giphybut a harmless bloody crank. Unlike most; especially those who converse with Gods.

Moving on:


more with every passing day that we are fed merely an emotive papful of the Human Story: by science, by academia, and even by some cranks.

So for any observer the starting point has to be Objective Thinking. Of his own. 


time again:

Hee hoo won’t learn from history has got to do it all again, over and over, and over again … until he gets the hang of it—proper.


(Hey, don’t growl at me—I’m just quoting (badly) one of the greats of philosophy.)


without ever being able to prove it …

(a) that the nutters are right when they state that civilisation existed pre the ice-age/s but was blown away by cosmic events that reset our clocks; and

(b) that we are entering a paradigm shift—thanks to cranks who ignore the blasted books and do their own thinking; and

(c) Eventually academia/ science/ experts and stuff will drop the outmoded ball they are desperately holding (and upon which their prestige and income depends) to become experts in the incoming mainstream.


Before you bite my head off — what were YOU taught in school, about the building of the pyramids?

Was it anything like “thousands of slaves, whips, and oodles of log rollers”, hmmm?

But I still don’t believe that “The aliens did it!”. Aliens, schmaliens … WE dunnit … but I’d love to know how, with what, by whom*, and when.

In some of my earlier posts I stated that I believe the Giza Pyramids were thrown together as piles of (literally) crude rubble, topped off with vastly superior casings—

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.09.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.14.png



—so (obviously?) the function was served by the skin of the edifice, its bulk, and possibly its hollow bits (shafts, chambers) etc etc while the junky rubble was merely to assist that end. (Perhaps as some suggest the functions were also served by positioning, permanence, and alignments. )

However, I do not (repeat) cannot go along with the idea of the GP of E as a tomb. No, no, no no no no no no no no … but for my reasons you’ll have to look at the subject yourself, objectively.

Or not …

* Yeah. But by whom? And how—it sure wasn’t done by log-roller technology and copper saws casually slicing through endless granite …



in one of those silly


‘creative thinking’ yada yada yada (and “it’s a bandwagon I’m milking for all it’s worth“) professional events I was required to attend  once … we were asked to come up with a ‘dog-exercising machine’.

I forget how many were in the class—quite small—but if there were (say) twenty, then at least sixteen came up with a treadmill of some kind using a juicy bone hanging from the ceiling just out of reach. Human ingenuity at it’s best, I love it!


offering was also a treadmill (duhhhh!). A large outer cylinder surrounding a smaller inner cylinder. High enough for its purposes, with a small door at the bottom of the outer ‘wall’. (With me, so far?)


The whole damned gap twixt the two is filled with nice comfortably temperatured water (hah! You’ve twigging already, no~?) and there is an adjustable flow-rate valve at the bottom, through which the construction drains. So—

  • fill with nice warm water
  • pop doggy in at the top
  • let the beastie go
  • ensure that he’s swimming happily (or not, but swimming)
  • set flow rate to drain in a decent period
  • watch, or check often enough to ensure safety

and when pooch is exercised to your satisfaction (period set) he will have drained to the bottom—door will release and your well exercised mutt will bound out refreshed.


and the air was rife with squawks. Kismet …


I was reminded by this news article in the Southland Times (online), make of it what we will—

ST article:  CLICK HERE

—and I’d say without a doubt (if he wasn’t a ‘smuggled aboard’ illicit pet that had fallen afoul of the local rig hazardry) …

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 09.34.50.png

that was one well exercised wee doggy~!


As for me …


I’ll carry on in my own sweet way~





But given that Good ol’ God is fixed in Time and Space whereas science evolves (sciences evolve?) (bugger …) then feast your current eyes on these thoughts—

“These animals tell us that when humans were living there, it was not a desert,” said first author Huw Groucutt, an archaeologist at the University of Oxford. Instead, monsoon rains had transformed the area into a grassland with freshwater lakes and rivers. “There were abundant animals and a lot of people living there,” Groucutt said.

In fact, lush periods like this one might have turned the Arabian Peninsula into “a sort of staging post that sucks people in and them pumps them out” to spread further east into Eurasia, he added …

That same article mentions Australia too—possibly in case any expats therefrom are feeling left out.

Damn. I used to think that ancient Egypt (at a mere three thousand years or so) was ancient.

And then, thanks to God’s gift (the miracle that is the wwweb) I’m stumbling over heaps and heaps of stuff and the days aren’t long enough. Damn—


“Yes, Argie, old pup?”

“Could ya spare a few more years, for a good cause?”

… … sorry, Dog. You know I don’t work that way. Get up off your bucket, stay awake longer, fill the unforgiving minute—”


You can go off Gods …

down eyeface“And they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet, Dog! I’ve left ooodles of little surprises out there in The Record for them to find …”


Hah! Just see if I care … zzzzzznorp …



I received an advice that I’ve just scored my two hundred and forty-fourth follower.

So again I ask:


Why do people ‘follow’ me?

Look at the numbers:

  • 245 followers (wow!); and on a good day—
  • less than a dozen readers/visitors



that some people are a bit wishful, using the ‘scalp count’ as some kind of desperately needed positive feedback. Pathetic? No, just basic human nature … we all like to be hugged, sometimes.


a way of scoring at least one more visit to a site? A minor positive feedback that boosts a flagging self-image?


I ‘follow’ folks whose words/images resonate (it means they ring my bell).

There are also a few that I would follow simply because I need a good laugh now and then and some other nutters fit that bill nicely; but if I comment at all when there I try to be gentle. Satire is a tool, outright sarcasm another—but my favourite is subtle sarcasm; so be warned.

If in doubt, knock and it shall be opened to you: just ask; I don’t bite … much.


BT smiling teethy grin





  • &/or POWER HUNGRY …

skull & bonestry to justify the concept of


Which makes no sense. But it is very, very appealing; although to actually re-incarnate a ‘spirit’ would have to exist in the first place. So: where did our lovely spirit come from—it had to have a beginning, no? (Please note—any answers that lead back to God may Go to Jail without passing ‘GO’).


if we credit our wee spirit thing to God when working back to source: where did God come from? (Oops—a valid point.) Let’s move on and try to ignore these annoying questions (and forget that I ever asked them? You wish!)

U-Tube is rife (it means filled with) wee videos like this—

—which is yet another of those ‘believe it or not’ inconclusive things. For myself I’d like some wee child to lead me to a treasure  buried in a previous life and say ‘Help yourself!’ or:


—explain authoritatively exactly how he built the Great Pyramid of Egypt. And when.

I’m happy to read anything or watch anything except anything to do with that book “Soul Survivor” (yeuch!)—

—namely because on the claims presented his Christian daddy went overboard to Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 19.21.25.pngdemonstrate a perfectly closed mind.

To retain such closure in the face of the so-called ‘evidence’ is impressive to the nth degree—his religious programmers did very well indeed. (I threw that book across the room so often The Spouse was eventually forced to ask why the hell did I pick it up again?*)




But I’d like to …

BT smiling teethy grin

* I muttered something about ‘masochism’ but she wasn’t convinced.




skull & bones“Sometimes,” some might mutter darkly, “it’s over bloody reaction!”

For those not in the know:  In New Zealand recently an insane madman (the very worst kind of public-spirited citizen doing his bit for ‘God, Queen, and Country’) paid an unannounced social call on a couple of mosques in Christchurch (city) and right under God’s very own nose in God’s very own personal House slaughtered fifty of God’s very own special favourite chosen worshippers. So—

—as a knee-jerk reaction the Prime Minister (boss) in NZ promptly outright banned all semi-automatic rifle-type weaponry from private ownership. In future, other than government approved small arms only the government itself will legally posses firepower.

More power, then, to the ballot than the bullet, no?*


thanks to GP for the following image:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 09.15.32.png


again I ask: does anyone know the meaning of the gesture God’s chosen hero (below)(the thing in the middle) is making with its right hand?

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 18.00.54



* No. One sometimes ponders The Law Of Unintended Consequences … but as a dum dog, I don’t have to. (Also an oldster I simply don’t bother—I merely mention these things; in case anyone gives a shi         shiver. Brrrrr …



“Asked by the Sydney Morning Herald if he had a message for those who hated Muslims, he said: “The message is, we love them. They should not be afraid of us. We are all one family … We have the same coloured blood.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 21.39.05.png

Now tell that to Malala …

… I’ll wait.


Those who cannot remember the past

 … are condemned to repeat it …


Girl & Horse