—make of it what you may.

Your call.

And if you live in New Zealand (Free Speech! Yay!) right now you wouldn’t dare Freely Speak your mind …

skull & bones

Not twice …

Anyway, your quote—

down there

“Around three years ago I became something I never thought I would become—an apostate. After many years of debating, questioning, researching and even defending Islam, I left it.

It was a tough decision that rocked me to my core and left me in a state of intellectual and existential upheaval. But fortunately, I belonged to a loving and decent family who despite their commitment to Islam, would never use violence against me. I was also fortunate enough to live in the UK, a country with no apostasy laws.

“There is no compulsion in religion” (Quran 2:256) is a categorical verse that one would think allows for freedom of religion. But this is not the case, as there are thirteen countries in the world that punish citizens for apostasy with death, all of which are of a Muslim majority.3 There are a minority of Islamic scholars and speakers who do not advocate for apostasy punishments, but their voices are often drowned out by the more well-funded and literalist speakers who peddle a brand of Islam heavily influenced by Saudi Arabia’s Wahabi ideology. Depending on your familial situation and the country in which you reside, leaving Islam can be either a life-altering or life-threatening decision.”

sourced:  CLICK HERE

—well now. Is this the voice of one who has been there; walked the walk and talked the talk?

Don’t ask me—I’m just a dog. (You know, “woof woof” … dumb animal.)

Go ask a kiwi politician, person in the street, or otherwise indoctrinee with the requisite black belt in Social Compliance.


may have thought he was doing the world a favour by killing fifty muslims innocently doing their thing in God’s own House—but in this extremely sheepine country he was actually doing their cause a truly massive long-term favour.

The Law of unintended consequences. (Again, don’t ask me—I’m still only a dog.)

So let’s hear it for Free Speech and Democracy—


—if you actually believe in that placebo.




Bop 2for the decisions He lovingly made fourteen thousand million years ago are coming back to haunt us. Him. (Here in New Zealand especially—referring yesterdays religious slaughter in New Zealand’s Christchurch—despite the name, God seems to have a vendetta against the place.) (Had the earthquake, had the slaughter, now awaiting the plague of frogs…don’t wait up.)

How many other similar decisions He made back then I have no idea, but sadly there ain’t nuthin’ He can do about it—the omnipotent is utterly powerless to change anything in the Great Work currently unravelli  (oops) revealing itself. Anyway, to do so would be to admit that He made a mistake and I don’t think—as nice as He is, as sweet, kind, loving, merciful and compassionate—He either can or ever will do that.*)


That our very own God is actually an apprentice, and we are just one of his test pieces? That the Godier God who created Him is tut-tutting and will make Him try again? Brrrr~!


a nice piccie of Darwin’s very own God beavering away our our behalf (make of it what you will).

chimp rocks

“Crack, damn you! You’re making me look bad …”



3 gerbils

* Give the wee bugger credit, He’s a decisive sod God.



pc, notI forget which religious massacre I’m quoting from.

But does it really matter a damn?

After all, it can only be true …

God’s Own Country‘ (NZ) is in a state of shock tonight, with a wee bit of outrage, leavened with a whole heap of embarrassment.

We Kiwis like to think the present massacre (27 dead was the headline I caught) is the sort of thing that foreigners do to foreigners in foreigner lands.


The Islamics cheerfully bleat words to the effect ‘inshallah’ (which I understand to mean that ‘God wills it’).  Thus whatever happens—happens entirely in accordance with the Will Of God. Couldn’t be otherwise.

And He does will it, the wee Scamp—everything that happens happens only because He ordained it, some fourteen thousand million years ago—hell, even His favourites get creamed in His very own house exactly the way He ordered it*. (One of His houses—I still don’t know if a mosque is holier than a church or vice versa; or if both are outranked by Hindu temples, Buddhist ones, Jewish thingies or Shinto wotevers.

But unarguably—

Bop 2—the shootings in New Zealand today are God’s will. Allah Who Ugbar ugbarred it so. So?

So why fret?

Why pity the ‘victims’ who were specifically chosen by God thousands of millions of years ago; and who by getting themselves shot today were simply (albeit unwittingly) serving His wonderful Holy Purpose?

Being designated by God even before The Creation to serve His purposes must make them very very special people indeed.

(Or pawns …)


* Couldn’t be otherwise …



the Holy Abrahamic church—

      —a holey letter in the form of an image.

Any religioso of any franchise looking at it and feeling a bit unwell may take two kids and call God in the morning—

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 08.19.58.png—but Islamics needn’t fret. Your God made a few exceptions; and knowing full well that His followers are built close to the sty He got His prophets to make some exceptions—

—YOU, good Muslims, are allowed to do naughty things with little girls from age six years and upwards. Your God has a true shepherd’s  grasp of your true nature.


“Mr Argus!!”

“Little Virginia? What are you doing here—      oh, I see. Don’t fret, sweet Child … I may be a man but I’m neither Catholic nor Islamic—my own standards are entirely irreligious.”





this quote from the Abrahamic* explains a lot:

“This Book is not to be doubted…. As for the unbelievers, it is the same whether or not you forewarn them; they will not have faith. God has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and grievous punishment awaits them.”

Quran 2:1/2:6-2:10

Sourced as below                     down there


Line, black.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 11.27.09.png

line, black


(in all senses of the term)—

If God Almighty Himself ‘sets the seal’—

what chance does any mere mortal have?


Can any of the Godly please take that point and hopefully run with it, for me? I’m afraid that all I can see is the Almighty Himself making it impossible for any mere mortal to achieve Salvation. Cannot be done.

Not by any means …

Bop 2




post on blasphemy and all who sail in her. Then I thought I’d paraphrase a wise comment from the Bible (with a wee commentary of mine own). Like this—




—and there we have it; from the Good Book itself: unadulterated common sense masquerading as wisdom.


don’t argue with the bastard holding the gun.

Simple enough?


rightly or wrongly are made by the powerful to entrench their interests and consolidate their power. Sometimes they attempt to justify their injustices with the ages-old mantra “It’s for your own good, dammit!” … other times they are more open and say “Do as I command or you get (a) whipped (b) flogged (c) tortured, and/or (d) terminated.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 18.16.53.pngYes. I am thinking of Islam … (you know: that great religion of Love, Compassion, Peace, Charity, and Mercy).

I have been referenced to the possibly (soon to be) late great Imran Khan as an example; but whilst not caring a BRA what happens to bloody Islamic/s I can’t spare the time  from thinking about that wee Islamic lassie Malala something-or-other who became a testimony to Islamic mercy, love, tolerance, kindness, compassion, and marksmanship.

That’s her, over there on the right. (Click the pic for link.)

In the meantime: if YOUR nation has ‘blasphemy’ laws … why?

Why indeed. I’d say it’s because YOU tolerate such. We could call it apathy. The apathy of the apathetic is what lets the religious and other maniacs control the masses. Not good.


isn’t ol’ Argus apathetic too?

Yup! Ol’ Argus is wise enough to render unto Caesar that which Caesar demands, and there’s the end of it.


a theory is the accuracy of the predictions made, so here’s my prediction—

Within three generations Europe will be Islamic

—meantime, your tolerance of your own nation’s blasphemy laws lays a table for maniacs. Your call.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 18.17.25.png

A Malala



3 gerbils




dodoso good for so long. Now you’ve blown your own foot off and are shifting target to the other—have fun~!


recently, written by someone with a bigger axe to grind than I. As a devout atheist I hold Abrahamic religions in contempt as wannabe ‘con job’ monopolies; whereas being a devout Christian this lady (below) holds Islam as THE very real threat to her own semi-monopoly on superstition.

Tell me if this resonates finger down

“The undoubted risk of importing large numbers from an anti-Western culture which refuses to assimilate, and regards us as the infidel, has hitherto apparently been too sensitive to be debated. Already pressure grows for special concessions to ‘Muslim sensitivity’, such as for Muslim women to have their own exclusive times at a community swimming pool.”

—and if not, would it resonate if it were your way of life being rushed to the edge by the unthinking insouciant?

It’s from an Australian publication—it would have to be, kiwi stuff yes but I doubt that any kiwi outlet would get away with it. Well worth reading in full—I love the bit about how animals for the pot must face Mecca to have their throats cut by a practising Muslim (which guarantees “jobs for the boys”, no?).

to read from source:  CLICK HERE

So question of the day, think carefully:

Who do YOU think will win in the end—

(a)  Chinese expansion, or

(b)  the Islamic invasions?

Don’t ask me—by the grace of God I shan’t be here when it happens. And I at least don’t have descendants—I feel for those who do; but hey, it’s a Democracy* and you get what you vote for, no?

Big G, bigger

“Don’t fret Argus—I’ll always be right here, watching over you.”

Oh …

gast me flabbers!

… wow~!




* For now …