(as a moderate, am I allowed to hate?) Fluffy.png

bugger it … I hate!


as in ‘being manipulated’—

Listening to Trump and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, blast Iran as the font of terrorism provided another big joke.  Trump’s tirade against Tehran was delivered in Saudi Arabia, a feudal monarchy that holds no elections, cuts off the heads of some 80-90 people annually, and treats women like cattle. 

All good clean fun so far—boys will be boys, no? And so long as they don’t interfere with me or mine, I really don’t give a fundamental.

While claiming to be the leader of the Muslim world, the Saudi royal family funds mayhem and extreme Muslim obscurantism through the region.  The current wave of primitive violence by some self-professed Muslims – ISIS being the leader – was originally funded and guided by the Saudis in a covert struggle to combat revolutionary Iran.  I saw this happen in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Let’s recall 15 of the 18 men who attacked the US on 9/11 were Saudis.

Oooooh~! A low blow, indeed, mentioning that ‘nine-eleven’ thing. A bit like we need a new law, same-same as Godwin’s Law only different?

Iran has the freest political system in the Mideast except for Israel).  Iranian women have rights and political freedoms that are utterly unknown in Saudi Arabia.  Iran just held a fair and open national election in which moderates won. Compare this to Saudi Arabia’s medieval Bedouin society.   I was once arrested by the religious police in Jeddah just for walking down a street with an Egyptian lady.


the Iranians are no paragons of western virtue either—their cute habit of jellifying the bones of sinners’ feet for goofing where being a good Muslim is concerned is a bit disconcerting, but I think I’d prefer them to the Saudis—but any religious nutcase is a cause for alarm and here we have America taking sides with the most nuttiest fruitcakes on the planet. Not good.


another wee snippet to foul your eyes on—

Today, US and British equipped Saudi forces are laying waste to wretched Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest nation.  As a result of a Saudi air, land and sea blockade, the UN now reports that famine has gripped large parts of Yemen.   US and British technicians are keeping the Saudi air force flying; the US and Britain supply the bombs.

—and ask yourselves, what is going on?

Other than I am finally becoming just a wee bit racist, and learning not to fret if bloody Islamics kill each other in the tens of thousands or even millions—why are the Americans and British and stuff doing these things? Really, it’s an honest questio—  oh!

Yes, I see … if we don’t, them foul and filthy Russkies will take over the world. It’s all so simple when you put it like that …


but do you really think the f&f Russkies actually want and really intend to do that?


being manipulated? Don’t ask, don’t go down that track—people look at you funny if you ask things like that. Don’t ask, just get out there and wave that flag, Boy!


Bugger … where are the marshmallows when ya need ’em?


Don’t fret … it all comes to the same thing in the end anyway.

Boom boom! (And as taxpayer—you are funding them …)(That’s what comes of being a blasted moderate …)



SCIENCE-BASED   dragons17


(And yes, you were intended to read ‘more on’ as moron. Well spotted, you~!)


  • today’s hard ‘fact’ is often tomorrow’s giggle
  • a fact is a perception
  • science may bury folks prematurely
  • but it never admits that it is wrong



refute me?


Okay then …

we’ll move on and here’s your ‘quote of the day’—

“All our perceived wisdom on healthy diets largely comes from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, when the main focus was on heart disease and diabetes.

But the world has moved on now and, as we know, the population is ageing rapidly.

“What we discovered in our research is that the diet guidelines formed in those past decades do not cover the whole field. The world is shifting gear and an ageing population is transitioning into old age – but the diet guidelines we hold dear do not apply to older people,” he says.

Another “Oh dear” and from:  CLICK HERE

BUT in the meantime—which means for the duration of the ‘fact’—lots of lovely money is milked made from the gullible by the unsavoury. A form of win/win, actually … now (and totally unrelated, I assure you): have you had your flu shots yet?





foaming at the mouth

free-thinker (aka Conspiracy Theorist) I take umbrage at any form of enforced collectivism—

Come along, you lot. Holdiday camp awaits~!.png

—although in ‘democratic’ New Zealand we have campaigners actively  moving Heaven and Earth to invoke the armed might of the State (ref above) to force the innocent to comply with their Snowflake cause du jour (ref image below)—

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 18.06.06.png

—regardless of any other considerations. Not good. In the past I have asked (and never received an answer**) :

a.  Why so, everybody?

b.  How can the unvaccinated be a threat to the vaccinated?


for those altruistic (it means unsanitary) boofwits absolutely determined to control others—

Ve haf vays of makink you comply!.png

—look and learn, your precedents have already been well and truly set (and those guys were pretty bloody good at it) (a bit better than you, Snowflake.)

Here, the campaign flag of the universal Public Benefactor—


(My apologies to the Godwin’s Law people …)

—and possibly, c/o the United Nations, it will be coming soon to a nation near you. Ok, to you.

As a final thought: compulsory anything … why?*

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 20.10.56.png

It’s for your own good, you know … that’s why.**

sv*    Cui bono?

** And when you get to the lovely hot showers, don’t forget to breathe deeply. For better health and a longer life ya just can’t beat deep breathing …

Oh God~


chestnut again? Already? Have some people nothing better to do than to try to embarrass their leaders, their seniors, even their beloved front-line allies?

Off you go then, and read this (I’ll wait)  …  …   CLICK HERE

see? That’s me, waiting patiently                arrow right.gif          buitre16

The American capacity for ‘cognitive dissonance’ surprises me even now. I think that at last, after a whole wasted lifetime spent trying, I’ve finally come up with a practical demonstration of the term. Irrefutable too …


about issues you’d rather were swept out of sight and mind is to simply ignore them. They may outlast you, personally, a bit—but if you are a bit player in a much vaster enterprise your ‘sacrifice’ will be well served.


be so important to me? Especially so proximate with ‘Memorial Day’? Or should that be renamed ‘Hypocrite Day’ and have done with it? (‘Pussycat Day?’)

“No man left behind” … yeah … I like that; so catchy, so … American …

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.26.28.png

Hollywood at its best. You know—fiction, hype, fairytale propaganda to inspire the masses but scant relation to reality. No?

Hey—before you flick me away, this is the Reality, Bud—

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 21.31.50.png

—ye gods, just look at that scruffy darned thing … you’d think the Yanks would at least give it a lick of paint? Bloody Captain should be damned well court-martialled~!

Don’t fret.

All you has to do is live long enough to outlast the opposition and then you gets ta write ‘history’ closer to your heart’s desire. The evil that men do lives after them, the truth is shovelled with them into their grave. And silently buried.

La Verite


This painting is called “Truth emerging from the well” (something like that). I like to use the image often (I’m a sucker for scantily clad red heads). As for any meaning, I leave that to better minds than mine.














brrrrr~! As you know (lucky you if you don’t—it means this is your first time here) I read, watch, and generally sift through a lot of stuff. Much of it rubbish … and am currently viewing The History Channel’s 3-disc package titled “Ancient Aliens (season two)”.

maria_orsic.jpgDisc 1 at the moment, and we’re in the collapsing Nazi Germany with guys like Martin Borman doing a bunk in a bell-shaped time machine.

All grist to the mill, and I’ve always loved that snap of Nazi Maria Ostrich (or whatever her name was.)

Long blonde hair, blue eyed with a challenging level gaze and big batty eyelashes … grrrrrrowf~!

fireworks air burst.gif

Oops, where was I?

Time travel. For myself, complete with closed and shuttered (barricaded even) mind I can only accept ‘time travel’ as a one-way opportunity. In my purview the entire universe is a time machine and it comes gratis (ya can’t ask better than that).

I start with a self-evident given:

no two physical objects

can occupy the same space

at the same time …

Simplistic, but any attempt to break Argus’s first rule of physics (see above) means disruption (this is why a bullet, arrow, or knife etc kills).


the show shows earnest folks earnestly and enthusiastically telling us that ‘they’ (their beloved aliens etc) can flit painlessly through time. I use naval (poetic) slang to express my own humble opinion—


 Bollards 2.png


—and await your declarations declaring me wrong. Any proofs might be nice too, but you are allowed an unproofed opinion.





this the final resort of the utterly desperate.

Sarcasm? Just hyperbole taken just a little more to the extremis end of the scale. Sadly I’m a bit too long in the tooth to worry about offending the sensitive—I call it as I see it, and if I’m wrong my mistakes will be in turd with my bones (Shakespeare) (sort of).


but look at history and run screaming from the room, no? Some take comfort in Jesus (or Allah, Buddha, Charlie, etc etc …) others hide behind various mind-expanders.

“Desperate,” I was told at school by knowledgeable teachers (mostly men with a good eye and superb coordination when it comes to throwing things) “stems from the Latin de meaning away from, and spero meaning ‘I hope’.”

So the desperate are those with no hope.

I’ve been desperate then for a very long time. How can there be ‘hope’ for anyone with eyes open and one half of four fifths of two thirds of .0000000000001 per cent of a mind capable of integrating and interpreting reality?


here has to be ‘what, pray, is reality?’ and it is a toughie. The love of Christ of course answers all such questions, as does the love of Allah and His merry minions with their own rather peculiar* peccadilloes, and the love of any of the many tens of thousands of unique Creators, divinities, gods, Gods, goddesses etc etc ad nauseam throughout history.

Real to some, no?

I personally tend to think that a sharpened bayonet or a falling bomb is a bit more real than a crucifix or gibbering mullah’s babbles, but that’s just me. I’m a sarcastic bastard and when I see things from my own twisted perspective I take refuge in sarcasm. (Hardly anyone reads my blogs anyway so I can’t offend too many.)


have a nice shot of a parked cars in Invercargill—

Packed park parking.png

—and tell me why I put such an irrelevance in this post?**

And on the subject of reality, here’s a replay of the nice chart that I haven’t even attempted to verify ‘cos being Greenland it’s hardly relevant to me in New Zealand … or you, wherever.


And yes—that was sarcasm.


* Judge not, lest thee be judged … “Full ahead both!” (and damn the torpedoes …)

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

(Bugger, it’s Little Virginia …)

“Yes, sweet Pest?”

“Sir—you said ‘damn’ … it’s a naughty word, Sir!”

“Oh … … bugger.”


** CLUE: if you have to ask you’ve missed my point …


buitre16THANK GOOD OL’

Uncle Al

for inventing anthropogenic global warming. He must be right, he’s made a bundle from it … and now—

Researchers have encountered complex “giant viruses” with as many as thousands of genes in the melting permafrost of Siberia. One such virus, 30,000 years old, was still infectious when it was discovered in 2015, though it posed no danger to humans, Live Science reports.

See what I mean? CLICK HERE for source article.

Before good ol’ Uncle Al (Gore) we simply didn’t have to worry about these things. Perhaps … … … OH!

 Of course! Satori, my moment of enlightenment~!

THIS then is why the American Establishment (the guy with the funny haircut and his wee string-pullers) is frantically doing its very best to promote an all-out nuclear war. Dammit, why did I not make the connection before? (He’s swift, this old dog, I tells ya!)

  • Uncle Al invents the Global Warming which will cook us all
  • Trump and his merry men minions invent their all-out nuclear war—
  • the consequent Nuclear Winter—
  • cancels any residual Global Warming—
  • so God’s in His Heaven and all’s well with the world  QED* .



just when you thought it was safe to get back in the ocean; out of the depths of the blogginverse comes another unexpected crippler like this—

“For me, marine plastic pollution is the new climate change, but I would like for us to not make the same mistakes. We’ve been arguing about climate change, and whether it exists and what is changing, for the better part of 40 years …

to read this beast from source   —>   CLICK HERE

(Or not click it … it’s your call, you disinterested utterly bored pollyanna, you.) (It doesn’t worry me at all ‘cos the nuclear winter will for a short while solve all my problems. And if in a few zillion years the new dominant species asserts its dominance I hope it’s more agrarian than industrial** .)

buitre16      buitre16   buitre16 buitre16

 * A thought triggered by statistics when Little Ollivia asked me an innocent enough simple question—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Cutie?”

“Sir … if a statistician lies on a bench with his head in a hot oven and his feet in a deep-freeze…”


“Is he, on average, quite comfy?”

** Bugger … you need industry for making ploughshares, no? (And bankers to finance the entrepreneurial … damn!)