172539-9215b10c-0afb-4179-8d30-cdb287e048fa—especially if you are any kind of entrepreneur.

I mean it! Given, say … that New Zealand has a long standing and well recognised ‘rabbit problem‘—


—might one sense an opportunity in these green fields? I mean bunnies go well in pies, no? But we seem to have too much of a good thing …

Mass poisonings, shooting drives, diseases, gas warfare, dogs, and gods alone know what else by way of desperate measures have been tried to limit the explosive growth in vast numbers of delicious feral protein:

Bob Thomson has run a sole operator rabbit processing plant on the outskirts of Christchurch for the past two decades, supplying wild rabbits to high end restaurants around the country and for pet food.

But he is drowning under a tsunami of paperwork.

“It all has to be up to human consumption standard because we are run under a risk management program and that risk management program requires about 20 lines of compliance at the moment.”

Maintaining his records took up to 40 hours a week.

A slip up in some paper work recently meant he had gone from audits every three months by the regulator, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), to having these done every six weeks.

“It’s just gone crazy. I mean, you know we’re up to $175 an hour the auditor is charging us. It’s basically pricing it off the market.”

—so now let City Hall justify its position. No contradictions here? But hey—them bureaucrats gotta eat too, ya know! Fair deals, live and let live (rubber stamps ain’t cheap these days).

Then again … we could always pass the ‘rabbit problem’ back to our elected officials and just let them get on with it.

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let’s see YOU do this—

—and it’s Instant disqualification for any one who ropes-up or dons the modern obligatory PC safety gear.

Now excuse me — I have an inbuilt dread of heights. I’m off for a quiet gibber (and another few strong coffees).

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