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“Sir! I gather you don’t like me?

And with a smile of all sweet accord, He answered—

“Rubbish, ya dum’ Dog! I love every bugger!”

I noticed that at this point he paused, and dwelleth thereupon a momentary moment—

“Even,” he appeared to gag (I get that a lot) … “even you! Actually, Argie, you save Me and Nick a lot of effort. Thanks for that, appreciated~”


“So let’s get to the gritty—what’s ya problem this time? Why dost thou thinketh I don’t love ya? Course I love ya! Couldn’t love ya more even if you were my own son~”

(Thank heavens for that … Memo to self: if reincarnation be real, don’t let me come back as God’s beloved Son—)

“Tomorrow, Sir!”

“Never comes, Dog. You know tha—”

“You have Winton booked in for a lunar eclipse, no?”

“True. So?”

“So you knew a million years ago that I’d booked myself in for this eclipse! I organised a conjunction of our local golf course, my tripod, camera, self, a flask of hot coffee and your eclipse …”

“I knew that …”

“So when I look at the latest weather forecasts, Sir, THIS is what they spring on me—


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 08.15.41.png

—and I’m not a happy doggy right now!”

“Poor pup! Hmmmm … penumbra starts touching at 2351, moon starts redding at 0048, total begins 0151 … maxes at 0229 … mutter mutter mumble …”

“You knew that! Couldn’t you have extended the blasted drought—YOUR blasted drought, Sir … just one more lousy night?”

“Awwww, shucks, Dog! All them poor Christians and farmers and gardeners and things been praying for rain for weeks! For months! Why should one atheist old mutt with a camera take precedence, hmmmm?”

“So … as a vindictive holy spook—”

“Vengeful too, don’t forget—”

“—you’d favour a bunch of convenience-Christians over one sincere disbeliever? For shame, Sir~!”

“… … … your tale has touched my heart, Argus. Tell you what I’ll do—get yourself out there fully booted and spurred, on time, tomorrow night … and I’ll see what I can do for you at such short notice. Whaddya say, Dog?”

“I’d say, Sir … that I’m gonna turn in early and get a good sleep. Suggest you do the same, Sir—”


“Oops? Did I just hear you say ‘oops’, Sir? Hey … I know oops. I know what it means when I say oops. Is there anything else I should know? … God? Sir? Are you still there?”

Big G, bigger.png

“Sorry, Dog! Did I forget to mention all the lightning and massive thunderclaps?”






and never look behind the curtain~!”

—Sophie, in the animated movie ‘THE BFG’

So … if you have any emotional investment in (once Great) Britain … you may find this of interest—


“… It is the latest of 22 Royal Naval vessels sold to the company, which dismantles vessels at the Aliaga shipyard on Turkey’s north west coast. 

The list features three aircraft carriers, including the Ark Royal and Invincible, three frigates, eleven destroyers, four tankers and the ice ship Endurance. 

The sales have resulted in a £220million bonanza for the company since 2008.

Ironically, some of the warships were retired as part of financial housekeeping to keep the naval budget down….”

—and if, in a modern democracy, you (or any of the Poms concerned) could be bothered to ask—you and/or they will be fobbed off with endless fobs. You know how it goes* .


Wherever you are, if in a modern western-style ‘democracy’ … you are being scrod. Take my word for it, scrod most royally. But if on election day you did your Civic Duty and voted …

… well, what more can I say? Other than regardless of whoever you ‘voted’ for; you (yes YOU, Bub!) legitimised them.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 19.59.35.png

AND … it’s not “The HMS Illustrious …” that ‘the’ in the caption is entirely superfluous. Now stop pondering grammar—get thee hence, seek and ye shall find, seek the nearest politicians and vote for them~! They have only (r) ONLY your best interests at heart, bless their altruistic little big huge hearts; and being good citizens of The World they are brilliant at redistributing the wealth. (Your wealth …)



* If you don’t, then you are a politician’s dream (and I still have that bridge in Sydney Harbour for sale).


and old notions. 3 sages


do, not by what they say bleat. So? There’s yet fortunes to be made (Al Gore did pretty well out of it) from AGW. But I still wonder … hold that thought; here’s today’s quote—

At some point, it turns out, deforestation, drought, and other forest-disturbing factors tipped the scales, making tropical forests a net producer of carbon rather than a sink, according to a new study published today (Sept. 28) in the journal Science. Each year, instead of absorbing carbon, these degraded forests are a source of more carbon (roughly 425 teragrams of carbon per year) than an entire year’s worth of US transportation emissions.

Read more by:  CLICKING HERE

—use it wisely. As for my thought:

how much would it contribute to the albedo of Mother Earth if everyone responsible for a roof … painted said roof white?

If nothing else at least by so doing he’d be declaring his own personal sincerity and making a political statement, no?

What about white roads, hmmmm? And airports? Ship decks? Hell, in the seventies they were so worried about Global Cooling that they seriously suggested sprinkling soot all over the arctic ice caps. You know, suck in much needed heat rather than bang it back out into space, wasted.


if you claim to be concerned about Global Warming, but your roof isn’t solar reflective … thou speaketh with forked tongue. For shame, Sir or Madam~!

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 17.40.49


have yourself a nice cow. Look, admire, then do your bit for the planet by getting out there and shooting as many as you can (before being visited by nice inquisitive men)—the damned things produce Greenhouses gases like you wouldn’t believe~! Otherwise the least you can do is drink your coffee black (and stop gobbling all them ice-creams) …

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 09.13.47.png

Need any more advice? I’ll pop ’round soon …


For Prof Tab—


     A BOOK 

make of it what we will. (Use a library and/or the web … it may save the cost of an infuriating wee tome.)


Soul Survivor : The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot

By (author)  Bruce Leininger ,

By (author)  Andrea Leininger ,

With  Ken Gross

The parents of James Leininger were first puzzled and then disturbed when their two-year-old son began screaming out chilling phrases during recurrent nightmares, such as, “Plane on fire! Little man can’t get out!” The centerpiece of a loving family of three, James was a happy, playful toddler who had only just begun stringing together sentences. Determined to understand what was happening to their son, Bruce and Andrea set off on a journey of discovery that was to rock them to their core. For the more they researched the arcane comments and fragmented details little James revealed, the more they were drawn inescapably to a shocking conclusion: that James was reliving the life of James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who was killed in the battle for Iwo Jima– over sixty years ago!

Through painstaking research and conversations with war veterans and surviving members of James Huston’s family, Bruce and Andrea were forced to confront their skepticism and reexamine their entire belief system. In the process, they not only managed to solve the mystery of their son’s statements. They also uncovered revelations about James Huston’s life and wartime experiences that could finally bring peace and healing to his loved ones, decades after his death …

Okaaaaayyy … hyperbole and dressing abound but that’s what literature’s all about. Sadly, for myself I won’t believe such just on author hearsay—not being from Missouri I can still (and do~!) say “Show me!”

But as a start-point for reasoning … it’s a thought.



OR NOT … arg-scrollurl-turkey-url

you be the judge. It’s easy to take ‘intellectual’ potshots at the deluded. We all do it. Okay, some of us do it … here’s your quote from this wee fellow—

“Again, these are another set of real artifacts recovered in real digs and displayed in real museums. It’s the interpretation of said artifacts that is disputed. Not by anyone who knows anything … … but by Ancient Alien theorists and such. These little gold charms are so low-key you’ll be hard pressed to find anything academic on them. However, you can go see them in several museums around America, including the Smithsonian in DC … To the Ancient Alien people though, these small gold artifacts are hard evidence of ancient Jet fighters.”

Sourced from:  CLICK HERE 

—but I do think he takes a few liberties. (Not with moi—I do NOT go along with ‘ancient aliens’.) (Clever ancients, yes …)

So before going deeper in and possibly hanging myself here’s a snap of The Beast in question—

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 20.19.46.png

—and as any damned cynic can see it’s an ‘anatomically correct’ model of a moth. Or perhaps a bird. No?


there’s just no way on Dog’s earth it could—even at the wildest wishful—possibly be taken as a ‘model’ of any aircraft. So: bug. Gotta be. Bug~! (Mind you, a butterfluff with two opposing probosces does sound a bit like overkill …)

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia, sweet child?”

“Shouldn’t you tone down the sarcasm just a bit?”

“Hah! No-one ever gets this far, kid. I’m safe.”

But I must admit that even the ‘ancient alienists’ are pushing the boat out if they see ‘jet fighters’ here.

Or this one—

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 20.27.32.png

—which when I first came across it I followed through and found that when some enterprising scientists made a replica it flew (like a ruptured duck). BONK it went, on its butt … glider, not.jpgdumb ancients forgot to include a stabiliser under that ruddery thing* .

So maybe instead of a seagull or jet fighter it might have served as a weather vane, or even as an artistic interpretation of some kind of bird)(but not many birds actually have vertical tails** … )


with no need to panic. Any similarities between these artefacts and modern flying machines is purely coincidental. (And only a genuine A-Grade cynic might mention likewise with moths or birds …)


dodo copy


* Which would have functioned better had it been higher (apparently it was, once, it’s amazing what a few thousand years in the tomb can do).

** Or are built as high-wing monoplanes—Ed.



has long peered musefully at flickering flames and seen faces and sprites dancing therein…

… it seems only progress that now we peer down from Godlike heights upon the face of the Earth and …

… we sometimes see the subtly obvious which wasn’t all that obvious in earlier epochs:


and we see things that aren’t actually there. Okay, not really there. Bugger …


to investigate this optical delusion for myself, but this—


—was the link provided.

Go in peace, my cherubs; get thee hence and see what thou shalt seeeth. Does the correspondent have a good point? I have no idea … but I love it!




Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.30.24OR LIMITS

on freedom. On personal freedom.


plenty of Controllers out there ready and willing to impose their views—by force, when acceptable—on everyone else. I offer the Great Vaccination Debate, as in today’s online New Zealand Herald:

Personal choice is a beautiful thing. You should have the freedom to live the life that makes you happiest, even if it seems strange to other people.

But only if you’re not hurting anyone else.

This is exactly the problem with the so-called “vaccination debate”.

I’m a fan of vaccines because I’m a fan of facts. And the facts show vaccines are a safe and proven way to stop people suffering and dying from preventable diseases.

Even then, I wouldn’t care about people leaving themselves open to these diseases if it was only about them. But there are people who can’t be vaccinated, like the very young, very old, or people who have allergies …

—which article as well as being opinionated, ignorant, and wishful … seeks to impose their will on me.


I try to reductio almost ad absurdum. So my analogies aren’t always appreciated, in which case I try to follow the example set by the late great JC thousands of years ago. (You know, them parable things, or similar.)




diseases, you silly person. That’s why. Vaccinated you are bulletproof, no? Of course … otherwise why bother?

Oh. Not a hundred percent, you smugly smirk, but it saves some?

What about those of us who are happy to take our chances, than you very much!?


to ram your closure down my throat:

“Because, you selfish heathen swine—if you aren’t vaccinated you are a threat to everyone else!”


Actually, not ouch—

—if I’m a threat to the unvaccinated that’s just God’s little way of clearing out dregs like me, no? So we kill each other off with your preventable bugs, and you sheep shall inherit your Earth. No?

Oh … I‘m a threat to the vaccinated as well?

How so?

They have been duly done, don’t forget, and for very good reason—they are now proof against bugs. QED, and thus no threat at all.

Unless the vaccine isn’t reliable … in which case why the hell bother?


it’s all about Power and Control. And of course, extra unearned income; pelf removed under threat by applying a product at gunpoint to those who don’t want it at their cost and making HUGE bucks by so doing. Nice.

Combine Big Vaccines with the Church and you’d have something very hard to resist with mere logic and illusionary so-called ‘freedoms’.


again to simple questions:

(a) Unvaccinated, what threat am I to vaccinated you?

(b) Vaccinated, what risk do you run from unvaccinated me?

(c) If any risk at all: why the hell bother?*


I say you WILL be vaccinated! Got it?

dodo copy




* Well worth the bother if the Man With The Gun says it’s an offer too good to refuse …


IS THATScreen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.30.24.png

I’m not the only nut in the basket. Have a beak at this wee fellow (and he’s a scientist~!) (It means a man of science—and as we all know, they’re clever, well educated, and inflabib infalliburb mistook proofed.) (So if a Scientist makes a statement us mere mortals had better dam’ well listen—you know, sit in awe at the feet thereof and maintain silence lest thee break the flow of the words of wisdom.)


(I do that a lot) so here now be your quote. Use it wisely—

Ornek explained his theory, saying that technologies were much more advanced 10,000 years ago than most people realize. Noah, referred to as Nûḥ ibn Lamech ibn Methuselah  in the Koran, also used advanced technology to build an ark out of steel that was powered by nuclear energy. Ornek also claimed that instead of bringing live animals onto the ark, Noah stocked it with one male and one female egg from every living species.

“I am a scientist, I speak for science” Ornek added, giving his theories his academic seal of approval.

to read from source: CLICK HERE


and you get this for free—

“To say something insulting about the Koran, even as a joke, could cost this man his life, so it is unlikely he meant it as anything other than serious commentary on the text.”

—which has to mean the nice scientist is at least a hundred percent (a) serious, and (b) earnest, and (c) genuinely believes …

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 20.08.16

—hell, he’ll even be saying that Noah saw the hand of God writing in letters of cloud upon the firmament next~!

dodo copy








that the Abrahamic deity is everywhere at all times (and knows everything about everything, ever) …

… does it still seem just a teensy weenie bit impossible, if we are to accept this guff—


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 19.55.18.png


on face value? I mean three million billion … that’s a lot of dots. And that’s just the mass alone in this one wee patch of space—Lord knows how many individual planets are involved. To say nothing of all their Saviours …


I really don’t mind who or what you worship so long as no-one gets hurt in any way in the process. Honestly. (Actually, amend that—I don’t mind if you hurt yourselves doing it, it’s your call and good luck to you; just leave the innocents alone).


to trying to relate the above guff to the Holy Bible. Was it six days God laboured to create the entire universe before He rested a bit? The whole thing, note, not just the cute wee snippet mentioned above … I need help here, I really don’t want to have to haul out my Book and look it up.

ARK, JZ … anybody?bugbear_by_mcslackerton-dai4ebk.png

Are your buddies (Mel and CS and others) likely to be of any assistance—

—being that they are God-experts, having been pastorised and such? Perhaps they might even solve my own particular bugbear, the dichotomy involving God’s fabled omniscience and my own personal conception of ‘Free Will’. Dammit—I still don’t see how, if ol’ God knows in advance what you are going to freely choose to do, how you could possibly have any other option …) (ergo FW is an illusion brought about by ignorance*).


where we came in; what does ‘three million billion’ actually look like—?


I blow all my gaskets trying to visualise that much of anything … would there be that many/much grains of sand in the Sahara? On Earth? In our entire Solar System?


* In this instance it simply means ‘not knowing’ (and is NOT pejorative).

GPS. Bugger, and

oh, POOP!  finger-pointing-down


Last spring, a 23-year-old woman was driving her car through the Ontario town of Tobermory. It was unfamiliar territory for her, so she was dutifully following her GPS. Indeed, she was so intent on following the device that she didn’t notice that her car was headed straight for Georgian Bay—so she drove down a boat launch and straight into the frigid water. She thankfully managed to climb out and swim to shore …

Accidents like this have become weirdly common. In Manhattan, one man followed his GPS into a park, where his car got stuck on a staircase. And in Europe, a 67-year-old Belgian woman was led remarkably astray by her GPS, turning what was supposed to be a 90-mile drive to Brussels into a daylong voyage into Germany and beyond …

to read from source:  CLICK YE, RIGHT HERE

And I still think (submarines aside) it’s a bit of a good idea for the pilot to look out of the window sometimes.


I had a VCR once that gave me instructions in the foxiest female voice imaginable. I kid you not, I never did play my tapes (too busy re-replaying her instructions) …


try to walk through town following the commands of my celephone’s GPS lady. I turned her off when she sounded a bit snarkey after I’d twice walked right past her turn.


I still rely on ye olde mappes (and The Spouse) — as perhaps we all may if some clever anus nukes the satellites and plunges us back to the darkness of (gulp!) compasses and sextants and deviations and other kinky stuffs.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia, darling child?”

“Sir … isn’t the old ditty about east being least and west being best just a little bit chauvinistic and racist?”

” … … … … oink?”


“Captain, Sir—GPS says no ice for two thousand miles.” 

“Look-Out says ice in front but what does he know? Full ahead~!”

Plus ca change,

plus c’est la meme chose~!

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