Move over, Ripley …

… I’m a convert!


—but I do still have nagging doubts that perhaps these weren’t really real miracles …

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.04.01




Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 09.24.34with associated apologies

to all who think we atheists have horns and a long tail.

And now, our background: in a fairly recent correspondence I promised Mel a snap of the Nativity creche a local concreting firm dusts off and lights up annually. A wee few years back it was refurbished and now looks a lot less homely … and the cute wee donkey was removed, he’s been AWOL ever since. Not good—where would Christ have been if lacking a donkey he had to hitchhike into town? Hmm?

From across the road and approaching the creche—

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.10.31.png

—the scene, sans my beloved donkus—

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.11.21.png

—and closer in—

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.12.14.png

—and doesn’t that just scream out for an adoring donkey? For whatever reason even as a very agnostic atheist I feel a bit (okay, a lot) unfulfilled. (FOR the technically minded, figures are life-size.)


I ambled off through night homewards, and en route scored a few moths—

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.58.24.png

—then attracted like a moth to a flame I homed in and got a few more shots. Zippy little buggers, and I’m not sure if that ‘corckscrew effect) is an artefact of flapping wings or something to do with the strobscopic effect of the lighting (street-lamps and floodlight).

Here’s yer closer uppers:

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 11.56.39.png

—and when I go back tonight (if not raining—I don’t think soggy moths fly too good)

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 12.02.08.png

—I’ll take a tripod and some sandwiches. WTS (watch this space …)



Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.28.04

“Argie … you’re not so bad. I think I’ll keep you …”


That’s what an atheist gets for putting in a good word for donkeys!



Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.04.01



are for burning at the stake~!

“… The team wondered how this could be. Mastodon femurs … almost 3 feet long and up to 8 inches in diameter. What could have detached these heads from their shafts and positioned them …

They tried not to speculate but kept returning to the possibility that humans might have been here, might have broken these bones and walked away …

It was heresy, maybe even lunacy …”

to read from source CLICK HERE 

No, simple staking-burning isn’t good enough for heretics! Everything is known by experts, who know it well enough to make it doctrine. Gospel.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yo, Little Virginia?”

“Gospel, Sir?”

“From ye olde English, Cutie—God’s spell, meaning the Word of God. Unarguable; you just can’t get truthier than that.”

“Heresy, Sir?”

“To query, challenge, argue with, deny, or cast asparagus upon the Word Of God is heresy, Toots. Whichever priesthood involved.”

But wait, it gets even worse—

After dating these bones, Deméré and his team argued that they were broken more than 130,000 years ago …

Oh no. Better get piling up faggots … everyone knows as a matter of faith that there were no humans nowhere near America before about 12-14,000 years ago—

For nearly half a century, schoolchildren have been taught that the first human visitors to the New World belonged to the Clovis culture, known for chipped-stone spear points first discovered in New Mexico.

Archaeologists say these people crossed the Bering Land Bridge from Asia about 12,000 years ago.

Bop the Idiot—and that’s gospel. Can’t argue with the gospel, can we?

So all the bones are wrong … who would we be to let a little scientific speculation stand in the Way of The True Faith?

To dispute Clovis-first by a few thousand years was controversial. Some archaeologists had won begrudging acceptance with a few scattered excavations.

But to propose a site more than 100,000 years older was professional suicide. It would undermine the research and reputations of most archaeologists now studying the New World.

The great Ayn Rand had one of her heroes flipping burgers for a living after he clashed with the Experts, he refused to sell his soul to conform.

More the fool him, no?

big J

“Archbishop Ussher worked out The Creation was 4004 BMe … you can’t argue with an expert, especially in those days; take a lesson here, Kids—and you’ll be fine.”




dodo copy      dodo copy                        dodo copy



on anyone’s parade,

(except when they start it!) … here’s a wee thought—

“Some of those attending the winter solstice celebrations at Stonehenge were there to worship, others to party or to simply to enjoy the rise of the sun after the longest night and look forward to lengthening days and springtime …

Despite it being a gloomy, soggy morning in Wiltshire, there was a joyful atmosphere as hundreds of people gathered to witness the light return.

There is evidence that spending time near or within the standing stones can actually be good for mental wellbeing.”


Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.41.27.png


—a thought which is also a clue. You know, for the wise. Want more? Okaaaayyyy … here we go; just a little more generally specific.





Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.41.07.png


And I’ll bet that the wise will have already sussed it out. As for the rest of us, I still have that bridge for sale—what is it with Australian products, Gorgeous bridge, Sydney Harbour, dirt cheap and still no takers … dunno why I bovvers, Guv …






Bop the IdiotE & OE

I once again happened across and again was impressed. But all is meaningless in this post if you do not know (or can’t accept) a most basic Law of existence. I keep referring to it. It must be true because no-one challenges it—



—and now, moving on:


are from a website that purports to have found ‘contradictions’ in the Christian Holy Bible. Obvious the nice atheist bastar folks are (perhaps) well intentioned. Or merely tools of Satan.

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

“Hey, Argie! Leave me outa this! Ya on yer own this time!”

Bugger. Can’t rely on anyone these days.

Moving on; try these (below) on for size. If they ring your bell go to HERE for further edification:



And may the omnipotent omniscient (He gave you Free Will, don’t forget—you make your own choice)(and being omniscient He hasn’t a clue which way you will choose to go until of your own free will you make that choice).

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 07.55.48.png

That sounds a bit painful. I think it’s suggesting that all wimmin (girls, ladies, females etc) be medically verified before their wedding; and if found unqualified to be terminated with extreme prejudice. No?

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 07.56.29.png


Now that it’s not only legal but being actively encouraged, I think either the Good Book should be rewritten or more forests planted. Seeing that we cannot revise the GB I guess it’s back to the ol’ stake …

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 07.57.29.png

Forty-six percent?

Now this would impress me if I hadn’t guessed similar. Actually, I misguessed (more) so there’s hope yet. Perhaps after the words of the great Prophet Al Gore we should all be frantically building arks?

It’s been done before, God can do it again; and in His infinite compassion and mercy … He will.

big J

“So I said to Argie—’You just try running around all day in a sheet and no knickers, then sitting down in a remote spot with a bunch of other folks’ kids and cuddle the little girls … not PC, doncha know, but I done me homework. Ain’t no trees around here!”






should that be ‘chased’? Bugger …


this fresh in from the devotee’s field manual—


—make of it what you will. Sadly I didn’t catch the source, but God will ensure that credit goes where due.

And now one wee nagging doubt needs be settled (Mel? CS? Anybody?)—

How big is a Holy Spirit?

(Bugger … theology is just so difficult, now we have to run around measuring gender gaps—and you just try doing that on a church-hall dance floor!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.28.04

“Don’t fret, Argie … I’m watching ’em …”


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 08.12.34.png






they tell me,

is a sign of intelligence.

At last~!

After all the atheistic bombardments that poor ol’ God and Jesus and Allah and Moses and every other damned divine divinity (there’s dozens scores hundreds thousands of ’em) (all unique) have been suffering recently at the hands of Ark and JZ (and little guys with lightning rods) and other misbegotten heathens … tonight I got this—

Southland rain radar.png

—which is conclusive proof that Big G has a sense of humour. We’ve had no rain at all here for weeks and everyone’s gardens (fields, meadows, paddocks, pastures …) is/are showing signs of thirst; so the devout have (on everyone’s behalf) been praying like fury for water-from-heaven.

Ol’ God delivers, no doubt about it, as a quick beak at the above rain radar imagery shows.

Delivers some of it to the mountains … and the rest (wow! Talk about recycling!) to the sea from whence He sucked it up in the first place—is that a real sense of humour, or wot?

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.28.04.png

Took you long enough, Argie! Still time for a quick worship … no? (Bugger~!)


finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy


Okay then, Big G … if you insist, but try not to slobber on my paws …