I haven’t visited the link yet so I may state my piece first—this has to be a genuine ‘no brainer’, if only from the catchline:


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(and why not?) then visit Brian Cox’s link on how Hubble poked its long-range nose into an apparent vacancy in the far far far distant universe, and what it found therein (another reason why I put the Big Bang theory into the same basket as God’s very own personal Creation).

In my case it’s a simple WTF game—

—all the mass matter energies contained within the entire universe, originally squashed down into a non existent point (so small it didn’t exist)? And in that timeless entity something changed (?) sufficient to trigger an explosion so very large etc etc etc and now here we are counting the angels dancing on the head of the pin.


“Yo, Argus?”

“Beam me up, please. Now. At once! Give it wings …”


“Hey, Dog! Cool it—he’s one of MINE!”



Think for yourself. Independently, not as instruc  commanded. But first, ponder if you will the circumstances that provoked this anguished outburst—

However, cinemas, bars, restaurants and shops can operate and earlier this week the Government raised the limit of people able to attend funerals. 

Rev Paris said while the pandemic meant people were living in unprecedented times there had been no new coronavirus cases in the Southern District Health Board catchment area for weeks and it was time to allow some form of worship.

It seemed ironic that cinemas, cafés, bars and schools could open but the church could not, Rev Paris said.

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Do the words “act of God” not spring to mind? They should …

You know: God. God the Almighty, the all loving, all compassionate, all forgiving*, the all-knowing source of the entire universe** …




“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“There’s a bone in the oven and an eternal pooping-on-the-lawn space reserved for you in my camp, Dog! Only when you’re ready, of course—those I love most don’t always die young.”

dodo me

line, turquoise thin

*  But only (R) ONLY if you play your cards right … you know, according to His rules as interpreted by the myriad franchises making bucks from selling His unique stuff.

** The God who created, from the original nothing-at-all, Himself first and then His universesesesesesesesesese scattered throughout Time and Space. The same Guy who with immaculate attention to detail visited an obscure hovel on an insignificant wee planet in a galactic backwater;  to bonk and thereby impregnate (for all time) some carpenter’s rather gullible naive wee wife …



“The remedy is a strategy that is as old as humanity itself: Stockpiling. The problem, though, is that stockpiling binds capital, which has resulted in the shunning of the practice in favour of extreme efficiency. Now, though, executives seem to be changing their minds. In recent weeks, demand for storage space has skyrocketed. Stockpiling is the new black.”

‘Just in time’, anybody?

So:  does our Titanic have sufficient lifeboats—and if not:

  • why not?
  • whose fault?
  • and what can we now do about it?

The old models are now history and the race will go to whoever can both marry the old with the new AND move away into the even more newer incoming models.

For myself … I don’t sweat ‘the race’, I sweat survival.


“Give me your tired, your huddled entrepreneurs yearning to breathe …”


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 08.37.58JUST BECAUSE

someone has a good name … doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in everything. Try this quote on, tell me what YOU think. It’s from Der Spiegel*: CLICK ME


“This loss of prestige of the North is also reflected in the fact that no country is capable of assuming a global leadership role. The U.S. is no longer a global power, and China is no longer a role model. What we see instead are nation states going their own way.”

But wait, it gets better—

“The question of how they will emerge from this crisis will determine who we will look to for guidance in the future.”

Oops. Insecurity, coupled with smugness?

“This could lead to social uprisings, not in the form of revolutions but as a redefinition of the democratic exercise of power.”

As I’ve mentioned before, ‘Democracy’ is best defined as two wolves and a lamb voting on dinner …

“I see great efforts from the Chinese side to help Africa. And I think this will pay off in the end, because America is currently doing nothing to help and Europe is doing very little. China will be an even more important trading partner in the future than it already is.”

The most successful method for a pusher to get someone hooked on drugs is to give him all he can gobble at a ‘loss leader’ price (bait). Once sucker is hooked the pushers then charge whatever they like …


is a ‘western’ news outlet, why all the anti-western rhetoric?

Why indeed …

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Line, green

*  Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 08.17.39.png

                                        Sourced: Wikipedia


unjolly RogerAnd anyone else

of the same optimism:

The United States surpassed Italy on Saturday as the country with the highest reported coronavirus death toll …

The grim milestone was reached as President Donald Trump mulled over when the country, which has registered more than half a million infections, might begin to see a return to normality.


May I have the honour, Sir, of stating as a given:

We shan’t return to ‘normality’

ever, and what once was ‘normal’ is now history.

We, Good People, are at a cusp; and the outlook (for any Realist) is actually looking pretty bloody grim.


  • if your ship hits an iceberg—
  • but the passengers and crew choose cognitive dissonance
  • and maintain the Nelsonian ‘blind eye’, whilst
  • dancing and boozing the night away
  • listening to their pontificating experts

—then may I suggest that you sneak away and quietly build/provision your own wee raft? Crew it with your most loved & trusted … and paddle off to somewhere safer.

“Hey, Maestro! You there, the musical chap with the baton—”

“Yo, Mr Argus?”

“Cue ‘Nearer My Dog To Thee‘, please.”

“Ya goddit, Pup—hope they like it …”

dodo copy


unjolly Rogerversus the concept of


and/or similar.

Your quote—

“We certainly need to reconsider the ideology of a “borderless world”. It’s frightening how fast this virus has travelled! We should be thankful that this virus “only” kills 1-2% of the infected. Imagine what it might have been had those figures been different! We’ve escaped the axe this time.

We need to bring back local manufacture, in particular, of vital medicines and medical equipment, so we’re never caught short again.

Most of all, we need to end this reliance on foreign countries for our economy. We should be reliant on no one but ourselves.”

Time for a few Reality checks? Or shall we all bellow “Here, here!” like good little well programmed moderns? Your call.


what on Earth could possibly be wrong with the quote above? If you don’t see it, there’s no hope for you—just be a good little citizen, guzzle your Soma and all will be sweetness and light for ever …

Or you could wake up to Reality and get a life. No?

“Mr Argus!”

“Yes, Little Ollivia, sweet child?”

“The reason you have so few comments, Sir—”

“Yes, Cutie?”

“—could be because you are such a sarcastic old sourpu—”





but it’s the price we brain-dead pay for maintaining that ol’ Brit sense of humour. Few moderns can relate … but these guys  down eyeface give hope to us all:

Dear Uncle Norm,

It’s clear (to the chap who thinks ahead) that we’re headed towards mass starvation. Ergo, the natural result must be a return to widespread cannibalism. What do you recommend as the best protection against this coming monstrosity by the meat-eaters?

Clive Green, Mornington.

(We must immediately be unkind). Clive if, as I suspect, you’re a vegan, give it up immediately. Cannibals will take a fancy to you vegans. You’ll be the closest they can get to grass fed.


And now another coffee and then hoof off out for a lonely walk. Camera in hand, song on my lips—and what the hell is there to photograph in a vacant sports field? Ya never know …

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