FREE MONEY Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34.png

—or, at least, money.

“Money,” a wise man once told me, “is survival. No money … … no survival.”

I was low on LSD at the time (relax—it’s the old abbreviation for Pounds, Shillings, and Pence) and took the advice to heart. But money is just a means of converting your own time, talent, and efforts into someone else’s, no?  Oh, come on~! The products thereof!? No? (Sheesh!)

So bearing that in mind … and what has we here? (As the nasty villain giant says in the movie BFG (horrible guy, says it just before wee Sophie puts him in his place)(oops, I digress …).

Bugger, here’s your quote before I goof more further—

—oops— that wasn’t meant to happen, but sure beats me typing the quote out in full (and he’s right about them girls! Boom boom!).


Is that I think Mr Putin and his merry mates are perhaps just a wee bit worried about the future; especially the low man person-power available for their armed forces. Hence the semi-free money for reproducers.

And good luck to them—I watched a Dvd the other night (horrible quality from WW2 cinematography and stuff, but got the message) to the effect that Russia is not to be trifled with.

Disc was called “The Battle of Russia” — a lot of American WW2 filmage too—

—horribly dated, scratchy, and if you are of a mind you could cut out everything until just after Napoleon … but if you do that you’d lose a lot of important background.

I could be wrong, and mistaken too … but I think the Russians would really just like to be left alone to get on with it. In peace. Stalin is dead now and hopefully ol’ Marx too. Dumb idea anyway … ‘free money’ just doesn’t work as a way of life. It can’t. Here, have a few moneys on me—

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.31.50.png

—ol’ Ben was a favourite of mine too, I’d love to collect his portraits like that …

Big G, bigger

“Me too, Argie! Collection plates are a bit pauce these days …”









Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 22.32.48.png

—I blame Al Gore. And in New Zealand, the ‘Green Party’* .

We had lots of polar bears until Al started invoking them, and by the time the Greens had finished shrieking and wailing too there were only about seven left.

So if the news item (Siberia—isn’t that in Russia somewhere? Then there’s no need to panic—them Russkies would say anything to get attention) is reliable then that last bear had better be damned careful …


* Politicals, a noisy bunch of wannabe-seated-at-the-Public-Trough wishfuls.



tell us the truth? pc

Dumb question.

Easy answer: no.


that in war the first casualty always is truth. (Cliché, but true …)


whom do we believe—

  • those typically perfidious Russians
  • the nice duly-elected (ergo God) President of the United Sates*?
  • any of the many truth propaganda outlets …

… all claiming (blatantly or subtly) to be good honest reporting? (Other than me, do any such exist?) (And I have my doubts even about him).


but wait, believe now and you get a Free Pass to eternity, complete with all the wine, women, men, infants (if Islamic) and song you could want for all eternity. (Actually, believe now and you may just get it even sooner … boom boom~!)


disgustipated with the ‘truths’ they are fed sometimes set themselves up as alternate dispensers thereof. It’s all very confusing … a bit like poking through all the various brands and franchises of ‘holy’ books looking for the One True God/s. Pays yer money, take ya chances. Brrrr.


this new (to me) outlet. Got a wee article titled “Houthi’s Destroy 11 Saudi Warships in 6 Months” which for all I know might even be true. I have no way of proving/disproving, so like any ‘news’ outlet we have to either accept on faith or worry and fret.

But if you go there I think you are intended to accept the shattered ship image as being of a Saudi ship so clobbered. To which I respond with a cynical “Oh. Really?”


is not only the First Casualty, Truth is always grabbed, stripped, raped, and tucked away out of sight.

But Truth will eventually out, despite the best efforts of the nice folks you have duly elected to safely run your life for you—

La Verite.png

Truth escaping from the well

Her mirror, there? It’s the Mirror Of Truth. Let’s hope that YOU never have to look into it, but sadly there is no evading it in the long run.

The gamble that our politicians and beloved Leaders always take is purely one of time …


* Who already has kept every single one of his campaign promises and so is utterly  blameless, incorruptible; as pure as the driven snow and even more trustworthy than Santa Claus.

“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Hic? Oh, Little Virginia; please, not now, Sweetie …”

“Sir—you’re looking awfully green after that asterisk; would you like me to get you a barf-bag?”