and make of it what you will. 

And yes, extrapolation is allowed (encouraged, actually).

Before most of the audience had arrived, I was checking the focus on the slides in my PowerPoint presentation prior to giving my talk and I put up on the screen an image which shows the Orion/Pyramids correlation and the Sphinx/Leo correlation at Giza in the epoch of 10,500 BC. Rightly and properly since the Orion correlation is Robert Bauval’s discovery I included a portrait of Robert Bauval in the slide. As soon as Zahi saw Robert’s image he became furiously angry, shouted at me, made insulting and demeaning comments about Robert, and told me that if I dared to mention a single word about Robert in my talk he would walk out and refuse to debate me.

This is a modern ‘scientist’ in frank and open debate? (No, I’m not referring to the gentle Mr Hancock —I mean the nice Mr Hawass.)

I explained that the alternative view of history that I was on stage to represent could not exclude the Orion correlation and therefore could not exclude Robert Bauval. At that, again shouting, Zahi marched out of the debating room. Frantic negotiations then took place off stage between the conference organisers and Zahi. Finally Zahi agreed to return and give his talk and answer questions from the audience, but he refused absolutely to hear or see my talk, or to engage in any debate with me. I therefore gave my talk to the audience without Zahi present (he sat in a room outside the conference hall while I spoke). When I had finished I answered questions from the audience. Then Zahi entered, gave his talk, answered questions from the audience and left.

well now ....png

One of the few members of the audience who had arrived early did manage to record part of the scene of Zahi storming out of the conference room — see here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ziu2ygE_Wc

The whole illustrates the arrogant pignorance of the gentleman who had/has (?) his grip tightly around the neck of power at the actual site itself. Not good—but he would doubtlessly disagree; and I imagine that if I tried to debate the point would flounce petulantly out of the room with petticoats aflurry and spitting spiders in all directions.


For Source:  CLICK HERE


IT’S A ‘cultural’ thing?

So I (why always me?) must bend over backwards to accommodate such open-minded, well mannered, couth and cultured, scientifically inquisitive little oiks as  this nice man? (Unless I do I shan’t earn my Snowflake badge) (Bugger~!)

No, my apologies to any deserving sensitivities I may ruffle—this guy is often both desperate to be liked and desperate to appear unbiassed. But the mask drops easily to reveal the thug within (desperate thug, I must add). (Is he Islamic, by any chance—and thus entirely open to unchallenged debate?)


represents the ‘scientific’ establishment of Egyptian studies and antiquities I think our world is a sorry place.

Perhaps he learned his objectivity—if not his manners—at the Adolf Hitler School of Fine Arts in Berlin (and is older than he claims).

But he has style—those ‘Indiana Jones’ hats  … ’nuff sed.


For ol’ Zahi, the very antithesis of The Snowflake

* Yes, Little Ollivia … that was indeed sarcasm. Pure, unsubtle, unadulterated, and the quintessentially genuine article.


I WAS RIGHT finger-pointing-down-animation-gif

when in earlier posts I murmured that the wildly enthusiastic Dr Zahi Hawass was being too emphatic (and a bit presumptuous) when he kept/keeps identifying with the ‘ancient Egyptians’?

(CNN)Ancient Egyptians and their modern counterparts share less in common than you might think. That is, at least genetically, a team of scientists have found.

Researchers from the University of Tuebingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, both in Germany, have decoded the genome of ancient Egyptians for the first time, with unexpected results

Publishing its findings in Nature Communications, the study concluded that preserved remains found in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, were closest genetic relatives of Neolithic and Bronze Age populations from the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans.

Modern Egyptians, by comparison, share much more DNA with sub-Saharan populations.

The findings have turned years of theory on its head, causing Egyptologists to re-evaluate the region’s history while unlocking new tools for scientists working in the field …



I SAY AGAIN    buitre162.gif

that although Hawass calls the people who built the pyramids (and other such stuff) ‘Egyptians’ he may be desperately cashing in on someone else’s legacy (and glory)~?


simply living there doesn’t make you one of ‘them’. Never did, never shall—even if you do hold the passport. (How many American citizens were rounded up and popped into concentration camps in WW2—for having Japanese ancestry?)


a lot of stuff about the ancient Middle East but in the course of quite extensive readings have become a ‘Pyramid nutter’. If you have even the slightest inclination you might be stirred by reading about the GP of Giza, the Serapeum, the temple of Abydos, the uncompleted obelisk and many other such. Let’s leave those fanciful ‘space aliens’ out of it, and ask “How?” rather than just accepting that they are there. (Ask ‘who’ and ‘when’ while you’re at it.)

Or, if you listen to professionals like Hawass (and any others who’ve put in the time and distance to earn the degrees) you might like to carry one of these with you—


—and keep it handy at all times. History, it is said, it written by the victors … and the victor is the guy in possession of the field.

Holding turf doesn’t necessarily make you right …


In the Course

of research


across a lot of (dare I say it?) codswallop (aka utter poop—only more so).

To illustrate, I offer this rather pathetic would-be attempt at humour. (It has to be humour—no genuine viewer could be quite that thick~!) (But judging by the ‘comments’ … quite a few of them actually are. Thats’ moddin edyakashun fore yew!)



Taken from:


(Add a letter ‘y’ at the end of that link-address and then you can use it.)

buitre16You really don’t want to go there: it’s a tad worse than pathetic (believe me, I suffer for my research).

I read somewhere that Admiral Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica soon after WW2 was sent scampering home with its tail between its legs after getting beaten up by Nazi and Space Alien flying saucers (’nuff said). I liked the idea so thought I’d check it out—you know, brainless Conspiracy Theorist and stuff. But ye gods, way out of my league …


blurry stuff with US gobs running around in RN hats I thought I recognised a few snippets from other sites and vids, one of which I’d found interesting but under a heading similar to “Kamikaze” (and referring to some Sons Of Heaven hot-footing to their heaven).


apologise if anyone can show me where I’m wrong?






—some rotten bugger slips you a crippler and upsets your equilibrium.

Before you read on, look at the image above (have a quick worship if you like—I’ll wait) … then here’s another shot of the same god, a divinity of many faces. I guess wysiwyg~?


Okaaaaay … he’s a little different from the above image, but still in the ball-park.

We’ll keep him.


I can hear the ‘protesteth-too-much’ folks “Ya not meant to take it literally! They had no cameras in them days etc etc ad etc …”

Perhaps I should allow a little leeway—some slack for artistic licence, for a God made in Man’s image?


for the definitive true-to-life Jesus—


—take your pick.

But wait, choose now and we’ll throw in a free link to Google, where you can choose from many hundreds to find your very own personal exact likeness of someone who actually never existed.

3.pngHeck, here’s another pin-up for reading this far—it’s one especially for the Celtics among us.

So He was a scruffy redhead as well as blond and dark—all things to all men (you can’t ask better of the Guy created the entire universe from diddley-squat).


to stop teasing and put you out of your misery: science has come to the aid of theology. Working as a sort of a team they’ve come up with an answer to that most important of questions:

What did Jesus really look like? 

It appears that God looks like this guy, below. A bit disappointing really, I prefer the blue-eyed aryan type myself but that’s God for you, full of surprises—

Big J.png

see below for a simple comparison image

For the definitive combo look to the pic on left below. (The pic on the right was a tougher call:






I must leave it for now.  Maybe it might turn out one day that, actually—

—He looked like this!  


“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir—does having a piccie of Jesus not violate the second Commandment?”


“An image of God isn’t strictly kosher, Sir—?”


“I think it’s legal, Kiddo, if they love it but don’t worship it.”

“Oh … but what is number two, Sir? I’ve trolled the web—”

“I think you mean ‘trawled’, Cutie?”

“—oops; but everywhere I get different Numbers two. Number twos—”

“Let’s leave it as Number Twos, kiddo. Don’t sweat, religion is full of ’em.”





Trolleras much as you like


“Mock on, Mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;

Mock on, Mock on, ’tis all in vain.

You throw the sand against the wind,

And the wind blows it back again.”


—you can never blacken the name of a living saint (now sadly deceased a bit).


founder of the Foursquare Church/cult/tax dodge of the USA where almost anything goes (and often does)*.


garnered I gather from news outlets of the time and put into this webbie:


—which some may find edifying while others grounds for murder (depends on how good a Christian you are, I guess—most rationalists won’t kill for the sake of a few fairy tales).


After the good lady Prophet ‘disappeared’ on a beach—

Exhaustive searches were conducted by divers who worked themselves to exhaustion with one dying from exposure. A teenage girl drowned when she dove into the water thinking that she saw Sister Aimee in the water.

But wait, read on—

While investigating the alleged kidnapping, several witnesses came forward saying they recognized a couple matching Aimee and Ormiston’s description. It seems the couple was seen visiting hotels and resorts up and down the West Coast.

Naaah … it’s easy to mix people up—

Before a grand jury could be convened, the District Attorney charged Aimee with obstruction of justice and suborning perjury. When the grand jury was convened they heard more testimony from witnesses who saw the couple in Carmel, California and they reviewed testimony from handwriting experts who testified that the handwriting on registration cards from several hotels was Aimee’s.

Blatant lies and blatant forgeries~! No saint would do such a thing, and (sanctified or not) ‘Sister’ Aimee was a saint. So there~!

In the 1930’s Aimee fell in love and eloped with David Hutton, a singer and actor who played a part in one of Aimee’s illustrated sermons. The marriage was considered scandalous because it broke one of the rules that Aimee herself helped set up. A divorced person was not supposed to marry as long as the former spouse was still alive. Harold McPherson was still alive. Many people saw this marriage as a case of do as I say, not as I do on Aimee’s part

buitre16What more can anyone say? Golden Rule invocation:






“Mr Argus, Sir?” (Bugger … it’s little Virginia.)

“Yes, beloved child?”

“Sir … aren’t you being a wee bit disrespectful?”

“What’s to respect, Kid?”

“Other people’s beliefs, Sir?”

“Some grown-ups believe in Santa too, Kiddo—”

“The people themselves then?”

“I should respect someone who believes in chopping folks heads off in the street for disrespecting their beliefs?”

“Wot? I mean, wot Sir?”

“Same God, different franchises, Kid. What’s to respect?”


It’s hee hoo time again—


Hee hoo has the most guns

sets the local beliefs.  QED



Foursquare:  take one in with you next time …

ouch* Freedom means never having to make sense.


pcto ‘blow’


dollars of your trusting flock’s hard-earned scrimpings and savings, donations, earnings, tithings and blackmailings?

Don’t ask me. I’m just a dum ol’ dog …

Saying he has “been to hell and back,” the former president of one of the nation’s best-known Pentecostal churches is in San Francisco this week seeking forgiveness for his role in a huge evangelical investment scam that could cost his flock some $15 million.

The Rev. Paul Risser, the disgraced leader of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, appeared to receive that forgiveness Wednesday, as nearly 3,000 church members stood in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel to salute him with rousing choruses of “Amazing Grace.”

The weeklong annual convention of the 4 million-member church had been scheduled long before Risser’s March 10 resignation as head of the Los Angeles- based denomination.


Classic Ponzi scheme is how the ‘investments’ were described. Apparently this poverty-ridden order of mendicants wasn’t the only one, other sacred-holy-divinely inspired etc etc churches lost a few oodles too.


As a cynical agnostic atheist of the First Rank (four stars) I have to ask: “What the hell was God thinking when She let them do this?” Considering that no religious nutcase leader makes such a move without consulting God first, and considering that The Great God Almighty who is omniscient(!) didn’t intervene on behalf of the dupes His flock?

devil-1A bit of a toughie that stumps even me …

… unless of course* it was all part of the Divine Plan. Brrr. Moving on …

The Hilton? Wow … that sure beats congregating on the banks of the local lake or seafront; and I’ll bet the bill of fare was more than one crust and half a fish each.

THIS CASE reminds me of the old sayings “Easy come—easy go” and “Don’t fret, it was only money” … you know, money, the root of all evil (in which case the wee scamp did them a favour by getting rid of the disgusting stuff.)

Now: for his next act of Christian charity, I know an old dog down in New Zealand who wouldn’t be too proud to dispose of the next fifteen million … for free, no questions asked.










* It was, indisputably so, no?




millionaire (especially back when a million was a lot more than it is today).

So by my own admission I have to admire not only the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Spielberg, Connolley, Trump etc types but also the confidence tricksters I hold in contempt.


there couldn’t possibly be any new angle (think ‘take’) on the ‘religion of Christ’ you bump into new takes. Successful ones (not all are)(Kool-Aid-and-cyanide, anybody?).


intruding into a guy’s blog and discovering that my approach to his idiocy religion wasn’t welcome I was going to let it all drop, until someone came up with a few whisker-tweakers that tweaked—

(a) my curiosity, and

(b) my sense of the ridiculous.


briefly: At the insistence of a friend I attended ‘Jesus 78‘ in Auckland. Reverend Clark-Taylor from Australia (he was good!). But I got horribly nudged when …


delivered a brilliant performance and had just called for volunteers from the herds to “Come on down the front and meet Jesus”

It was late twilight. Mini-searchlights came on then locked onto a most beautiful long-haired blonde damsel clad neck to foot in so graceful a clinging diaphanous white nightie it was screamingly sexy … and held her as she slowly led two cherubic little children (boy and girl, a matching set) along the carpeted path sloping down to the stage.

(SFX:  insert loud gasps—heavy on the awe—here, please)

To say it was all theatrically perfect would be a masterpiece of understatement.

Anyway, my point being that had she been an old bat of the heavily overweight battleaxe sort … naaaaah.

Then recently—

a one.png

I came across this. Note the ethereal smile, the eyes into the distance, the ever so subtle ‘halo’ effect, and how everything about the shot suggests ‘angelic’.


Bearing these thoughts in mind, have a beak at these—

a two.png

—and just try to tell me that the window hasn’t been dressed a bit. Quite a bit. A lot.

Hey: ya gotta be subtle.

Blatant cuts it only when deliberate, but if dealing with all the ‘purity’ clichés in one foul swoop it never hurts to underestimate your audience market. The rubes will suck up all the stuff like this they can get and still pant for more.

a three.png

Make it slinky. Sex appeal appeals more to the deprived than the depraved, so give it ’em good. Never forget to make sure that one knee is slightly advanced (it emphasises the thrust of the hips and adds flow to the curves—which brings the punters in for more, and more. (As the wee harlot said to the bishop: “This is a business? Ya got it, ya sell it … ya still got it!” And so the stage is further dressed.)

Sex sells. Sex sells especially when denied, as exhorting folks to be ‘pure’. No?


abounds. Conditioned reflexes are triggered among the receptive and if properly applied will have them reaching for their wallets in no time.

Like this open-handed (palms uppermost) smiling gesture—“Look at me, I am your friend … no weapons, nothing to hide but everything for you to take—if you’ll just stop resisting and come into my arms~!”

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 17.49.09.png

Yeah, sure.

But wait, it gets better; the lady offers the below gently, as a way of explaining why she is displaying her wares in so modest a fashion—

Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 17.54.40.png

—and given enough cheery followers emptying their wallets into the collection trays sacks carts will finally be able to commission a modest ‘dwelling of The Lord’ and so reach serve larger and ever larger flocks …

a modest wee chapel.png

… across greater distances to spread the Holy Word (complete with return address for any paltry donations).

the crux of the matter.png

My advice for anyone contemplating starting up their own religious franchise, or even a whole new religion:



AND you will need what business folks refer to coyly as a USP. (A Unique Selling Point.)

It will be better if you can (as this lady did) invoke previous conceptions (all the haloes and stuff) and the unspoken promise of sex.

Do it coyly enough, with class, and even the wimmin will come on board. Trust me on this one … and if (horrors!) I’m called on to prove it I need go no further than to offer our role model:


—and be advised:  Yea, even though she be deceased …

… the Lady isn’t dead.


… bugger …


image below from Google.

I remembered that Alec Sanders used his once-foxy missus as bait—and here she is—


—was. Sanders is the head honcho in the supplicant position. But—

—ever seen that gesture before?