dragons17in someone’s post used the expression “historical guilt” — as if history is something to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.

For myself:

I refuse to accept blame for anything I haven’t done, anything that I

  • have had no input to or control over,
  • nor involvement with;
  • and wasn’t even alive at the time.


British. And at times proud of part of my heritage, proud of what other people only vaguely connected with me achieved—proud almost as though I’m entitled to some of their glory; which obviously I’m not … no more than I’m entitled to any part, however minuscule, of their guilt or blame. This may help explain why many modern Germans refuse ‘ancestral blame’ for Adolf Hitler and some of his generation’s misdeeds. Rightly so?


do YOU accept “historical guilt” as applying to you?


I’d declare you to be an excellent hypnotic subject (in all probability one who votes in elections)(for someone, anyone; maybe even the perceived best* of a bad bunch … so long as you do your ‘duty’ and vote.) I don’t vote …

I would vote if I saw

(a) any point, and if

(b) there were someone actually worth voting for. Meantime,



—and if you do …

… what the hell are you doing reading me?



* It too often means the least bad … for myself, IF  I were ever to vote again it would only be for someone I actually wanted. Wanted, that is, on rational grounds—not the one who trumpeted the loudest and/or screeched the most (recycled) promises; or was the least bad of a disgusting two-faced mealy mouthed bunch of confidence tricksters.




be very very ware:


Line, blacker copy 2.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 08.11.26.png

Line, blacker copy 2.png

This issue is intended to trigger a range of emotions from guilt to ‘Awww—ain’t that so sweet!’

My own reaction is that in Australia (biggest grasshoppers in the world, boom boom!) as in anywhere else you/we do NOT want minority groups in Parliament.

  • Or in The House.
  • Or in power.


YOU ACTUALLY WANT (but don’t realise it)

NO minority groups. In fact, no groups at all. All you need (desperately) is the defining minority group of:



Now let any panty-waist PC driberals get themselves a smaller herd than that! If they can (they can’t).


How often need it be stated?* That—

the smallest possible minority group (and thereby the very group most in need of protection) is the one individual. All of me. Them. Us.


protect the individual and you protect every bugger—all of us, with no distinction, no artifices like

  • rank
  • colour
  • creed
  • derivation
  • memberships
  • ancestry
  • friends-in-high-places
  • etc etc ad infinitem

One Law to serve us all. Equally.

Sure, not all men are born equal—I’d say at a guess that Donny Trumpet’s downlines have an unequal head-start on most; but in the blind eyes of Law all are should be equal.


who really owns Australia, and deserves especial ‘rights’?

Is it the black natives, or the various folks who took it by ‘Right’ of Conquest? (You know … same as the kiwis took NZ from the Maoris, or the Maoris from the guys before them**, or the palefaces took the USA from the natives … actually, the same as anyone anywhere took it from the guys who were there before ’em.) (Heck, everyone does it~!)***


the quoted news will hold infinite appeal to the PC, no? And regardless of any inabilities to see beyond the rim of their bowl, they (PC) too have a right to exist—and then blight Reality for everyone else.

*   And utterly ignored …

** And they vigorously deny that—but artefacts and traditions suggest (!) otherwise.

*** I often state (and am never challenged) that you only own that which you can hold against all comers. It (sadly) means by force …


for that link  down finger

found here:  CLICK ME!   (Do it—you know you want to … )


the good doctor makes a very good point (actually, the same point I’ve often made)(but does anyone ever listen? Nooooo …) namely that

“Islam isn’t just a religion—

—it’s a complete way of life!

The Catholic church used to do that too, until de-fanged by civilisation. But pitting education, manners, liberty, etiquette, equality for women, free speech, democracy and all that simpering un-Islamic effeminism against the masculine bliss  power of Islam —   brrrrrrrrr!

The pen is oft claimed to be ‘mightier than the sword’. But you just try defending yourself with a pen against an enthusiastic Islamist with a Koran in one hand, scimitar in the other and the light of God blazing from his eyes. (Awww, go ahead … everyone is entitled to one mistake.)

Thanks, Ark~! I owe you … and there goes the rest of my Sunday.


That one is definitely not a oncer:  it calls for some serious viewing.



Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 16.00.18.png but herein we shan’t go into that—suffice it to say that a person (we have to be gender neutral these days, no? So you’ll just have to hazard a guess at whether it was a male or not … ) was apparently rabbiting about in its (ugh!) drawers when they (ugh!) found a junk which they took along to Sotheby’s.

It’s a happy story and if you click there the link will take you to the BBC and from there you can carry on if your heart desires (by then I’ll have done my bit.)

So:  CLICK HERE  (or not, your call …)

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 16.08.16.png

AND AS ugly (quite disgustipating, actually) as the wee thing appears it sold for 735 thousand pounds (some sources say) or more like a million (some other sources say).


when rabbiting about in the ancestral drawers … you never know:

One man’s (oops) one per’s trash

is another per’s treasure …

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 16.04.32.pngHey! Who YOU callin’ ugly—?



come across as a


dragons17but having a wee appreciation for some of the factors involved I was delighted (?) to cut-and-paste this tonight; inspired by an article en passant that led me to HMS Fortrose escorting a Brit ship somewhere in a hot zone somewhere hot*.  (Yeuch, they can have my share …) And here’s your quote:

The first recipient of the new gun and mount, the Mark 8, was the Iranian frigate Zaal in 1971. The gun entered Royal Navy service in 1973 on the new destroyer Bristol.[4]

These guns proved to be less reliable than the older 4.5 inch Mark V gun (redesignated Mark 6 gun mounting) during the Falklands War, being forced to cease fire on several occasions due to faults.[3]

to read more: CLICK HERE


don’t get me wrong. I respect the Royal Navy immensely. But sometimes I really do wonder if the next violent punch-up will last long enough for the usual British ‘wake-up’ after the opening stages of an unpleasant scene.

Maybe … just maybe, it really is time now for the Brits to understand that in the next stoush they just might not have time to get their act together?


I broke a shoelace this morning …

chimp rocks

*Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 20.00.47.png



if it works! This came in a few minutes ago, I only changed a couple of words (a few times) …

   down finger  .gif

The foreman of a Christian road crew employed a poverty-claiming moonlighting priest to paint white lines down the middle of the road. He told Padre that he should paint two miles of road in a day’s work. 

After the first day the foreman was pleased to find that the priest had painted four miles of road instead of the two required.

On the second day, Padre completed painting just 2 miles of road.

The foreman was a bit disappointed, but didn’t complain as this was, after all, only what he’d asked for.

On day 3 the foreman was disappointed to find that Padre had painted only one mile of road, and so asked,

“On your first day, you did four miles of road. On your second you did two miles. But on the third day you achieved only one mile. What’s up?”

Padre replied, “Well, I’ll tell ya what’s up—but I thought a clever damned atheist like yourself would’ve been able to figure it out … every day I get further and further away from the paint can!”

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 18.10.05