funny, I took

me snap (below) yesterday in town, before I came home to catch up with the newspapers spilling out of my mailbox—

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 07.33.36.png

—wherein I found the referenced article and this image—

down there


Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 07.35.53.png

The point I was making was (again) that Invercargill must be alone in the universe in having City Fathers imaginative enough to send (at whose expense?) teams to China to seek out and purchase invisible Christmas decorations.


invisible, it must be noted. Apparently they are illuminated* … cute little (LED?) lights that I imagine are set to come on after dark … right when everyone with any sense is curled up at home with either a Spouse or cat in their laps watching something nostalgic on TV.

I say I imagine because by the time it gets dark this far south at this time of year I’m long back in my kennel, leaving Sodom and Gomorrah to those who can still indulge. Aaaaah, youth … entirely wasted on the young …


* I’m told …


dragonwas quoted in my readings

as saying that he didn’t shake hands

… as it was beneath the dignity of his office (president, you see).


what might ol’ George (who cheerfully wore a pinny and happily shook hands when he deemed it apt) (I suppose in a personal sense?) have thought or said about the dignity of that same office nowadays—?

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 12.36.34.png

“Here’s Hi Fives to ya, George baby! Boom boom!”


Yes, well …

… moving on …

… I did read (at one time) that it was impossible to fall off of a Segway—but didn’t some other dignified US President manage it? (Not easy to trump that card … but he’s working on it.)





PC, notthat money should have value. You know, that old ‘be a mutually acceptable easily exchangeable ready-use store of value’ sort of thing. Real value, objective value. Enduring value.

It did/was, once, too … back when money meant gold and suchlike.

The world has moved on since then and money nowadays is either:

(a) very rarely seen, or

(b) never seen.

But don’t get me started—been there, done that—now quietly coasting to the finish line and hoping that ‘money’ doesn’t achieve its true worth in the years I have left. Brrrr.


is triggered by this article—

line birds.gif


Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 10.47.50.png

—from this morning’s New Zealand Herald (online).

line birds.gif

When money was money (was too, once. Several times …) you (meaning they) couldn’t fiddle about with it. Not too much.

An ounce of (say) gold was an ounce of gold, end of story: it was the same ounce in the US or Russia or Afghanistan or Mombasa or Antarctica … (and fortunes could be made by the astute exchanging their cheap junky trinkets for someone else’s cheap junky metal).

Voluntary exchange to mutual satisfaction? Aaaahhhh … free market*


*  (Forgive me, Lords, for I have used a naughty four-letter word).


Quoting:              down there

“It is estimated the asteroid would likely have been made largely of iron, measuring about 1.5km across and weighing about 12 tons. The impact which created the 31 kilometres wide crater under the Hiawatha Glacier would have had significant ripple effects in the region, possible even globally, researchers said.”

May I now put in a bid for the return of the Proof Reader? No, you silly wee person … not for moi (this time) but for the nice folks who crafted and posted the above—

source  CLICK HERE  

But don’t fret, their space rock hit about twelve thousand years ago—made a hole, they say, the size of Paris … must’ve rattled a few pots and pans in the ol’ caves?

Another quote to finish with—

“This is a hot potato,” impact crater expert at Purdue University … told Science …

active service



It looks like once you try the waters you can’t climb back out of the pool. (Pool being the ‘New* Editor’ panel that keeps haunting my attempts at writing a new post.)

Okaaaayyyy … worn down by persistence, I’ll try it: so how the hell do I get a new ‘block’ (as in new paragraph?)

That easy, huh? Just hit the ‘new line’ thingy twice. (Why didn’t I think of that before?) (Duh~)

Aha! So that’s how I pop in an image. This is progress? Oh, wow. Just what I always wanted and so desperately needed … a lovely big black T. Just like that … (I used to do them by hand.)

So if I’m (eeek!) how do I get normal back?

Like that. Start a new block … oh. ‘Color Settings’ (MEMO TO SELF: teach Yanks how to spell colour) … must have a go … 


try for font colour … okaaaaayyy … but does it do individual words? Like this one— oink —?


‘Nuffa this, I gotta go for my walk before The Spouse comes looking for me with something blunt and heavy—she’s good at that and I have the dents to prove it. Feisty wee thing …

BUT I SHALL RETRUN . HMMMM. Seems no way to get out of caps except by serendipity (hah! Dunnit!) but no-one flagged up that my ‘return’ was ‘retrun’ (dictionaryising it drew a blank …)

Even more intriguing the lower case retrun IS flagged up as a goof. How ’bout dat~!?

Couldn’t resist it—if all is well with The Children of Israel we should see a ‘drop cap’ (means big, and black) letter ‘E’ at the start of this paragraph. I think I’ll play with ‘Color Settings’ a bit more; see if I can’t isolate a word to rubric it alone.

Bugger … that didn’t work, neither did cut-n-pasting an isolated red one. Lost its redness, it did …


So: thus far I stick with my original gut-feeling reaction: thanks, WP guys/guyettes for trying … can I go back now to what I know and love?

Here goes …

Wot~!? No key words or categories?


leads to questioning, such as “What is the Self?” and “How do I give it up?”


is ‘Why the hell give it up?’ … as in:

  • why the hell would you want to?
  • why the hell should you?
  • even if you damned well could …?

Myself, when young, did eagerly frequent sinner and saint and heard great argument etc etc (Fitzgerald’s ‘Khayyam’). In the end I concluded that I liked eastern notions a lot more better, and by dint of meditation and exercises and stuff concluded that actually the Self is really what it’s all about.


pounded into us that self is bad, naughty, antisocial, mean, nasty and hostile to the environment. WHEREAS—

—nothing, in fact, could be further from the truth.

In the navy we were taught that in event of chemical attack or similar unpleasantness we put our very own personal protective equipment on FIRST. Only after we have secured as best we can the preservation of ol’ Number One do we look to assist the folks around us. (Why is that?)

Is that a mean selfish antisocial nasty attitude, do you think?


that yes, it is good to assist the needy. No argument there, but consider this—

is it better, good Religioso, to give a man a lovely fresh fish every day for the rest of his life …

… or a fishing rod? And teach him how to fish? (Teach him how to make rods, too?)

Consider that your religious leaders live in hash-reeking palaces, drive around in the most impressive of luxury cars, maintain fleets of most modern luxury private jets … whilst the slums of  * rival those of  * .


     “He has a point!”       “That’s what I just said, Hornhead! Quit quoting me!”


dodo                   dodo dodo dodododo

* Insert name of own choice here




Try this on for size

Can o Worms usable(and I warn you, it’s no trivial matter)—

A definition of the word should have been included in the exam, he said. 

Chairman of the New Zealand History Teachers’ Association, Graeme Ball, agreed. 

He called the exam a “little bit of a snafu” on the part of NZQA, and said the language used in questions should be “accessible to all”.

The exam was not testing comprehension, so it was “unfair” to make that part of the assessment, he said. 

But should Year 13 students know the word “trivial”?

If I may be permitted to say so—

Ye gods

—and my apologies to anyone dead, alive, or undecided, who cannot fathom (it means figure) my meaning (here used in the office of) thereof. Sometimes I can be subtle (it means sneaky) and often blatant (I think it means simple)(as in obvious) (but don’t quote me on that, I left my dictionary* big book of words at home).

chimp rocks

To which I must add


—or as in (modern speak)


My apologies where due to any moderns offended. No offence intended, little person. (Well, not much …)


* Dictionary … a book that explains the meanings of difficul tough unknown hard words. See below for PS:



There there … you just dry up them naughty ol’ tears …


being unintentionally


to anyone.

But for some I’m happy to take a punt—

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 18.11.31.png

Having been almost bulletproof (off the radar) for years we had our phone ring just the other night, and since Spouse was busy I took it—

—strange unknown voice, thinking he may have the wrong number and “please,what number did I call?”

… dammit … I could have had a ball with this but had promised Spouse I wouldn’t if ever it came up. So almost reflexively I hung up, hoping for a replay.

It didn’t.


we were told (and this years ago, long before all these ‘web’ things were even dreams) that if any calls were at all suss to politely request the caller’s name and number— “And I’ll call you back just as soon as I can~!”


who kept a referee’s whistle (the two-tone type with a pea in it) by her phone. She explained it was for annoyance callers. In the midst of a call at a later date I remembered this and asked if she’d like to test her systems—happy to do so, she said, and promptly did so … I became an instant Christian, so to speak. Sheesh!


is that we miss out on so much. You can real fun with idiots … or telemarketers. (They don’t do it much these days but I managed to keep one talking for more than twenty minutes once, before he finally twigged; got quite ratty before he hung up.)



Call me …

skull & bones