I’ve got the foreman’s job at last~!

Is that why apparently nice folks go into politics?

Don’t ask me—I’m just a dog.  Ask your lawmakers, politicians, and other parasitic growths. (Strong words for a cute wee doggie?) Maybe …

Try this for size:

arrow down red smartish copy

—and tell me if it rings a bell.

If it doesn’t, then one of us at least dwelleth in the famed ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’.


tell mewhy DO people seek pubic office? (And puhleeze don’t even think of babbling about it being an urge to serve our fellow beings.)

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Spelling, Sir?”

“Intentional, Sweet Child. Stet. They’ll figure it out …”



Some of ’em. Possibly even both …


BUT LIFE GOES ON,                3-gerbils


And here to rattle your cage is a wee fellow who tells it like it is. I’d never heard of him before and don’t doubt that I shall again, but in the meantime he says what I think although he says it much better—

—sadly I now have to do some unplanned research. Anyone who calls it like it actually is, and who resonates with me — can’t be all that good. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.32.10



Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 18.05.54I LOVE

what irked people sometimes say in response. Herewith below please find a few quotes (only slightly censored) from an Oz U-toobe regarding wee Greta:

  • When Facts don’t matter it becomes a Religion.
  • Recent studies have shown that one out of every three Liberals is just as stupid as the other two
  • The Climate change movement has become a religion
  • Someone needs to feed her better so she’ll start puberty.
  • … actually she travels by sailing boat. The crews of those boats have to fly…
  • Never let facts get in the way of a good story…
  • he who controls the media controls the message. Fashion before facts are all the rage
  • Key word here is “fashion.” Ideas become fashionable, and there’s no accounting for fashion
  • “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” -Voltaire
  • The adults have left the room, the west is lost
  • Fools will always be fooled by the foolish, so what’s new in the world
  • Why don’t they build a city for snowflakes. No electricity, no cars. No flying. No central heating etc etc
  • you’re a virus of selfish, badly educated, virtue signaling little turds
  • Self flagellation in the middle ages, climate cult now
  • Mark Twain said its easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled

There’s more but if you made it this far you’ll have to go there for yourself. (Link below). Only the first part is relevant to this post.

In the meantime we’ll wrap up with this time-hallowed old clunker:

Never let facts

get in the way

of a good story.


(It’s eight and a half minutes)(enjoy~!)

(And yes, you’re right—I don’t overly like that guy … he irks me.)





My thought is that eventually those con-job (confidence trick) eyesore turbines will prove to be mega-mistakes

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 09.34.40.png

The theory seems plausible enough—ships used natural wind power for millennia (most today use oil) (some even use atoms) …

But I think wind-turbines should be funded only by voluntary pubic subscription

“Mr Argus!?”

… Little Virginia, how nice …

“Yes, Pest? … Pet?”

“Sir—what you’ve just written? Is that a typo?

“No, Sweet Child. Think about it for a moment. Stet.”

—with no exceptions.


If you’re a bird lover, or perhaps into the defining moment—

—you can cut to the chase by cutting ahead to 1:35. (The fox, no fool, would vote for more wind farms …)


only by voluntary subscription!

Let’s see where we’d go from there (not far, I guess …)



I just loooove Art Deco!

No idea why, I always have. To analyse something is to remove the selfie.pngmystery, and with mystery goes the magic.

Hell … as a non expert tyro I often confuse my decos with my nouveauses. Sue moi. I love Nouveau too, for different reasons; but Deco has a vitality about it, a pure in-your-face joie de vivre.

Try this—

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 09.53.36.png

—uplifted just now from the wwweb. There’s art deco architecture too—and Invercargill is rich in it. For now …

Was rich—the City Fathers are tearing down too much to replace it with an all-singing all-dancing modern eyesor  shopping mall (that they are going to call Plaza)—to attract people from all over the planet.

Stage 1 is under way: the savage demolition of whole streets of Art Deco buildings.

Progress, she can’t be beat! Win/win for the City Councillors—they will never be held to account for the coming huge overruns; and mega-ouch for the little guys forced out of the businesses they sank their own capital into.

CLUE for my angst:

Communism is when the means of Production or distribution are owned/controlled by Government. 

AND here’s a photo I took just four years ago, during some minor improvements that by themselves ran into million plus—

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.22.54.png

—and now all that your eye can see is doomed, businesses mostly gone, much already actively demolishing. Starbucks alone will survive … but in a new incarnation.

Vulture 2a



east, west

 above, between, below.

Vulture 2a.png

IF clever enough a person might ‘guide’ polarisations into movements—and thereby garner great wealth and power.

Or at least get the smug satisfaction:  I alone have Truth.

So: how may we discern Truth? How may we separate sheep from goats, gullibles from their moolah?


just pick a flow and go with it? Better then to flow with a religious fervour—which means: shut your mind to the outside possibility that other folks might just be ‘right’. 

And once polarised our average punter stays polarised. Now just you try prising open such a mind:

“Hey, Christian … can I interest you in Allah?”

“Far cough!”

Or perhaps

“Hello, little ‘Anthropogenic Heat-death Global Warming’ person … can I interest you in natural—”

“Far cough!” 

Okaaayyy …

… so how can we get ’em before they are polarised? Ouch.  All anyone can do is offer a tool—

—a tool for thinking.

But: try to get a convinced believer (in anything) to actually use that tool. Going with the flow is ipso facto easier than any inconvenient truths.

selfieYes, we polarise.

We pick a label, right or wrong, and fight for it if need be. Hence great wealth (and power) changes hands and too often We Gullibles die while serving the ungrateful unscrupulous … when just a little independent thought could mean stepping away from polarisation and thus change the course of history.

Now consider the Law of Contradiction* .

(And then try using it …)


* Contradictions cannot exist—in any apparent contradiction there’s always a false premise.



fatcat-qWith this guy in the vid below I can see at a glance there’d be no half measures.

He speaks my language—sort of; but he has the advantage of an education. All I can do is describe the wood as I see it through all the trees.

He also has the major disadvantage of an education. I don’t—as an ignoramus I can say anything I want. Even more better, I can see what’s actually there without having to comply. Strangely, it’s not so lonely out here in Reality Land as just a couple of years ago—perhaps the environment really is changing, at last?


—hasn’t this whole anthropogenic climate brouhaha thing gone on long enough?


do some Gorons have a point, and this guy is secretly funded by the Coal Board? (Speaking for myself I trust the nice Mr Gore only as far as I can throw a London bus whilst standing up in a hammock.)

To each his own. Being of a gullible nature I might once have blundered blindly into the Goron camp too, if they hadn’t used that silly word right at the beginning—


—when blatantly this world has undeniably been much hotter (and much colder) in the past; track records which blow ‘unprecedented’ off the board. (Before people were here too, if our good books are to be believed,)

Ask yourself “Cui Bono?” 


Oh … WOW~!