FOR JZ, and

for ARK

I offer this—       finger down

—and my very most absolute favouritest Shakespeare quote:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, 

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy…”


So make of it what we may—

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 16.36.55

But I shan’t offer it to the devout of the One True Religion, of course*. (Those guys already have all the answers.)


* whichever it is. (Take your pick, there’s zillions of them.)




devil-29973__340 copyversus facts, conjecture, and vested interests. So? Don’t hold your breath.

I’ve tried to keep this to as few words as possible. You already know my feelings on self-interest versus ‘knowledge’ (and Gatekeepers).

… he worked closely with botanists, entomologists, zoologists, and other researchers … as well as other evidence of human activity—a horse jaw with incisions resembling cut marks, and a mammoth long bone that seemed carefully worked and flaked, as well as a cutting tool… Samples from these finds yielded radiocarbon dates as old as 24,800 years ago.

Sourced:  CLICK HERE


Not good. Not for the present state of the science.

So, if you can’t out debate the bugger, you shout him down, no?

Sitting in halls with Canadian and American researchers, I witnessed what happened when archaeologists presented data that contradicted the … model. Often a polite bemusement spread … or the atmosphere grew testy and tense as someone began grilling the presenter. But … the mask of professional respect slipped completely … “Some Clovis first people had a suffocating air of defiance and superiority at times,” he says.

Better yet: shut him down. Deny the swine funding. (Ridicule?)

… “they laughed at me,” he says angrily today. “They found me cute.” Embittered by the response, he stopped attending conferences … What was the point?

No point, I’m afraid. Just get out there and let the current Truth itself reverse their course … then watch them switch seamlessly to “That’s exactly what WE meant all along!”

The visitors personally inspected the site … and they pored over the evidence for days. At the end, all 12 researchers accepted the evidence … publicly agreeing that humans had reached southern Chile 1,500 years before the Clovis people … The Clovis first model was dead …

“Clovis first will, I believe, go down as a classic example of a paradigm shift, in which the evidence for the collapse of an old model is present for many years before it actually collapses, producing a sort of zombie model that won’t die.”

But The Establishment will fight on desperately for a loooong time. Too much is at stake, no?

But wait—

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 08.43.28.png

—it gets better. And possibly (once she is safely dead) even Dr Steen McIntyre may eventually be rehabilitated. But: it won’t be in my lifetime. Not until the folks who ousted her are safely dead themselves; and a whole new brush sweeps the ivy-cloistered halls of power.

Bugbear big.png

“Oh, yeah? You and whose army, bud?”




DEPT:      finger down .gif

Another’s blog on ‘morals’ and morality resurrects an ages old question which I try to ignore: morals.

I have my own and for enforcement answer to no-one but me.

It seems to work.

The touted ‘Golden Rule’ states simply Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which is all very sweet. But—

doesn’t work

—as a child whenever I tried that my behaviour was seen as a milkable weakness and others milked it. Lots. One soon learnt …

The Rule I find most effective now is:






—it’s even better if you can do it back unto them first.


a prime rule for social survival. And who knows, should it ever become Law—how many would seek high office if they knew they’d get justice?

“Mr Argus~?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … you didn’t mention The Holy Bibl—”

“For moral guidance? Here ya go, Kid~”

finger down

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 09.10.25


Amen …




devil-29973__340 copyoh no, not again~!


a query:  Does this thought—

“The pigments, Potts and his co-authors now believe, were part of a prehistoric trade network—one that existed 100,000 years earlier than scientists previously thought.”

to read more: CLICK HERE 

—rewrite tens of millions of educational books?

I remember being taught that before the ‘ancients’ of the Middle East all was intellectually vacuumish; you know—the earth was without form, and void; and darkness lay upon the face of the deep and stuff.


what is the (real~!) lifespan of a fact?


In fact, is there such a fact as a fact?

Do ‘facts’ even exist, per se?

Big G, bigger

“Argus! Cool it! You’re making my head hurt!”


Contradictions Law

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.30.24

Here, Little Fact! C’mon wee fellow—don’t be shy …”

Ram right



Ram left


Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34that the selling point


meant “made before 1935” …

Quoting now—

Army Sergeant C.W. Arrowood completely agreed: “The Jap knee mortar gives us hell. They come in fast, thick, and accurate. Can’t we have one?”

The answer to Sergeant Arrowood’s question was a resounding No. United States forces soldiered on with the little loved rifle grenade until the advent of the M79 40mm grenade launcher during the early stages of the Vietnam War.

sourced:  CLICK HERE

—reraises an old bugbear of mine, having suffered years of obsolete and obsolescent junk (of which the warehouses were full).

I find myself asking over and over and over again … “Why can’t the designers, manufacturers, and procurers of weaponry be drafted into the forces as ‘coal face’ USERS of said equipments?” for substantial genuine (field) testing?


is best served always by getting the end user to evaluate products under user conditions; and not at all ‘served’ by pen-pushers and crony business/politicians in luxury air conditioned offices discussing over cocktail lunches.

But Mr Warbucks (love that name!) wouldn’t agree. And for many millions of deceased warriors, what might their families say if they only knew~?

Here’s a nice bugbear to help you think finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

Bugbear big.png

“Always expect the unexpected! Got it, yet, Shorty?”

AND if you have any manner of ‘flesh and blood’ input in your nation’s defence forces—be you Brit, Yank, Russki, or whatever:

how would you feel about getting your relative back in a wee box (if you even got the bugger back at all) discovering later that when dropped in the mud briefly his/her weapon ceased functioning (but rarely the bad guy’s weapons? Weird, that)?

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34




made me update a bit:


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 22.10.42.png

Some damned atheist swine asked the obvious, to the effect—

“So beloved of God … why does the Pope need an armoured waggon?”

We might add: “… and vigilant well-armed guards?”

(If not armed, are they ‘mobile martyrs’ ready to earn a no-questions-hotfoot-to-Heaven ticket by throwing themselves on grenades or absorbing bullets?)


and Mr Google as always came up trumps—

What do you get for the holy man who has everything? If he’s Pope Benedict XVI, you get him a new Mercedes-Benz Popemobile.

Based on the company’s midsize M-Class SUV, the new diamond-white Popemobile replaces an older Mercedes model that had served his holiness since 2002. The automaker has been providing popes their eponymous vehicles since 1930.

Mercedes says the new model has an upgraded dome for the Pope to ride in. It features easier access for the 85-year-old pontiff, larger bulletproof glass panels for better visibility and lights in the roof to illuminate the subject below. The throne inside the dome is embroidered with the coat of arms of the pontiff.

It rides a bit lower than the previous version, to make it easier to ship to the Pope’s destinations. The project took Mercedes about nine months to build, the company said.


To read from source: CLICK HERE

Oh wow, I’m truly impressed! Not with the understated ostentation of The Beast (and his transport) but with the wildly enthusiastic Nelson-eyed gullibility of the millions of Widow’s Miters who fund it.

Oops, “indignant rebuttal” alert … okaaaaay … … yes.

But money is fungible, no? (Now go say fifteen hundred Hail Argies and I’ll forgive you.)(Go on, off you go, shoo~!)


AND here’s the grand ultimate paradigm of humility and service standing with a justifiably pleased capitalist of the species. What is it with Popes and religiosi that even their blessed coats have to look like dresses?


I can’t spend any more time on this. I have to look up the reference I was going to finish with … something about a rich man squashing himself through the eye of a needle to enter Heaven. Don’t wait up …



“Hey Argus! It’s right here in The Bible, ya dum’ dog!”





LOVE THIS GUY~!Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 22.32.50

With all due apologies if any are due; and I most certainly do.

How else can we define the English word ‘epitome’?

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 15.27.21.png

As in:

The epitome of—

  • scientific curiosity
  • good manners
  • professional courtesy
  • common decency
  • common sense
  • etiquette
  • courtesy
  • scientific detachment
  • objectivity
  • modesty

can of worms saying cartoon


wee fellow is desperately afraid. Of what I cannot possibly imagine—he is THE all-singing all-dancing vociferous all-time absolute dictato  expert in his field … but I’ve seen many other scared and desperately frightened men in my time.

Oh … did I mention that he has a stranglehold on access to some very interesting sites of interest—and until taken to task for his ignorance by Graham Hancock had absolutely no idea that a credible rival (Gobekli Tepe) to his feed-bowl even existed?


‘cos he’s the exemplar of what ‘new thinking’ has to contend with. It used to be said of science (I don’t know if it were ever true, though) that ‘anything will be considered until either proven true or defeated’ (my paraphrasing). Note my use of the past tense there, it’s fairly important …


when we were kids and defeat in argument was becoming obvious would put her hands over her ears and shriek “LA LA LA LA LA” until I gave up and wandered off to other fields. I think ol’ Zahi went to the same school …

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 09.05.10

“Hey! Argus! I’m GOD, and I have this Oscar to prove it!”



“Don’t believe him, Argus! Anyway, he’s booked in with ME!”