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“You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”



Laws pertaining to the incitement of acts of violence?

Can these laws not be applied? Equally to all, without fear of discrimination? So who is it that now actually rules in the once civilised nations of Europe these days? Is it native Law of “equal justice for all” which was installed only after much bitter effort—or is it The Law Of The Savage as commanded by the unchangeable Koran?

Hey … don’t ask me … go find a mirror, ask yourself; and if you have kids, will you be able to face their future if you continue to tolerate this “Great Religion Of Peace” within your voting borders?

In words of few syllables—

(a) are you truly the last great brain-dead Optimist? Or

(b) are you truly blind, deaf, dumb, as well as an idiot?

Thank Allah I am an old dog and I shan’t have to live with the fruits of YOUR suicidal insouciance.

Thank Yahveh I lived when I did … back when people didn’t go running around cutting the heads off of total strangers in the street (or even better, in God’s very own House).



about all the nice Islamic Moslem-type folks running around cutting peoples’ heads off—in the streets, churches, or anywhere else they see a chance.

Frankly I think it’s damned unfair … biassed, even. (But I’m not allowed to say that, am I?) (Oh horrors, I did.) (So now the PC-police will be after me …)



Our own Great Screen Hero, regardless of his politics or wotevers. He will be missed—in fact we watched that ‘Last Crusade’ movie just the other night; that scene where he shoots the tail off his own aircraft has to be a classic~!

They told me, Heraclitus—

They told me you were dead.

They brought me bitter news to hear,

And bitter tears to shed …



I’ve been there a few times and never once had my cage rattled, hackles risen, or invisible beings guzzle my coffee.

But I still retain an open mind … (hey! I heard that! Whaddya mean, ‘vacant’?) (You’ll keep!) … and if it brings in the punters, even more better. And next time en passant I’ll do as intended, stop and pop in for a coffee and a peek at ‘Fred’ (might even get a shot at (oops) of him).



“A man armed with a knife has attacked people inside a French church, with two dying at the scene and a third fleeing before succumbing to wounds.

French prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard detailed the gruesome scene encountered on Thursday (local time) inside the Nice basilica where a man and woman were killed by the attacker.”

But both Uncle Mo and Big Jeez represent the Abrahamic God of love, peace, and compassion. (Oops, mercy too … mustn’t forget that ‘cos it’s in both their unique Holy Book/s.)

So Moslems are running around with knives killing everybody and hacking heads off. No big deal, they’ve been doing that for hundreds of years, they aren’t going stop now. (So, in the interests of compassion and Christian charity just keep on importing them and soon you’ll know what Islam is really all about … at least Christians no longer burn folks alive at the stake).

Quote above is from: CLICKETH HEREUNTO



If people could actually think

—for themselves, and not as Commanded by nice men wearing dresses following the dictates of a long dead (never-did-exist-anyway~) Great Ghost in the sky?

And now, your quote for the day:

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Turks to boycott French goods amid a row over France’s tougher stance on radical Islam.

In a televised speech, he urged world leaders to protect Muslims “if there is oppression against Muslims in France”.

Mr Erdogan has angrily criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for pledging to defend secularism against radical Islam.

But especially I just love this bit:

It comes after a teacher was killed for showing Prophet Muhammad cartoons.”

In the west we tolerate this sort of crap? (Yes we do … paradoxically, that’s “Freedom” for you. Freedom for some and doom for the rest of us; unless we wake up. Wake up, and act…)

SO: what do YOU think? (Hey—not MY problem. I’m an old guy with no descendants. But how about your own good self? Got any kids? Worried?

“Me neither, Dog! All in hand and going swell~!”


This lot (below)

so here’s a screenshot of it—and I shan’t post the source because obviously they don’t want the publicity.


being why the hell should folks accept tens of thousands of foreigners invading their (once) sovereign territory?

Hey … don’t ask me, I’m only a dog, remember? Class me as xenophobic if you wish, and I’ll cheerfully accept; especially if the bloody xenos I’m phobic to want me to worship their bloody God!

So in such a ‘democracy’ — is it a race, to see who can outbreed whom?

Again, don’t ask me. I just project trends and rejoice in the fact that I don’t have all that many years left in which to see the outcome. You do, though.

I don’t have any children, I never reproduced, so I have no investment in the future. Again, you do …

Have fun.



This is New Zealand, dammit! We have the best rugby team in the world and can beat the arse off anyone else’s sailors at yachting. WE pitched in and finished off the Second World War, were first ever up Everest, and without us there’d be no Antarctic stuff!

And we invented heavier-than-air powered flight before the Wright brothers. So if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Buy your own blasted hospital and make it closer to the heart’s desire; whimper whimper whimper, that’s all some folks ever do!

And now, if anyone wants the source of this morning’s ire visit:

—and you’ll see what I’m bleating about this time.

(Or not, if you don’t understand cynicism.)(Many don’t …)