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but first my standard disclaimer:

I am no expert. But I can (and do) think for myself.

Your quote:

“‘Our fight is Jihad and an obligatory worship. And every obligatory act of worship has 70 times more reward in Ramadan,’ a statement quoted spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as claiming.”

from: HERE


for no apparent reason that guy seems just a wee bit prejudiced against Islam. Still, it takes all sorts …


how the hell do the the Islamics get that ’70’ figure they quote?

  • Did God tell them?
  • Is it an uneducated guess?
  • Did some profit in the past state it from a Revelation? (Yes, profit. And you really think think I can’t spell ‘prophet’?)
  • Is it written in the unarguable undiscussable sacred WOG book*?
  • Is it possible to be human and decent and civilised all year, yet make up for it by obligatory acts during Ramadan?
  • Is it misplaced hyperbole?

Damn. Religion is such a tough topic … no wonder I’d opt for Zen; I find it much easier to envisage ‘one hand clapping’ than a loving merciful God favouring Islam …




* Word Of God



total surrender

to the sacred

holy infinite Word Of God*


Well. Now we know and it’s official. But doesn’t the Pope and his merry men-in-dresses stress likewise? Hell, even the great unwashed Ayn Rand said much the same … in the meantime, coming out of the east and the south to Europe, here’s a nice Islamic proselytiser—


—don’t forget to open your heart and hearth to make him welcome. He has four** fecund wives and at your expense all the time in the world to repopulate your desolate lands and salvage your stuttering economy. Coming right now to you, by the shipload …


* Acronym ‘WOG‘ … I’ll be using it in future for Islamics, the definitive experts in this field. Any objections?

** Wow. We are only allowed one … but they are special, no?


Never heard of it~!

Until tonight.


Read the quotes first, and then you’ll see why it caught my interest. After which …


In declassifying the most recent and largest batch of materials last June 8, the 40th anniversary of the attack, the NSA, this country’s chief U.S. electronic-intelligence-gatherer and code-breaker, acknowledged that the attack had “become the center of considerable controversy and debate.” It was not the agency’s intention, it said, “to prove or disprove any one set of conclusions, many of which can be drawn from a thorough review of this material,” available at .

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman, Mark Regev, called the attack on the Liberty “a tragic and terrible accident, a case of mistaken identity, for which Israel has officially apologized.” Israel also paid reparations of $6.7 million to the injured survivors and the families of those killed in the attack, and another $6 million for the loss of the Liberty itself.

But for those who lost their sons and husbands, neither the Israelis’ apology nor the passing of time has lessened their grief …

We can elucidate.

But wait, it gets better …

Nor, the survivors said, did they understand why the American 6th Fleet, which included the aircraft carriers America and Saratoga, patrolling 400 miles west of the Liberty, launched and then recalled at least two squadrons of Navy fighter-bombers that might have arrived in time to prevent the torpedo attack — and save 26 American lives.

They didn’t understand, but to me it’s obvious. If not obvious to you—if you still can’t see it, I have no wish to explain (but I’m sure you’ll want to buy this beautiful palace I have for sale in London—buy now and I’ll chuck in a slightly used Harbour Bridge in Sydney, at no extra cost) …


you thought it couldn’t get any better—

Meantime, the Liberty’s survivors and their supporters, including a distinguished constellation of retired admirals and generals, have persisted in asking Congress for a full-scale formal investigation.

—the ultimate “Yeah, sure~!”.


you, at least, had a great Memorial Day—waved lots of flags, washed lots of Fallen Hero tombstones, and did the full bit


USS Liberty




TO READ from source:  CLICK HERE





You didn’t vote?

Yet you’ll still serve anyway …


to a good thing. That someone ain’t you, Bud. It’s your Friendly Government; while you, Sir or Madame, are merely a tool. A puppet of policy, a dispensable thing*. You know … quite disposable.


is always backed by a gun. And yes, that lovely friendly government of nice baby-kissing people you voted for will turn the guns on you if it felt the need; even if only “pour encourager les autres”. Civil rights? Meaningless. Nice bait to catch votes, but quite meaningless.


spend it wisely …

Germany suspended conscription in 2011, but provision for it remains in the constitution. There is a debate now about reintroducing some form of national service.

Turkey has the second-largest armed forces in Nato, after the US military. Turkey has conscription for all men over the age of 20. They must serve between six and 15 months.

Neighbouring Greece – a Nato partner – has compulsory military service (nine months) for men from the age of 19. Cyprus – a longstanding source of Greek-Turkish tension – also has conscription.

Denmark and Norway have limited conscription, but their forces are overwhelmingly professional. Estonia and Lithuania – small Baltic states wary of Russian moves near their borders – have similar recruitment policies.

Finland however requires all men from the age of 18 to serve up to 347 days in the armed forces. They are later counted as reserves and can be required to take military refresher courses. For women military service is voluntary.

In Russia all men aged 18-27 have to spend a year in the armed forces …

to read from source (BBC) :  CLICK HERE

Just a small sampling of some of the reserves of disposables at the beck and call, will and whim of governments everywhere.


that has ‘conscription’ in any form is a free nation. Think about it. And if you think there’s even a remote possibility that those turkeys in office will get you into such a mess that they (not you, they) need conscripts to get them out of it—well, who was a good little voter and put them in office, then? (CLUE: not me …)


I say that if the cause is good, there will be no shortage of volunteers and no need for conscription.




The very definition of the word ‘paradox’ has to be the concept of a conscript fighting for freedom.



 *  But you can’t complain, can you? After all:   you voted.

** Think pawn, a la chess.


buitre16              (the traditional query of a flummoxed pig)


wondered. The answer though, is self-obvious. No?

Have a quick squizz at this wee snap copied from an webbie I haven’t even finished reading yet (I like to reveal my ignorance whilst still fresh):


Interestingly enough it ties in with my also still unfinished—thus flabbergasting—copy of Hapgood’s “Maps Of The Ancient Sea Kings”..


is who exactly determined which way is ‘west’ in Antarctica? And why ’tis so, and how the hell does anyone in the field (ok, on the ice) use it?

Stop for a moment and consider a hypothetical case … there you are with your buddies in a wee tent right on the unarguable South Pole, having overnighted. And feeling a desperate need to answer a call of nature, you rug up and bimble out with your wee (ouch) shovel. You slither just a few hundred yards/meters and do your thing, but the unexpected snow flurrying now completely obliterates your tracks. Not good. But never fear, you have your trusty radio and (God be praised~!) it is working. You call your buddies for help, and (God be praised~!) they answer …

“Okay, Argus. Shuddup and simmer down; you went which way to do what—?”

You explain again, as patiently as the every-increasing frostbites will allow, you went north just a few hundred yards—

Okay, Buddy, we goddit—you went north. Here we come …”

So: what do you give your chances now?

In full clear daylight I’d give possibly a score or so chances in three hundred and sixty; and that without relying on the blasted compass. How so?


In the dark, or in ‘inclement’ conditions … you’d have been much better off unrolling a ball of string behind you, or even better, doing what needed be done within the tent and to hell with everyone’s sensitivities. No?


which way is north?


did ‘they’ figure out which is the west and which the east, especially at the pole itself?

I still think that if you are at the south pole, you are facing north; easy peasy.






and who can come up with a viable alternative? (The first to mention Godwin’s Law gets the official raspberry~!)*

Here, have a nice quote from a source that I must admit I was directed to (not usually my taste) …

snip 1.png

—the image above is an active link to source (UK’s Daily Mail).


obvious action will be accused of trying to resurrect Guantanamo Bay, but in Britain. Oops, I meant reconstruct. Replicate. Dammit …


In our Lands Of The Free, would such action be tolerable? Or do we continue to hang ourselves from the nearest and highest rafters by our own testimonials? It’s a bit of a toughie …


if given draconian powers (or the gift of swaying enough voters) (which means the same thing) I’d very swiftly move to—

a.     emphasise that we have absolute Freedom of speech

b.     in all forms of communication …

—simultaneously followed by a do-gooder-&-snowflake-shocking purge of permissibles in any and all forms of communication such that:

c.     any exhortation to the use of

d.     any force or violence

e.     not specifically authorised by The Law**, or

f.    not demonstrably in spontaneous self-defence …

be banned outright, with severe penalties for anyone ‘inciting’ unlawful violence. As such I’m very happy to announce that the Islamics within our nation must either cleanse their sick literatures and behaviours to conform to civilised (our) standards—or buzz off back to the Islamic paradises they migrated from.


they’d have to meet our standards in all respects. No such thing as religious exemptions from ‘common’ law … or, of course, the rest of us may also go around ‘marrying’ six-year-old little girls and ‘lawfully’ copulating with nine-year-olds; sawing/chopping the heads off disbelievers and generally being a bit inventive in forcing compliance.


in the image above should realise, surely, that us Snowflakes will never allow anyone to slide us into Naziism ‘by the back door’~! Not even for our own good … concentration camps? (Brrrr … but for Islamics at least, the idea has a certain piquancy) (you’re allowed to advocate such when you’d talking theory).


should be equally stuffed up the gander, right? So why single out the sickness that is Islam’s unique true word of God—why pick on just the big guy? Why not purge all such literatures in any so-called ‘religious’ treatises? As a start I offer that all literature pertaining to the Abrahamics be so cleansed.


civilised (I use it to mean possessing Free Speech and secular Justice based on unhung juries of oafs off the street) nations adopt the methods employed by Islam—if no ‘infidels’ be allowed into Mecca, declare the whole of the west (Britain at least) to be similarly sacred.

Boot out/forbid anyone not of my persuasions. The Meccanese (Meccanix?) could never object—they, after all, set the precedents; so they’d continue selling us their oil and we’d keep selling them modern weaponry with which to spread their systems of Love, Truth, Peace, Compassion, Charity and Mercy: win/win.


I’m a genius, the world’s problems solved and before my second coffee too.

So: what do YOU say—




* Pretty bloody obvious, though, ain’t it?

** By OUR law, you silly little invading immigrant ‘refugee’, you …


ArgusI can be a sour and sarcastic old cynic often sometimes. True~! But my heart and intentions are as pure as the driven snow, regardless of appearances.


thank God(s) that’s over and we can get on with it.

I promised Scottie a refresher on the Basic Tools of Thought—summarised as bullets here but expanded further down—

  • Everything must either be,

  • or not-be;

  • nothing can both be and not-be

—simple enough if you use ‘be’ to represent ‘exist’ (either physically or as concepts).

Which then leads us to the mind-bender’s worst nightmare:




(actually, strictly speaking, they cannot exist). Read on …

  • if you find an apparent contradiction
  • look to the premises, because
  • one of them (at least) is wrong.

And that’s it. Lesson complete.

Full ahead all engines and damn the torpedoes. No?

No. That YOU can think for yourself and spot contradictions all over the place doesn’t mean anyone else can, or will. You now have to be very careful.

devil-1I was told once by a genuine Crank that—

In the Land of the Blind

the one-eyed man is King.

The two-eyed a monstrosity

—and from memory ‘monstrosities’ often got burned at the stake. Brrrr … which is why thinkers need be careful. CLUE: it’s never a good idea to argue with the man holding a gun.


or even if not in doubt: always look for contradictions. If you find one (okay, when you find …) check your own safety before pointing them out.


too is a favourite peeve of mine. This is how people get what they want at your expense. Mind control (MC) doesn’t necessarily mean implants in the brain. MC simply means someone else getting you to do what they want, often without you realising.


is Mind Control—do you really believe in spooks in the sky watching your every move with a mind to consigning you to eternal hellfire (or endless sex with gorgeous houris)?

If you do … you are being milked—whichever of the unlimited unique pathways to Salvation it is**.


* Mind-bender = someone seeking to control others.

** You missed it, no?  Unlimited means ‘lots of’—unique means ‘one only’.



(Sounds like something that goes plop-plop! into a glass of water, with following fizzy sound effects afterwards …)

Anyway, onwards and downwards—


Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 08.16.10No, not mine I’m afraid. I got it from Wiki but it’s just too suiting to our topic. It is, of course, a map.

But it’s a highly contentious map—being the worldview of one Admiral Piri Re’is of old Turkey. If evanescence means transient in time this one fits the bill. If you want to see why it is contentious you’ll have to go there—or read Hapgood’s book “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings*

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 19.37.12.png

And what can be more evanescent than shame, fame, silly old poops in graveyards with cameras, or even life itself?

I took this (above) with a view to sending it to a Scottish magazine, perhaps it might pique an evanescent interest over there?


more from ol’ Piri. This time snup from his map of Europe, do you see it—?


—if not, look at southern Ireland and track across to the west. I think that’s possibly an interpretation of Brasil Island, aka Hi Brasil … which these days shows up only on nautical charts and things that plumb the depths. How ’bout dat? But then again, in recent wars British MGBs battled it out with German E-boats a hundred feet and more over the heads of the Doggerland farmers tending their fields (but you have to superimpose two evanescent time periods to see it).

Given that the seas rose by 300-400 feet and drowned a lot of islands** that appear/ed on ancient maps, one has to wonder how those clever ancients ‘plumbed the depths’ as it were? Or were they compiling such maps at times contemporary with those islands as islands?

Naaaaah … any scholar worth his stipend and prestige*** would hoot you out of town if you came up with that one!

Omar K.png


Web Troll

* Contention? Antarctica wasn’t discovered until 1818. (Ol’ Piri drew his map “compiled from many sources, some of them ancient” in 1513 …)

** End of the last ice ages

***  And sinecure …


buitre16  BEAM ME UP, SCOTTIE—

—and give it wings~!

It was bad enough when America, in a fit of pique, decided to rename French fries as ‘Liberty fries’. (You can’t go wrong in America if you ‘liberty’ everything) —

“Excuse me, officer—”

“… Oink? Oh … a kiwi tourist. How can I help ya, fella?”

“City Hall from here, please?”

“Simple, Bud … just go down Liberty Avenue a ways, turn right into Liberty Square, go straight across and  at Liberty Corner exit into Liberty street then  and follow Liberty Lane between Liberty Library and Joe’s Diner—”

“Joe’s Diner?”

“Yep! Sells the best goddam’ Liberty Fries on God’s Earth, Son.”

So now we know. Land of The Free, free enterprise, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of thought and all enterprising entrepreneurs welcome.





… strikes again …



(as a moderate, am I allowed to hate?) Fluffy.png

bugger it … I hate!


as in ‘being manipulated’—

Listening to Trump and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, blast Iran as the font of terrorism provided another big joke.  Trump’s tirade against Tehran was delivered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy that holds no elections, cuts off the heads of some 80-90 people annually, and treats women like cattle. 

All good clean fun so far—boys will be boys, no? And so long as they don’t interfere with me or mine, I really don’t give a fundamental.

While claiming to be the leader of the Muslim world, the Saudi royal family funds mayhem and extreme Muslim obscurantism through the region.  The current wave of primitive violence by some self-professed Muslims – ISIS being the leader – was originally funded and guided by the Saudis in a covert struggle to combat revolutionary Iran.  I saw this happen in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Let’s recall 15 of the 18 men who attacked the US on 9/11 were Saudis.

Oooooh~! A low blow, indeed, mentioning that ‘nine-eleven’ thing. A bit like we need a new law, same-same as Godwin’s Law only different?

Iran has the freest political system in the Mideast except for Israel).  Iranian women have rights and political freedoms that are utterly unknown in Saudi Arabia.  Iran just held a fair and open national election in which moderates won. Compare this to Saudi Arabia’s medieval Bedouin society.   I was once arrested by the religious police in Jeddah just for walking down a street with an Egyptian lady.


the Iranians are no paragons of western virtue either—their cute habit of jellifying the bones of sinners’ feet for goofing where being a good Muslim is concerned is a bit disconcerting, but I think I’d prefer them to the Saudis—but any religious nutcase is a cause for alarm and here we have America taking sides with the most nuttiest fruitcakes on the planet. Not good.


another wee snippet to foul your eyes on—

Today, US and British equipped Saudi forces are laying waste to wretched Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation.  As a result of a Saudi air, land and sea blockade, the UN now reports that famine has gripped large parts of Yemen.   US and British technicians are keeping the Saudi air force flying; the US and Britain supply the bombs.

—and ask yourselves, what is going on?

Other than I am finally becoming just a wee bit racist, and learning not to fret if bloody Islamics kill each other in the tens of thousands or even millions—why are the Americans and British and stuff doing these things? Really, it’s an honest questio—  oh!

Yes, I see … if we don’t, them foul and filthy Russkies will take over the world. It’s all so simple when you put it like that …


but do you really think the f&f Russkies actually want and really intend to do that?


being manipulated? Don’t ask, don’t go down that track—people look at you funny if you ask things like that. Don’t ask, just get out there and wave that flag, Boy!


Bugger … where are the marshmallows when ya need ’em?


Don’t fret … it all comes to the same thing in the end anyway.

Boom boom! (And as taxpayer—you are funding them …)(That’s what comes of being a blasted moderate …)