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“Most people believe sin began in the Garden of Eden, but it didn’t.  Sin began when God’s top angel Lucifer, decided to flex his power, and wanted to become equal to God…Isaiah 14:12-14…”

Quoted from what certainly appears to be a very devout and devoted Christian’s blog.

So before anyone might even think about the statement above, please grant me liberty to post the refresher below—


—and I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that there might be apparent contradictions inherent on/in D&DC’s blog* . (And now with due apologies I’m off to consult an expert—don’t wait up …)


Line, green

* No, not mine, silly person … his, the religious guy’s.



I’ve got the foreman’s job at last~!

Is that why apparently nice folks go into politics?

Don’t ask me—I’m just a dog.  Ask your lawmakers, politicians, and other parasitic growths. (Strong words for a cute wee doggie?) Maybe …

Try this for size:

arrow down red smartish copy

—and tell me if it rings a bell.

If it doesn’t, then one of us at least dwelleth in the famed ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’.


tell mewhy DO people seek pubic office? (And puhleeze don’t even think of babbling about it being an urge to serve our fellow beings.)

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Spelling, Sir?”

“Intentional, Sweet Child. Stet. They’ll figure it out …”



Some of ’em. Possibly even both …


Death chatteringIN ANCIENT TIMES …

that we lack today?

The link below takes you to an intriguing relevant article, probably worth the visit.


For the ‘ancient times’ bit you need look no further than the ‘Holy’ Scriptures—where some of those guys outlived several of this Japanese infant’s span.

Perhaps  her longevity was due to a rice diet—(for, or against?).

Either way, the years (without which we’d all be skellingtons now) can do unwelcome things … but paradoxically most of us seem to want to collect as many of them as we can~?

Weird, these humans—

—and now:down there

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Frankly, for myself, I’ve made my peace with Dog and happy to go at any time. The resisting of encroaching antiquity seems a vastly overrated pastime …


“Sure beats the alternative, though, Dog?”



    Yup! And brrrrr


(among other things)



Richard Dawkins


And enjoying it. Understated, which probably partly explains why he’s successful and I’m not—he’s gentle and easy with his facts (I tend to use ’em as bludgeons).

devil-2 BOPAlso he speaks nicely without insulting his readers. I tend to call a spade a spade and where I find a duped boofwit lacking the basic nous to challenge outrageous propositions … he remains gentle.

My sister (a practising Spiritualist medium) (yep~!) gently tells me that “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” (it’s true, too; she does)(but I don’t think she’s familiar with some of the other usages of the term ‘honey pot’).

Anyway, back to The Dawk. I’m about a third of the way through and am decided on getting my own copy; ol’ Dawkins is easy to read and certainly comes across a both a thinker and well read researcher.

Given half a chance I recommend his work—

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 19.24.02.png

—to anyone interested in blowing away unreality (by which I mean interested in facing the universe as it really is).

ye Gods


(Eeeek!)  “Er … yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“I’ve read that book myself, Dog. It’s good! About fourteen thousand million years ago, before I got ’round to creating The Creation and all who sail in her. Things were bloody boring back then—”

“Are you putting in a plug for a book denying your own good Self, Sir?”

“Hah! Truth will out, Dog …”





Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15Or no?

“It is becoming increasingly clear Boeing has cut corners, presumably under pressure from the performance of its Airbus competitor. Boeing has been accused of delivering the aircraft before it was ready to fly safely.”


“Surprise”? No, not really, not at all even—

“We have met the enemy, Sire … and he is us!” (Rodney the knight to the wee king, in a ‘Wizard of Id’ cartoon.)

So the problem quite simply is human nature (you know, using basic ‘root-cause analysis’).

The simplistic answer, then, has to be:

get those silly humans out of the loop


(you’ll loooove this!)

—get used to it! 




Can anyone put up a better case than this guy?

down finger

“… A revealing video of just how inefficient and unreliable wind turbines are as a source of power in Ontario, Canada. For all of the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars sunk into this most useless of energies, Ontario residents get a paltry ZERO percent return on their money, at the times that we need the power most. Unfortunately, Ontario is not alone. Great Britain, Germany, Spain …”

arrow down red smartish

It’s only five minutes to view. But such mega-malinvestments have to be lived with over decades, even generations. And paid forby all taxpayers—why not just by those who actually want these things?* 

You’re a voter, it’s your call.

So enjoy the fruits of your labours … as for me,

Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 21.31.16

* I wish …


I had a brief flurry on the topic of


—and am now throwing down a gauntlet for all comers. I’ll open with this simple range-finder—


—which I can cheerily expand*. Savage it if you can. (Sure, time exists—what else do we measure with all those clocks, hmmm?). Anyway it’s blatantly and absurdly obvious: movement is change of position (obviously with respect to time) and everything in the universe is moving …

AND NOW (ouch)

I’ll leave you with this challenge (which you won’t have time enough to accept) (so make some time) and

indulge yourself

in Fitzgerald’s translations of Khayyam’sRubaiyat. The original Khayyam is a bit different from Fitzgerald’s, so I gather that the work we love is mostly Fitz’s (he was too modest).

As for Time not existing—there are schools that hold Time to be simply an eternal ‘now’. Cute. Others think that there’s no such thing as a ‘now’ … the moment you find a now it’s promptly a ‘was’ and the next ‘might be’ becomes an is.

Any thoughts?

Enough for now*, more soon.



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* Notice all the ‘temporal’ references? ‘Open‘, ‘brief‘, ‘soon‘, and ‘now‘ … and I’ve only just started*  (ouch). Everything is time based. (Get used to it:  no time = no nuthin’.)