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Why? Read on and be endarkened …

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Why? Experience. (Not education, sheesh~!) We dogs go by what we can see, bite, scratch, chomp, or chew … although in my years I’ve witnessed meteors in many places, I’ve never seen one quite like the above. But I guess space stuff followeth the thnowflake thyndrome, no?

down eyeface

“Mr Argus, Sir—?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Why are you lithping, thir?”

(Hah. Knew I’d catch someone—)

“Because that’s what you do when talking so religious folks can understand, child; you know, ya godda be a bit biblical.”

“Oh Thir, thereth no hope you …  oopth …”

internet Dog Webber copy.png



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15furthermore, yeuch. (Not down here though … yet.)

Unprecedented? I doubt it … so?

Try this one for size—


—and ponder the possibility that Graham Hancock and his (un)illustrious buncha fellow cranks might almost possibly have a point with the point that they pointedly insist on pointing out—that perhaps along with all them big lizardy things a fairly ‘advanced’ (i.e. beyond stone age but not necessarily space-age) human breed may have existed, to be knocked back to the stone-age … by (say) a biggie asteroid?

After all … it has been done before. Just ask any dinosaur. And no-one would believe it until finally … never mind, we shan’t go down that well worn old track. I’ll just ask (boringly, I know) once again:

(a) How the hell did the ancients make (say) the temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck … and could we recreate it ourselves? Or the Serapeum? 

(b) could WE?

I feel safe in saying: not. We couldn’t …

Moving on … still cool here at 45 south, and NOT looking forward to summer. Summer stinks, think snow (bumper sticker I saw once).

chimp rocks

We too need an decent asteroid … out, out, damned rock!





Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.08.04I hope not. Just trying to push some old facts further back in the bucket to make room for some replacements—

 “… It is rare for an asteroid of this size to pass Earth so closely, according to Nasa, which says that smaller asteroids from 10-20 metres have been spotted at similar distances but those the size of Apophis are much fewer.”

to read more: CLICK HERE

Click, go—and try not feel like a dinosaur (they say it will miss by miles anyway, so no need to fret).


Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 08.35.54.png

I didn’t go to that NASA link. I’m too busy with the ‘here and now’ — the gunfire out there has died down and the first dawn of the duck season was almost ideal, weatherwise, for the hunters. They’re still banging their socks off out there but surely must be running out of stamina (and/or ducks)?


to follow some links, especially links to crackpots like Graham Hancock and his ilk who keep trying to tell us that a huge asteroid impact a few millennia ago wiped out human civilisations at the time and reset our clocks as a species.

Naaaaah, brekky is much more important …




when you follow up on comments. Sometimes.

At other times you think “Yeah sure—pull the other one, Bub.” But—

But I like to be a gullible old poop. It doesn’t come easy and often I have to really work at it. And then, my WTF button is yanked … like this—

In the comments bit was a wee advice to go to 4:17.

So I did. Nothing … but just a wee bit further along, a WTF alert—

“Dog! This is brain—are you receiving, over?”

“Brain—Dog:  go ahead.”

“Didya see it, fading in at eighteen, near the bottom?”

“Affirmative … don’t fret—just a spider on the lens, or a raindrop. Or perhaps a newspaper blowing in the wind … maybe a lost penguin coming down for a quickie incognito glance at the roadsigns …”



“You don’t have to go all scientific on me—”

“Okay … … … … obviously Photoshop.”



“Screenshot, please.”


Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 21.49.30.png


posted this link to illustrate that there really are surprises up there (them Russkies were surprised) (some of ’em—the others just took it in their stride).

So if that was a little one (meteor) one imagines that more oomph is added to the crank suggestions that a wee meteor strike umpty thousand years ago kicked off an ice age and/or a huge melt up. Or two.

So I guess it really is possible~?

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.14.21

Naaaaaaahhhh …



Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.54.25But first

ya gotta have ya quote, and here she be—

They are listening for electromagnetic signals, no stronger than those emitted by a mobile phone, that cannot be produced by natural celestial bodies.

If they find them, it would be proof that extraterrestrial forces really could be at play.

For the moment, they are trying to contain their excitement. But the name they have given this bizarre object betrays their optimism.

Oumuamua is a Hawaiian term meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first”.

Most intriguingly, it is the wrong shape for an asteroid — they are typically round.

—and those tempting tantalising tingly two tiny words of mine?




—but don’t forget to make your lip curl in a well-practised sneer of contemptuous disbelief (work ‘irony’ into it too) as you utter them.


really believe that if ‘they’ discover that The Beast is in any form (or even suggestion) artificial … they would actually tell you?



Boy~! Do I ever have a bridge for you, real cheap, from my selection—I got a great stoney looking thing over the Thames in London, or a meccano looking thing in the Firth of Forth (in Scotland)(with a name like that, where else?) and I still have that copy of the Newcastle bridge (in Sydney).

Name your price, free delivery.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 18.20.03.png

The object under discussion is this wee ‘rock’ scampering out of our solar system at (they say) 44 kilometres per second. I still think this photo is someone’s artistically licensed misconception rather than a real capture, but that’s just the cynic in me. (You can have it for free if you buy a bridge) (rock/thing, not bridge).

Call now, all lines are open and my operators primed and ready …