devil-29973__340 copyoh no, not again~!


a query:  Does this thought—

“The pigments, Potts and his co-authors now believe, were part of a prehistoric trade network—one that existed 100,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought.”

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—rewrite tens of millions of educational books?

I remember being taught that before the ‘ancients’ of the Middle East all was intellectually vacuumish; you know—the earth was without form, and void; and darkness lay upon the face of the deep and stuff.


what is the (real~!) lifespan of a fact?


In fact, is there such a fact as a fact?

Do ‘facts’ even exist, per se?

Big G, bigger

“Argus! Cool it! You’re making my head hurt!”


Contradictions Law

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.30.24

Here, Little Fact! C’mon wee fellow—don’t be shy …”

Ram right



Ram left



GOD … 

3 sages


“Sir! I gather you don’t like me?

And with a smile of all sweet accord, He answered—

“Rubbish, ya dum’ Dog! I love every bugger!”

I noticed that at this point he paused, and dwelleth thereupon a momentary moment—

“Even,” he appeared to gag (I get that a lot) … “even you! Actually, Argie, you save Me and Nick a lot of effort. Thanks for that, appreciated~”


“So let’s get to the gritty—what’s ya problem this time? Why dost thou thinketh I don’t love ya? Course I love ya! Couldn’t love ya more even if you were my own son~”

(Thank heavens for that … Memo to self: if reincarnation be real, don’t let me come back as God’s beloved Son—)

“Tomorrow, Sir!”

“Never comes, Dog. You know tha—”

“You have Winton booked in for a lunar eclipse, no?”

“True. So?”

“So you knew a million years ago that I’d booked myself in for this eclipse! I organised a conjunction of our local golf course, my tripod, camera, self, a flask of hot coffee and your eclipse …”

“I knew that …”

“So when I look at the latest weather forecasts, Sir, THIS is what they spring on me—


Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 08.15.41.png

—and I’m not a happy doggy right now!”

“Poor pup! Hmmmm … penumbra starts touching at 2351, moon starts redding at 0048, total begins 0151 … maxes at 0229 … mutter mutter mumble …”

“You knew that! Couldn’t you have extended the blasted drought—YOUR blasted drought, Sir … just one more lousy night?”

“Awwww, shucks, Dog! All them poor Christians and farmers and gardeners and things been praying for rain for weeks! For months! Why should one atheist old mutt with a camera take precedence, hmmmm?”

“So … as a vindictive holy spook—”

“Vengeful too, don’t forget—”

“—you’d favour a bunch of convenience-Christians over one sincere disbeliever? For shame, Sir~!”

“… … … your tale has touched my heart, Argus. Tell you what I’ll do—get yourself out there fully booted and spurred, on time, tomorrow night … and I’ll see what I can do for you at such short notice. Whaddya say, Dog?”

“I’d say, Sir … that I’m gonna turn in early and get a good sleep. Suggest you do the same, Sir—”


“Oops? Did I just hear you say ‘oops’, Sir? Hey … I know oops. I know what it means when I say oops. Is there anything else I should know? … God? Sir? Are you still there?”

Big G, bigger.png

“Sorry, Dog! Did I forget to mention all the lightning and massive thunderclaps?”




16 point 5

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 00.13.01.pngMINUTES

out of a lifetime. So?

I’ve just sat through an impassioned speech by a young lady whom some might call a firebrand (or a bitch). Whichever, however, the lady is involved in her topic. Kudos.

Essentially her topic is Canada.

And immigration, and the fact that she likes being herself. (Don’t we all?)

She doesn’t like being forced to ‘like’ people with different values being foisted on her (and I suppose on her downlines too if she has any).

Her u-tube is well worth watching—

—even if you don’t don’t give a damn. Why should you? Isn’t ‘change’ the only constant? So why dislike the inevitable, why kick against the pricks when life is so much easier if you just go with the flow?


I try to make rational sense of what is being done to my way of life without my consent. I have my own values and dislike what I see as other peoples’ lack of values overriding mine in my own country. Hence I relate to the lady above.


I have a token in my home (somewhere) from when I did time in HMAS Cerberus. The motto was ‘SEMPER VIGILANS’.

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 20.05.34.png

Pretty self explanatory … and tonight I was tracking through a train of thought triggered by GP’s recent post on HMAS Australia and ended up with a modern souvenir image of Cerberus, and now look at it—

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 20.07.33.png

Papatoetoe_High_School_logo.pngRelated … a few weeks ago I visited the website of a South Auckland school, where the blazer/badge image was of an ancient Grecian athlete holding aloft a burning torch, with the motto “Digne Lampada Tradas” which as everyone once knew was “Worthily, hand on the torch” …

… but which has likewise been modernised in translation to now be understood as meaning something quite different—


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 20.15.39.png


So understandably moderns are too dense to appreciate subtleties—and why the hell waste time on deceased archaic obsolete defunct meaningless languages?

Is this why the Christian Bible is translated endlessly into ‘Noddy book’ turns of phrase, lest the simplest of simple messages be lost upon the illegitim illiterates?

But if nothing is sacred, what then provides continuity from one generation to the next?

What defines selfhood, nationhood, community?

What can give a sense of purpose, unity, and the bondings that such provide?

Or are we being set up?

Are clever minds invoking the ages old



against us?

And we, being incapable of reasoned thought, are simply accepting it?

At least the passionate damsel in the video above has seen the light. Too little, too late, but I’d be happy to watch her again. And I shall …


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 08.12.34



should that be ‘chased’? Bugger …


this fresh in from the devotee’s field manual—


—make of it what you will. Sadly I didn’t catch the source, but God will ensure that credit goes where due.

And now one wee nagging doubt needs be settled (Mel? CS? Anybody?)—

How big is a Holy Spirit?

(Bugger … theology is just so difficult, now we have to run around measuring gender gaps—and you just try doing that on a church-hall dance floor!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 20.28.04

“Don’t fret, Argie … I’m watching ’em …”


Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 08.12.34.png






sometimes. Often …

‘Alternative’ suggests an element of choice—you know, decisions to be made. By you. (Yes, YOU, Bub.) So I hate it when some oik posits guesswork as fact and then states that his ‘fact’ is unarguable (it means no alternatives) — the science is in. Brrr. (So is God, and Her angels, no?)*


I love cranks. Mostly they aren’t afraid of offering new perspectives and damn the blasted torpedoes.


I visit sometimes—  finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

There is a finite amount of water on the planet. If it is not bound up in ice at the poles, it is in the sea. Antarctic and Arctic ice is thickening, which means sea-levels are now dropping, and in the southern hemisphere more so because ice on the eastern section of Antarctica, three quarters of that continent, is thickening at a faster rate. But not so in the west.

This is because under West Antarctica, thermal vents beneath the sea are currently active, melting ice on that quarter of the region. Thermal vents below the Alps are also causing some NZ glaciers to recede. Those are the glaciers that make the headlines, although in NZ advancing glaciers are more numerous.

—and I await your declarations of war in the morning***

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 15.52.24.png


* “It’s in the Bible”—ergo the Gospel Truth. (Unarguable; so close the book, ring the bell and dowse the candle…)

** Ken Ring in New Zealand, known locally as The Moon Man. For source and to read more:  CLICK HERE

***  Princess Merida in the animated movie ‘BRAVE’ (boom boom!) (She wanted an alternative …) (CLUE: having seen the movie and what was on offer, who can possibly blame her?)



51IAARrpjwL._SX355_.jpgA GLOBE

rather than a mere

map (Mercator projection map, to be more precise).


but these images are just a couple out of a whole intriguing heap—

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 17.33.48.png

—and if you travel further, you’ll see

what we’re about—finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy


Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 17.34.38.png


—with no further reference to me …




dodo          dodo



pcto help

me determine which ‘bloc’ I’m part of and should be voting for. (A wasted effort on someone’s part, but these things are always good for a giggle.)

Further down it had this bit—


Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 16.55.10.png


—which could open whole cans of worms if people actually thought about the connotations and ramifications and stuff.

In the beginning the world was without form and void and darkness lay upon the face of the deep (oops, too far back. Fast forward to recently …) and in New Zealand there was a race of natives called Maoris (bugger, no plurals allowed no more … correction:) called Maori.

THE BRITS (and others) MOVED IN 

and by strength of arms forced a well-worded surrender. Power passed to the conqueror. The incoming power decided that Maori customary law (effectively gun law) was now out and eating each other henceforth illegal. Fair enough … but also they included ‘all folks are people’ and ‘one vote per enfranchised person‘.

And that, to me at least, seems quite straightforward.

So, I ask myself craftily—as a member of the white majority (which doesn’t count, politics here ostensibly colour blind and religion free*) … how come some folks get guaranteed seats in Parliament?

It’s a bit of a toughie … but politics anywhere is all a big con-game anyway so it’s really academic. Maybe it stems from the misnamed United Nations …


I still haven’t figured out what that unsubtle “other stances” in box 3 of the quote above means. (I think it’s a ‘subtle’ way of insulting anyone who doesn’t go for either of the other first boxes …)

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

Argus! Stop your damned thinking … just vote!




Dunno why I bovvers, Guv …


* SFX:  insert a very subtle “Yeah, right!” here please. (Make it good …)