downloadand conquer the world.

I think this may be how her most recent ‘iconic’ images were made. (Made, not taken— candids are taken, artifice is created*).


—our worldwide icon (use freely, with mad rapturous abandonment).

down there

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 20.14.13.png


Simple enough: a basic idea, some range-finders, a wee bit of fine tuning and an obviously too indulgent education system.

First, find your lone martyr—


“No, Gertie! You’re a lone voice, remember? Too many people!”

“Oops … okay … how about now?”


“No … lone voice! Solo. That means just YOU … understand?”

“Awww … gee, already this is getting hard … now?”


“Looking better, Kid. The book bit is a nice touch. Too much pink though—makes you look like a bit girlie—and keep working on that frown, it’s coming along nicely.”

“And perhaps like I’m not really sacrificing my education—?”

“Exactly. Try again, Miss.”



“A bit better. Needs more pathetic. And that bottle means comfort—we want you to project suffering. And we’ll have to try lots, and choose the most effective.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 23.17.02.png

“We’re getting there, Kid. How about some colour—you know, something that will make you stand out, something that might even become your brand?”

“This one? If not then go find yourself another martyr, I’m getting a sore butt here …”

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 20.14.13.png

“Perfect! That’s it! Now we’re gonna rock ’em in the aisles all over the world.”

“… and can I get on with my education, please?”

“Not just yet, Kid. You’re hot property—we need you!”

selfie“Give it time, Babe … you’re currently hot stuff! Yeah**”

Line, green

* Sometimes. (If you get away with it.)

** Transit gloria …


Death chattering

that we should err (if indeed we err at all) on the side of caution.

You know—play it safe.

Perhaps Miss Thunberg has it right after all … and we are cooking our planet. (Perhaps not, too — but surely it’s better to play safe, to have a timely parachute?) So with nothing to lose I suggest we do exactly what Miss Thunberg wants.

Effective immediately

  • we shut down and ground all (repeat) ALL powered aircraft. Everywhere.
  • we stopper all oil wells—switch ’em off, bung ’em up, lock ’em down and throw away the keys.
  • flood all coal mines. Everywhere.
  • ban the use of fossil fuel machinery, anywhere. 
  • use sail-power only on the seas and waterways (animal-drawn vessels excepted) (oars acceptable too).
  • factories using any manner of fossil fuel be closed; locked until they can be de-constructed. Parts may be recycled but only if no fossil fuels are involved.
  • no plastics or derivatives of any kind will be acceptable if any carbon-producing materials or methods are used* .

There will be needs for exceptions; so licences might be sold to approved specified persons/businesses only. (Miss Greta Thunberg and her entourage will of course hold life-membership ‘blanket’ licences as special recognition for their services to the planet).

There will be no —repeat, NO discussion.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 18.17.53

NEXT POST— evolution of a Thunderburg photo shoot. Don’t miss!


Line, green

* This applies to trademark little yellow jackets too.


Truth escaping from the well.jpgBUT FOR YOU

DEVOUT BELIEVERS, would showing your Prophet false make any difference? I say not. Not in the least, given the track record of all “sacred holy prophets” in history. They come, they go, but eventually Miss Truth escapes from the well.


that you cannot stop an idea (true or false) whose time has come.


that the whole AGW thing is an artifice. True! Read on—

—it’s a new religion to harness the unsated yearnings of a disappointed agnostic generation. Clever manipulation; the priesthoods have shifted sights. (A good gunner does that when his target goes out of range.)

Now ask “Why?”

As was said in that famed cartoon series—

“I have met the enemy, and he is us!”


Moving on—arrow down red smartish copy

“The video published today by the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) and written by Dr. Susan Crockford, a Canadian wildlife expert, shows that increasing climate angst felt by many young people around the world started with Attenborough’s films that blamed starving polar bears on human-caused global warming.”

Sourced:  CLICK HERE


what Realist stands a chance in this world of power hungry zealots armed with crusading child-puppets?

Only Lady Truth, perhaps.

But it will now take years before her voice is heard — and by then she will be justifiably furious.

Truth escaping from the well 2.jpg

“Manipulating little girls! Boy, are YOU alarmists ever gonna cop it!”

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 15.26.54.png

“Thank you, Argus … for caring.”



TRex1.jpgabout them cute little dinosaur things*  I always get twitchy around raptors.

AND NOW, after this— (quoted snippet I burgled from Der Spiegel recently)

arrow down red smartish copy

Pyne: Australia has been exposed to fires for millions of years, and its flora and fauna is well adapted to them.

DER SPIEGELWhat kind of adaptations?

Pyne: Oh, there are plenty. There are shrubs that seal their seeds with wax – which then melts in fire so that the seeds fall into a freshly prepared ash bed. The only documented case of a non-human species using fire also comes from Australia. Raptors in northern Australia have been seen picking up burning branches to set fires elsewhere to expose their prey.”

—I can see why. (Snippet snitched from that article in Speigel I mentioned in my previous post.)


your advice please—would the Aussies be better off to grab shotguns and have a massive ‘raptor shoot out’? (Damned beak-faced firebugs!)


simply a part of Nature too? (As are those damned evil human things…)

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.11.16

“You go get ’em, Mr Argus!”




“Don’t ask me, Kid—I’m just passin’ through.”

Line, green

*  I vaguely remember that some clever scientists were back-breeding dinos (their creations got a wee bit out of hand).


Headbangers Inc.gifANCESTRAL WISDOMs

Here’s your quote—

down there

sourced:  CLICK HERE 


the many questions boil down to—

What part do the highly emotive but irrational ‘GREEN’ movements have to play in all of this?

—don’t ask unless you like being nauseous.


“Get off my case, Dog … or it’s my Stare Of Death for you!”


Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 19.01.30RULES!


Or maybe not yay … hey, don’t glare at me—

Go ask a Greenie, they have the answers—so all you gotta do, Aussie, is supply the sausages, beer, and a few marshmallows. (Never forget, you can always go back to Square One and start again.)


Whatever you do … please don’t look for inconsistencies, fallacies, or misplaced faith. Just keep them taxes rolling in — after all, in a Democracy who can you blame?

Gudrun Burwitz

“Just keep it up, Greta—and one day all will be yours!”


Death chattering

nuclear blast & girl

“Sorry, Daddy! I had ’em right there, in the palm of my hand …”

dodododo dodo dodo             dodo                                                  dodo


BEATS EMOTIONALScreen Shot 2020-01-23 at 18.23.56.png


any day.

Especially in God’s Own Country—you won’t find anything more pragmatic than a Kiwi farmer.


So first, let’s set the scene with a satellite image of Australian bushfires spicing our own air in NZ—


—you get the drift of the drift by reading from left to right. (We’ve had some lovely sunsets courtesy of Oz—Miss Greta should be here.)


yesterday I came across a scene that would have Greta run shrieking for the nearest toilet (natural hole in the ground? Leaves?) with her hand over her mouth.

Be warned:


arrow down red smartish copy


Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 09.47.17.png

down here pragmatism rules … and yes, that is a lousy photo of three fires in a row. Who cares?  Certainly not moi—not unless I’m downwind like these cows a wee bit later:

down there

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 10.06.39.png

—but by then the wind had changed. Thank God, from whom all Gretas flow.

My point?

Rave on, rave on, Miss Greta, Globalists;

Rave on, rave on, ’tis all in vain 

—you throw your words against the facts (and the facts don’t give a damn). 

Get out from under your programmers, Miss—find a job, fund some unemotional research … and come back to Reality once you’ve removed that puppeteer’s grubby hand.

In the meantime our farmers will farm just as farmers have always done—and shouldn’t you be eating naturally grown grass? (What’s the carbon footprint of your Sol Gryn each morning, or your fried egg?)


“Oops! Er … egg; dunno — can I get back to you on that one, Argie?”



“I can wait, Kid!”



Then make your catchment of taxpayers larger!

Easy peasey—


—and they call ME a dum’ animal …

My concern is the all-singing, all-dancing, new wonderful multimega-dollar development the Invercargill City Council is dabbling in. Both the ‘heritage’ buildings in the piccie below are to go, but the one towards the back will have its facade (only) retained as a sop to the damned reactionaries. Hah! Give ’em the ol’ one-two—

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 08.57.57.png

  • One:  boot out any existing businesses/tenants
  • Two:  bulldoze the whole ratty lot—

—and then build to the heart’s desire (regardless of effects on mere mortals nearby simply trying to scrape a living and/or a Return On Investment).

It will be an ongoing cesspit for the draining of the funds of innocents. But what do I know? I’m just an old dog—one who thought (hah!) that living a bit distant from Invercargill should be reasonably safe.

So even at my age I’m still ruefully learning—