RELIGION is all about


and thus far I’ve had no takers on that statement. None …


Your quote (BBC)—

Some two million Muslims from across the world have begun the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

Dressed in simple white clothes, the pilgrims started at sunset by circling the cube-shaped Kaaba in Mecca’s Grand Mosque, Islam’s holiest site.

Iranians are once again participating this year after missing the last Hajj following a deadly stampede in 2015.

For Muslims, the Hajj is the fifth and final pillar of Islam. It is something that every sane adult Muslim must undertake at least once in their lives if they can afford it and are physically able.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 08.37.11.png

Saudi officials said at the time that almost 800 pilgrims were killed, but one unofficial tally put the death toll at more than 2,400.

Iran alone reported 464 deaths…

My point? Only the cynical observation that it is compulsory for every member of the ‘religion’ (read: system of absolute control that is Islam) to toddle off to the home of Islam and spend up large.

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(Mt Arafat? Don’t ask me … and Google doesn’t know either. Bugger …)

Nice little earner if you can get it …



photo gave me pause for


3 gerbils

—but we Conspiracy Nuts do that sometimes. Don’t mind us, we’re all bats (but a bit harmless).

It was a lovely shot of the GP of E at Giza. Not your usual sitting in the sun and surrounded by sand shot—

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 17.34.18.png

—this other bugger has it up to its neck in water. Brrrr.

There’s several schools of thought involved here. One was a chap who claimed that the Great Pyramid was actually some kind of ram-pump. I enjoyed this notion …


—but remain unconvinced. Another tells us the seas were four hundred feet lower when all the spare water was locked up in ice caps two miles thick over north America and Europe. For some reason they melted. (And our present ‘slight warming trend’ is unprecedented?*)

Several someone elses claim they’ve licked salt off of some of the interior walls of the GP. By now of course, you see where I’m going with this?

Oh. Yes. Without anyone having to divert seas or otherwise pump water to and through the GP of E—it could indeed be sea water that found its way in. Few things made of blocks of rocks will be all that waterproof, no?

So: let’s assume that the GP really is 223 feet above sea level, like wiki tells us—and that it really was 481 feet high—

—and that ice-ages locked up 400 feet’s worth of water—could there not have been hot-ages when the converse was true?

Would that have been enough to lap the seas around the GP of E if it were a bit older than given credit for? Could that be a semi-reasonable explanation for all those salty encrustations within (if true)?


Okay. You’ve got this far, you’re good. Good enough to not forget that heavier-than-air flying was preposterously impossible once. And space travel of any kind likewise (‘cos in space there’s nothing for a rocket to push against); and the very smallest part that anything could be reduced to was the unsplitable atom …


I love the idea that the GP of E might be a bit older than it looks.

I still have no idea how ‘they’ built it but sadly am a bit agnostic where space aliens are concerned.

Dammit, I’ll have to stop looking at photos …


* Man, is that ever a porkie! But it made some folks a few bucks …




have wot? Oh, yes—seen photographs that on face value carry one message but on closer persus perussa  look make you think more deeper.

Like these from Pinterest. I hate/loathe/detest Pinterest ‘cos I slightly dislike their method—baited hooks indeed.

Fie on them!

Oops … rant finished, where were we? Oh yes—

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 21.30.19.png

—a bit dated in appearance, but still also a bit amusing.

Obviously ‘trick’ photography in the apparent day, or tweaked Photoshoppery of our own day; or (horrors!) genuine. Brrr.


that one is no longer permitted to clamber all over the pyramids. It makes good sense—ever since that tourist fell off one that time and his life expectancy shrank from years to milliseconds on the way down.


obviously too dangerous for the modern adventurer, hence the ban. Even for wimmin. Okay, girls can do anything—play golf too, it seems—now take a closer look at the right side image: very attractive smile, but did she really climb all the way to the top of the GP of E in that tight skirt?

Did she tuck it into her knickers, or take it off completely, replacing it for the photo once on the summit? Maidenly modesty is history?

Were they delivered by helicopter for a publicity shot? Did she carry her own sack of clubs up there, or did the Araby caddy guy carry them for her?*

Questions, questions, always blasted questions … being of waning interest I asked The Oracle (Google) and the first try brought forth into the world this—

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 21.59.07.png

—and feeling the heat of a low doppler fox I tried again, scoring this—

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 21.59.47.png

—at which point I decided I’d had enough of this silly game and will go back to researching the Serapeum (that isn’t a load of bull) …


* Wow~! Four consecutive words ending with a ‘y’. Hah~!



OF GOD~!dodo

Dammit, I’m more concerned about the death of the English language. You know, the staff of life of our communication.


evolution exists and itself must evolve; and with it the tools of commerce. But do we have to accept degradation as progress? What say you, Snowflake? (Oops … them snowflakes is the last guys I should arks.)

I began to be interested in the topic after conversations with several Atheists who make the claim that Moses isn’t real …

Of course Moses ain’t real. If he ever were, he’d be awesomely deceased right now—not even a blob of goo, I imagine, after all these years.

when presented with contrary evidence, the atheist scholar indicates that they will only accept ‘unbiased’ work, which means they will only accept a historical thesis by a none Abrahamic believer …

Okaaaaaay … they indicates that they like some bits of words to agrees with other bits, yer no? fair enough to, that’s the weigh it’s going—but surely that ‘none’ is one e too far?

And Ol’ Philip Augustine is going for a doctorate? Wow …


Why not—even doctors need know their subject, which he probably does; and writing is merely a means of display (of communication too, once …).

It’s natural that the secular scholar will not actively search for a result that contradicts their beliefs, but expects scholars of faith to do so.

Oops. I must be the exemption that proves the rule*. But this modern disregard of grammatical number greats my sensitivit  sensibili  feelings. It triggers the troll in me.

Where’s the evidence? Now, this isn’t a philosophical discussion that relies on the metaphysical like the discussion whether there is a supreme being or not. The thesis being discussed is whether Moses was a living breathing actor…

Bugger. The Spouse just called through, are we going to town or not? So sadly ol’ Phil is off the hook. I’ll go to town with the missus and shan’t address the collapse of midden edjucation no more, my hart is two full.


* See? I can do it too … but I do it knowingly. (Not that I’d call anyone working for a doctorate unknowing. Tut!)



Oh … wow …


blitzing something else, this webbie came up and I hit on it—

—and at first thought quite simply that it would be worth changing my nationality just so I could vote for this guy (if ever he had the lobotomy and morals-extraction that would qualify him to run for pubic office). Whoever he is …

And now, back to my searching ‘ancient civilisations’.  Don’t wait up …

SF 1

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

Oh no “Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir—a typo? Don’t you mean ‘public’?”

“No, Cutie … I mean entirely what it alludes, as is. Stet.”




Trollerconspiracy theorist trolling


I read and watch a lot of good stuff. And a lot of shady stuff, a lot of shonky stuff and/or a load of utter rubbish. It’s all grist to the mill, shoes to the last, par for the course, wotever; and some of it even holds my attention despite the occasional wide-eyed over-indulgent enthusiasm of the guy presenting—

for example:  CLICK HERE

—but I do love anything that triggers the old  ‘wotif?’ instincts (and for that matter, triggers the ‘so bloody what’ response).

Apply them as tools to this guy’s vid: so bloody what if he’s missing a few marbles*? Even more worse—if he’s spouting the truth? (So what if he is, hmmm? Like the traditional lotto winner you won’t let it change your life…)

And: ‘wotif’ … wotif it’s all true?


Don’t ask.

Don’t ponder. Don’t consider. Just keep plodding patiently along, after all—

—no bugger would ever tell you porkies. God is in Her heaven and all is well with the universe—




* Is he? I don’t think so. Enthusiastic yes, loopy, no.


pcthis in this morning—


—make of it what we will. I’ve often pondered the motivations of folks who wear medals, decorations, and such to which they are neither entitled nor have even the remotest claim.

dodoBUT I DON”T 

let it worry me. They deserve themselves.

And unless someone is a wee bit addled in the morality department the mere act thereof can only lower a deluded self esteem even further. Sooner or later (with just the one sole exception I can think of) every man has to look in a mirror*.


are becoming meaningless anyway.

The latest I heard was that in New Zealand everyone who joins up will get a medal for ‘being in the armed services’. How true that is I neither know nor care, but for folks who did real service I think it cheapens something.


we understood the word ‘veteran’ to apply to guys who’d done active service overseas. Today it is applied to every berk who even licked a postage stamp with a picture of a soldier on it … how long before Victoria Crosses come with the morning Wheaties? Or Purple hearts for skinning a toe in the act of trying on that first army boot?


Two Purple Hearts, Snowflake! One for each foot! Now don’t drop this thing again~!



They also serve … … who never wear a medal





“How’s the kit issuing for the latest recruits coming along?”

“Fine, Sir. Although we now give ’em two kit-bags—”


“One for their kit, Sir. And now one for the medals~”


“~and we hafta lay on a truck for their medals bags …”


3 gerbils



* Moi self. I know what I look like—and I shave in the shower. (No need for no blasted mirrors, dammit, I know where my face is …)

“Mr Argus! Sir~!”

BS 3Oops. Not good.

For little Virginia to be so definite I must’ve stepped on her toes. Cute little toes, but toes nonetheless. Ouch.

“Yes, Little Virg—”

“Sir! I know what you’re thinking! No good will come of it—”

“Little Cutie—so few read me I can say anything I like with no qualms—”

“On your own head, Sir!”

“Kismet, Kid.”

Ages ago I perused a purported ancient screed of wisdom. Tonight I was tossed headfirst back into it.


for sense. Run your own analysis, then join me in having pity for a sage who knows his onions:

Then to me spoke HE, the Master:

Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning
there was VOID and nothingness,
a timeless, spaceless, nothingness.
And into the nothingness came a thought,
purposeful, all-pervading,
and It filled the VOID.
There existed no matter, only force,
a movement, a vortex, or vibration
of the purposeful thought
that filled the VOID …

Now how about—





—no? (If Jefferson can get away with holding some truths to be self-evident so can I.)


Mr Thoth’s optimism. And bits of it ring true. Time is indeed The Essence.

How often do I bleat that “If it happens at all, it happens in Time?” which is as self obvious. We shan’t go into the paradoxes …


No thinking, no reflecting,

Perfect emptiness;

Yet therein something moves,

Following its own course …


Time now (ouch) to reduce to unarguable simple mathematics:

no time = no nothing

—QED. Oh …

Time changes not,
but all things change in time.
For time is the force
that holds events separate,
each in its own proper place.
Time is not in motion,
but ye move through time
as your consciousness
moves from one event to another.

—and this guy scored a Godhood for that? There’s hope for me yet … I also often state that—

No two physical objects

Can occupy the same space

At the same time

Duuuuh …

… with the corollary—

Any determined attempt

to make them do so

will lead to disruption

—and in these few brief lines I’ve explained how atomic bombs work. Ye gods, I’m a genius! (Thoth—eat your heart out.)




After reading this—dodo

“What happens should nuclear war occur is a total unknown, he said.

It would almost certainly result in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths, with devastation on an unprecedented scale …”

sourced:  CLICK HERE 


—one might ask

  • how bad were the ice ages
  • and the asteroidal impacts that created them?
  • Created? Or remediated?

Bugger … I need more coffee.

Web Troll



not PC 2

—lead to misunderstandings, and


can lead to mistakes—which can further along the track escalate into real unpleasantness.


to help prevent such would be to get away from ‘newspeak’ and atully apply the lingo the wai it were writ and wunce tort at shool. Skool, bugger, now im too also doing it as well…


all and dont’ except modern twists and turns which are programmed by knaves to entrap the fools innocents. try this on for size—


—which I pulled in this morning from New Zealand’s once mighty (and definitive~!*) ‘New Zealand Herald’.

My impression is that it was sourced from overseas and accepted on faith value, and simply rerun as a filler/grabber. Could be wrong~?

It’s quite redundant that the guy who shot her is now an ‘ex’ boyfriend … but if all is accurately reported and truthful, the lassie in that snap doesn’t look overly suicidal or even worried. It doesn’t look to me as an ‘ex’ relationship.

Suicide? One could ask why someone about to die (knowingly) would be taking photographs … but that’s just the bitterness in me coming to the surface. So relaxed, too. Great actress.


accident, can they? He shot her in the back of the head—she’d have dropped on the spot, as-is where-is … and ‘once between the eyes’?

So he flipped her over …Why? (Dumb question: so he could shoot her between the eyes, of course.) (Sheesh.) After which he nonchalantly shoved her over the edge.


imposed back in the days of sail for murder aboard a ship at sea was for the transgressor to be tied to the deceased and both thrown overboard whilst under way. I like it.


concludes with the now mandatory homily, words to the effect that ‘if you have mental problems help is always at hand’. Sweet.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 11.10.55.png

So how flexible are the US ‘justice’ systems?

A court initially ruled Bunner would be tried as a youthful offender, which would have meant he could have served a maximum of just three years behind bars.”


we in the western world damned well stopped being ‘nice’ and bending over backwards for people who run around being anti-social? (Oubliette springs to mind …)


   *    *    *    *


  * But that was back in the days when they had proof readers (professional nit-pickers who questioned all and accepted nothing on simple say-so. All gone now, and the world is a sorrier place).