concerning religion

… what else?                              tenor

In which an unprincipled person tried desperately to assert that “Might Makes Right” — and that there’s no such thing as ‘private property’.

Coming from a completely different direction I have no option but to totally agree with him.

In fact, in my own words:

You only OWN

that which you

can hold by force

against ALL comers.


(and unassailable) I feel safe in inviting—nay, in challenging—anyone at all to attempt to refute me.

Yep. YOU have to prove ME wrong, if you can … but here’s the rub: I don’t have to prove a thing. Not in the least … history does that for me.

It’s a universal …

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.41.05

Ya wanna argue?



For no reason other than my sense of humour is a bit out of date in today’s world, let’s open with a sample, but first—




AND EVEN (in places): HUMORist


can o' worms

down there

“Help, help~!”

“Yes, Miss?”

“Help! I’ve been raped!”

“Oh … er, you don’t loo—   um …  how do you know … brrrr; okay, what makes you think you’ve been raped?”

“Dammit! His cheque bounced!”

And now flash forward to a current affairs news item, from which I quote:

which include sexual penetration of a child under 16 — 


How could he?

But wait, it gets better—

He suggested (insert Number 1 from the below list here) should get a slap on the wrist because his sex crimes against two boys lasted “less than six minutes”, there was “no ejaculation” and “no use of any implement”.



This must indeed be some kind of rabid sex maniac monster—!

But as in these days of infinite PC and Compassion and Forgiveness and Open Licence we are not allowed to form opinions, so please ignore anything I have ever said or may ever say that could possibly be construed in any way manner shape or form as any form of ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ or opinion. I do not sit in judgement on any person alive, dead, or undecided no matter who they are, what they are, where they are, what they may be and practise in private or otherwise, and/or to whom they do it with or to so long as it is socially acceptable in a world rapidly shedding any values of value.

Oh, yes … your List—(silly me, nearly forgot)

Line, black.png


Item Number 1:  “the Vatican’s third most senior catholic”

Line, black.png

And before I forget, your quote—

He suggested the Vatican’s third most senior catholic should get a slap on the wrist because his sex crimes against two boys lasted “less than six minutes”, there was “no ejaculation” and “no use of any implement”.


Make of it what you will. (Jesus will forgive him though, regardless of who else won’t—sadly for Big J and His Daddy it’s written in their Terms of Reference:  they have to forgive.)


Time for bed so I’ll leave you with this thought—

—and the whole movie is well worth the effort.

(CLUE:  Birds aside, I looooove the ending!)


“No! God won’t like it … … got any little boys?”




tenor… no dwelling place shall be …

Certainly, I imagine, none for poor ol’ God,

Nor for His prophet(eer)s—

The 1914 Anderson’s Bay Church is tagged for sale after closing in 2015, when the parish was dissolved due to dwindling numbers and finances, and an earthquake assessment showed repair costs that could not be covered.

To read from source:  CLICK HERE 

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 08.38.15.png

—but as God knew when the last cave artist tripped and skinned his/her knees deep underground thousands of years ago, and when the last trilobite gasped it’s final gurgle millions of years ago, or when the first quite soundless POP of the Big Bang eventuated … God is in His Heaven, all is running strictly according to plan, and thus no one nowhere hath no cause for complaint*.  No?

Certainly not the omnipotent omniscient Almighty … nor the flocks of His sheep, if indeed they truly believe. Win/win all round, in fact (by God he’s clever, our worker in mysterious ways).

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 23.35.24

tripped … or perhaps, was nudged (Act of God either way)

dodododododododo                                                              dodo

* Certainly not the now homeless Big G Himself. Theirself. Themselfs (damn! the indivisible all three of Him?)



… wannabe wot?                                   dodo

You name it. But in this instance:  a wannabe humorist.

Style. Ya gotta have style. You know, a bit like a chimpanzee drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa—

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 15.34.28.png

—and we come across it everywhere. I dare say that deep down in some unvisited caverns there are doubtlessly moustaches added to cave-art bisons—and why not? It’s a timeless thing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 23.35.24.png

Sometimes they may get it right. Other times they do little more than ‘come out’ as it were—unintentionally but emphatically demonstrating an almost hopeless inadequacy; desperation made manifest.

Or on occasion a genuine talent.


ya godda be subtle, especially in humour. Airborne custard pies may well be converging from every point of the compass but the guy in the background who slips on the banana while sneaking in for the classic ambush shot is the one who will score the laugh.


jaded. We’ve just watched a Midsomer Murders and both of us know the tune the lassie was teaching on the piano but neither of us can pin a name to it. This, indeed, is the exemplar of ultimate frustration; Tantalus be damned, we’re going gaga over it—

dum da da da da—da da da daaaaah; dum da daaah, da da daaah

—and any help you might give with it would be very gratefully accepted:

“Hey you! Broken nose—play the piano!”

“I ain’t got a broken nose!”


 plinkety plankety plonkety plunk …

a bigger


… to keep things lighthearted.


And also to illustrate (where appropriate) the ‘human cost’.

Perhaps if I can get enough people asking questions some mover/shaker types might be moved enough to create change where I’ve never been able to. ‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished …

Recently I posted this image—

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 18.20.00.png

—which actually is universal, and timeless. It twanged my strings more than any other photo recently, and trust me … I look at lots of photos.

I googled the name and got a brief summary of the background story—

Source:  CLICK HERE 

—which is partly why I included the words ‘timeless’ … and ‘universal’ …


Don’t fret — there’s oooodles more just like these, and there always will be. You won’t miss out …