as if we don’t have enough troubles. I posted this on Ark’s blog and being a sucker for punishment am inviting rebuttal—

All this endless debate about it and about … who the Hell cares? So long as we are all free to read whatever we like, say whatever we like, and act within a genuinely ‘human’ moral code? (Which means, Christians no more burning folks at the stake. It means, Islamists, leave little girls along until at least puberty or big enough to take your weight. And please, stop cutting people’s heads off.)
It means, Others, go right ahead in Freedom but do NOT restrict my own freedoms in any way, or those of any other innocent.

So if as a religionist (which religion? There’s hundreds of them!) you want to spread your own ‘good word’ you are free to do so and I am as free to shoot down your unprovable (mostly indemonstrable) claims. No?

—which I fear may be a loooong time coming. So, all you religionists and other debatably ‘nice’ people … this isn’t so much an invitation as a challenge. Feel free …

BT & ball grin



or not. It all depends on whose claims you believe. As a dog I don’t have to believe in any ‘cos all dogs go to Heaven … just try some of the miracle cures and who knows, perhaps your troubles really will all be over (ask President Trump about his proffered CV19 injection cures) … digression … oh, yes, your quote:

Ngatea man Roger Blake, who sells the bleach through his online business NZ Water Purifier Limited, is a ‘bishop’ of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

The ‘church’ originated in Florida and is not religious. Its sole function is to promote the use of the bleach formula that it calls Miracle Mineral Supplement, or MMS, which its followers also sell. (To become a ‘bishop’ of the church, one can download a $320 video course, and must provide two video testimonials of people who have been ‘treated’ with MMS.)

Your source:  CLICKETH HERE

May your Dog protect you from all harm, regardless. Trust in Dog from whom all blessings flow, Dog will never harm you … but beware of wolfs in sheep clothings, and many other marvellous modern miracles. Brrrr. Buy now and you get extra:

Various claims about MMS made by Genesis II leaders include that it can cure HIV, hepatitis, acne, cancer and now Covid-19 …

Vulture 2


Vulture 2(should one ever exist)


and has no need of ‘government’ largesse. It’s always the UNfree that need government intervention*.

“Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins​ is urging H&J Smith to consider help from the Government before closing its department store in the city.”

Sourced: CLICK ME

Self-interest is the greatest motivational force

    • on the planet
    • invoked by any form of government
    • in the English lexicon

It’s beneficial when harnessed by YOU in your own interests, and at it’s most vicious when invoked by others in YOUR interests. Now go look up the words ‘Lenin’ and ‘Stalin’ and ‘Communism’. I can wait, go get ’em Tiger (and prove me wrong).


“Hey! You! The mangy mutt with the moth-eaten fur!”

(Uh oh …)

“Who, ME, Mr Satan, Sir? I been good—     (oops) bad!

“Cool it with trying to make ’em think! … … Damn’ goody-goody busybody Dog! You know I almost had ’em, all, right there?!”

BOOM BOOMline, turquoise thin

*  That’s you, and me? (Don’t answer … hypothetical question. Forget that I ever asked, it’s exceeding my brief, and brevity is indeed the anti-verbosity soul of something more or less succinct; no?



and precious Corona virus—without which many of us wouldn’t be worried enough to look for escape from ever-lurking Death. (It’s one more way, I suppose, for Him to fill his ‘Angel Of Death’ quotas)(and churches.)


to have a God in charge who thinks of everything. Praise the Lord, then, from whom all blessings flow; and whatever else you do, don’t look at the photo in my previous post on this site … lest thee be discouraged and perhaps tempted to query thine own faith.



“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

Are you being sarcastic again, Dog?”

“Not enough to be noticeable, Your Godliness, Sir.”

“Carry on then, Dog … your effort is as appreciated on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

dodo me

line, turquoise thin

* God the Prime Mover created everything, no?



is it a Catholic country, at all? Are the people there churchgoing God-fearing types?

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 10.47.54

Don’t ask me. I’m just a cynic who already has enough problems with the Godly. I simply cannot resolve all the apparent contradictions — perhaps I should pray for God’s good guidance?

dodo me



I haven’t visited the link yet so I may state my piece first—this has to be a genuine ‘no brainer’, if only from the catchline:


to visit:  CLICK HERE


(and why not?) then visit Brian Cox’s link on how Hubble poked its long-range nose into an apparent vacancy in the far far far distant universe, and what it found therein (another reason why I put the Big Bang theory into the same basket as God’s very own personal Creation).

In my case it’s a simple WTF game—

—all the mass matter energies contained within the entire universe, originally squashed down into a non existent point (so small it didn’t exist)? And in that timeless entity something changed (?) sufficient to trigger an explosion so very large etc etc etc and now here we are counting the angels dancing on the head of the pin.


“Yo, Argus?”

“Beam me up, please. Now. At once! Give it wings …”


“Hey, Dog! Cool it—he’s one of MINE!”


“He is also credited with having fought the Air Ministry so that fighter planes were equipped with bullet proof wind shields.”

I need do more research but I understand that the same anti-social git even advocated putting guns into Britain’s fighter planes. Honestly, some people! Have they no respect for the ‘noise pollution’ laws, and the fact that falling empties might break the panes in some bugger’s greenhouse?