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Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.42.59BRRRRRR~!

Here’s a wee snippet from someone who is often long winded but also makes valid sense. Her blog is well worth a visit, international in its concepts and deserving of meditations thereon.

I believe the lady to be a devout Christian (but as a devout Atheist myself—so wot?Live, and let live—and never let superstitions stand in the way of facts. Use your own judgement. For myself I evaluate statements on the basis of content and that content’s relation to Reality.

Your snippet—

“Originally offered to help all, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to fulfil their potential or not lose job opportunities depending upon good pronunciation and general intelligibility – such as an air traffic controller – the time-honoured practice of encouraging children to speak well was deliberately removed from the curricula.”


Sadly, if you go to her blog you won’t be able to leave a comment—which is a real pity as she often has excellent insights.

ye Gods.png

“Well done, thou true and faithful servant!”

“Who? … Me, Mr God, Sir?”

“Not you, ya dum’ dog! Her, Amy Brooke!”



Phew …


devil-2 BOPTO

(a)  the Thinkers, and

(b)  the Courageous.

Oops … definitions due, lest my words be perverted by knaves to make traps for fools:

Thinkers – rational people who dare to sort intellectual wheat from the chaff which is intended not to elucidate but to recruit.

Courageous – people who stand for what they believe. (This term can be applied to anyone, right or wrong, who refuses to simply go with the flow but makes the best decision using the information available).


watch this interview right through even if some mannerisms may irk a bit …

arrow down red smartish


—and as the Princess says in that Disney movie:

“I await your declarations of war in the morning!”

Or, you could always do something really important — like watch the Rugby …

dodododo                        dodo                                  dodo



fatcat-qWith this guy in the vid below I can see at a glance there’d be no half measures.

He speaks my language—sort of; but he has the advantage of an education. All I can do is describe the wood as I see it through all the trees.

He also has the major disadvantage of an education. I don’t—as an ignoramus I can say anything I want. Even more better, I can see what’s actually there without having to comply. Strangely, it’s not so lonely out here in Reality Land as just a couple of years ago—perhaps the environment really is changing, at last?


—hasn’t this whole anthropogenic climate brouhaha thing gone on long enough?


do some Gorons have a point, and this guy is secretly funded by the Coal Board? (Speaking for myself I trust the nice Mr Gore only as far as I can throw a London bus whilst standing up in a hammock.)

To each his own. Being of a gullible nature I might once have blundered blindly into the Goron camp too, if they hadn’t used that silly word right at the beginning—


—when blatantly this world has undeniably been much hotter (and much colder) in the past; track records which blow ‘unprecedented’ off the board. (Before people were here too, if our good books are to be believed,)

Ask yourself “Cui Bono?” 


Oh … WOW~!



Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 10.02.56or not …

In New Zealand education is (to a large degree) indoctrination—but we ‘world beaters’ must be allowed a little rope, no?

Now here’s a refreshing change—

—make of it what we will (it’s just under twenty minutes).




put not your trust in propheteers, listen to the experts—

  • ex = a has been
  • spurt = a drip under pressure

—and now thoroughly confused, ask yourself “cui bono”? And whilst we’re here, that great illustrative query from English literature—

is there honey still for tea?

Or failing all else, pop along to this webbie:

AND say to yourself those magic words—


—and don’t forget that nice people in suits never lie to you, nor do they ever ever ever tell you porkies. (Trust me, I’m a dog.)

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BECAUSE3 gerbils

I live in hope.

Now, talking ‘God’—

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.08.04


no … it’s His fault for making us stupid, hmmmm? Prime Mover who knew what He was doing and what would happen, even before The Creation? His fault—not ours.


line, black.png

I live in hope that some day I might score a visit by some religioso silly enough to object … and I keep brooding the obvious contradiction inherent in two mutually exclusive concepts:

(a)  God’s much touted omniscience, and

(b)  our own much ballyhooed ‘Free Will‘.




*  But outright nutcases need not apply.



        down finger




—which may (or not) be of interest to anyone with a few hours to spare. I have no idea how true it is or even if the writer is just a wee bit paranoid. (For all I know it could be American counter-counter-propaganda~?)*


A Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.39.37.png

And totally unrelated, a wee while ago I came across this sample pic of the latest Chinese battlejunk—

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.45.53.png

—nearing completion. But do not fret … they will only ever use it in home waters, where it can be of no threat to anyone complying with international law. AND—

—even if it did stay afloat long enough to reach international waters, any crew aboard would all be unwilling conscript paddy farmers, quite unable to see enough through those hooded slitty eyes to reliably land safely anyway—

“Mr Argus!”

(Oops) “Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Mr Argus, Sir! Your racist comments read like racist World War 2 racist propaganda!”

(Bugger …) Do not fret, Pet. I’m sure that any other nice reader out there will divine my drift—?”

  … … (Or maybe not.)

Anyway, I’m off to look up all possible meanings of the word ‘hubris’ … so I shall leave you wondering if this, too, may be relevant?   CLICK HERE

dodo  dodo

* Naaaaahhhh … si vis pacem parabellum



And here we’re referring to Creationism.

fatcat-qAnd to Evolution.

And to Theologies (assorted).

And to Sciences (assorted).

Yep~! Sciences. Our current sciences, love ’em as we may and fight to the last syllable of recorded times as we do. Fashion.

Mere fashion.

Current ‘knowledge’ is but current thinking, a ‘state of the art’ determined by priesthoods locked away in pseudo-public enclaves; released only after consensuses are achieved by line-toeing folks who value their tenure (it means Holy Office) more than Truth. (Human Nature—she can’t be beat~!)

Here … to help illustrate my point, down finger

Virginia Steen McIntyre.png

I offer a fool who didn’t know which side her bread was buttered on and went down with her ship. (A pity—had she just gone straight she might have gone far.)


To hell with facts, I fart on facts:  Public Opinion is everything! (No?)



(wait for it, wait for it, waaaaaiiiiiit for it …)


arrow down red smartish.jpeg





Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 09.00.31.png



Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 10.02.56


Kudos to the solutionist! 

Boom boom!

     But who is going to break the news to ol’ Zahi?*

Or should we just let him discover for himself how ingenious those ancient Egyptians really were, far above and beyond even his gently muted enthusiasms?

(Frankly—don’t quote me on this, I’d deny it—the ‘Space Aliens With Tractor Beams Theory’ seems more credible).

And now a vote of thanks for the solution:


Oh, WOW!



* Clue:  not me. Brrrr …



This tonight in an e-mail:

“New gender-neutral guidelines will allow male Navy personnel to wear make-up, false eyelashes

New changes will reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the RNZN. New changes will reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the RNZN.

The New Zealand Defence Force will be updating its grooming and appearance guidelines to reflect a more gender-neutral attitude for the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN), meaning male personnel can wear makeup, nail varnish and false eyelashes.

Newshub received information from a Navy insider last week that the RNZN will implement a more inclusive set of appearance and grooming regulations.

Chief of Navy Rear Admiral David Proctor confirmed the changes in a statement to Newshub on Friday.

“The NZDF can confirm that as of November 1, 2019, guidelines around grooming and appearance for Royal New Zealand Navy personnel will be updated,” said Proctor. “These updates are to reflect that the RNZN make no distinction between male and female members in terms of their personal grooming and appearance.

“These changes reflect that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as an organisation, as are the unique traditions and characteristics of the RNZN.”

Proctor said the RNZN’s grooming standards are based on neatness, cleanliness, safety and military image.

The updated regulations mean as of November 1, all Navy personnel are permitted to wear discreet make-up, clear or pale nail varnish when in uniform, “trimmed, neat and natural” false eyelashes, one pair of “natural coloured” stud or sleeper earrings and perfume or cologne in moderation. Rings may be worn on a maximum of two fingers.

Navy personnel are also allowed to use natural-coloured hair dye or have their hair “lightly tipped”, as long as it’s clean and neatly groomed. Long hair is also permitted in a bun or single plait to ensure safety and tidiness.

The appearance guidelines still prohibit body piercings, “exaggerated hairstyles” (partially shaved heads, mohawks, undercuts and “zigzagging of hair” included) and hair accessories.

“These standards are designed to present an inclusive, professional military image,” said Proctor.

“The RNZN is a modern and professional organisation that embraces individuality and personality.

“However, we are a military organisation and with that comes certain expectations on our personnel in terms of dress and appearance.”

—ye gods~!


Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

“Hands to Action Stations, hands to Action Stations! Set NBCD State One, condition Zulu etc etc etc”

“Sounds like it’s the real thing, this time.”

“Could well be, Jack. President Trump sounded awfully peeved in his last address—”

“Is my make-up not too blotchy—”

“Fine, Jack—are my seams straight? These panties not too revealing for combat?”

“You’ll be fine, Mike … check me out please, how’s my lipstick?”

“I can’t help you there, I’m no expert—hang on, I’ll get a sailor(F) to check …”

Times change. O tempora, o mores! (I tell you now, the navy went to pot when they started letting civilians join …)

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 13.55.38

“They should never have stopped the monthly tobacco issue!”