skull & bones

or are the buggers deceiving me? Cast yourne own eyes upon this, mine quotes from a truly biblical Scribe—

“Colorstorm. You’re clueless. It won’t do any good to say why though and especially not here.

“Pastor” Randy. You’re even worse.

We really are in a great apostasy in the church world in this country. Oh what a breathtakingly rude awakening is coming to people like you. 🙁 One or both of us serves a false god.” 

—and may your flabbers be ghasted. Mine aren’t. I know what people can do to people, especially when inspired by the adoration Of God, the greatest power of Peace, Love, Hope, Compassion and mercy the universe will ever know*—

(—so that’s what it’s like, to dribble. Yeuch.)

“Mr Argus!”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Is that the utmost in degrading sarcasm, or have you genuinely been touched by God?”

“Possibly both, Toots. Think about it … I am, like you, like all of us, merely The Lord’s instrument puppet, no?”

—and anyway, all I’m doing is quoting from a genuine “touched”. Go there and vomit for yourself (it’s free~!) (unless you get touched too and sign up … and then there’s no end to the touching up …)




(take a bucket with you if you go. BIG bucket …)


* Bible-person speech. (Am I getting good at it, or wot?)





skull & bonesthis bull.


“Child rape, as unspeakably horrific as that is, is not even to be compared with the blasphemy and perversion of the being, nature and name of the Creator and King of the universe.

Right there is your problem Gabrielle. You exalt man above God.”


So here we have it in a nutshell … all boils down to values. It’s a question of who values what (the ‘why’ is irrelevant at this stage).


lies in teaching people to think.

To think rationally for themselves rather than unquestioningly accepting what their self-appointed ‘father’ figures tell them—

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.52.07.png

—without even for a moment considering the contradictions inherent in the pap they’re fed*.

Reread that Khayyam quote—doesn’t it scream at you that the ‘omniscience’ of God makes a mockery of any concept of ‘Free Will’?

And that some folks are entirely devoid of mercy and compassion, or even basic morality as understood by the dumbest brutes swinging through trees?

chimp rocks

“Me man, me use tools. You dumb nut—crack, damn you!”


* Doorknobs don’t ask questions either. Neither do thrips. Nor things washed up on the beach that go SQUELCH when you step on them—so all could qualify as devout religiosi.


ye utter


gods …Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 10.07.29

Various ‘new-age’ phrases spring readily to mind—

  • morally bankrupt
  • desperately greedy
  • money-grubbing
  • parasitical
  • opportunist
  • wannaba Nazi
  • ‘insect authority’
  • gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
  • etc etc (ad infinitem)
  • quite mindless, too …


down eyeface

Your quote:

An Arrowtown man who received a $200 freedom camping fine after sleeping in his vehicle in central Queenstown overnight …

After going drinking with friends  … found himself alone and “over the limit” about 4am … Aware he was in no state to drive, he went to sleep in his ute  …

Sourced:  CLICK HERE


instead of spending untold millions on advertising the warmth and charm of New Zealand to people overseas—and then having to suffer their damned intrusive presence when they do come — why not we install a machine that grabs ’em by the ankles, flips ’em over and shakes the money out of them at the airport before firing them back to wherever they stemmed from? A machine that does locals too?

So:  is it really worse when we do it to our own?

(And why might that be? I leave it to you to figure out—don’t ask me, I’m too busy running with an idea that involves visitors, ankles, and money bags.)


Welcome, Friend~!

dodo        dodo dodo  dodo                                 dodo



the Holy Abrahamic church—

      —a holey letter in the form of an image.

Any religioso of any franchise looking at it and feeling a bit unwell may take two kids and call God in the morning—

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 08.19.58.png—but Islamics needn’t fret. Your God made a few exceptions; and knowing full well that His followers are built close to the sty He got His prophets to make some exceptions—

—YOU, good Muslims, are allowed to do naughty things with little girls from age six years and upwards. Your God has a true shepherd’s  grasp of your true nature.


“Mr Argus!!”

“Little Virginia? What are you doing here—      oh, I see. Don’t fret, sweet Child … I may be a man but I’m neither Catholic nor Islamic—my own standards are entirely irreligious.”



puns intentional.

Actually, rather than bore you I’ll simply post a wee except and the link. Go there but be warned, it triggers an instant WTF? in rational people.

3 gerbils.gif

A Hindu man who ate beef labelled as lamb wants a supermarket giant to pay for his trip so he can go home to cleanse.

Jaswinder Paul, bought a package labelled as lamb roast … then cooked and ate the contents before discovering the meat was beef.

Cows are viewed as sacred in Hinduism, and eating the meat broke his religious vow, he said.

“According to my religion, I have to go back to my country and do sacred things for four to six weeks, and be purified by priests, so I can continue on my religious path. It’s a long process,” he said.

He would also have to fork out for return flights to New Delhi, in India, alongside accommodation and food, he said…

His family had not talked to him since he ate the beef, he said.​


Well now.

As one who would like to cover all bases and is tempted sometimes to subscribe (metaphorically) to all religions … is there any food anywhere that isn’t ‘sacred’ to some bugger or other somewhere at some time?




Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 00.46.57.png

The new grand unrequited passion of my life


can any double-damned panty-waisting modernist … twat … possibly sink any pathetically lower than this?

down there

The film was also accused of “allergy bullying” for a scene in which a group of bunnies attacks a man with blackberries, knowing he is allergic to them, and provoking calls for a boycott.

Ye utter gods!

Anyone not tempted to take arms against such PC mind-controlling drivel may safely be labelled brain dead and dormant. No? Sheesh—an empty rum bottle has more spirit!


we are being conditioned—and none too subtly—not to query, never to ask questions, never to opine, never to stand up and bark when some points-seeking berk makes yet another asinine ‘observation’.


and you control his body. He becomes your extension, an organic robot to do your bidding. (This, in fact, is what religion is all about; mind Control—nothing more, nothing less.)

Try this:  IF—

—if there really were just one all-singing all-dancing unique ‘God’ there would be only one religion. (Any enthusiast care to argue this point? Do so now, lines are now open and operators poised … all donations will go towards a new charity hospital luxury super jet for the religious leader of your choice*.)

Bugger. Digressed again … I do that a lot—

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 00.28.23.png

—but it’s given me an idea: I might just censor the Christian Holy Bible and reword it to be Politically Correct and entirely in accordance with modern standards.

After which the Holy Koran is ripe for PC adjustment. At last, God has shown me the way and given me a renewed sense of purpose~!


* After I’ve taken out my legitimate ‘running costs and expenses, of course …




God is love! a bigger

God is omnipotent (can do anything)

God is omniscient (knows absolutely everything, PPF*)

God is omnipresent (it means He’s everywhere)


by many minds better than mine own, Aristotle one of them—

contra diction

—their wording better than my quoted summations, but you get the gist. And what, may I ask, IS the gist?

Namely that (as the omnipotent omnipresent omniscient) God is also the (r) THE only unique omni-responsible. He knows everything that ever happened (He was there) and everything that ever will happen (He is there right now, don’t forget, even if we hairy oafs have to trudge along until we get there).


that I see (apparent) contradictions in all of this. If I really have to spell it out in simple words, here’s a cute wee example—

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 08.27.03.png

—that I just burgled from Wikipedia. I don’t know the setting but I do know that wee purpose-built exercise machine was called a ‘strappado’ (as is the technique). It was a favourite of God’s Holy Inquisition and used often to quiz folks suspected of being a bit ‘ungodly’.


the image and example is mere antiChrist propaganda—no Christian would ever do that to anyone alive or dead, it’s not nice.


some may exclaim, but they are doing it in God’s name. Oh …

(Projecting trends and argument here I’ll quit now, really can’t be bothered. I just thank God we have an omnipotent who never misses a trick and is always filled with Love, Mercy, Kindness and infinite Compassion … )


“Dog, cool it! You’re giving Me a bad name … Argie, I know where you live …”


* Past-Present-Future