OR NOT … dodo

for me the only answer is yes. Yes, one hundred percent!

Sometimes …

… and other times I think “What’s in it for him? Her? It?” referring to the experts in question. But one thing in common to each and every expert—

—he or she is always right and everyone else either wrong, incorrect, badly instructed, loopy or just plain deluded.


of the unhung genius who after assiduous research reported on the Life Expectancy of a fact. Any fact. Sadly I also forget the endurance of incumbent fact(s), but it is surprisingly brief.

‘Nuff on that; on with the bleat!

“… When scientists discovered beautiful hand stencils painted on the walls of an Indonesian cave back in the 1950s, they thought the artwork was about 10,000 years old.

But a new analysis shows that the artwork from the Sulawesi cave is about four times older, dating all the way back to 40,000 years ago.

That places the hand paintings among the oldest art ever discovered — a finding that challenges the traditional view that creative art first arose not in Asia but in the West…”

Read from source:  CLICK HERE (Huff Post)

The clock keeps winding itself ever further back despite the ferocious resistance put up by ‘experts’ whose tenure, stipend, reputation etc might be on the line or toppled by new discoveries.

Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 19.54.10.png

So? So I was drawn by this snap. To my untrained but red-blooded eye it looks surprisingly feminine. In short, I was expecting big-hairy-brute-with-huge-club and got a refugee from Swan Lake instead.

I recall that a year or three back someone floated the notion that the cave arts were mostly (if not all) done by wimmin brutes rather than man brutes. Perhaps they were right … and the male of the species better suited to putting out the cat and bringing in the newsrocks. Is the paradigm changing?

I have no idea. Go ask a scientist for todays opinion … but don’t quote it tomorrow because it will be yesterday’s—and there’s a finite limit on knowledge*. Just ask Virginia Steen McIntyre …


*  ‘Knowledge’ is opinion. (Current opinion … so when quoting or using, always be careful to be up-to-date.)





Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 16.36.23“… bring me a little perspective,” said one Anton Ego in the famous Rats movie (I still don’t know how the Yanks get “Ratatooey” out of “ratatwee” but there yer goes) … *


meanderings (Conspiracy Theorist First Class) I frequently have recourse to maps.

No big deal, anyone can read a map—even if over the course of a lifetime all the lovely red bits on the world map have been replaced with bleuch.

All well and good but not many seem to realise that the typical map is only representational (meaning: the world isn’t really like that). Globes are better …


through oodles of the literature I finally found one that (really!) rings my bell.

This wee bugger—


—which I believe is an ‘azimuthal equidistant projection’. Wow … apparently it puts things into perspective (even if a chunk of Argentina seems a bit missing).


thanks to the miracle of modern science coupled with the need for some folks to make their honest buck I happened across a few more—


By Strebe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

—and this one I especially like, ‘cos it put us up at the top. If you’re wondering about the white frilly edge, that’s Antarctica. I guess equidistant penguins must get bigger …


centred on the Equator, the same thing only different—


—I love ’em. They play merry hell with perspectives drilled into us by our education indoctrination systems, but they’re fun.

But if you want a true perspective buy a globe. Expensive for what they are you get your money’s worth reality wise—or if you’re a cheapskate like moi, buy an inflatable one …


—mine looks just like this only different. And on a really cold morning it goes a little 3d, with the added bonus of bogs and mountains. Boom boom!


* No, don’t tell me — let me dream on in peace …



by an act of God—

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 18.35.03.png

—in a rather petulant display of “…because I can! So there, and nah nah na nah naaaah!”


“They are considering three options for the cathedral – restoration, demolition and new build, or gifting the building to the Government.

The Government and Christchurch City Council have offered tens of millions in support of restoration …”


reluctantly … to ask : whence cometh the funds for the Government and the Christchurch City Council to so eagerly spring into the breach?


may even have been a tourist drawcard, but such drawing was only ever a side product, a wee fringe benefit when its main purpose as a House of God is/was to accommodate the very bugger who destroyed it. Not good.

Not even an apologist could excuse such behaviour—understandable only if Big G were sending His wee flockers a very unsubtle message …


we the peop  sheeple should refuse to pay any part of taxes that are diverted from attainable purposes to attempting to thwart the will and aims of The Almighty. No?

In a democracy we would vote on the disposal of our monies—here we simply sit down, shut up and just keep endlessly funding.

No good will come of it …

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

too true, Argus! I can be a vengeful bugger …





attention to



again. Everything is politics


have a couple of ‘Pages’ attached.

One of them, (in a form anyone can read) is written more or less as child-lit. Kid-lit, call it what you will. I first drafted it before the great J K Rowling hit the shelves so although you may find similarities there’s no plagiarism involved. She made a bundle, I flubbed, but that’s the way of it and I won’t (can’t~!) complain. Dammit …


tale I encapsulated a lifetime’s observations with a few bits of cynical thought. But the premises are valid and I challenge anyone to dispute them:


—and for anyone not au fait with the British way of English, Swindleham isn’t pronounced “Swindle Ham”.  It’s actually “Swindle ’em” …

falls off a pale horse




for sale? Why not—in a ‘democracy’ governance is sold to the highest bidder, where votes are bids and bids are bought with empty* promises.

Votes, bought and sold—

“… But Trump is not the first businessman to learn the hard way that the techniques that worked in business can create an unholy mess when applied to running the country. In business, at least in the Trump view, there is a very obvious single bottom line to aim for. People, mainly employees, do as they are told if they want to keep their jobs.

The absence of even a scintilla of self-doubt is everything – if people don’t like it, they can lump it. The only rules are that winners make the rules  …”

to read original from source:   CLICK HERE

—yet people will persist in desperately trying to preserve the notion that that their beloved vote actually has meaning. The above reportage has it right in at least one respect—

People, mainly employees, do as they are told if they want to keep their jobs.

—and who wouldn’t, won’t, didn’t and doesn’t?

“Won’t-didn’t-doesn’t what?” you ask.

“Sell their soul for a mess of potage,” is my smug answer.




“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia, my beloved pestiferous wee innocent?”

“Democracy is where WE rule ourselves, Sir!”

“… … Democracy, my cherub, is where we go to the polls every 3/4/5 years or so to democratically elect our absolute dictators for the next 3/4/5 …”

Democracy is where you get to freely elect your very own medicine from a choice of Arsenic, Strychnine, or Cyanide. No?

Any takers?

Go on … I know you’d like to …




Democracy is a pack of wolves and a lamb voting on the menu for dinner…

* And the good thing about empty promises is that you can endlessly recycle them (they do, too—a functioning demonstration of perpetual motion.)





In spades. With knobs on.

But, you may ask … but why?

Why would such a nice good-looking old dog have it in for the innocent—who after all are simply manipulated mindless organic automatons aimed by very clever programming?


Snowflakes are the tools of powers safely behind the scenes (now you know I’m barking mad, but a little honesty clears the air) (we Conspiracy Theorists are often honest).


more better. The ambitious in WW2 Japan used well programmed mindless automatons too. The saddest thing for those robots was that they looked and acted just like disciplined rational people; and that’s the saddest thing about Snowflakes too (leaving out the ‘disciplined’ bit).

Kamikaze = Snowflake?

Hardly … the kamikaze at least was aware. Sort of. In their final haiku many of the pilots concerned likened themselves to falling cherry blossoms …

Cherry blossom.jpg

—what can our sniffling Snowflakes liken themselves to? Ear muffs? Perhaps. The mind boggles—

Anyone who has followed the free-speech wars in America over recent years will know that by now, basically, nobody can speak anywhere. Especially at centres like that one-time home of free speech, Berkeley, California, you now cannot speak in public if you’re a man or a woman, if you’re gay or straight and if your skin is white or not. Now to the great list of categories of people who should not be allowed to speak in America we can add …

—is this the ‘free speech’ you fought and died for? I just love paradox: you died for their free speech right to shut down free speech … bugger, I just bit my own mouth:





I think it all depends on how you define good and evil, and where you sit in the social equations. But if you are aware—what the hell could you do about it?

Perhaps those sobbing Snowflakes have got something after all … I think that for myself I’d rather be a cherry blossom …








I OBJECT~!baaabs

First quote—

“Another week, another spate of barmy campus bans and ‘safe space’ shenanigans by a new breed of hyper–sensitive censorious youth. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them …  It all seems beyond parody.”

to read from source:   CLICK HERE**


why? Simple: the upcoming generation is being programmed.

Programmed, not educated. I believe it was Lenin who coined and initiated ‘Political Correctness’ (and he was very good at it*).


is Power. Hee Hoo controls information rocks the cradle and controls the world.


is teach the young to think. As in ‘use of reason’. Ain’t gonna happen though. So eventually the few will be the whistles that control the dogs that control the sheep.


conspiracy theorist I see the hand of the Hydra in everything—


coming soon, if not already:  enjoy~!

Health-and-safety mania means the young are denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed, such as playing outdoors, climbing trees and walking to school unaided. Modern mollycoddling means that pupils have been prevented from engaging in activities such as leapfrog, marbles and conkers … Last week, a headmistress in Dundee suggested changing the colour of her school’s red uniform because ‘some research indicates that it can increase heart and breathing rates’

You couldn’t make this stuff up and sell it as fiction.

Fiction has to make sense.

And this stuff is becoming law—

Anti-bullying policies are a statutory obligation in schools and children are subjected to an endless stream of anti-bullying assemblies, activities, books, dramas and stories of celebrity victims. This propaganda encourages children to examine all their interactions through the prism of bullying …



“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“I sense a non-PC remark coming?”

“Not at all, beloved sensitive sweet child. Don’t you fret, just pop along to your safety rug on your safety-zone stool in your insulated Safety Room and don’t you worry your purty lil’ head none …”

Now, where were we? Oh yes—


Education (in New Zealand) seems to be becoming more and more the domain of Women. Wimmin. At the risk of being savaged by shrieking harridans, or worse, their subjects …

is this a universal, or limited only to the west?

Are we beginning to reap what we sow? Horrible thought …


*   Look at what happened to Russia when the unthinking masses took Lenin seriously …

** But be warned, not for the squeamish (and consumption may make you unwell)