Be careful if you go to New Zealand …

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—or you may find yourself not understanding the natives … and whatever you do, don’t drink the leeches!







questions require hard-and-fast answers. (Other than mathematics there ain’t no H & F answers—all else is opinion.)

Don’t fret, your current opinion is ‘in’. For now. Last year’s facts, sadly, are often ‘out’ (facts from a generation ago? Fuggedaboudem).

Just make the most of any windows of opportunity; you know, the old gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Pest? I mean, yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … does this mean that ‘facts’ per se are merely fashion?”

“Indeed, Child. Well said!”


What provoked me this time?

“… Archaeologists may have uncovered the oldest known prehistoric school, where it seems young hominins were taught how to make flint tools, butcher animals, and master other skills necessary to survive in the Stone Age about 400,000 years ago … scientists are wondering  whether it means Homo sapiens itself evolved much earlier than is currently thought.
The notion … is based on analysis of hundreds of flint stones and fragments found in Qesem Cave, in central Israel, a spot that hominins called home from 400,000 to 200,000 years ago.
The discovery may attest that our ancestors developed complex cultural patterns … much earlier than believed … adds to mounting evidence from around the world that has already pushed back the clock on the evolution of modern humans by at least 100,000 years, and challenged the idea that Homo sapiens developed in Africa …”

read more: CLICK HERE 

Actually, I don’t really care. Some advice—

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(With apologies to the author—I made a wee tweak to bring his outdated stuff into line with current thinking)


I’m still getting my muzzle around the thought that someone could live in a cave for two hundred thousand years, let alone four hundred thousand—

wassup, Doc?

Bugger! Er … anyone got a shoehorn?

—it couldn’t have been easy.



51IAARrpjwL._SX355_.jpgA GLOBE

rather than a mere

map (Mercator projection map, to be more precise).


but these images are just a couple out of a whole intriguing heap—

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—and if you travel further, you’ll see

what we’re about—finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy


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—with no further reference to me …




dodo          dodo





First up, let’s test your gendorial

acumen with a snippet from this morning’s New Zealand Herald

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 07.19.37.png

Is this (above) an image of a human—

(a)  male

(b)  female

(c)  not sure?

Look carefully before you answer.

Having a huge soft spot for big blue eyes and all the expected accoutrements of a very attractive human female I’d have to admit that to me it is a she. And as a she I’d say (speaking as yer basic Male Chauvinist Piglet) I would unto her render full due honours. Courtesies. Honorifics etc.

I would not call her a ‘he’ … however Politically Correct I’d not be being. (I define the PC people as being patheic c–ts*; people who lack the basic education or testimonials to maintain coherence in the face of social manipulation.

Here, have another go at her it** her

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 07.18.25.png

Same source as before. To me it looks like an image of an actress rather than an actor but I could be wrong (I doubt it, though~!).


How many university degrees (in English language/grammar etc) are going to have to be revisited in view of linguistic ‘progress’?


Tower of Babel … wasn’t a literal tower, Argie, ya dum mutt

* Clots: finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 07.31.51.png

What else?

**  Bugger. Now I’m doing it too …


I OBJECT~!baaabs

First quote—

“Another week, another spate of barmy campus bans and ‘safe space’ shenanigans by a new breed of hyper–sensitive censorious youth. At Oxford University, law students are now officially notified when the content of a lecture might upset them …  It all seems beyond parody.”

to read from source:   CLICK HERE**


why? Simple: the upcoming generation is being programmed.

Programmed, not educated. I believe it was Lenin who coined and initiated ‘Political Correctness’ (and he was very good at it*).


is Power. Hee Hoo controls information rocks the cradle and controls the world.


is teach the young to think. As in ‘use of reason’. Ain’t gonna happen though. So eventually the few will be the whistles that control the dogs that control the sheep.


conspiracy theorist I see the hand of the Hydra in everything—


coming soon, if not already:  enjoy~!

Health-and-safety mania means the young are denied resilience-building freedoms that past generations enjoyed, such as playing outdoors, climbing trees and walking to school unaided. Modern mollycoddling means that pupils have been prevented from engaging in activities such as leapfrog, marbles and conkers … Last week, a headmistress in Dundee suggested changing the colour of her school’s red uniform because ‘some research indicates that it can increase heart and breathing rates’

You couldn’t make this stuff up and sell it as fiction.

Fiction has to make sense.

And this stuff is becoming law—

Anti-bullying policies are a statutory obligation in schools and children are subjected to an endless stream of anti-bullying assemblies, activities, books, dramas and stories of celebrity victims. This propaganda encourages children to examine all their interactions through the prism of bullying …



“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“I sense a non-PC remark coming?”

“Not at all, beloved sensitive sweet child. Don’t you fret, just pop along to your safety rug on your safety-zone stool in your insulated Safety Room and don’t you worry your purty lil’ head none …”

Now, where were we? Oh yes—


Education (in New Zealand) seems to be becoming more and more the domain of Women. Wimmin. At the risk of being savaged by shrieking harridans, or worse, their subjects …

is this a universal, or limited only to the west?

Are we beginning to reap what we sow? Horrible thought …


*   Look at what happened to Russia when the unthinking masses took Lenin seriously …

** But be warned, not for the squeamish (and consumption may make you unwell)



and here we go, your quote …

“… But as I argue in my new book – I Find That Offensive! – Generation Snowflake believe it’s their right to be protected from anything they might find unpalatable.

This mindset is particularly rife in universities. The examples are beyond parody: a National Union of Students conference banning clapping as it might trigger trauma (‘please use jazz hands’, delegates were told); the Edinburgh University student threatened with expulsion from a meeting after raising her hand in disagreement …”

to read more:  CLICK HERE 

… and you now have my permission to bellow those famous magic words:





—and please try not to offend anyone (bellow silently).

And now my next


The only (R) ONLY approved word for things orb-shaped (i.e. three dimensional circle) in future will be ‘spheres’. This is because some folks are shock-horror-dismayed by the use of the word ‘ball’ (especially in the plural). Dictionaries to be amended …


of hands is offensive then all forms of hands in public (even ‘jazz hands’ as referenced above)—are banned.

This new law may inconvenience those people lacking talk-text phones but the savings in Emergency Room trauma treatments will offset. Hence hands will be kept in pockets at all times, and on the rare occasions when the public use of hands cannot be avoided the preferred action will be by recourse to mittens—traumatisation of citizenry will be averted by mittenry.

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes little Ollivia?”

“Sir … you’re over the top again!”

“Don’t hand me that, Toots … oops …”

“Sir, to evoke the image is to invoke the beast—”

“I think you’ve put your finger on it, Kid—”

“Don’t try to palm me off, Sir—”

“Hey, we could have a real ball with thi—”


“Oops … we could have a real sphere with this!”

“In all honesty Sir, I didn’t know Snowflakes could be so much fun.”

SF ex Dly M.png

“… Students demand that universities are ‘safe spaces’, free from opinions that will make them feel uncomfortable. There has been a rise in ‘No platforming’ – barring someone with controversial views from speaking at an event at all.

Oxford University has introduced ‘trigger warnings’  …”

I won’t quote further, but it gets better.

It’s also your future … enjoy~!



1but why limited to ‘Science’?

—to protect vested interests, that’s why.

In the following I detect the hand of Christ hard at work …

The legislation, which was signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) this week and goes into effect Saturday, requires school boards to hire an “unbiased hearing officer” who will handle complaints about instructional materials, such as movies, textbooks and novels, that are used in local schools. Any parent or county resident can file a complaint, regardless of whether they have a student in the school system. If the hearing officer deems the challenge justified, he or she can require schools to remove the material in question.

Sourced:  CLICK HERE


with ‘science’? Why not apply the Law equally to ALL subjects? Why not apply it to all forms of ‘educating’: home-schooling, private schools, colleges, religious ‘schools’, correspondence~?

But wait—

The statute includes general guidelines about what counts as grounds for removal: belief that the material is “pornographic” or “is not suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented, or is inappropriate for the grade level and age group.”

Bugger. That blows religious indoctrination out of the water—the Koran commands murder, slavery, and pederasty; the Bible to a lesser degree likewise. Mid-Eastern religions wouldn’t be taught, given those guidelines—





Based on the affidavits, it seems likely that the law will also be used to request the removal of library books that parents find objectionable …

I think it’s possible that the church will pretty soon regret having encouraged the nice people in these endeavours.  (Personally I find the holey Bible objectionable) (and the equally as holed Koran even more objectionable.) So—