No need to sneak into North Korea looking for guy with the funny haircut who never stops manically (maniacally?) grinning. Just go into ‘science’ and look for a fact.

Any fact in fact, but a fact with a lifespan longer than ten years one human generation.


there ain’t no facts.

“The only constant,” sayeth The Sage wisely, “is change.”

And sages really know their onions (strangely enough he hasn’t been around for ages, I rather miss the cynical old sod …)


hands up, mammals (and other descended simians) who know how many planets there are in our our solar system. Trick question?

Using some of the rudiments of fire control from anyone’s navy days don’t forget to allow deflection—aim ahead of your moving target (and good luck~!)—

Brown, who played a key role in demoting Pluto from planetary status to a more lowly dwarf planet, said the discovery of a ninth planet might be good news for those who are still upset about Pluto being kicked out of the planetary club. “All those people who are mad that Pluto is no longer a planet can be thrilled to know that there is a real planet out there still to be found. Now we can go and find this planet and make the solar system have nine planets once again.”

Sourced from: CLICK HERE (or not, there’s no compulsion)

Now get out thy calculator, ephemeris, horoscope, Hamlet, and Noddy books—seek thee the answer to our question, and may the myriad gods illuminate your path with the numberless stars. Boom boom!







dodoyada yada yada

and it’s all getting a bit boring.


New Zealand Herald came up with this

A high-ranking former member of the North Korean Government says the harsh economic sanctions imposed on the country could be enough to wipe it out within 12 months.

Oh my goodness—

Ri Jong-ho, a former economic official appointed by Kim Jong-un’s father and predecessor Kim Jong-il, says the United Nations’ trade restrictions are so strong that it could cripple the isolated nation …

Yeah, sure.

I’ve lost track of how often in the last few decades sanctions have passed their ‘cripple by’ date and still the starving(?)  sanctionee isn’t crippled.

Not only not crippled—North Korea’s capabilities seem to be improving by giant leaps and bounds.

All propaganda, of course! Them Commie ratbags can no more afford nukes than I can (everyone knows that Communists can’t even feed themselves)(so there).

The answer?

Send a gunboat!


it gets better—

“Many people will die.”

—yeah. Sure they will—but not the ones some would like to die, such as these jolly smiling chaps with the overdose of cheery—

Jolly chappies.png

—who like all good politicians are very good at getting stand-ins to do their dying for them.


the “high ranking former etc etc” chap — did nobody tell him that blasted commies can’t even afford bootlaces, much less nukes and missiles?

So exactly who is propagandising whom, here?


What? We did send a gunboat? They did what? They laughed?




a ‘Unique Selling Point‘.

I posted before on the head of New Zealand’s very own ‘home grown’ church. And here it is again, reinforcing old statements:

  • a ‘religion’ is nothing more than wealth and power
  • there’s one born every minute (it means a sucker)


if only to compare this guy’s successes with the lifestyles of other ‘unique’ worshipping systems. (Yours could well be among them, no?)

To read article at source:

finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy.gif



There’s a wee video clip on the NZ Herald item. It’s about a minute and a half, I didn’t watch it through … but it is interesting to observe that the church is heavily into Maoris, the guy himself is Maori … and just watch his body language. (Good one, Bro~!)

So as far as selling goes, ya gotta have that USP and ya gotta study your victi  sucke  prospec audience.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 07.57.26.png

finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

big J

“So I said to Brian, be careful and watch out for sharp nails …”


me~! “Bugger this Brian dude~! Nothing left for me. But you can’t fault his approach, dammit—just look at this point— Advocates of prosperity theology believe that faith, positive speech and donations to churches will increase one’s own wealth. This view has encouraged a 10 per cent tithing within the church, and the creation of an annual “First Fruits” offering in October to provide Tamaki with members gifting between $350,000 and $500,000 …” Yep. That’s it. I’m redundant. Early retirement, I guess … ”

dodo dodo







  • Religion is highly competitive, you desperately need a new angle. Or charisma …



can be a shock. (Especially when some misfit makes admissions~TUT!)


are the definitive World beaters at absolutely everything. It’s a fact we imbibe at our mothers’ bottle, one we learn from educational Ground Zero (day one at school) and the lesson is reinforced everywhere—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, little Virginia?”

“Can we really be the best worst too?”

“… … us kiwis can do anything, Kid.”

Now, where were we?

Oh, yes—today’s quote—

According to analysis carried out by NZ Initiative researcher Sam Warburton, the chance of a car occupant dying on the road was 41 per cent higher than it was in 2013, and 12 per cent higher than last year.

So, what’s going on? Is it smartphones? Is it a lack of proper driver training? Is it foreign drivers? Not wearing seatbelts? Unsafe vehicles? Alcohol? Drugs? Road condition? Speed? Experts are struggling to answer these questions, and the Ministry of Transport has undertaken at least three studies into the road toll since 2013 which have led to nothing definitive.

to read from source:  CLICK HERE 

Struggling to answer—and they are experts?

Here’s more from the same non-expert—

We’re quick to blame tourists for accidents, but ask tourists what they think of us behind the wheel. The feedback is consistent. We are angry, tail-gating, intolerant, ill-mannered monsters who view our vehicles as an extension of our……selves.


… and I just love it …


My opinions? Oh really? Gosh …

So I shan’t venture my opinion. I’ll just give advice—


On our roads treat everyone

as if

they are out to kill you

given any opportunity


—and you won’t go too far wrong.

Actually, you won’t be too far wrong … (not for long, anyway).


falls off a pale horse



Lion Man trioA CONCLUSION!

Jump to it …

But there are other possible conclusions too: perhaps the sculptor wasn’t really all that talented?

Or maybe it is actually an accurate depiction of a hunter wearing his ‘blending in with the prey‘ stalking camouflage?

So if the words are to be believed we are looking back about forty thousand years. Wow … and we are enjoying a modified mammoth tusk. It took about 400 hours to create this wee one-foot high image; and the supposition is that it is a religious thing. Here, have thee a nice close-up—


—and here’s some of the words that go with it—

Lion Man is the oldest known evidence for religious beliefs and Stadel Cave suggests that believing and belonging have a deep history crucial to human societies and originating long before writing.


Which would be the more reliable ‘passport to Paradise‘—

(a) belief in the redeeming power of Lion Man (above), or

(b) belief in and supplication to Our Lord Jesu Christo etc etc?

(or if you are feeling a bit tetchy you may throw in your own choice of other variations on Salvation—Islam, Judaism, any of the myriad Christian cults/sects/franchises, or of the possibly millions of other gods, goddesses, divinities—down to but not necessarily including saints, demigods and/or angels?)


One can imagine that the devout of the time held the wee Lion Man in much the same awe as todays devout hold crucifixes and other holy stuff. Does the validity of Jesus etc nullify the ancients, so they were—although doing the best they could with what they had at the time—worshipping false gods? Doomed to eternal damnation and hellfire for not being Christian?


did they have it right and our modern Christians, Jews, Islamics and other religionists are all doomed to the eternal flames instead?

Can both be right?

Even though our modern religions claim exclusivity, whilst all others are false?


Occam’s razor I’d have to say that all of them are false. No? But wait, there’s another outsider in the race …

… what if it’s just an ordinary everyday snapshot, and those guys really did look like that back then? Brrrrr.

It seems that to an archaeologist everything unknown is a ‘ritual object’. Saves ’em a lot of angst, I guess …



big J

So I said to him “Hey you! Cat face! You had your chance, it’s MY world now!”