And YOU vote


Them: whatever your local equivalent is, anywhere in the world. Try this New Zealand one on for size—

“There are clear contradictions between what the government saw about their response and what they were telling the New Zealand public,” he said.

“They need to explain why because the costs of that lockdown, both from an economic perspective and also from the number of people with health issues that aren’t related to [Covid-19] is growing by the day.”

The government proactively dumped hundreds of documents late on Friday, and in an email obtained by RNZ, the prime minister’s office gagged her ministers by telling them not to do interviews.

Doesn’t happen where you are, though … right? Aaaah, democracy in our world-beating kiwi paradigm—she just can’t be beat. Link to source—  CLICK HERE

Do you remember (possibly not, you perhaps are a little too grown up) the Disney movie ‘Tangled’? There’s a song in it where the Cher lookalike lady (meaning the old witchy lady) sings to the rather almost too gorgeous wee blonde—

“MOTHERRRRRR … knows best!!!

Now get out there and vote for Mother Government.

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 11.24.33.png

Mama knows best—always.

dodo me



Vulture 2TRENDS.

Facts are for egg-noodles and counters of the executive bean. Our futures lie in trends. (You know, them pattern fings we read about, Guv.)

Which is me, though, to a ‘t’. I look for patterns, I integrate observed rates and make predictions based on elementary calculations and subconscious conclusions.

GIGO rules, in fact … so I try always to verify:

if it looks good,

to me,

it must be true*.

For me. For you? Who knows …now ponder how many folks out there believe in God. Christ. Moses. Abraham. Allah. Buddha. Vishnu. Thor. Odin. Krishna. Viracocha. Isis. The Great Earthworm … and I wonder if in my naive irrationality I may not be no more loopy than the rest of ’em. But here’s a refreshing statement I just pulled in from some university bound egg-noodle in New Zealand—

“It’s a bit like the road toll. If you have a bad weekend or a good day, or a bad day, it is the pattern that you’re after…”

—and who could possibly argue with an egg-noodle?


“Oh … WOW!

line, turquoise thin

*  Or not … anyway, quote is from:



A road-squelched can of sardines may smell as sweet as a skunk by any other name—

“But it seems Jacinda Ardern’s also willing to accept a word can mean something other than what it was invented to mean. She and her head health honcho Ashley Bloomfield kept telling us at the beginning of the week that Covid-19 had been “eliminated”, which seemed strange considering they were standing alongside each other still reporting new cases …

But the impact of it had already resonated around the world, resulting in even more praise being heaped on Ardern, setting her aside from all the others as being the leader among leaders at a time like this.”

We gotta be careful what we believe, no? Even from so impeccable a source.


dodo copy                                                                                                 dodo copy


unjolly RogerI’M JUST A

dog. As a domestic pet I don’t do sums, but even so something like this (below) intrigues me—

However, with each passing the day the costs also mount. It’s not only the $500 million a day the Government is spending on subsidies and benefits, but also the very real human cost of kids out of school, mental health issues, family violence and redundancies.

to read article from source:  CLICK HERE

—it’s with reference to New Zealand: a smallish country of two main islands, herds of little isles and a population of just under five million. Which means even a dum’ dog has to ask:

“How many of that five million kiwi folks are Producers, and how much can they contribute to the five hundred million dollars every day?”

I might also (but shan’t) ask the writer of that article how are the New Zealanders ever going to repay such debts? (Unless they simply exchange the country itself for a clean slate and start again as serfs?)

Like I said, I haven’t bothered to verify—you know; dog, fleas to scratch, balls to chase and the odd bone to chew. I leave such questions to the nice folks in Parliament and their University advisors who might just be on to something with their “One World Government” thing—so long as it comes only after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

Headbangers Inc


Catchy headline, no?

But it’s nothing drastic. Cast your peepers over this wee snippet:

down eyeface

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 18.00.20.png


other than a thousand mile moat, what else are we doing right? Or is it something in the national psyche that rallies ’round and muddles through? Don’t ask me … there will be others in the world with statistics that impress, some even more so than us. Than we. Wotever …

Note also that without that rider “since day of first death” our flatline itself would have flat-lined. (Clever, them kiwis …)

In the meantime it’s autumn here and having waited a year to photograph the autumn foliage colours … a blasted Lockdown~!!! (And yes, I DO think the Minister Of Health should be sacked. Not for what he did, but for being dumb enough to get caught. (We don’t want two-faced dum-dums in our perfidious Parliament—)

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 09.11.20

“Speak for yourself, Dog! I thrive on ’em!”


dodo copydodo copy                 dodo copy                                               dodo copy



Monkey see, monkey do.

For myself, I’ve been dreading the backlash of all this: an economic depression like we moderns cannot begin to imagine. Brrrr. The fix will require “outside the square” thinking. Writ large.

vulture 2.png

Let’s face it: the old model is now history.

Death throes, yes, but dead on its feet already though in places it may twitch for a while yet. We are in for a bumpy ride—but we did have it good, no?

This week, the Danish government told private companies hit by the effects of the pandemic that it would pay 75 percent of their employees’ salaries to avoid mass layoffs. The plan could require the government to spend as much as 13 percent of the national economy in three months. That is roughly the equivalent of a $2.5 trillion stimulus in the United States spread out over just 13 weeks. Like I said: very, very big.

This response might strike some as a catastrophically ruinous overreaction. Perhaps for Denmark, it will be. But we are at a fragile moment in American history. The U.S. faces the sharpest economic downturn in a century, and statistics that seem impossibly pessimistic one moment look positively optimistic hours later. In weeks—even days—Denmark’s aggressive response could be a blueprint for how the world can avoid another Great Depression.

Sourced:  CLICK HERE

Worth a look?

Don’t ask me, I’m just an old dog happy to scratch fleas … or burgle next-door’s clothesline.

Argus triumphant



seems now to be eventuating. Surprise, surprise!

Oogle phleep!

line, blacker.png

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 17.14.33.png

line, blacker.png


the plot requires a threat. A threat credible, demonstrable, and so all-encompassing that it threatens the whole of mankind.

To counter such threat requires the co-ordinated defense that only a single unified entity can provide; ergo


And there we have it. OWG. Brrrr.

Think about it: lions lie down with lambs, Muslims cuddle Christians, Jews at the same table as Gentiles; no-one is squeamish ‘cos we are all one big happy family united under God.

Which God? What about all the other deities?


there would of course be just a single universal (compulsory) One World Religion.


requires a threat of such massive proportions that all humankind is forced to unite to defeat it. We need not dread invasion by space aliens, or beings from other dimensions. BUT—such a threat could be a single terrible plague sweeping the planet.

Surely THAT would be enough to force us to unite in a co-ordinated defense!?

(Did you see that word I smuggled in there, ‘co-ordinated’? Any such defense would have to be united under one single command, no?) (Think wedge, thin end.)