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Oops, be a little divine here, dammit, and forgive me—


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—for anything I may have said or done last night. Especially last night. In the Great philosophical exercise that is life—


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—may we resist the urge to drop off just yet. And now—

—it’s a whole new ball game, 12 months to—






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I know, I know … you’re desperately resisting the urge to

Bop the Idiot













that they are morally superior to their predecessors.

Oh, yeah? I challenge those assumptions.


the past speak people don’t listen. They should. But it’s when those voices don’t speak that we should be listening the loudest.


to be superior to history. Not when recently we had the Holy Inquisition and countless atrocities of various ‘civilised’ empires; or today the mercies of Islam (so a few ragheads are stringing cordtex around the necks of infidels and blowing their heads off*, big deal!)(Boys will be boys, no?).


for you—

The pope’s representative seemed untroubled by the massacre when he wrote to his master, Innocent III, that “neither age, nor sex, nor status had been spared.” In fact, a popular account said that Arnald-Amaury, the pope’s legate, was asked at the height of the butchery how the killers should distinguish Catholic from heretic. He was said to have replied.“Kill them all; God will recognize his own.” Although this cannot be verified, it indicates how contemporaries felt about the event.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE

Simple, effective.


it is apparent that it is not morality or ethics that stops Christians, Jews, or Islamics from attacking and looting and raping and murdering their infidels. It is the power of Western law.


writes the laws controls the sword and so the purse … if the religious ever again attain power we will enter a new Dark Age.

Bop the IdiotI am old enough, I can be smug. No descendants … but how about you?


that tens of hundreds of thousands of bloody fanatics are running about using as reference the very same books, codes, and excuses as the murderous thugs that performed God’s will in the Middle Ages?

You are? Hold me tight …



* Actually an inventive linking of modern technology to a messy process demanded by God’s Holy Book (one of His many holy books …)


Bop the IdiotE & OE

I once again happened across and again was impressed. But all is meaningless in this post if you do not know (or can’t accept) a most basic Law of existence. I keep referring to it. It must be true because no-one challenges it—



—and now, moving on:


are from a website that purports to have found ‘contradictions’ in the Christian Holy Bible. Obvious the nice atheist bastar folks are (perhaps) well intentioned. Or merely tools of Satan.

Here, kitty kitty kitty ...

“Hey, Argie! Leave me outa this! Ya on yer own this time!”

Bugger. Can’t rely on anyone these days.

Moving on; try these (below) on for size. If they ring your bell go to HERE for further edification:



And may the omnipotent omniscient (He gave you Free Will, don’t forget—you make your own choice)(and being omniscient He hasn’t a clue which way you will choose to go until of your own free will you make that choice).

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That sounds a bit painful. I think it’s suggesting that all wimmin (girls, ladies, females etc) be medically verified before their wedding; and if found unqualified to be terminated with extreme prejudice. No?

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Now that it’s not only legal but being actively encouraged, I think either the Good Book should be rewritten or more forests planted. Seeing that we cannot revise the GB I guess it’s back to the ol’ stake …

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Forty-six percent?

Now this would impress me if I hadn’t guessed similar. Actually, I misguessed (more) so there’s hope yet. Perhaps after the words of the great Prophet Al Gore we should all be frantically building arks?

It’s been done before, God can do it again; and in His infinite compassion and mercy … He will.

big J

“So I said to Argie—’You just try running around all day in a sheet and no knickers, then sitting down in a remote spot with a bunch of other folks’ kids and cuddle the little girls … not PC, doncha know, but I done me homework. Ain’t no trees around here!”





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The team from the University of Bristol’s Schools of Earth Sciences and Mathematics estimated how often the largest explosive eruptions happen. Their analysis indicates that the average time between super-eruptions is only slightly longer than the age of our civilization — dating from the Agricultural Revolution 12,000 years ago.

Jonathan Rougier, Professor of Statistical Science, said: “The previous estimate, made in 2004, was that super-eruptions occurred on average every 45 – 714 thousand years, comfortably longer than our civilization.

“But in our paper just published, we re-estimate this range as 5.2 – 48 thousand years, with a best guess value of 17 thousand years.”

According to geological records, the two most recent super-eruptions were between 20 and 30 thousand years ago.


Don’t ask me. I’m still trying to get my head around that guff I read about some ancient ruins in South America buried a looooong time ago under deep volcano stuff. Human-made ruins, that is.

So when exactly did humans populate the Americas via the Bering land bridge? Don’t ask me … but you may also love this one—

—and I’m sure you’ll be able to fit it in somehow.



Has this writer not heard yet about Gobekli Tepe? Don’t fret—neither had Zahi Hawass until it was literally shoved up his skirts …



from a few decades ago now, when this church—

… Steedman told the jury they would have to be especially careful with issues of prejudice.

“This is a man who says ‘I raped my wife [and] as a father, I fell so far short of the mark’.”

He was also a man who was deeply committed to the Exclusive Brethren church, Steedman said.”

Read whole from source:  CLICK HERE

—was involved big-time in similar scandals in a period when homosexuality was useful for shock-horror-dismay headlines.

It’s interesting to note though that nothing much changes, and in defence of charges like these, the victim is often ostracised. It reminds me of when a topic was thrown into the ring at a ‘debating’ class I attended:


Can a prostitute be raped?


Being young and fairly inexperienced but even then a cynic my own contribution (not original to me, sadly) was “Yes. If the cheque bounces” …




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—all good clean fun if it’s in The Church and I guess really we should let ol’ God sort it out.


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sometimes. Often …

‘Alternative’ suggests an element of choice—you know, decisions to be made. By you. (Yes, YOU, Bub.) So I hate it when some oik posits guesswork as fact and then states that his ‘fact’ is unarguable (it means no alternatives) — the science is in. Brrr. (So is God, and Her angels, no?)*


I love cranks. Mostly they aren’t afraid of offering new perspectives and damn the blasted torpedoes.


I visit sometimes—  finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

There is a finite amount of water on the planet. If it is not bound up in ice at the poles, it is in the sea. Antarctic and Arctic ice is thickening, which means sea-levels are now dropping, and in the southern hemisphere more so because ice on the eastern section of Antarctica, three quarters of that continent, is thickening at a faster rate. But not so in the west.

This is because under West Antarctica, thermal vents beneath the sea are currently active, melting ice on that quarter of the region. Thermal vents below the Alps are also causing some NZ glaciers to recede. Those are the glaciers that make the headlines, although in NZ advancing glaciers are more numerous.

—and I await your declarations of war in the morning***

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* “It’s in the Bible”—ergo the Gospel Truth. (Unarguable; so close the book, ring the bell and dowse the candle…)

** Ken Ring in New Zealand, known locally as The Moon Man. For source and to read more:  CLICK HERE

***  Princess Merida in the animated movie ‘BRAVE’ (boom boom!) (She wanted an alternative …) (CLUE: having seen the movie and what was on offer, who can possibly blame her?)




gave us a copy of  ‘Moana’. Very enjoyable and will become much loved but I admit that I still prefer ‘Frozen’.

Moana is based loosely around the Polynesian skills in navigation. (At school in NZ when I was a lad the fashionable paradigm was ‘hit and miss’ coupled with oodles of luck and  starvation arrivals. Sometimes.)


matured my current thoughts are that ‘civilisation’ has been cyclic, literally coming and going. We seem to have been high achievers and then knocked back to the stone age more than once. But as eyebrow raising as the thought may be nobody can deny that the ‘stone-age savages’ were brilliant navigators. Blown at random from island to island? Yeah … sure. Oink.


include deluded cranks like Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Bauval, West and others. Guys who think outside the bottle and dare to raise questions.

So right now I’m ploughing through Hapgood’s ‘Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings’ (some of which I understand). A brief clue here, one German scientist* gave it a glowing write up which my own el cheapo copy doesn’t have in it. Bugger.)


at all you’ll know my opinion of ‘science’ and education. Don’t get me wrong, science can revive corpses and stuff; education can create scientists and all combine to give us ‘thought’. But again I state that too often yesterday’s fact is today’s hilarious giggle.

But don’t ever misquote me: I am NOT an ‘ancient astronaut’ nutter. (Loopy, yes, but that far outside the square, not.)




nice book that I’m also currently re-reading.

I bought my own copy from an old bookshop in a back street in Aberdeen (the one shown is from a Google) and guess what? Yup~!

I found the reference I was looking for, about a wee bird of the Amazon, and shall soon be posting a screenshot of the page and my reasons for wanting it.




it is clear that in the 13th century, Tahitians used sophisticated navigational skills to travel the 2,500-mile distance and settle the Hawaiian Islands. Archaeological and linguistic evidence shows that navigators from Tahiti’s neighbor islands the Marquesas had settled the islands even earlier. Skepticism over the validity of those navigational methods has long muddied the waters. A most notable naysayer was ethnologist Thor Heyerdahl whose 1947 Kon Tiki raft expedition advanced the drift idea that colonization occurred only as vessels simply traveled on the tides. But the 1976 voyage of the Hōkūleʻa—guided by Micronesian navigator Pius “Mau” Piailug—resolved the debate. Piailug demonstrated his profound skill for reading the night sky and the ocean swells and safely guided the massive ocean-going canoe from Hawaii to Tahiti.

Read more:  CLICK HERE 

And as wonderful as ol’ Thor was, perhaps he goofed. (The bugger should’ve read Hapgood), Now get thee to the ref and have a read.

And then go watch Moana, if only to see how a foxy wee minx can kick godly butt.

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* A guy who played around with atoms and things (name of Einstein).