into his artworks. Sometimes. Stuff he was clever enough not to mention out loud but left hidden in full view.


atheist I love having such pointed out to me, but always we are left with conjecture.

The below is from Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’. Better minds than mine have asked if the effeminate dude on Big J’s right is actually his wife? And of course meanings are attributed to gestures and stuff like that. So, let’s get with it—

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.23.15.png

The Last Supper by Leo D V (most of it)

Now: is this she~?

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.17.08.png

Having the hard word put on her, no doubt—a lot of that goes on. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.22.19.png

Here ol’ Judas (gripping the money bag) and Big Jeez are both reaching for a bun. Judas will scoop the pool—but don’t JC’s digits look awesomely ‘grasping’ there?


it gets better. If you look closely you’ll see a mysterious hand clutching a knife. The knife isn’t pointed at any bun … it’s aiming right for that guy’s heart. (And he doesn’t look happy…)Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.19.07.png

But who in that melange of assorted limbs and buns and gestures and stuff is wielding the knife, hmmmm?

Look closer—Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.24.40.png

—obviously it’s a right hand; but one that cannot possibly belong to the guy in the turquoisey suit who seems to be picking his own pocket. Cute.  Follow back to apparent source and it might almost appears to emanate from Mrs Jesus. (Long arms? foxy!)

Before I leave,

a big thank you

to GP for this clip (of the Pope confronting a flood of complaints about priests and boys?).





FAILS—Death chattering

‘cos the house of worship wouldn’t let him in. Bummer (for him) so he wanders out and pops off the nearest innocents in his fit of childish ire. (Honestly, some people~!)

“Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht said right-wing extremism “is one of the biggest threats facing us”. She vowed to get tougher on online platforms if they carry threats or material that incites hatred.”

to read from source:  CLICK HERE 

Admittedly if there were no bloody religions at all there’d be a few less of these silly things—but people have been slaughtering each other over the name of the True God(s) for thousands of years. It ain’t gonna stop now, and with the improvements in modern killing tools can only get more newsworthy*.


given God-like powers, stop it?

Not a toughie, not at all … quite simply I’d teach the kids (too late for most ‘adults’, I’m afraid) how to think. And I’d give them the freedoms to think with … then let ’em loose.

And that, Sir, Madame, or Undecided … would be that.

devil-2 BOP

They won’t buy it, you know …

* Every cloud, hey?


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 20.36.12YOU BLOODY ATHEISTS

can sometimes confuse us poor ole Godly!

KISS it, Keep It Simple:

“But since the foul demons are always devising destruction for the race of men, Carpocrates… using deceitful arts, so enslaved a certain presbyter in the church that he got from a copy of the secret gospel, which he interpreted according to his blasphemous and carnal doctrine…”


If (~!) IF the foul demons actually are, and do, etc etc then—

Q:  where did those foul demons come from?

(Oops, a low blow indeed … perhaps some good Christian might care to address it?)

A:  They came from God.

Wow! Another gift … but wait, read me out before you vomit—

—God alone was is THE unique omnipotent Prime Mover. (You know, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” … no?)

So God created the foul demons.

Ergo they are all a part of His mystery and entirely His fault gift; all just needles running along God’s pre-ordained grooves & tracks. AND—

God knows how it will all end*.


“Hey! Argus!”

(Ooops …)

“Yes, Mr Satan, Sir?”

“Are you tellin’ us that I’m a gift from God too?”

(Bugger … tread carefully, Dog …) “Er —yes?”

“Thanks, Dog. That’s what I’ve been saying all along—without ME, nothing!”


dodo                        devil-2 BOP



* No mysteries for an omnipresent omniscient. Boring, booooooo-rrrrr-iiiing!

Any dispute?



isn’t very good, especially when I try papalising. Sorry ’bout that—but herewith first off, your quote:

Papal urges.png

—from today’s Southland Times. I was in the library and blitzed a copy en passant; it begged a few never-to-be-asked questions, such as:

#1  Where the Hell does he (Pope) think the monies for his empire are going to come from if ‘profit’ is removed from the lexicon? Or does he think that only profits from the prophets are holy enough to keep?

#2  Does he really think that “God’s daring prudence” is adequate—to keep him in holy limousines these days? (Or should holy taxes be increased just a little?)

#3  Has he seen the snippet below?

   down finger


Makes one think of the good ol’—

I do not love thee, Cardinal Pell—

The reason why I cannot tell,

But this I know, and know damned well:

I don’na lova thee, Cardinal Pell!


(See? Told you I don’t do a good Papal accent …)

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 20.36.12.png“Me neither, Dog~!”

dodododo   dodododododododododo




etc etc etc yada yada yada and so forth ad infinitem. Now impedimate your mind with this snippet—

 “… Of course,  considering its accuracy, age, and the fact that its artistic style was not consistent with what was known from the era it supposedly belongs to, it was thought that what has come to be known as the Nebra Sky Disk was nothing more than a hoax or forgery, and prehistory professor at the University of Bristol, Richard Harrison, would say of it:

When I first heard about the Nebra Disc I thought it was a joke, indeed I thought it was a forgery. Because it’s such an extraordinary piece that it wouldn’t surprise any of us that a clever forger had cooked this up in a backroom and sold it for a lot of money …”

—referring to this beast   down finger


—which I just snup from CLICK HERE (being a link supplied by one of my very most favourite cranks, a guy called Graham Hancock (who does tend to get around a bit, look, see for himself and burble about what he’s seen as if his conclusions actually make any sense).

Which they do …





Conform, you damned disruptive bastard, and you’ll get your stipend (it means Meal Ticket) for life. (Plus due Hons, of course …)


have actually found (and believe to be The Truth), and …

BOOM BOOM—and you promptly cop both barrels. No holds barred, no ifs, no buts … you are history, Bub! (Just ask one Virginia Steen McIntyre*).

Try this—

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 20.23.47.png

—and conclude that here’s yet another idiot too thick to gauge which way the winds are blowing and reset his sails accordingly. (They pays the price, hey?)

Snippet above was snup from my very favourite crank—

—whom I personally believe to be a helluva lot more correct than the mainstream. Eventually progress will prove us right, in the meantime you may cast asparagus upon our utterings and mutterings, verily, until the tenth generation etc etc yada yada yada … and never forget that the prophets of (current**) science state only the Gospel Truth.

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 08.10.23

* And anyone else suicidally stupid enough to bleat the truth about what they have found, believing it to be The Truth.

** Fashionable.


Ram leftor didn’t, but it seems I be one.

It’s amazing what you stumble over whilst following trains of thought—a miracle!

“What’s a miracle, Mr Argus? Are you being sarcastic again?”

(Oh no … Little Virginia, loaded for bear … I’ll ignore her, she might go disappear herself.)

I was following some stuff that sets in context my own schooling and stumbled over a word meaning ‘self-taught’. (It was in a Wiki article on an author I’d read back in the heady days of people running about with flowers in their gun barrels.)

But I shan’t tell her that. Let her fret, it’ll twang her curiosity. Little girls are nothing if not curious critturs—

“Oh! You’re blogging again … definitely sarcastic, then.”

And just like that she’s gone, possibly off to ruin someone else’s morning and leave ’em thinking that perhaps a second coffee wouldn’t go amiss … bitch …selfie