.

Hold that thought … and we’ll look at the definition of ‘anarchy’—

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 16.55.08.png

—and anyone knowing human behaviour will promptly think that ‘anarchy’ is not a good idea. Some people are thieves, others looters and/or murdering rapists, others are religious kooks who’ll do anything to make their god/s supreme (and all others grounds for murder).

Legal murder; it’s hee hoo time again:






we need objective laws.

It’s a common dream and everyone everywhere bleats along with it—the few exceptions are of course irrelevant unrealistic idealistic Cranks. I too think that laws, good strong laws coupled with the oomph to back ’em up are a good thing.

Sometimes …


before I go any further with this it’s time for your ‘prescribed reading’ (in this instance, viewing) after which there will be neither test nor examination but you’ll feel better for it.


Yes … now go get ’em, Tiger:                   finger-pointing-down

And tell me in words of one syllable whether you’d rather exist in a system based on objective laws or  … … … God’s Laws. (laws revealed to His Chosen by God).


I’m old enough not to care a hoot—by the time God gets elected here in NZ I’ll be gone, and I have no downlines.

So: does the thought of God ruling your own worry you at all?

Why should it? God, as we are often told, is infinitely merciful, all forgiving, all powerful and so compassionate you just wouldn’t believe … the only catch is—

—you have to believe

and believe with no hint of doubt. Definitely no questions.

Your call …

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 08.30.38




skull & bones

or are the buggers deceiving me? Cast yourne own eyes upon this, mine quotes from a truly biblical Scribe—

“Colorstorm. You’re clueless. It won’t do any good to say why though and especially not here.

“Pastor” Randy. You’re even worse.

We really are in a great apostasy in the church world in this country. Oh what a breathtakingly rude awakening is coming to people like you. 🙁 One or both of us serves a false god.” 

—and may your flabbers be ghasted. Mine aren’t. I know what people can do to people, especially when inspired by the adoration Of God, the greatest power of Peace, Love, Hope, Compassion and mercy the universe will ever know*—

(—so that’s what it’s like, to dribble. Yeuch.)

“Mr Argus!”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Is that the utmost in degrading sarcasm, or have you genuinely been touched by God?”

“Possibly both, Toots. Think about it … I am, like you, like all of us, merely The Lord’s instrument puppet, no?”

—and anyway, all I’m doing is quoting from a genuine “touched”. Go there and vomit for yourself (it’s free~!) (unless you get touched too and sign up … and then there’s no end to the touching up …)




(take a bucket with you if you go. BIG bucket …)


* Bible-person speech. (Am I getting good at it, or wot?)




skull & bonesthis bull.


“Child rape, as unspeakably horrific as that is, is not even to be compared with the blasphemy and perversion of the being, nature and name of the Creator and King of the universe.

Right there is your problem Gabrielle. You exalt man above God.”


So here we have it in a nutshell … all boils down to values. It’s a question of who values what (the ‘why’ is irrelevant at this stage).


lies in teaching people to think.

To think rationally for themselves rather than unquestioningly accepting what their self-appointed ‘father’ figures tell them—

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.52.07.png

—without even for a moment considering the contradictions inherent in the pap they’re fed*.

Reread that Khayyam quote—doesn’t it scream at you that the ‘omniscience’ of God makes a mockery of any concept of ‘Free Will’?

And that some folks are entirely devoid of mercy and compassion, or even basic morality as understood by the dumbest brutes swinging through trees?

chimp rocks

“Me man, me use tools. You dumb nut—crack, damn you!”


* Doorknobs don’t ask questions either. Neither do thrips. Nor things washed up on the beach that go SQUELCH when you step on them—so all could qualify as devout religiosi.


—don’t ask, it’s a trick question.

So first, let’s not wander off topic—said topic being the Invercargill upcoming all-singing all-dancing reconstructive renovations. But while you’re here, have thee a nice wee shack …

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.33.17.png

—apparently still standing after about four and a bit thousand years. (According to some. Others put forward quite convincing cases for The Beast being older than that … like about ten thousand years older … and although I’m firmly in their court it’s hardly germane to/with the point I’m making here.)

Now have thee a beak at a shot of a building made some time in the art deco period, so it’s not even a hundred yet—

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.42.30.png

—and even though I snapped that snap on Monday and today is only Wednesday—

—it don’t look like that no more. Already huge gobbles have been taken out of it by very hungry gobbling machines (hah! REAL men would have used dynamite)

BOOM BOOM.png—but that might have rattled somebody‘s tea cups. However, what this post is actually about:

  • WHAT did they know

  • umpty oodles of years ago

  • about building buildings to last,

  • that we don’t know today?

active service


and tomorrow and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pa— oops, apologies, drifting again—I shall get me hence and grab some shots of the lovely rubble new hole in the ground.

But wait~!

Buy now,

and you’ll get an entire city block being demolished~!

“An engineering expert said the buildings in the block were generally not in good shape, with some exceptions,  but it shouldn’t surprise given they were among the first to be built in Invercargill, some before the 1900s.”

Yes, indeedy, and Free Enterprise be damned: when kiwi dictators want something, they don’t just pussyfoot around, they Go For It and they get it. To hell with any petty damned wannabe capitalists in their way. And their families. And their dog, if they had a dog …

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 17.57.09.png

I shall be galloping about with mine camera and will score all the shots I can, so if you’re interested in Genuine Democracy inaction this should be your source—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Typo, Sir?”

“Stet, Kid. It’s wysiwip.”


“What you see is what I put …”



down there

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 18.07.16.png


pc, notfor all you blasted Realists and Rationalists and otherwise atheistic/agnostic cynics out there—cry “Raspberry~!” and let loose the dogs of ire.

In other words, learned fellows, try to enforce an open mind. (Open, I said … not empty. Tut~!)


have all the answers?


Neither do the religious, the superstitious, the rational, the credulous, the incredulous, and anyone I may have missed. Nobody does (except me, but I don’t count—nobody listens to a dog …)


were about one Edgar Cayce and the disproportionate effect he has had/is having on modern Egyptian archaeology. You can Google the name and explore the topic for yourself, I’m more tied up with the here and now—and my own ‘here and now’ sadly moves over in the boat to make room for the above quote from Hamlet.


things that I cannot explain rationally—but by the same stroke of the brush I cannot accept ghosties, spooks, spirits, shades, wraiths, phantoms, gods, angels, and things that go ‘plop~!’ in the night for no reason.


being one of them. Precognition being another. Take my word for it (or not, ’tis all the same to me) —I know what I know, and having run it through all the conventional filters am happy to accept that there are indeed “more things” etc etc.


  • do your own research
  • don’t take anyone’s word as absolute
  • always doubt—

—doubt your own senses, distrust your own eyes, and when all else fails just keep on asking. Any reasonable stage magician can help you with your homework.


Ol’ Cayce was a very clever man. A man who if right is denied the acclaim he is due—if wrong has no damned credibility to direct control of the Giza Plateau in modern Egypt.

I understand that Cayce also claimed there was/is a “Hall of Records” from ancient Atlantis under the front starboard paw of The Sphinx.

I understand that some enthusiasts with echo sounders and other scientific stuffs agree that indeed, there is a void of some kind in that location … I also understand that Hawass and his cronies will NOT permit independent excavation there. (You can see why, of course, a tiny exploratory hole dug there might cause the entire Sphinx to collapse … it is, after all, thousands of years old.)

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