dodomean well.

You know, they have Good Intentions—

—however innocent they may be. (But when has a simple matter like a few accepted ‘facts’ ever stood in God’s way, hey?)

Now cast thine peepers over these graven images of mine, and proclaim unto me what thou seeeth (it means wot thou perceiveth):

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 18.20.51.png

But read the labels first or you lose the thrill of recognition which will be enhanced by this closer-up graven imagery—


down eyeface


Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 18.19.18.png


on my part … HORRORS~!  

What if the dude running the sideshow is subtly having a subtle dig at Yours Truly (who would happen to be me) and the idiot (moi, not him) fell for it?

Naaaahhhh …

… but still I has me doubts. Even after I’d taken the snap and snuck a peek at the gaffer, who was earnestly motor-mouthing a too polite to disengage ‘prospect’ who’d made the mistake of making a comment. (Fell for the bait then, didn’t he, and paid the price*.)


The Garden is still recruiting too—but watch out for the snake, it rears up at the awkwardest damned moments … but all is still always in accordance with God’s preordained scripting … even them dinos … and the odd




* The secret is to avoid eye contact. (If you do so by accident and they come galloping over your best defence is to start foaming at the mouth. (Or abandon hope all ye who remain there: RUN like a rabbit and Devil take the hindmost~!)



—for the following:

“I have no way of proving that our universe evolved following a big bang.”

(lifted from:  CLICK HERE )

There are many will say that you are in denial, that modern science is right into and on top of the concept. Sadly, I don’t. Even if when you run the metaphoric movie of science’s expanding universe backwards it eventually becomes much like that famous bird*.


I put the two explanations into the same box labelled “Oh, yeah?” (there’s two compartments, one labelled ‘Science’ and the other ‘Gods, assorted’). The science one is much smaller …


I found it hard as a kid to accept that water was incompressible. I muddled compression with pressure, and when (Beebe? Don’t ask) some inquisitive chap lowered his ball down to the depths to test it, and brought it back up, and unsprung some of the bolts, it almost exploded … full of compressed water suddenly expanding, I thought.


I ponder … how can all the water on this planet possibly be reduced in size to something smaller than a bucketful?


“Easy peasey, Dog … for Me … others will have to work at it!”


AND the planet itself? More wow …

AND the sun, moon, solars system too? Even bigger wow …


all (repeat) ALL the other solar systems, stars, planets, asteroids and comets and schloggs of nebular dust and for that matter  universes and systems and stars and the entire universe/s it/them self/selves …. (don’t stop me now, I feel a song coming on)—

—in fact, everything ever created (by wotever means) … how can we accept that all of this was once squished down into so tiny a compressed particle it didn’t even exist? (No Reality for it to exist in, for a start.)


timeless, no? ‘Time’ being the medium of change—if there’s no time, you don’t have any change. And likewise.

Or do you?

Because, we are told, within our timeless non-existent infinitely massive cute little particle something changed and made the whole tiny thing quietly go POP and it exploded. (Has to be a silent POP ‘cos you need a medium for sound to travel in. Through. Whatever … and pre POP there was no such medium …)

What it expanded into has never been explained, which is just as well ‘cos I’m too thick to comprehend anyway.


I’ve just ruined my own morning, I think I’ll go read some news and cheer myself up even more. Perhaps ol’ God may revelate something to me over coffee …


you, Sir or Madam, will keep. I have wax and pins but still need a lock of your hair …




* Flies around in ever decreasing circles … until eventually it vanishes up its own exhaust pipe …


by bypassing all the usual bricks-and-mortar houses of God—just cut direct to the chase; which is what religion is all about:


down eyeface



Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 17.40.25.png


Religion of any kind, that is, except yours* .

Yours alone in geography, history, and the entire universe is The Unique One-True Word Of God; sincere, and NOT in the least fixated on the sucke  honest querent’s buck.

Again I state:  all (repeat) ALL others are false (sent by Satan to lure you into pitfalls and snares). Be careful out there~! 


“Not true~!”                 “Is too!”


And now, just keep those donations pouring in—God desperately NEEDS your bucks for His Good Works; AND …




* Unless you’re one of us …

** So it’s Win/Win for all concerned.


attributed via Wiki via VW to one Jenner—

Some days before his death, he stated to a friend: “I am not surprised that men are not grateful to me; but I wonder that they are not grateful to God for the good which he has made me the instrument of conveying to my fellow creatures.” (wikipedia)

—which I couldn’t let pass without timidly asking where did the foul disease he discovered the means of combatting come from in the first place?


“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”

—and I await your hosannas.

Let ’em ring forth loud and clear—

—and please feel free to join me in the choruses. Or not.





skull & bones“Sometimes,” some might mutter darkly, “it’s over bloody reaction!”

For those not in the know:  In New Zealand recently an insane madman (the very worst kind of public-spirited citizen doing his bit for ‘God, Queen, and Country’) paid an unannounced social call on a couple of mosques in Christchurch (city) and right under God’s very own nose in God’s very own personal House slaughtered fifty of God’s very own special favourite chosen worshippers. So—

—as a knee-jerk reaction the Prime Minister (boss) in NZ promptly outright banned all semi-automatic rifle-type weaponry from private ownership. In future, other than government approved small arms only the government itself will legally posses firepower.

More power, then, to the ballot than the bullet, no?*


thanks to GP for the following image:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 09.15.32.png


again I ask: does anyone know the meaning of the gesture God’s chosen hero (below)(the thing in the middle) is making with its right hand?

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 18.00.54



* No. One sometimes ponders The Law Of Unintended Consequences … but as a dum dog, I don’t have to. (Also an oldster I simply don’t bother—I merely mention these things; in case anyone gives a shi         shiver. Brrrrr …


PeeCee = EeZee …

especially in EN ZED.

skull & bonesIT IS EASIER

skull & bones

In New Zealand to be Politically Correct (you know, go flow the flow) than to actually give some genuine consideration to issues. In fact it’s a moral compulsive—one that might explain why we are so brilliant at sheep.

We observe, we learn …

Hence, this foreign woman’s complaint—

“A women’s rights activist in Iran says her heart broke when she saw New Zealanders wearing the hijab in an attempt at solidarity following the Christchurch mosque attacks.

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian activist and journalist who hosts the website My Stealthy Freedom where women in Iran post photos without headscarves, admired Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s compassion, but was conflicted about the national display.

After 50 people were shot dead in two Christchurch mosques on March 15, photos of Ardern wearing a hijab went around the world, with many political commentators admiring her act of solidarity.

Alinejad, who has lived in self-imposed exile since 2009 and received death threats for her campaigning against Iran’s obligatory wearing of headscarves, told Reuters: “I felt admiration that a prominent leader and women in New Zealand showed compassion to the Muslim community, but I also felt that you are using one of the most visible symbols of oppression for Muslim women in many countries for solidarity, and it also broke my heart.


Gentle language there, delicate in fact, filled with tact and self-preservation. I like that in a broad. Bitch? (Bugger, I’m not getting through here, am I?)

“She says visitors to Iran shouldn’t wear the hijab … and those who do are “sending a message that men are more equal than women … “

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 08.21.53.png

So … what may an Iranian lawfully do—in accordance with his religious traditions and modern imperatives—to his woman women when/if they step out of line? (Don’t ask—beyond here be monsters) (brrrrrr)

Islam, the great religion of God’s infinite mercy, love, power and compassion. And wisdom too … let’s not forget that He revealed (exposed?) Himself in that cave so we may all be saved by His Holy Commandment. God is good … and needs more headscarfed women.

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 09.08.54



read sufficiently far enough into a Spiegel article to shout “Bananas!” and shut off. You know, switch off, close down, cease thinking and rationalising and integrating rates into projected trends and calculated future positions.


at all why some folks grab firearms and “take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing …” — however mistakenly, and at this slice of time not socially acceptable (to us)(others are more than happy to do so) (’twas ever thus) then I offer this snippet:

AND if you go there either take a barf bag or leave your morality at the door and yell

“Three cheers for Uncle Mo and his Merry Men!”

—and look around for somewhere to sign up so that you too can have the blessings of Allah in your life. If male …


why do we trade with them?

Perhaps this could answer:     down eyeface  .gif

and if, like me, you couldn’t translate it into recognisable English, I took the liberty of googlising it for you:


                              Tailored suits, chauffeured cars
                              Fine hotels and big cigars
                              Up for grabs, up for a price
                              Where the red hot girls keep on dancing through the night
                              The claim is on you
                              The sights are on me
                              So what do you do
                              That’s guaranteed
                              Hey little girl, you want it all
                              The furs, the diamonds, the painting on the wall
                              Come on, come on, love me for the money
                              Come on, come on, listen to the moneytalk
                              Come on, come on, love me for the money
                              Come on, come on, listen to the moneytalk
                             A French maid, foreign chef
                             A big house with king size bed
                             You’ve had enough, you ship them out
                             The dollar’s up, down, you’d better buy the pound
                             The claim is on you
                             The sights are on me
                             So what do you do
                             That’s guaranteed
                             Hey little girl, you broke the laws
                             You hustle


Do you think that the energetic AC/DC team might be aware of the plight of our wee subject, at all?

Possibly not—until you get to the last two lines in the quote above.


So, you are thinking … of what relevance, that title “Bananas!”?

I use it both to suggest a sudden moment of enlightenment, and to reference a cheering scene in the movie ‘Pete Rabbit’ — the recent one with the outstandingly superlative animation and great scenes of humour—

—which banana scene isn’t mentioned at all in this trailer. Bummer …

Now go worship Allah, the God from whom all blessings flow, the Almighty, merciful, compassionate and wise—

—and try not to think what happens in Saudi prisons. Brrr … especially to subhumans like women …