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The unsigned editorial from the Lancet concluded that Trump should be replaced.

“Americans must put a president in the White House come January 2021, who will understand that public health should not be guided by partisan politics,” said the journal, which was founded in Britain in 1823.

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This is referring to the same guy who recommended that folks fight Corona Virus by injecting themselves with disinfectant~?


para 2 in the quote above demonstrates why I never vote; up front I am a


and would find it horribly hard to live with myself if ever my vote helped someone like the above mentioned paradigm get in. 



Vulture 2TRENDS.

Facts are for egg-noodles and counters of the executive bean. Our futures lie in trends. (You know, them pattern fings we read about, Guv.)

Which is me, though, to a ‘t’. I look for patterns, I integrate observed rates and make predictions based on elementary calculations and subconscious conclusions.

GIGO rules, in fact … so I try always to verify:

if it looks good,

to me,

it must be true*.

For me. For you? Who knows …now ponder how many folks out there believe in God. Christ. Moses. Abraham. Allah. Buddha. Vishnu. Thor. Odin. Krishna. Viracocha. Isis. The Great Earthworm … and I wonder if in my naive irrationality I may not be no more loopy than the rest of ’em. But here’s a refreshing statement I just pulled in from some university bound egg-noodle in New Zealand—

“It’s a bit like the road toll. If you have a bad weekend or a good day, or a bad day, it is the pattern that you’re after…”

—and who could possibly argue with an egg-noodle?


“Oh … WOW!

line, turquoise thin

*  Or not … anyway, quote is from:  https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12329102


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 08.37.58JUST BECAUSE

someone has a good name … doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in everything. Try this quote on, tell me what YOU think. It’s from Der Spiegel*: CLICK ME


“This loss of prestige of the North is also reflected in the fact that no country is capable of assuming a global leadership role. The U.S. is no longer a global power, and China is no longer a role model. What we see instead are nation states going their own way.”

But wait, it gets better—

“The question of how they will emerge from this crisis will determine who we will look to for guidance in the future.”

Oops. Insecurity, coupled with smugness?

“This could lead to social uprisings, not in the form of revolutions but as a redefinition of the democratic exercise of power.”

As I’ve mentioned before, ‘Democracy’ is best defined as two wolves and a lamb voting on dinner …

“I see great efforts from the Chinese side to help Africa. And I think this will pay off in the end, because America is currently doing nothing to help and Europe is doing very little. China will be an even more important trading partner in the future than it already is.”

The most successful method for a pusher to get someone hooked on drugs is to give him all he can gobble at a ‘loss leader’ price (bait). Once sucker is hooked the pushers then charge whatever they like …


is a ‘western’ news outlet, why all the anti-western rhetoric?

Why indeed …

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*  Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 08.17.39.png

                                        Sourced: Wikipedia


Catchy headline, no?

But it’s nothing drastic. Cast your peepers over this wee snippet:

down eyeface

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 18.00.20.png


other than a thousand mile moat, what else are we doing right? Or is it something in the national psyche that rallies ’round and muddles through? Don’t ask me … there will be others in the world with statistics that impress, some even more so than us. Than we. Wotever …

Note also that without that rider “since day of first death” our flatline itself would have flat-lined. (Clever, them kiwis …)

In the meantime it’s autumn here and having waited a year to photograph the autumn foliage colours … a blasted Lockdown~!!! (And yes, I DO think the Minister Of Health should be sacked. Not for what he did, but for being dumb enough to get caught. (We don’t want two-faced dum-dums in our perfidious Parliament—)

Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 09.11.20

“Speak for yourself, Dog! I thrive on ’em!”


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Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 08.47.51WOW~!



“Additionally, the Abortion Legislation Committee only heard from 139 people who wanted to give oral feedback on the Bill, despite over 25,000 submissions.

By way of comparison, the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill received just 10,000 written submissions, but the Environment Committee heard 1,500 oral submissions.”

sourced: CLICK HERE


Devil’s Advocate. I trust readers to discern for themselves but I still like to stir the waters and see what bubbles up. It occurs to me that in the “world’s leading democracy” (New Zealand) some issues could be more important for our ‘duly elected leaders’.

On abortion I hold complex feelings—

  • is abortion murder, as often claimed?
  • is abortion just the removal of a parasitic growth, as sometimes claimed?
  • do physically uninvolved politicians have the Right to decide, such issues?
  • should the ‘mother’ alone have the right to decide?
  • should the ‘father’ have involvement in decisions?
  • if forced to go ‘full term’ — who should support the unwanted child?
  • should religion enter this debate—
  • —and if so, should the Church be forced to support the unwanted child?

All are questions that have been endlessly debated.

I’ve often thought that as “it takes two to tango”, and unless coercion/violence was involved both parents should be legally required to support the child through to it reaching the age of majority.


‘democracy’ as displayed in the quote above? Interesting priorities, no?



Little Miss cutie(?) frontispiece Puppet (she’s very good at it) stars here; but don’t take my word for it. Every wannabe world-beater cum leader does it in the early days, so don’t fret—ain’t nuthin’ new here — move along, move along, don’t stop to think …


I’ll say it again—

down there



BY FORCE (of arms)



—and thus far nary a squeak. This snipped from a local news outlet:

Barret’s grandparents first leased the land near Notown from the government in the 1930s after it was cleared of trees, dug over and mined for gold by returned servicemen.

The Barretts left much of it undeveloped, and a large chunk of the formerly gorse-covered block is now regenerating native bush.

Compensation ruled out for West Coast land reclassified significant natural areas
West Coasters say land made ‘worthless overnight’ by new environment laws
West Coast tired of being the country’s ‘environmental conscience’

Under the new biodiversity rules, he and subsequent owners would need resource consent with Department of Conservation (DOC) approval to fell trees, run stock, convert to dairy and possibly to pick moss.

I say it again, with still no sign of outraged squawks from the dupes:

New Zealand is a Socialist country bordering on Communism. 

Perhaps this old dog should set his sails to the prevailing winds. The item above copied from today’s ‘Southland Times’. (If you want to go there, CLICK HERE.) (Or not—could never happen to you, now, could it …?*)

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Line, green

* Not much …