… wannabe wot?                                   dodo

You name it. But in this instance:  a wannabe humorist.

Style. Ya gotta have style. You know, a bit like a chimpanzee drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa—

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 15.34.28.png

—and we come across it everywhere. I dare say that deep down in some unvisited caverns there are doubtlessly moustaches added to cave-art bisons—and why not? It’s a timeless thing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 23.35.24.png

Sometimes they may get it right. Other times they do little more than ‘come out’ as it were—unintentionally but emphatically demonstrating an almost hopeless inadequacy; desperation made manifest.

Or on occasion a genuine talent.


ya godda be subtle, especially in humour. Airborne custard pies may well be converging from every point of the compass but the guy in the background who slips on the banana while sneaking in for the classic ambush shot is the one who will score the laugh.


jaded. We’ve just watched a Midsomer Murders and both of us know the tune the lassie was teaching on the piano but neither of us can pin a name to it. This, indeed, is the exemplar of ultimate frustration; Tantalus be damned, we’re going gaga over it—

dum da da da da—da da da daaaaah; dum da daaah, da da daaah

—and any help you might give with it would be very gratefully accepted:

“Hey you! Broken nose—play the piano!”

“I ain’t got a broken nose!”


 plinkety plankety plonkety plunk …

a bigger




dodoScreen Shot 2019-02-05 at 22.59.00   Yup.

I’m different. Boom boom!

At last, classified … pigeon holed …

But my sister (she’s a psychic medium—she must be spot on, them spirits don’t lie) told me so a few years ago, and would I believe her? Noooooo~!

NOW here we are:

Indigo children 2.png

And although I make no claims on ADHD (wotever that is) (it sounds medical, and therefore unpleasant) that circle on the left is MOI to the nth degree. I tick all the boxes. (Although I’m not too sure about the eyes …)


Indigo Children’.

It sounds like one of them modern fad things (but we Leos are gullible that way so I’m excused). Here’s an image, make of it wot the author intends …

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 13.10.04.png

Definitely not too sure about the eyes—what do you think?down there


If I really can be bothered on a day like this …

 dodo                                                                                         dodo dodo

* Failing that, I could be simply bonkers …


tenorDO WE?

The NZ Herald posts this—


—which again makes me ponder the LOUC (Law Of Unintended Consequences). But that aside, I remember a few years back when the planet was cooling drastically and we were all doomed to igloos if we were lucky.

In the sixties some nice (clever, with it, switched on, educated, devoted, progressive) folks were earnestly advocating that we cover the ice sheets with good old-fashioned cheap and easily dispensable soot.



Yep. Soot.

The logic was unassailable:

  • soot is black
  • black absorbs heat
  • the heat melt the ice,
  • so the ice stops reflecting heat
  • thankfully, the globe warms,
  • and yet another ice-age is averted. Boom boom!

Okaaaay … I think I got it.

Moving on, Burt Munro week in Invercargill was well attended. The bikers these days mostly seem a wee bit geriatric—some of them non-athletic to the point of being gravitationally challenged in extremis but nonetheless good clean fun … quite unlike Snarlin’ Grando’s “Wild One” but that’s the effect of the passing years, I guess.



It’s day time right now.

I knew that.

So of course the southern aurora isn’t/won’t be/wouldn’t be visible right now. I knew that too.


Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 09.48.43.png

—here’s a starting point.

If you go there you can fine-tune it for your own part of the world, if relevant and/or interested.


by the variances from day to day—and why do them Awestralians in Tasmania get better viewings than us, even though we are more further souther?

And now to go back to enjoying the heat wave they so generously sent over to us (you can go off Ozzies) …


“Cool it, Dog! Them’s my Chosen People!”




(Exits stage right, muttering dire mutters…)


not even an


‘Lazy’ might be a acceptable for such a commentary—but the below isn’t an excuse, nor even a reason.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 15.08.57.png

It is, however, and in my personal opinion — a wee bit pathetic; so let us make of it what we will:    down there


“René Lalique, Jeweler of Nature

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 14.59.13.png

The astounding success of Parisian goldsmith René Lalique was the result of a perfect storm of tragedienne, a rave for all things Japanese, and a world’s fair. Lalique’s luscious jewelry adorned the stage in Sarah Bernhardt’s melodramatic roles of Théodora and Gismonde in the mid 1890’s …”

The missing words here?


  • talent
    • brilliant
      • outstanding
        • unique

and of course the clincher:

  • genius~!

But as an uncultured lout it’s not for me to cast asparagus upon my superiors … especially when they are the experts and I’m just a tired old poo  dog.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 15.13.33.png

“Dog” I said … but this guy (above) will do. (He looks the part …)

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 14.48.33.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 15.12.03.png

“You want ‘genius’, Argie?

Who else could have crafted

ME … ?”                       1-animated-arrow-right.gif









They tried, you know. selfie

They tried to reduce the ‘plastic bags effect’ upon our Mother Earth … some years ago; with biodegradable plastics. If success can be measured by uncoerced acceptance the trial went off with a loud THUD. (Or a splat, if we’re talking wet wrappings.)

Hell, even my own beloved Spouse (who is every bit as politically correct as moi) accepted with good grace (as a fait accompli) when one of New Zealand’s biggest department stores gave her her purchases in some biodegradable packaging (which once home she popped into a closet).

When, in later months, she grabbed the handle and pulled out she was most impressed with the lovely handle whilst the goodies and their ‘packaging’ stayed up on the shelf—and when she lifted that lot out it was confetti everywhere … I didn’t know she even knew words like that.


generation or so back I remember reading to the effect that we kiwis were exporting mountains of empty tins (cans) to Australia for recyclement. I have no idea what eventually became of the unwanted beasts but the photos were impressive … probably shipped ’em off to China?


resonated. (Why, I have no idea—I just leave the thinking to those who are good at it.)


to read from source:  CLICK HERE 


—and what do those blasted environmentalists know, hey? They’d have us go back to paper bags and greaseproof paper next—


dodododo      dodododo   dodo                        dodo



(a)  Kids love it

(b) I love it

—ergo I am a (big) kid …

An article in among this morning’s blizzard of blitzing reminded me of this guy’s well earned success—

—no, Silly Person, not the Donkus … but the Creator thereof. He performed in a friend’s house in Winton and was, by all reports, a stunning success. (A pity I missed that …)

Reminded by—  CLICK HERE

1 ac.png








Bugbear big

Ya wanna make something of it?