can be seen, but is it—can it ever be—enough?


through my posts (poor you, if you do) you’ll see how often I state that the United States of America isn’t a country, nor even a nation—it is an Empire. Complete with all the trimmings, too.

Take it or leave it we’ll move on, to a parallel universe person’s perspective on Mr Trump and his Establishment—

He has threatened to cut the F-35, a huge blow to Lockheed-Martin and hundreds of subcontractors; to pull US troops out of South Korea, a blow to the Empire; to end the wars, a blow both to the Empire and the military industry getting rich from them; to pull troops out of Okinawa, crippling the Empire in the Pacific; to start a trade war with China with a forty-five percent tariff of Chinese goods, threatening American corporations with factories there; and to chase out illegal immigrants, an important source of cheap labor to businesses.  He has called NATO “obsolete,” when leaving it would be the death knell of the Empire; and threatened to establish good relations with Russia, when the lack of a European enemy would leave NATO even more obviously unnecessary …

What sense does this make–apart from money and power? Russia is an economically challenged nation of 145 million, less than half of Europe’s population and much less than half of America’s. Its economy is a small fraction of the combined economies of Europe and America. It is not on a war footing. It is not moving forces into position for an invasion. It is not mobilizing. To satellite photography, to NSA these things would be as obvious as leprosy on a prom queen. The Establishment would be screaming to high heaven if there were the slightest trace of preparation for war. The whole business is manufactured …

For source:  CLICK HERE

So I am not the only loose cog in the clock.

He uses the word ’empire’, too. How dare he!

In 1964 the CIA was running various kinds of attacks against North Vietnam, without admitting it. Two intelligence vessels, the Maddox and the Turner Joy, claimed that they had been fired upon by the North. They had not, and if they had been it would not have been unreasonable since the United States was inserting teams of saboteurs into the north. The result, and intention, was to chivy America into wars which devastated three countries and lead to millions of deaths. It worked.

But in retrospect — who the hell cares? Only what’s left of the players and their descendants—the rest is entertainment* and agonised philosophising**.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 18.15.18.png

an entertainer (of sorts)

It’s all history now—ancient waters under rapidly forgotten bridges and brief entries in yellowed log-books/reports (Custer who?).


On the topic of History … is it really exactly a hundred years since that great ‘War to End All War’?***

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 18.17.30.png


* John Wayne, Barry Sadler; Apocalypses and such-likes …

** “This must never happen again!” (Yeah. Right.)

*** One of ’em. They’ve actually had a few more since …


yes you—


pc Trust the Americans to come up with the perfect word for the moment, every time. Boom boom!

Oops, moving on; here be your quote—

For decades, some of our departments, such as social work, education, and communications, have been full of young radicals who opt for a college that is at a safe distance from the minorities whom they claim to be championing. More than one such student has complained to me: “We don’t recruit enough students from inner cities to give us diversity.” To that, I usually responded: “If you want diversity, then why don’t you go to a college in a black neighborhood, say Temple in Philadelphia?” This invariably caused the complainer to walk away.

To read the whole nauseating thing from source: CLICK HERE 

—and it’s not the writer or the writings that make the gorge rise, it’s the issue(s).Snowflake One.png


but (shock, horror, dismay) what if ‘they’ bring back the Draft, in America? Can you imagine a Marine boot camp complete with freebie hugga-puppies, or safe rooms for the socially squeamish? In ‘lockdown’ because someone uttered a naughty word?

This was offered under the rubric of ‘Snowflake’


make of it what you will.

(I live in New Zealand … we don’t have snowflakes. But they’re coming).


No idea what a Sean Spicer is—but in some parts of the world they’d allow it to speak

2 USAs—not One


First, here’s your quote—

“When Eisenhower made his ‘open skies’ proposal, in July 21, 1955, at a Geneva summit conference, calling for unrestricted but monitored overflight of national territories on both sides of the Iron Curtain, many observers felts its acceptance would have gone a long way toward thawing the Cold War. To make a gesture of good faith toward Soviet Premier Khrushchev, the president ordered the CIA (under Allen Dulles) to halt its U–2 photo–reconnaissance flights. But Dulles secretly arranged for the flights to continue. When Francis Gary Powers’s U–2 spy plane was shot down in the Ural mountains on May 1, 1960, and Khrushchev announced the facts to the world media, the embarrassed Eisenhower lied to cover up. To many it appeared that the CIA chief had disobeyed a direct order from the Commander–in–Chief. The St. Louis Post–Dispatch asked the next day, ‘Do our intelligence operatives enjoy so much freewheeling authority that they can touch off an incident of grave international import by low–level decisions unchecked by responsible policy–making power’?”

“Later, when Lee Harvey Oswald’s possible role in the U–2 affair became known, some observers felt Dulles’s action implied that the director of the CIA was above the president and that the military–industrial complex could do what it pleased, independent of the will of the people as expressed by the popularly elected and duly constituted chief executive. No wonder Ike [Eisenhower] was peeved: the CIA was running the U.S. the way it ran Latin America. The U–2 affair was no mere personality squabble, Ike vs. Dulles; it was two institutions of the executive branch vying for supremacy, the presidency vs. the CIA, hence the democratic process vs. a form of totalitarism.”

“The CIA had already planned the April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion before Kennedy took office in January, and when the invasion failed, Kennedy felt that the CIA had set him up. He let it be known he intended to dismantle the CIA and assign its functions to the other intelligence units within the government. He reportedly vowed ‘to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds’…

to read from source: CLICK HERE

—and we all know what subsequently happened to Kennedy*.

Ol’ Oswald and the U2? It doesn’t surprise …

In summary it seems there are two Americas—one being the sweet mythical land of folklore, known and loved by all (you know—the one with that Declaration of Independence thing, the redundant Constitution, Messrs Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and all those other fairytale folks …  … and … … the Grim Reality where the ‘elected’ monarchs had better do as they’re damned well told. Or else.


we should run a sweepstake on how much longer that nice Mr Trump has left to live.

Any takers?


* He became the object lesson for “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” …



Whose gains? Don’t ask.pc

Whose health? Twofold answer: yours, and their bank balance.


knowingly had the one flu jab in my life. That was at a time when despite all reservations I simply could not afford to take even one day off. Reluctantly I got The Shot …

shot shooter.png

… and of course went down with the worst blasted flu I’d ever had. (I do very little by halves, when I get a bug I get a bug. I got bugged. It was days before I surfaced again and ages before I was fit to face the world.)


Let’s talk about you.

Why not you visit these two links—




—then ponder the ancient question so very old (and rarely asked by anybody who should be asking) (that’s you, Bub) there’s even Latin for it:







pca little. Now and then.


for being so Politically inCorrect for many years. All those formative years, now not only wasted but very much in need of unsuppliable correction (for others, that is).

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.55.01.pngDO YOU REMEMBER

that famous official ‘Food Pyramid’? You know, the one that had those disgusting natural fats and proteins at the very top, and all the lovely-healthy-wonderful breads and doughnuts and buns and grains and things along the bottom; with the injunction to wolf as much as you can wish from the bottom but stay well away from the top? You weren’t allowed butter but could gobble all the healthy margarine and other recommended artificial substitute ‘fats’ you could stomach …



quote from an FPD* of that golden age of health advice—

She dedicates Nourishing Fats “To the memory of Mary G. Enig, PhD” (1931-2014), her long-time colleague, friend, and coauthor of key articles and books. The two books they wrote together are Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats (1995) and Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The healthy Alternative to Trans Fats (2005). More than 30 years ago, Dr. Enig exposed the connection between trans-fat margarine and heart disease and cancer. The medical establishment first ignored her, then vilified her, and finally years later treated her findings concerning trans-fat as an unsurprising, obvious fact.

To read from source: CLICK HERE 

—make of it what you will. Or go find the very latest all-singing all-dancing health advice from your Health and Medicine Establishment (you know who I mean—those guys who told you that to even walk by a room containing an egg was to risk arterialclaustofosis, to even glimpse a picture of a butter wrapper would collapse you to the ground in fits of spasms whilst the blubber would be piling around your waist in layers too fast for your bathroom scales to follow).Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.56.45.png

Real butter, I’m told, comes from contented grass-fed cows. Organic if you can get it, a natural lovely golden colour devoid of artificial colourings. Not white.

Brought up on such I was often gob-smacked to see Americans cheerfully spreading some sort of health-promoting white grease from packets labelled ‘butter’. Yeuch.

Butter, dammit, comes from cows. Not laboratories:

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.59.24.png


Stay away from eggs too. (Well, they used to command us so from the minarets of ‘good advice’—it had to be truth, all the newspapers and ladies’ magazines were full of it.)

And (horrors~!) even the lethal egg is now legal again … and salt! But don’t get me started on the advantages of genuine salt over the de-salted salt they sell as ‘free flowing and health promoting’ table salt.

Graze as close to the ground as you can get and to hell with their officials, fashion, healthy pyramids, food police, and their ‘advice’.


* FDP = Food Pyramid Denier (shock, horror, dismay!) 

Sadly in NZ lard still seems effectively unattainable—I have to render down my own. O tempora, o mores …



to control the way we think. (It took ’em long enough!)

Er … if I may quote … if it’s alright with you, that is, and if nobody will be offended, and if I promise never to do it again, and if no offence is intended to anyone alive, dead, half-dead, half alive, or even not one of us? Especially folks of other belief systems, or ‘cultures’ (some of which admittedly go back to waaaay beyond when our own ancestors—okay, MY ancestors—were peering fearfully out of caves).

Oops, here be your quote—

The call for hate-crimes legislation is understandable and even laudable. In an age of mounting xenophobia, those who preach hatred of other races or religions no longer seem a minor or fringe element. Some of the worst xenophobes now hold power in countries which used to preach tolerance and diversity.

Police Commissioner … wants to see if there is a case for hate-crimes legislation in …

Taken from:  CLICK HERE

Laudable? That was as far as I got before the red mists started rising in front of my eyes. Some blasted over-indoctrinated non-thinking PC turkey is babbling his lines but with no thought for the predictable consequences. Not good.


mentions the “xenophobia sweeping the United States and Europe” in the manner of  fait accompli and assumes that we all know/understand/agree/and shall comply with the implications. Such as more of this—


—if this is what you really want?

No-one even thinks to ask

(a) does such ‘xenophobia’ actually exist? How much? and

(b) if so … why?

—but it makes catchy copy and sells papers. And complies, thus preserving the licence to sell papers. So let me tell anyone who may be interested that (for example)—





All you can hope to do is silence dissent by locking up the folks who rightly or wrongly actually think for themselves. Not good. No? Ol’ Adolf had answers for that one too—by doing just that.


it does get better—

The best way to handle a xenophobe is simply to let them rant and then to dismember their case in moderate and informed speech. Bigotry should always be challenged and rebutted. Freedom of speech allows the bigot to speak but allows sensible people to respond.

—which is exactly what I am trying to do here. Too many nice well-intended (?) wannabe controllers command us all the time to “judge not, lest ye be judged” (frightened, are they?) whereas I say “Judge! Judge as if your very life depends on your judgement!*” and to hell with all the people who would change the laws to force anyone’s thinking along the  Politically Correct channels.


* Because actually … it does.




Proof indeed that in linguistic and grammatical competence I’m not alone.

Sure, The Spouse whimpers sometimes when I kick off on a hobby-horse — who in their right minds wouldn’t—but there’s a difference between deliberately taking liberties (moi) and ignorance (them).


news media usage of our languages (English) (and American—loosely based on English).


on giants of the industry so shan’t bore you no further no more, but shall/will offer you these few snippets taken from various sauces, make of them what u will—

snip 1.png

The Douglas Dakota plane has been sighted several times in the area and it has locals thoroughly spooked. 

It’s a model that used to be flown by the RAF more than 60 years ago. 

Adding to the mystery are reports that one of the jets crashed in the vicinity in the 1940s. 

And look, they even give us a photo of a jet of the same breed as the mystery jet seen/reported to be jetting jettishly around the UK skies—

snip 2.png

—and ain’t it a pretty bugger? All shiny and metally like—but I can understand why peeple don’t want the screech of goastly jet engines howling through the skies all the time. They should call in a priest, a rabbi, and an imam (no, this isn’t a joke) to get the damned thing exercised.

If you want to see it for yore self, go their this is what you might see—

snip 3.png

—but be advized that ghosts rarely appear when wished.


I’m off, back to the Southland Times article I was reading about the little girl that drowned in a pubic swimming pool.

She died.

But an off-duty nurse brought her back to life whilst the lifeguard folks stood and watched. Or something like that, gripping stuff, I may let you know complete with snaps. It too was writen (obvously!) by someone with a modern college degree …





with server troubles, but despite their help I think I’ve finally made the break through and am back on all four paws again (and me being effectively these days a technological dodo).


who only sit and watch with jaundiced eye—

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 21.16.19.png

—whilst pondering all possible meanings of the words “You reap what you sow”. As in, for example—

The Royal Navy has suffered a manning crisis since Government cutbacks in 2010 and, despite high-profile television adverts, faces a shortfall of 2,000 sailors across the fleet. 

Oh dear … not enough hands, they’ll have to cut down their flagship to just two banks of oars …

In a legal loophole which allows the MoD to avoid full liability, those who sign up to dust off their uniforms will enlist as Full Time Reservists, given contracts and terms of service for just five years before they are back in civilian life.

Punitive cuts in 2010 saw 12 vessels axed from the fleet and 5,000 jobs lost, with plans to increase this by a further 1,000 by 2020.

Last night former First Sea Lord Admiral Lord West said: “We are paying the price for ill-judged cuts to the Royal Navy announced by the Coalition Government in 2010.

So they are advertising for silly old poops to come out of retirement and rejoin? Is this such a good idea, really—do they actually believe that some vintage hairy-arsed ancient matelot will fit into the modern culturally-sensitive non-sexist tot-free modern fleet?

RN 55 plus~!.jpg


really possible to take the ‘wooden ships and iron men’ old salts and fit them into iron ships with … (gulp) wimmin?

I’d say no, as in not.

Let the dead bury their dead and all that stuff; they might get a few sign up out of nostalgia for a way of life that no longer exists; or a few from patriotism, perverse curiosity, or love of bonus … but would it actually work? Or is it that same mentality now desperately clutching at straws?


I think it’s someone’s idea of a joke.



And just as an afterthought: have the clever folks of the RN’s design teams figured out what to do about the problems with their all-singing all-dancing modern destroyers? You know what I’m on about … them battle boats that can’t go into warmish waters … but don’t fret, recycled retirees can pull on the sweeps (oars) as well now as they could fifty years ago. Boom boom~!



and much* of it is blatant propaganda. Diogenes would stay blind in any country of this modern world, day or night, his lamp’s flickering flame all aflutter and any optimism stillborn.


what delight through yonder computer screen breaks?

“In America you can change political parties but you cannot change the policies. In China you cannot change the party, but you can change policies … China is a vibrant market economy, but it is not a capitalist country,” entrepreneur and social scientist, Eric Li says. He adds that in China, “capital does not rise above political authority,” and there is no way a group of super rich people can control the politburo, “as billionaires control America’s policy making.”

I shan’t give you the source. Like any other source anywhere it is a political propaganda tool, and to break the mystery is to lose the magic. So instead of trying to find who to sneer at …
… shouldn’t you be considering what the writer was actually saying?


any kind of a point?cerberus-2

Naaaaaahhhhh … damned commie swine. Should all be shot! Nuke the lot of ’em and to hell with the consequonces  rammifi ramifuca outcomes!

Boom boom!

* Okay … most of it. At a pinch (and if pressed) I’d say all of it.




pcfor this old dog so I leave the squabbling to better educated minds than mine. For myself, when the ‘unprecedented’* global warming schtook hit the fan I did a few sums and concluded that all is politics, and any (r) any ‘facts’ can be adapted to ‘prove’ any point.


in this rapidly heating overcooked world, does this source have a point—?

This rapid movement is striking. But the directional change is even more alarming for Europe. The summer in Europe barely saw many real scorching hot days but the winters are getting colder. In 2012, even the waterways in Venice were icing over. Germany relies upon its canal system to move goods and agriculture. In 2012, the canals froze. The canals in the Netherlands were not freezing during the winter during the global warming period. That changed in 2009. Hamburg was frozen to the bone in 2010.

Europe is rapidly turning colder much faster than expected. The real deep freeze for Europe came about 300 years ago and is known as the Deep Freeze of 1709. In the first few months of 1709 remained in a deep freeze for months. People were ice-skating on the canals of Venice. People could cross the Baltic Sea on horseback because it was completely frozen! You could not ring a church bell because it would shatter it was that cold. The length of the deep freeze has always been a mystery …

The Southern region like Australia will see it get warmer in summer as Europe gets cooler in the winter. Things are changing much more rapidly ever since the North Pole reversed and changed direction moving at 55 km per year back in 2000.

to read from source: CLICK HERE 

—don’t ask me. I’m just an observer now, observating how any facts can be adapted to suit any circumstances. (Hell, as a non-professional but wildly enthusiastic doubter cynic I still have my reservations about who was it really that popped off JFK—and why the US turned a blind eye to the Israelis enthusiastically beating up USS Liberty that time*).

PS Fancy a trip to Venice? Or to Holland, perhaps even Algeria? Don’t go until you’ve CLICK HERE visited this link (no, not a commercial, it’s a UK news source).


* Possibly the famed American tolerance of boys being boys, the wee scamps (just a pity they damaged the paintwork a bit but there ya goes …)