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There’s no point—when has mere logic ever convinced a true believer—be it politics, religion, The Creation (aka Big Bang Theory)* or even a flat planet Earth?


Diogenes educating his followers—

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.46.02.png

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.”

Ram left

And I shall never stop saying:

  • Don’t endlessly bleat about politics and religions
  • Don’t whimper about the eternal indoctrinations
  • Don’t even think about defeating myths with mere facts—

—just do what the religious do themselves:  get in there early with the young, and teach ’em to think. (Sheesh!)

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy

“Thief! Bloody hijacker!  … early … That’s MY best tool too!”

The beat goes on …

BOOM BOOM! (white shadow).png

* Yes. TC and BBT are two different names for the same thing supposition event explanation … it’s just the guessworks that are different; and each claims exclusive truth for itself (the other being hilariously ludicrous).




made me update a bit:


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 22.10.42.png

Some damned atheist swine asked the obvious, to the effect—

“So beloved of God … why does the Pope need an armoured waggon?”

We might add: “… and vigilant well-armed guards?”

(If not armed, are they ‘mobile martyrs’ ready to earn a no-questions-hotfoot-to-Heaven ticket by throwing themselves on grenades or absorbing bullets?)


and Mr Google as always came up trumps—

What do you get for the holy man who has everything? If he’s Pope Benedict XVI, you get him a new Mercedes-Benz Popemobile.

Based on the company’s midsize M-Class SUV, the new diamond-white Popemobile replaces an older Mercedes model that had served his holiness since 2002. The automaker has been providing popes their eponymous vehicles since 1930.

Mercedes says the new model has an upgraded dome for the Pope to ride in. It features easier access for the 85-year-old pontiff, larger bulletproof glass panels for better visibility and lights in the roof to illuminate the subject below. The throne inside the dome is embroidered with the coat of arms of the pontiff.

It rides a bit lower than the previous version, to make it easier to ship to the Pope’s destinations. The project took Mercedes about nine months to build, the company said.


To read from source: CLICK HERE

Oh wow, I’m truly impressed! Not with the understated ostentation of The Beast (and his transport) but with the wildly enthusiastic Nelson-eyed gullibility of the millions of Widow’s Miters who fund it.

Oops, “indignant rebuttal” alert … okaaaaay … … yes.

But money is fungible, no? (Now go say fifteen hundred Hail Argies and I’ll forgive you.)(Go on, off you go, shoo~!)


AND here’s the grand ultimate paradigm of humility and service standing with a justifiably pleased capitalist of the species. What is it with Popes and religiosi that even their blessed coats have to look like dresses?


I can’t spend any more time on this. I have to look up the reference I was going to finish with … something about a rich man squashing himself through the eye of a needle to enter Heaven. Don’t wait up …



“Hey Argus! It’s right here in The Bible, ya dum’ dog!”






Eve & Lution

You told the Pope he’s your how many greats grandson? Really?”


from a U-toobe—

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 17.28.02.png

—whose webbie is further down this page; I’ve come across oodles of these things in books, magazines, movies and other propagated propagandas. We are expected, I think, to accept ’em on face value. We aren’t meant to ask questions. So these days there’s only one question I do ask:


—as in, wotif it were true?

Wotif the witnesses were neither lying nor mistaken nor deluded nor nuffink, Guv??


is rich beyond belief.

You name it, it’s in there, from trilobites crunched under some dude’s shoe millions of years ago to spark plugs in virgin geodes etc.

Ye gods … they’ll be telling us they caught a coelacanth next …


don’t you think it’s a bit suss, that the mystery bell could well serve as the prototype model for Adamski-era photos of UFOs?


Here’s your webbie …

… but why, one has to ask, do these relics always disappear before they can be tested by objective science? Wotif we re-found one?

What would happen to it? Would it be gratefully taken accepted by the nearest relevant government for genuine objective testing under unarguably controlled scientific conditions …

… and promptly vanish?

Or perhaps, if vanishment is too suss … would the lab itself burn down?

If I ever found something like that nobody but nobody (other than The Spouse) would know about it until my will be read.

Awww, here’s another—

—now don’t say I never give you nothing …


Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 18.28.51.png





in a shippery—one that has never been used before (the slot, dammit … not the shippery).


I have your attention, and if so interested (twitch twitch) and IF you were thinking in the context of one of the many thousands of religions out there—perhaps even in a Spirit if genuine interest/research?—may I offer as a starting point or two:




If still interested—

—then don’t be lazy! Go Google ’em for yourself, dammit, there’s no shortage.

Actually there’s quite enough to keep you busy (and away from picking on poor innocent ‘unique’ Christers) for quite a while. See? God does have ways of looking after her own—

—blasted atheists and other pond-life unthinking irrational scums notwithstanding.

Sheesh! They’ll be casting doubts on the Holy Egg Hatch soon …

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 17.48.17

“Argus! Come to my arms, forgive me for you have sinned …”

Good morning, big

“Not right now, dammit—my coffee is more important than your salvation …”






people by the scooooore …

or not. I get my coffees and multis* mixed up sometimes (makes for some interesting beverages).  In the meantime, you poor thing—


More clue~?

Take a pinch of white man
Wrap it up in black skin
Add a touch of blue blood
And a little bitty bit of Red Indian boy

—or not.

Preferably not; for we racists it spells angst and possibly doom. But that’s the way of it ever since ol’ God programmed genes to be interchangeablish—

His antiquity has since ensured his importance to historians and scientists who study how the British Isles were populated – a topic that went viral last week when geneticists published new research that showed the young man would have had black hair, blue eyes – and dark skin.

A great many widely held – but incorrect – assumptions about the expected pale-skinned, fair-featured nature of Britain’s founders were promptly overturned, to the rage of some commentators and the joy of many …

read more: CLICK HERE

—back to the drawing board then.


How about those cranks who think the world was different a few thousand years ago, pre and post asteroidal/cometary/space-thing impacts?

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 15.00.11.png

—climates too, I believe. When ice-ages melted it fair raised sea levels worldwide (four hundred feet, we’re told). Quite enough to create change … do the cranks (sans ‘space aliens’) have a point? Don’t ask me … I’m still in shock from being told that Australian Aborigines have been dwelling quietly out of sight in Ozz for tens of thousands of years longer than possible. (Okay, longer than than we were taught.)

You’ll be telling me next that ‘man’ has been in the Americas longer than the ten, eleven, thirteen thousand years the Bering Land Bridge entitled him to (must’ve been smuggled across by those space aliens too).

… British men and women of today. We are not a nation of farmers … but can trace our ancestry to nomadic hunters, who – 300 generations ago – carved antlers to make harpoons for fishing, used bows and arrows, and trained dogs…

Wow. Being English I identify with dogs, and have used a bow and arrow (once. Still looking for that blasted arrow …) so it must all be true:

We’re mongrels!

All of us

Argus copy 4.png

… except for some …




Try this as a creamer…



I DIDN’T Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 22.32.50

really think that such existed—just a not-very-good joke.

And then I was browsing some of the comments on a Graham Hancock u-toob and found some fascinating back-and-forths. I don’t know if it degenerated into the inevitable flame war; I just gave up marvelling that we have to share this lump in space with such folks. Perhaps the scenario in a ‘Century’ comic book some years ago wasn’t really the fiction it purported to be?


in brief involved an absolute ruler who wanted to make his mark on history by destroying the entire universe using a mighty power his sages had recently discovered. Bound to his every whim the good eggheads had no option, so they reluctantly triggered their Doomsday Device …


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.54.04.png



a modern egghead jerks back from his microscope—to be asked as he refocusses more intently—

“Prof! What was that?”

to which Prof replies (go on, guess, you know what’s coming …)

“I don’t know! I thought I saw a momentary flash of light come from this molecule …”


How do I know? But the source of all this angst lies in the fascinating comments on this vid—

—and I haven’t even reached the naughty words parts yet. (Inevitable UT, but they add a ceratain cretin certain earthiness …)

Flat Earth?

Well … in this ‘World Of Illusion’ all is possible, no? I mean, just look out yer window—does that really look like a ball, to you?


Hey YOU, Flaturtha! I can see your house from here …

But the wee moony ball in the background … an anomaly in a flat universe?

Naaa …





AND FAVOUR devil-29973__340

like everything else, dissipates? Phew! Thank God for that! I’d really hate for Him to love my own neighbourhood the same way he recently loved his truly devoted church-going God-fearing followers in Tonga …


the upcoming prophecies (as revealed by the great Sages in the Temples of Meteorology and News Media); in glyphic form for you traditionalists—

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 08.36.46.png

If you saw previous windy images you’d now note how much morely diminished said whirly thing is—

—still coming our way to deliver God’s blessings and mercies, but in gentler forms—there’s no limits to His Holy kindness, may His tribe increase.

So without further ado, here’s the prophecy I promised—

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 08.38.02.png

—care of the New Zealand Herald online and lots of other good people (including, obviously, God).

Are there no limits to His favour?

Hallelujah, Big G~! (Signed with lots of love and kisses, and many many wags)

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.26.51


That’s not really me—I’m a bit more scruffy, but the pic gets you in the park and even ol’ God can’t possibly object. (But if the typhoon He’s sending increases in oomph I’ll take it as a sign of His displeasure …)