about all the nice Islamic Moslem-type folks running around cutting peoples’ heads off—in the streets, churches, or anywhere else they see a chance.

Frankly I think it’s damned unfair … biassed, even. (But I’m not allowed to say that, am I?) (Oh horrors, I did.) (So now the PC-police will be after me …)


This lot (below)

so here’s a screenshot of it—and I shan’t post the source because obviously they don’t want the publicity.


being why the hell should folks accept tens of thousands of foreigners invading their (once) sovereign territory?

Hey … don’t ask me, I’m only a dog, remember? Class me as xenophobic if you wish, and I’ll cheerfully accept; especially if the bloody xenos I’m phobic to want me to worship their bloody God!

So in such a ‘democracy’ — is it a race, to see who can outbreed whom?

Again, don’t ask me. I just project trends and rejoice in the fact that I don’t have all that many years left in which to see the outcome. You do, though.

I don’t have any children, I never reproduced, so I have no investment in the future. Again, you do …

Have fun.


The Spouse loves her olde TV westerns replays, and in the morning our background racket is Waltons and Little Hice on Prairies and even (gasp!) Bonanzas.

Minutes ago I bimbled through for a coffee as she was doing wifely things, and through the archway I saw endless washed-and-brushed sinners beaming up at an imported churchly tub-thumper pounding his lectern (can you still go blind from that?) and boy oh boy, did he ever pound! A genuine A-grade tub-thumping dripping drooling spitting raving raging rant that surely must’ve converted even the camera crew. God is well pleased. Settings, angles, editing and acting were superb enough to trigger a rhetorical “Ye gods! Are people really like that?” from someone who knows better. So I told her, simply, ‘yes’. Actually they are—they lap it up.

Having attended a mass-indoctrination (‘crusade’—Jesus 78) event myself, one with a ‘charismatic’ Christian as Ranter of Honour: Yes indeed, they really are like that. (And why not? It nets big bucks, for some … an Adolf Hitler was great at it too). To answer her question: Yes, people really are like that.

AND folks vote for them … in the secular life at the ballot-box, in Paradise by cash ‘offerings’.

HAH! I just googled ‘alpha and omega’ and God led me to this image—


I haven’t viewed the offering, just snipped that snap. I know that God won’t be offended; and when we get home from town later I’ll do penance by watching the whole thing. (Gods know, it may even work on and convert even moi …)

“Or not, Pup! … … You’re MINE~!”



First thing in the morning. She was whimpering when I went out there for a coffee reload, and she held a slice of raw toast up against the light— “See? This modern bread, it’s all holes!” and she was right. So I patted her shoulder in benign fashion (she hates that … I hate myself sometimes but the opportunity was too good to miss) and told her—

“There, there … don’t tell anyone, the Christians will be beating a path to our door.” And of course got the expected “Why?” in the puzzled tone that only a wife can provide.

“Sacred bread!”


“—manifestation of Jesus Crust, the holey Bun Of God!”

I escaped with my life but only just … and pondered that some folks see the Virgin Mary in a fried egg, so why the hell not?


us all. No? (Oh yes, very yes—there are possibly more of them (religions, beliefs) than of us, and they’re all eternally busy on our behalf (God/s never sleep).

“India reported a record daily jump of coronavirus infections on Saturday (August 22), bringing the total near 3 million, piling pressure on authorities to curb huge gatherings as a major religious festival gets underway. At least 69,878 new infections took India’s total cases to around”etc etc etc

As a cynic I find myself pondering: surely religious gatherings MUST be the very safest place of all? (Hindus especially have oodles more gods than anyone else.)

Quote is from: https://play.stuff.co.nz/details/_6183662526001


AND if the proof of a prediction lies in what eventuates then this prediction will prove axiomatic:


I predict (prophesy, anyone?) that no (r) NO god-fearin’ tub thumpin’ hellfire-and-damnation slobbering parasitical religionist* will take up my gauntlet.


after which I stand naked before any opposition as a spent force …

leaving them to destroy themselves.

The evidence against the Abrahamic god being simply the three definitive Godly qualities of God, taken together in the light of

  • history, which means
  • Reality (past, present, and future).

Now I await your declarations of war …


“Still shooting fish in a bucket, Argus?”

“How come, Mr God, Sir; you speak to me, but never to the suckers who actually believe in you?”

“They lack a quality you have, Dog … which gives Me hope for the future.”

“Amen, Sir.”



line, blue

* Anyone offering The Holey Bible as proof blows me out of the water (who can ever debate with a Bibleologist, hey?)