“He also urged other struggling retailers to take on the support that Government could offer them.”


Nice. A government that actually cares. (Sweet, unusual, impossible, and very welcome too)(for some?)


But for cynics like moi (and any Realists alike) there’s always the ‘but’. I mean, take this ‘government support’ for example—who is this government? Are our rulers going to dip into their own pockets? Wow! But I doubt it. So: whose pockets ARE they dipping into? Taxes will be going up, no? And immensely. Or:

the nice Government is raising (more) loans overseas


Yep, more loans.

But loans are free money, no? They never have to be paid back!

Interesting point. But if in the future some damned capitalist lender does want its damned dosh back—will it be our caring Government who pays it back? (It will? Oh … that’s just so very sweet of them; has New Zealand after thousands of years finally invented the genuine altruist?)



Or, if as I suspect it’s ME that has to cough up, me who has to finance the largesse of a government (of self-obsessed individuals hiding behind a facade of ‘group’ activity, group decisions) — I just hope that I’m never repossessed.

kiwi 2

Face it, Kiwi … you are in for a bit of a rough ride.





“He is also credited with having fought the Air Ministry so that fighter planes were equipped with bullet proof wind shields.”

I need do more research but I understand that the same anti-social git even advocated putting guns into Britain’s fighter planes. Honestly, some people! Have they no respect for the ‘noise pollution’ laws, and the fact that falling empties might break the panes in some bugger’s greenhouse?




in God’s own country

—and this bit in New Zealand’s ‘Southland Times”(social comment?)

Admittedly, church services are far from identical. At some the worshipers take the “He is my shield” declaration literally indeed. Hence those T-shirts reading: “Spoiler alert: Jesus wasn’t vaccinated.”

Certainly there was cause for concern when Destiny Church’s earthly leader Brian Tamaki was taking the line during the strictures of level 4 that tithe-paying Christians were protected from coronavirus.

What are we discussing/illustrating there—ignorance? Arrogance? The eternal lust of the con-man for pelf?

Above snippet from:  CLICK HERE

And for all those people who died in the epidemic:

get God in your lives! You know: ‘sure and certain resurrection’ etc etc … but hopefully in a world free from the viruses that the Unique Prime Mover of The Universe set up and loosed God alone knows how long ago. Why’d He do that? Hey, don’t ask me … go ask a priest. Any priest …

Vulture 2




Too frightened, too witless, too … too what? Too effing ignorant? I’ll bet that the ‘authorities’ concerned were Southlanders—

But Christiansen couldn’t see him – he was subject to the Government’s mandatory 14-day isolation period after arriving in New Zealand on April 23 on a flight from the United Kingdom.

He had decided to leave his family in London and return to New Zealand to sit out the quarantine period, and spend his father’s last days with him. But his father’s condition declined dramatically.

Doctors gave the man, who had brain cancer, only a few days to live and suddenly it was a race against the clock.

Christiansen, who had no symptoms of coronavirus, applied to the Ministry of Health to allow him to see his father. The ministry repeatedly refused. He asked for a Covid-19 test – but was refused because he has no symptoms.

So Christiansen went to court to challenge Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and the ministry’s refusal …

At a hearing on Friday in the High Court at Auckland, Justice Tracey Walker said the ministry got it wrong and it was “difficult to envisage more compassionate grounds than those presented here”.

Christiansen told The New Zealand Herald he was able to spend just over 24 hours with his father before he passed away on Sunday.


Rather than all the hassle Christiansen should simply have told ’em he was a star rugby player — he’d have been raced through with bugles and drums.

jolly roger




Surely not. We’re much too clever for that … or at least, our beloved and personally elected officials are. (So there!)

The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has attempted to rally member nations of the WHO to support an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of the coronavirus …

But China is seemingly unwilling to co-operate and has issued veiled threats over whether Chinese citizens would continue to travel to Australia and purchase the country’s products.

This week, the state-controlled People’s Daily lashed out at Scott Morrison as deserving “a slap in the face” for trying to blame the Covid-19 pandemic on the communist state, warning any push for an independent inquiry into the virus’ origins will spark a travel and trade boycott.

Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just an impartial spectator here. Ask yourself, you’re clever. Australians, ahhhh … almost the same as people, bless ’em! And as a people myself, I know which side my butter is breaded on and when not to eat the hand that feeds me. Now, an aside—

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 14.05.48.png

line, turquoise thin




First off, take a quickie look at this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 08.29.55.png

And having done so:

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 08.18.09.pngAnd finally, consider both human nature, simple economics, and who will be owning you, your loved ones, your ‘property’ and your entire way of life, soon. But hey, don’t listen to me—I’m just a crazy ol’ nutcase far from reality in a sunny south-seas paradise (which also happens to be one of the better performers in the field of Corona).

Here, have thee a nice objective observer—with no insult intended:


(please forgive hysterics)



jolly rogerHey—dum’ dog time again!

But first, peep at this lot:


arrow down red smartish

Line, green

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 20.32.57.png

Line, green

—and they keep blathering on about us ‘over seventies‘ being most at risk?  Oh, really?

“Beam me up, Scotty, it don’t 

compute too good down here!”


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