COULD IT BE~?a two

I have no idea. (I’ve heard the name, and think he may be a rock-star of some kind. If a successful one:  good on him.)


minutes ago awaiting whilst awaiting the Spouse I happened across this—

JB & JC.png

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And I got to thinking—where do you go when you’ve met the basic human needs? You know: food, shelter, clothing?

And what I see as (for many folks) the almost-as-important ‘secondary’ needs: recognition, sex, power, control? Could these be the driving force behind ol’ JB’s opening up his very own personal Christian franchise? (The “Church of the Holy Rocker” perhaps?)


and enter politics. Lots, actually …

What else is left after a very wealthy successful man reaches his summit? The presidency of the USA, perhaps? Naaaa … that one’s been taken, and currently no vacancy. But your very own personal Pope-hood—God on Earth—that’s almost as good.

And you never know …


the guy and find out, but sometimes I delight in my ignorance innocence.

Let it lie.


buitre162                    buitre162

buitre162buitre162                                                                              buitre162






“C’mon in~! Plenty of room (and the more the merrier~!)”






that moment of enlightenment, the breakthrough. It comes suddenly, and often when least expected.

buitre162I JUST HAD

a mini-satori.

Almost ashamed to admit in mixed company that I am a (SFX: insert a ‘Hoooooickkkkk … SPIT~!’ here please) damned Conspiracy Theorist (CT) because of their use of the term ‘reptilian’ … but first, here’s a wee image for you—


—one that denigrates my cause rather than enhances. Fanciful? Read on …

It illustrates one of the reasons I detest being typecast. I am an individual and dislike being lumped in with the other nutters (one of the symptoms of other nuttery being their usage of the word ‘reptilian’) (see image, above).

I find it hard to believe that citizens of the planet Zork (why are they always given names like Zork?) are here with snakey visages concealed behind peel-off faces.


of Dog-given rapture I had a Satori—the entire universe went ‘CLICK!’ (or was it clunk? Squelch?) and high-school botany sprang to mind.


that our human brain comprises of all sorts of lobes, synapses, sub brains and various wriggly bits. All good clean fun … and we have primarily the mammalian brain that makes us what we are (civilised? Oops) and (you’ll love this!) a more ancient ‘reptilian’ brain.

Well now.

And the reptilian brain is a lot more primitive, being unconcerned with such niceties as sharing and compassion. Apparently the reptile thinks only of self—and is totally focussed on that.

Now we know ....png

Anyone we know?

So I can say with a clear conscience that effectively all politicians and religious leaders are Reptilians. No need for peel-off faces with snakey good looks beneath—and it all comes together nicely. Took me a long time, I must be getting old …

cerberus-2Now go look up the derivation and meaning of the word ‘persona’ … I shan’t wait. (I have a skin to shed …)



of a pin? Don’t ask. I’m more interested in “how many Muslims can change British law?” (All they have to do is establish a foothold and then out breed the natives—at the natives’ expense.)


quoted as being from one of the very greats of modern times—

A member of the Islamic Assembly (Majlis) and its ‘Judicial Commission’, Nayereh Akhavan (here’s a photo of her), has said that there can be no ban on child marriages because there are ten year olds who have reached ‘sexual and intellectual puberty’ and because it would ‘contradict sharia’. We know Islam’s prophet consummated his ‘marriage’ with Aisha when she was 9. And of course there is Ayatollah Khomeini ‘s book of sayings: ‘Tahrir al Wasilah’, where he says that a man can even have sex with a baby.

He says: ‘A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister… It is better for a girl to marry at such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house, rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.’

There’s more on sex with animals and placing penises between the thighs of weaning babes if you have the stomach to read on.

The book in English is very inappropriately called Ruhollah Khomeini, Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini: Political, Philosophical, Social, & Religious (“The Little Green Book”) [Bantam Books, September 1985, New York/London. ISBN 0553140329] by the moral relativist brigade.

And I leave your response to you, Snowflake. With no children of my own, ergo no investment in the future, I can but watch in fascination before I pass over my share of the torch. Digne lampada tradas … yeah …


D-Day beach. His price is your legacy. A malinvestment?

And yes—it’s YOUR future at risk. Make the most of it. Conquest comes not with blazing glory but like a thief in the night—and they name it 4GW.

The quote in green above? Uplifted from:  CLICK HERE


The quote in red above used to translate from Latin as “Worthily, hand on the torch”. Google Translate makes it even more interesting (in the present context).



ya dum’ bugger!

Before it’s too late.

Actually, it may already be too late ….

Victoria Police charge Cardinal George Pell

Posted Thu at 12:41pm

Thu 29 Jun 2017, 12:41pm

Cardinal George Pell is charged with multiple counts of historical child sexual assault offences.

Source: ABC News | Duration: 2min 43sec

For source of the above: CLICKETH HERETH

—although it may yet be too early to judge not; and most likely too late to get him off the hook. Troller

Had he converted earlier, he’d have lost his rank and status (and paltry ‘widow’s mites’) but in Islam one is allowed (encouraged by holy law) to abuse little girls.

It’s all legal, so make the swap right now and go get ’em, your Cardinalship!

“Mr Argus, Sir—”

“Yes, little Ollivia?”

“Is a cardinal what they are speaking of when they refer to a Prince of the Church?”

“I don’t know, little girl—”

“So perhaps little girls should ‘put not their trust in princes‘?’



Damn! As a Prince Of Peace I resemble that remark!






—some rotten bugger slips you a crippler and upsets your equilibrium.

Before you read on, look at the image above (have a quick worship if you like—I’ll wait) … then here’s another shot of the same god, a divinity of many faces. I guess wysiwyg~?


Okaaaaay … he’s a little different from the above image, but still in the ball-park.

We’ll keep him.


I can hear the ‘protesteth-too-much’ folks “Ya not meant to take it literally! They had no cameras in them days etc etc ad etc …”

Perhaps I should allow a little leeway—some slack for artistic licence, for a God made in Man’s image?


for the definitive true-to-life Jesus—


—take your pick.

But wait, choose now and we’ll throw in a free link to Google, where you can choose from many hundreds to find your very own personal exact likeness of someone who actually never existed.

3.pngHeck, here’s another pin-up for reading this far—it’s one especially for the Celtics among us.

So He was a scruffy redhead as well as blond and dark—all things to all men (you can’t ask better of the Guy created the entire universe from diddley-squat).


to stop teasing and put you out of your misery: science has come to the aid of theology. Working as a sort of a team they’ve come up with an answer to that most important of questions:

What did Jesus really look like? 

It appears that God looks like this guy, below. A bit disappointing really, I prefer the blue-eyed aryan type myself but that’s God for you, full of surprises—

Big J.png

see below for a simple comparison image

For the definitive combo look to the pic on left below. (The pic on the right was a tougher call:






I must leave it for now.  Maybe it might turn out one day that, actually—

—He looked like this!  


“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir—does having a piccie of Jesus not violate the second Commandment?”


“An image of God isn’t strictly kosher, Sir—?”


“I think it’s legal, Kiddo, if they love it but don’t worship it.”

“Oh … but what is number two, Sir? I’ve trolled the web—”

“I think you mean ‘trawled’, Cutie?”

“—oops; but everywhere I get different Numbers two. Number twos—”

“Let’s leave it as Number Twos, kiddo. Don’t sweat, religion is full of ’em.”





Trolleras much as you like


“Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;

Mock on, Mock on, ’tis all in vain.

You throw the sand against the wind,

And the wind blows it back again.”


—you can never blacken the name of a living saint (now sadly deceased a bit).


founder of the Foursquare Church/cult/tax dodge of the USA where almost anything goes (and often does)*.


garnered I gather from news outlets of the time and put into this webbie:


—which some may find edifying while others grounds for murder (depends on how good a Christian you are, I guess—most rationalists won’t kill for the sake of a few fairy tales).


After the good lady Prophet ‘disappeared’ on a beach—

Exhaustive searches were conducted by divers who worked themselves to exhaustion with one dying from exposure. A teenage girl drowned when she dove into the water thinking that she saw Sister Aimee in the water.

But wait, read on—

While investigating the alleged kidnapping, several witnesses came forward saying they recognized a couple matching Aimee and Ormiston’s description. It seems the couple was seen visiting hotels and resorts up and down the West Coast.

Naaah … it’s easy to mix people up—

Before a grand jury could be convened, the District Attorney charged Aimee with obstruction of justice and suborning perjury. When the grand jury was convened they heard more testimony from witnesses who saw the couple in Carmel, California and they reviewed testimony from handwriting experts who testified that the handwriting on registration cards from several hotels was Aimee’s.

Blatant lies and blatant forgeries~! No saint would do such a thing, and (sanctified or not) ‘Sister’ Aimee was a saint. So there~!

In the 1930’s Aimee fell in love and eloped with David Hutton, a singer and actor who played a part in one of Aimee’s illustrated sermons. The marriage was considered scandalous because it broke one of the rules that Aimee herself helped set up. A divorced person was not supposed to marry as long as the former spouse was still alive. Harold McPherson was still alive. Many people saw this marriage as a case of do as I say, not as I do on Aimee’s part

buitre16What more can anyone say? Golden Rule invocation:






“Mr Argus, Sir?” (Bugger … it’s little Virginia.)

“Yes, beloved child?”

“Sir … aren’t you being a wee bit disrespectful?”

“What’s to respect, Kid?”

“Other people’s beliefs, Sir?”

“Some grown-ups believe in Santa too, Kiddo—”

“The people themselves then?”

“I should respect someone who believes in chopping folks heads off in the street for disrespecting their beliefs?”

“Wot? I mean, wot Sir?”

“Same God, different franchises, Kid. What’s to respect?”


It’s hee hoo time again—


Hee hoo has the most guns

sets the local beliefs.  QED



Foursquare:  take one in with you next time …

ouch* Freedom means never having to make sense.


pcto ‘blow’


dollars of your trusting flock’s hard-earned scrimpings and savings, donations, earnings, tithings and blackmailings?

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum ol’ dog …

Saying he has “been to hell and back,” the former president of one of the nation’s best-known Pentecostal churches is in San Francisco this week seeking forgiveness for his role in a huge evangelical investment scam that could cost his flock some $15 million.

The Rev. Paul Risser, the disgraced leader of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, appeared to receive that forgiveness Wednesday, as nearly 3,000 church members stood in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel to salute him with rousing choruses of “Amazing Grace.”

The weeklong annual convention of the 4 million-member church had been scheduled long before Risser’s March 10 resignation as head of the Los Angeles- based denomination.


Classic Ponzi scheme is how the ‘investments’ were described. Apparently this poverty-ridden order of mendicants wasn’t the only one, other sacred-holy-divinely inspired etc etc churches lost a few oodles too.


As a cynical agnostic atheist of the First Rank (four stars) I have to ask: “What the hell was God thinking when She let them do this?” Considering that no religious nutcase leader makes such a move without consulting God first, and considering that The Great God Almighty who is omniscient(!) didn’t intervene on behalf of the dupes His flock?

devil-1A bit of a toughie that stumps even me …

… unless of course* it was all part of the Divine Plan. Brrr. Moving on …

The Hilton? Wow … that sure beats congregating on the banks of the local lake or seafront; and I’ll bet the bill of fare was more than one crust and half a fish each.

THIS CASE reminds me of the old sayings “Easy come—easy go” and “Don’t fret, it was only money” … you know, money, the root of all evil (in which case the wee scamp did them a favour by getting rid of the disgusting stuff.)

Now: for his next act of Christian charity, I know an old dog down in New Zealand who wouldn’t be too proud to dispose of the next fifteen million … for free, no questions asked.










* It was, indisputably so, no?