or not. It all depends on whose claims you believe. As a dog I don’t have to believe in any ‘cos all dogs go to Heaven … just try some of the miracle cures and who knows, perhaps your troubles really will all be over (ask President Trump about his proffered CV19 injection cures) … digression … oh, yes, your quote:

Ngatea man Roger Blake, who sells the bleach through his online business NZ Water Purifier Limited, is a ‘bishop’ of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

The ‘church’ originated in Florida and is not religious. Its sole function is to promote the use of the bleach formula that it calls Miracle Mineral Supplement, or MMS, which its followers also sell. (To become a ‘bishop’ of the church, one can download a $320 video course, and must provide two video testimonials of people who have been ‘treated’ with MMS.)

Your source:  CLICKETH HERE

May your Dog protect you from all harm, regardless. Trust in Dog from whom all blessings flow, Dog will never harm you … but beware of wolfs in sheep clothings, and many other marvellous modern miracles. Brrrr. Buy now and you get extra:

Various claims about MMS made by Genesis II leaders include that it can cure HIV, hepatitis, acne, cancer and now Covid-19 …

Vulture 2



I haven’t visited the link yet so I may state my piece first—this has to be a genuine ‘no brainer’, if only from the catchline:


to visit:  CLICK HERE


(and why not?) then visit Brian Cox’s link on how Hubble poked its long-range nose into an apparent vacancy in the far far far distant universe, and what it found therein (another reason why I put the Big Bang theory into the same basket as God’s very own personal Creation).

In my case it’s a simple WTF game—

—all the mass matter energies contained within the entire universe, originally squashed down into a non existent point (so small it didn’t exist)? And in that timeless entity something changed (?) sufficient to trigger an explosion so very large etc etc etc and now here we are counting the angels dancing on the head of the pin.


“Yo, Argus?”

“Beam me up, please. Now. At once! Give it wings …”


“Hey, Dog! Cool it—he’s one of MINE!”



“Dozens more companies will die with each day that passes without aid,” says Mattinzoli. He’s also calling on the government to put protective measures in place to ensure that companies don’t get bought up cheaply by international investors …”

Headbangers Inc

Snippet (up above) is from Der Spiegel. I have the feeling that when all the dust and feathers have settled in this (entirely different) world, some ‘leaders’ presently regarded as heroes and saviours will be (justifiably) vilified.

And still the beat goes on … As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end  etc etc and who else to blame but the Almighty, hey?*


“Not Moi, Dog! Blame my creation, one Mr Satan!”

dodo copy

*   Won’t happen though, despite the impeccable logic involved (any takers?)**

** Hah! I thought not. Wimps



Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 18.18.14



Why not just be nice, as I would, with the writer of the note?


Line, green

Neighbour leaves abusive note for nurse after seeing her leave for work every day:

A UK nurse says she’s been left stunned after an “idiot” neighbour left an abusive note on her car, telling her she was “selfish” for leaving to go and care for patients each day.

Sam Halms, a nurse at the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Foundation Trust, shared an image on Facebook of the nasty note left from a neighbour on her car’s windscreen—

“To the selfish person,” the note read. 

“I have been watching you travel every day in your car. You are not in uniform, so this is clearly unessential travel.

“You are part of the problem! Stay home and protect our country and NHS!” etc etc

Line, green

If it were me (and if I knew who had posted that note) I would take the note to the writer and without rancour simply invite said neighbour to “accompany me when I go out tomorrow” (Bring your own lunch.)


deserve small responses. But sadly response is too often necessary lest snowball becomes avalanche. Idiots love company and small minds cluster—like viruses, in fact (and about as helpful to the Human Condition).


is the confectioner-chef lady in the movie ‘Chocolat’

arrow down red smartish

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 17.32.04.png

who should be lauded as a role model in all ‘religious’ institutions anywhere (especially Christian). If you haven’t seen that movie it is well worth the viewing even though not everyone’s cup-of-tea, for insight it is hard to beat …

dodo copy

Line, green



stand a chance. (Dare I say it? Not a hope in hell …)

Your quote:

arrow down red smartish copy

“I’m praying — I’m a Catholic — to make sure everybody’s fine,” Dewhurst said.


Ennit gorgeous? But, am I sometimes a little too subtle? Normally I’d leave it there, the post finished after the word “said” above.

I usually leave it to you good folks to find any contradictions in the nice lady’s “Lord” (aka Jesus, God) with all His infinite compassions and kindnesses and sweetness etc etc versus the Corona Bug (and leprosy, napalm, polio, toothache, cancer, and so on ad nauseam (pun intentional if you missed it) (weak, but hey—I’m locked down over here in Kiwiland. Woddya expect?)

En passant:

I believe the deer shooting season here is being cancelled—but the war on ducks will be going ahead as usual. Or it could be the other way ’round; I just stay away from risky territories and if in the bush or trees make sure I’m loudly whistling—very very loudly. Anyway, I’m hoping that under the terms of the ‘lockdown’ they won’t be allowed to shoot me. We’ll see …

It could explain why kiwis make the world’s best sentries—



“—who went there?”

And the beat goes onnnnnn. Oh, yes, and by the way—


Thank you Jesus (and your loving Daddy) for Your Corona Virus … which couldn’t have done it without You. (The bubonic plague sends its regards too.)



to go there click here ——>  ARK’S

was this, which doesn’t just beg a reply but screams for one:

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 16.43.41.png


If such a fiend as the God of the Abrahamic religions actually exists, and if He is genuinely present everywhere throughout the entirety of Creation; and if He is truly omnipotent (can do anything) and if He is really omniscient (knows everything)—

—then how else can He be accurately described as anything but an unbelievably evil sadist?

If anyone accepts such a Fiend as compassionate, loving, kind, and merciful; not only do they live in a different world even the linguistic terms are poles apart.

OR they have bats in their belfry. (I vote bats).

Come along, good people—do some overdue root-cause analysis. Please, or I’ll have lived in vain. Do it, and let the rest of us know your conclusions:


God is good, yes? No?


Oogle phleep!

“Oogle-phleep! What was the question? Flubba da blubba da bloop …”