ASKS THE QUESTION: to read from source: CLICK HERE —and all it leaves out are the words " New Zealand" SURE, WE HAVE folks who like to go out and bag a deer for dinner. A few generations back it was standard practise that they'd also pop off a few hunters every season too—but they … Continue reading THE PIC BELOW



AND PROGRESS is it worth the angst? I'll admit it—I'm becoming a wee bit technophobic as the century scorches on by and leaves me choking in a cloud of obsolescent dust and feathers. YESTERDAY I tried creating a new blog using WP's (lovely?) (Yeuch!) new 'block' method. I fell at the first hurdle when I … Continue reading BLOGGING


FREEMASONS are out. Almost. No more pinnies, no more walking blindfolded through tiled rooms, slipshod and Bristol fashion with a kipper in one sock and sweating through the formulas lest you get one word out of place ... THIS LOVELY MASONIC CENTRE in Invercargill (the southernmost everything in the world)(boom boom~!) was for sale but … Continue reading BUGGER~!


a masochist? Or an iconoclast? An iconoclast defeated by modern technology, perhaps:—has humankind's knowledge and skills advanced beyond the limits of mere divinities? Is it true what they say about pride and falls? APPARENTLY this wee Oscar thing is peppered by more lightnings than the average householder sees in several incarnations— —is its durability due … Continue reading IS GOD


GUT REFLEX— —and I stand with grave doubts and a great deal of unease; there are valid arguments both for and against the possession of weapons. EVEN IF we could inculcate upcoming generations with actual morals and ethics (instead of the mindless unthinking unrealistic wishful pap they are and will ever be taught)— —human (read … Continue reading 2 THOUGHTS