for sale? Why not—in a ‘democracy’ governance is sold to the highest bidder, where votes are bids and bids are bought with empty* promises.

Votes, bought and sold—

“… But Trump is not the first businessman to learn the hard way that the techniques that worked in business can create an unholy mess when applied to running the country. In business, at least in the Trump view, there is a very obvious single bottom line to aim for. People, mainly employees, do as they are told if they want to keep their jobs.

The absence of even a scintilla of self-doubt is everything – if people don’t like it, they can lump it. The only rules are that winners make the rules  …”

to read original from source:   CLICK HERE

—yet people will persist in desperately trying to preserve the notion that that their beloved vote actually has meaning. The above reportage has it right in at least one respect—

People, mainly employees, do as they are told if they want to keep their jobs.

—and who wouldn’t, won’t, didn’t and doesn’t?

“Won’t-didn’t-doesn’t what?” you ask.

“Sell their soul for a mess of potage,” is my smug answer.




“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia, my beloved pestiferous wee innocent?”

“Democracy is where WE rule ourselves, Sir!”

“… … Democracy, my cherub, is where we go to the polls every 3/4/5 years or so to democratically elect our absolute dictators for the next 3/4/5 …”

Democracy is where you get to freely elect your very own medicine from a choice of Arsenic, Strychnine, or Cyanide. No?

Any takers?

Go on … I know you’d like to …




Democracy is a pack of wolves and a lamb voting on the menu for dinner…

* And the good thing about empty promises is that you can endlessly recycle them (they do, too—a functioning demonstration of perpetual motion.)





In spades. With knobs on.

But, you may ask … but why?

Why would such a nice good-looking old dog have it in for the innocent—who after all are simply manipulated mindless organic automatons aimed by very clever programming?


Snowflakes are the tools of powers safely behind the scenes (now you know I’m barking mad, but a little honesty clears the air) (we Conspiracy Theorists are often honest).


more better. The ambitious in WW2 Japan used well programmed mindless automatons too. The saddest thing for those robots was that they looked and acted just like disciplined rational people; and that’s the saddest thing about Snowflakes too (leaving out the ‘disciplined’ bit).

Kamikaze = Snowflake?

Hardly … the kamikaze at least was aware. Sort of. In their final haiku many of the pilots concerned likened themselves to falling cherry blossoms …

Cherry blossom.jpg

—what can our sniffling Snowflakes liken themselves to? Ear muffs? Perhaps. The mind boggles—

Anyone who has followed the free-speech wars in America over recent years will know that by now, basically, nobody can speak anywhere. Especially at centres like that one-time home of free speech, Berkeley, California, you now cannot speak in public if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re gay or straight and if your skin is white or not. Now to the great list of categories of people who should not be allowed to speak in America we can add …

—is this the ‘free speech’ you fought and died for? I just love paradox: you died for their free speech right to shut down free speech … bugger, I just bit my own mouth:





I think it all depends on how you define good and evil, and where you sit in the social equations. But if you are aware—what the hell could you do about it?

Perhaps those sobbing Snowflakes have got something after all … I think that for myself I’d rather be a cherry blossom …








I OBJECT~!baaabs

First quote—

“Another week, another spate of barmy campus bans and ‘safe space’ shenanigans by a new breed of hyper–sensitive censorious youth. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them …  It all seems beyond parody.”

to read from source:   CLICK HERE**


why? Simple: the upcoming generation is being programmed.

Programmed, not educated. I believe it was Lenin who coined and initiated ‘Political Correctness’ (and he was very good at it*).


is Power. Hee Hoo controls information rocks the cradle and controls the world.


is teach the young to think. As in ‘use of reason’. Ain’t gonna happen though. So eventually the few will be the whistles that control the dogs that control the sheep.


conspiracy theorist I see the hand of the Hydra in everything—


coming soon, if not already:  enjoy~!

Health-and-safety mania means the young are denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed, such as playing outdoors, climbing trees and walking to school unaided. Modern mollycoddling means that pupils have been prevented from engaging in activities such as leapfrog, marbles and conkers … Last week, a headmistress in Dundee suggested changing the colour of her school’s red uniform because ‘some research indicates that it can increase heart and breathing rates’

You couldn’t make this stuff up and sell it as fiction.

Fiction has to make sense.

And this stuff is becoming law—

Anti-bullying policies are a statutory obligation in schools and children are subjected to an endless stream of anti-bullying assemblies, activities, books, dramas and stories of celebrity victims. This propaganda encourages children to examine all their interactions through the prism of bullying …



“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“I sense a non-PC remark coming?”

“Not at all, beloved sensitive sweet child. Don’t you fret, just pop along to your safety rug on your safety-zone stool in your insulated Safety Room and don’t you worry your purty lil’ head none …”

Now, where were we? Oh yes—


Education (in New Zealand) seems to be becoming more and more the domain of Women. Wimmin. At the risk of being savaged by shrieking harridans, or worse, their subjects …

is this a universal, or limited only to the west?

Are we beginning to reap what we sow? Horrible thought …


*   Look at what happened to Russia when the unthinking masses took Lenin seriously …

** But be warned, not for the squeamish (and consumption may make you unwell)


that moment of enlightenment, the breakthrough. It comes suddenly, and often when least expected.

buitre162I JUST HAD

a mini-satori.

Almost ashamed to admit in mixed company that I am a (SFX: insert a ‘Hoooooickkkkk … SPIT~!’ here please) damned Conspiracy Theorist (CT) because of their use of the term ‘reptilian’ … but first, here’s a wee image for you—


—one that denigrates my cause rather than enhances. Fanciful? Read on …

It illustrates one of the reasons I detest being typecast. I am an individual and dislike being lumped in with the other nutters (one of the symptoms of other nuttery being their usage of the word ‘reptilian’) (see image, above).

I find it hard to believe that citizens of the planet Zork (why are they always given names like Zork?) are here with snakey visages concealed behind peel-off faces.


of Dog-given rapture I had a Satori—the entire universe went ‘CLICK!’ (or was it clunk? Squelch?) and high-school botany sprang to mind.


that our human brain comprises of all sorts of lobes, synapses, sub brains and various wriggly bits. All good clean fun … and we have primarily the mammalian brain that makes us what we are (civilised? Oops) and (you’ll love this!) a more ancient ‘reptilian’ brain.

Well now.

And the reptilian brain is a lot more primitive, being unconcerned with such niceties as sharing and compassion. Apparently the reptile thinks only of self—and is totally focussed on that.

Now we know ....png

Anyone we know?

So I can say with a clear conscience that effectively all politicians and religious leaders are Reptilians. No need for peel-off faces with snakey good looks beneath—and it all comes together nicely. Took me a long time, I must be getting old …

cerberus-2Now go look up the derivation and meaning of the word ‘persona’ … I shan’t wait. (I have a skin to shed …)



like a duck,

not PC 2




like a duck,


like a duck,


like a duck …



—then I’m a duck (oops) a bloody racist, right?

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

Oh poop … it’s her again—

“Yes, little Ollivia?”

“You should really ought to define ‘racist’ before being one, Sir?”

Bugger. She would use semantics against me …

But one girl’s ‘Racist’ is another man’s Realist, no?


ya watched the video; whaddya reckon about them onions, hey? (Blasted racist reporters … and Sweden is a sovereign nation, right? And a democracy, right? So they brought it on themselves, right?) (Actually it’s not too long ago that Sweden was touted as the definitive all-singing all-dancing Democracy …)




In the meantime there’s plenty of room in Europe for many millions more refugees, and they will certainly boost the birthrate and the working population; just what is needed.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“Sir—that was outright sarcasm!”

“Good heavens, child, you spotted it! So few ever do …”

Never mind, Snowflake. You reap what you sow. Sometimes you don’t even need do that much, just democratically benevolently let your elected*  leaders do it for you …


* And don’t forget, YOU voted for them (I didn’t).



of a pin? Don’t ask. I’m more interested in “how many Muslims can change British law?” (All they have to do is establish a foothold and then out breed the natives—at the natives’ expense.)


quoted as being from one of the very greats of modern times—

A member of the Islamic Assembly (Majlis) and its ‘Judicial Commission’, Nayereh Akhavan (here’s a photo of her), has said that there can be no ban on child marriages because there are ten year olds who have reached ‘sexual and intellectual puberty’ and because it would ‘contradict sharia’. We know Islam’s prophet consummated his ‘marriage’ with Aisha when she was 9. And of course there is Ayatollah Khomeini ‘s book of sayings: ‘Tahrir al Wasilah’, where he says that a man can even have sex with a baby.

He says: ‘A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate vaginally, but sodomising the child is acceptable. If a man does penetrate and damage the child then, he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl will not count as one of his four permanent wives and the man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister… It is better for a girl to marry at such a time when she would begin menstruation at her husband’s house, rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.’

There’s more on sex with animals and placing penises between the thighs of weaning babes if you have the stomach to read on.

The book in English is very inappropriately called Ruhollah Khomeini, Sayings of the Ayatollah Khomeini: Political, Philosophical, Social, & Religious (“The Little Green Book”) [Bantam Books, September 1985, New York/London. ISBN 0553140329] by the moral relativist brigade.

And I leave your response to you, Snowflake. With no children of my own, ergo no investment in the future, I can but watch in fascination before I pass over my share of the torch. Digne lampada tradas … yeah …


D-Day beach. His price is your legacy. A malinvestment?

And yes—it’s YOUR future at risk. Make the most of it. Conquest comes not with blazing glory but like a thief in the night—and they name it 4GW.

The quote in green above? Uplifted from:  CLICK HERE


The quote in red above used to translate from Latin as “Worthily, hand on the torch”. Google Translate makes it even more interesting (in the present context).





and make of it what you will. 

And yes, extrapolation is allowed (encouraged, actually).

Before most of the audience had arrived, I was checking the focus on the slides in my PowerPoint presentation prior to giving my talk and I put up on the screen an image which shows the Orion/Pyramids correlation and the Sphinx/Leo correlation at Giza in the epoch of 10,500 BC. Rightly and properly since the Orion correlation is Robert Bauval’s discovery I included a portrait of Robert Bauval in the slide. As soon as Zahi saw Robert’s image he became furiously angry, shouted at me, made insulting and demeaning comments about Robert, and told me that if I dared to mention a single word about Robert in my talk he would walk out and refuse to debate me.

This is a modern ‘scientist’ in frank and open debate? (No, I’m not referring to the gentle Mr Hancock —I mean the nice Mr Hawass.)

I explained that the alternative view of history that I was on stage to represent could not exclude the Orion correlation and therefore could not exclude Robert Bauval. At that, again shouting, Zahi marched out of the debating room. Frantic negotiations then took place off stage between the conference organisers and Zahi. Finally Zahi agreed to return and give his talk and answer questions from the audience, but he refused absolutely to hear or see my talk, or to engage in any debate with me. I therefore gave my talk to the audience without Zahi present (he sat in a room outside the conference hall while I spoke). When I had finished I answered questions from the audience. Then Zahi entered, gave his talk, answered questions from the audience and left.

well now ....png

One of the few members of the audience who had arrived early did manage to record part of the scene of Zahi storming out of the conference room — see here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ziu2ygE_Wc

The whole illustrates the arrogant pignorance of the gentleman who had/has (?) his grip tightly around the neck of power at the actual site itself. Not good—but he would doubtlessly disagree; and I imagine that if I tried to debate the point would flounce petulantly out of the room with petticoats aflurry and spitting spiders in all directions.


For Source:  CLICK HERE


IT’S A ‘cultural’ thing?

So I (why always me?) must bend over backwards to accommodate such open-minded, well mannered, couth and cultured, scientifically inquisitive little oiks as  this nice man? (Unless I do I shan’t earn my Snowflake badge) (Bugger~!)

No, my apologies to any deserving sensitivities I may ruffle—this guy is often both desperate to be liked and desperate to appear unbiassed. But the mask drops easily to reveal the thug within (desperate thug, I must add). (Is he Islamic, by any chance—and thus entirely open to unchallenged debate?)


represents the ‘scientific’ establishment of Egyptian studies and antiquities I think our world is a sorry place.

Perhaps he learned his objectivity—if not his manners—at the Adolf Hitler School of Fine Arts in Berlin (and is older than he claims).

But he has style—those ‘Indiana Jones’ hats  … ’nuff sed.


For ol’ Zahi, the very antithesis of The Snowflake

* Yes, Little Ollivia … that was indeed sarcasm. Pure, unsubtle, unadulterated, and the quintessentially genuine article.