Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46myself, I stand in awe—absolute total awe with no reservations or time off for good behaviour—of folks who can produce images/objects … things … like these below.

I even allow a wee bit of poetic leeway (all ‘art’ is merely interpretation of Reality, no?) such as:  what does this guy (next image) have in common with so many ancient Egyptian pharaohs?

wot 'appens?.jpg

It might even be a death-wish.

Anyway, I was bumbling through webbie images of the works of Lalique (how the hell can people do stuff like that?) when I happened across it and saw the parallel with ancient Egyptian tomb art.

Lalique’s works leave my gob well and truly smacked—



Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 12.19.59.pngbut then again, I’m still in awe of yer basic seashell cameos …

… and any (almost!) form of art that doesn’t involved riding a bike over the canvas or artistically ‘capturing the moment’ with a well flicked spattery brush. Yeuch …



—and I loooooove Art Deco anyway.

And Art Nouveau, even though I’m not really sure where the one finishes and the other begins …


“Don’t fret it, Argie … we have each other~!”




NEVER BEATS           

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 00.42.12

a slowie but,

it’s better than a nothingie—

…Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis (1972), occurs when a group makes faulty decisions because group pressures lead to a deterioration of “mental efficiency, reality testing, and moral judgment” (p. 9). Groups affected by groupthink ignore alternatives and tend to take irrational actions that dehumanize other groups …

sourced: CLICK HERE (or not)

—and I still say that to teach your kids the fundamental laws of thought is to cut through the dross to the chase (if I’m allowed to mix metapho clichés). Independent thinking? Hah! Never happen … not in today’s educati indoctrination systems.

You may apply the above freely, or not. Suit yourself—I’m still getting over God’s gift of the latest flu and don’t really give a damn; anyway,  they’re your kids, not mine …

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.49.03                          Ram left




SCARCE REMEMBERED devil-29973__340 copy

is of no help at all sometimes.

But for those of us with minds I draw your attention to this offering—

—and should you go there … please spread the good news.

Oh … more? Okaaaaayy—

This might make your head spin — officials of the Roman Catholic Church are offering a week-long course in exorcism, and dozens of Catholic priests have flocked to Rome to partake of the Holy See’s demon-banishing tips and strategies.

Titled Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation, the course is now in its 13th year, and is presented at The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, a Catholic educational institution … An estimated 200 people — lay Catholics as well as priests — attended, Reuters reported.

From April 16 to 21, the would-be exorcists learn about issues they might encounter, including recognizing the devil, differentiating between possession and mental disorders, and legal protections for exorcists, according to a course outline. [Exorcism: Facts and Fiction About Demonic Possession]

Read from source: clicketh hereunto

—for myself I don’t understand any of it but their advertising blurb makes it all look jolly good fun (ol’ Shaitan must be quaking in his hoofs) …


“Actually Argie … too busy right now …”


if Satan didn’t exist it would be necessary to invent Him, no?

Satan-PNG-Transparent-Image copy.png

     “Would too~!”                                                                                 “Would not!”

         “Would not~!”                                                                                 “Would too!”

AND from someone who can advise (being me):   … rather than spend a fortune on the Vatican’s professional courses, all you need to stop the Devil in His tracks is salt from the local shop. Sprinkle salt on His tail and He’s naffed (sea salt works best).


on Satanic self-defence just send me a a signed blank cheque and by return post I’ll send you—in one compact package—all the equipment you’ll need to protect your home and loved ones from the entire unholy spooktrum from Apparitions to Zombies. (First twenty responders, I’ll even throw in a can of Mormon Repellent, free.)

Go here  finger down     to see their course …

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 00.51.45.png


—and don’t forget, extra credits for every shekel you drop in the Papal ‘poor box’ on arrival/departure from campus.


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 16.26.51

“Trust me—I’m with Him!”




in JC Inc. Take it from me, you can’t go wrong! (And, added bonus, you go hotfoot to Paradise when you die …).

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 09.23.56.png

I had a problem searching this on the web after reading the headline in The Southland Times. Frankly I blame the Evil One—


“Hey! Argus! I resent tha—”

No, Mr Satan, Sir! … not you this time.

I blame this guy  finger down


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 08.28.26

“Watch it, Argus! Thin ice …”

Actually, I blame anybody who was/is/evermore shall be the Prime Mover in this universe; you know, Creator thereof, omnipotent, omniscient—omni everything in fact.

(Awwww, come on, Jeez, come onnnnnnnn … who else could have created Old Nick, hey?) (But I won’t tell if you don’t … our little secret, Sir?)

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 09.36.07.png

More ya Bacchus type meself HIC! 


Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 17.50.30

So I asked ol’ Argie … what can possibly be the harm in liking kids, huh?


“Mr Argus! Sir?”

“Oh. Little Virginia … yes, sweet child?”

“I’m a kid, Sir …”

“Don’t fret, Kid. I’m not a Catholic priest.”



But if I had to choose a religion I’d opt for these folks finger down

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 16.36.55

—if there’s any left after the compassionate Christians swept through with their holy stakes, sacred strappados thumbscrews ducking ponds and Holy racks.

No wonder the church is resurrecting spooks. Big money in spooks and even more in getting rid of them …

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Child?”

“What’s a spook?”

“Something God invented to fill a vacuum and create a demand, Child.”

“Thank heavens … I thought you were hellbent on antagonising the CIA~”

Knock knock …

Bugbear big

“Hey! Is your name Argus? The CIA and Pope sent me …”


Oops …


Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 08.34.00

Dammit! I believe~!!






“I don’t understand!”


… we hear it all the time.

All the time, in print, in blogs, in churches, streets, movies, cafes, schools, universities—anywhere educated/sophisticated/sincere/pretentious people and their wannabe quotealikes gather.



applied as the finale note to discussion about the infamous “Man’s inhumanity to man”. It’s given as a whimpering acknowledgement by the powerless to a basic unalterable factor of life.


all ye anguishedget real.

If you don’t understand then you dwell in a dreamworld. Nice, but it’s one all of your own ~ you lock your comprehension away in a box and clutch ever more tightly your fuzzy little teddy bear.

Here, have a nice one on me, free—


—aaaw, heck with the expense … take two.

When confronted with the most basic facts of life, you—


—oh, come ON~! I haven’t said it yet!

Yes, you hide.

You hide in tears, in incomprehension; you refuse to understand that there really are people out there who just aren’t nice—

Looking back to his time in the ghetto, the horror … Kalwary says he is horrified to see violence in the world today and what he asserts is the rise in Poland of the same ideas that drove Nazi Germany …

“I am terrified by the rebirth of fascism and nationalism and I can see nationalism being glorified … Nationalism is being confused with patriotism.”

He said he finds no explanation for that other than “stupidity and lack of empathy” and an upbringing in some families in Poland, where he contends that some say under their breath that Hitler was guilty of evil things but that he also “‘freed us from the Jews.’”

“I cannot understand that,” he said.

—now re-read the last line. If for real then despite experiences he needs educating (if not, then it’s a cliché that needs replacement).





And for the first time in my life I can see with empathy (some of) where the Nazis were coming from. I watch the Islamic invasions of Europe—clever, very clever indeed; come openly with guns drawn and you’ll be thrown back into the African sewers whence you endlessly spring—but come as half-drowned rats ‘refugees’ in desperate need …

… nice. Well done. Ten out of ten for psychology, strategy, and tactics.

At what point will the displaced European natives wake up, and what form will their reconquest of their own inner cities and lands take?


Oh, really?

I don’t understand that …








Yes! I am narked!

Also suffering from the worst dose of the dreaded ‘lergy that either/both of us have ever had for ages. Sitting up in bed barking at each other like seals* … serves me right for being smug—

Whom the Gods wish

to destroy

they first make proud!


—or however it goes in the original (my mind is all fuzzy right now, and I can’t be bothered tracking it down). Aha

“Hey you! Sweet Little Ollivia!”

“Eek! Mr Argus! You startled me … yes, Sir?”

“You! The cute one with the big eyes and God-given innocence—”

“Cut the crap, Sir, get to the point! Busy girl, and all tha— please!”

Authority, said Tennyson, forgets a dying king … not that I’m qualified either way, but the quote fits … anyway, on with the show—

“If a genius thinks of something, and believes it entirely his own, and then finds that some other genius has thunk of it previously first and published it … is the said genius of the first part—”


“—still allowed to claim it ‘even though it was thought of first, previously, earlier, by someone else but only discovered subsequently?”

“… … Mr Argus, Sir … has your ‘flu finally almost done it’s dash?”

“You guessed? Just answer the question, Ma’am.”

“On religion, Sir?”

“Indeed, Missy. What else powers all the unearned wealth and wars of this world?”

“The only claim you’ve ever made, Sir, was the clash between God’s vaunted omniscience, and—”

“Free will! Yes!”

“… Martin Luther, Sir?”

“You knew? All along, and you never told me?”

“I thought that if I knew you’d know too, Sir?”

“… … Bugger … metaphysics is so complicated a subject.”

“It’s good to see you back on deck, Sir.”

“Thank you, Missy. You’ll keep.”

“That was God’s own Truth, Sir …”


Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 17.30.24


Closing with a quote from an Islamic poet—

With Earth’s first Clay They did the Last Man knead,

 And then of the Last Harvest sow’d the Seed:

 Yea, the first Morning of Creation wrote

 What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read.


—which on comparing different translators, in this version is as much (if not much more) Fitzgerald as Khayyam.


kismet 1 red



* Sure beats going to church and counting all them blessings, hey, Padre?

R U all


Simple question, simple answer       finger down

Apply as required to any other vociferous idiot—



—other than moi, that is. (I’m a sensitive wee soul …)


If your roof isn’t coloured white (or even better, a lovely reflective mirror-like finish such as polished silver) then you are not (r) NOT a genuine global warming nutter …

… you are a fraud. A vociferous con-artist, no less. For shame, Sir!

It’s an old saying:

(a)  put your money where your mouth is, and

(b)  actions speak louder than words

etc etc.


I haven’t verified any of this—

—I just pondered it, then thought I’d share with like minds … and ask how many of the LA city fathers have white roofs (at their own expense), hey?

I hate to think what might happen if the Invercargill Council got its grubby hands on these thoughts. Hell, they’ve just shut the Southland Museum because it’s “earthquake prone”.

Pyramid Museum.png

I still haven’t figured out what makes the Pyramid building more prone to earthquakes than any other part of its this town—but who can argue with the goat with the gun, hey?







I can tell. I would say it’s a sense of possession coupled with a sense of loss; multiplied by beliefs.

With clear conscience I state that I am as humanitarian as (almost) anybody.

With clear conscience I state that I am as possessive as anybody too. Raised in ‘free’ countries I always looked with condescending disbelief at the situations of others in less happier lands. I decided that they deserved themselves.

And they got it.

So why are we destroying ourselves to make room for them?

Who is pulling our strings?

Who, behind the scenes, is commanding our own masters? As sure as hell it’s not us—democracy be damned.


I’m happy to accept that my nations’ (plural) politics were established rationally using Christianity as a part vehicle—you know, the old ‘do as you would be done by’ stuff that looks good but nobody actually does.

But there is a


called Islam. Brrrr.

It’s taken Christian politics two thousand years to acquire equality-of-the-sexes, for example—a condition impossible under Islam where women are nothing more than breeding machines (to produce warriors for Allah) and receptacles for men’s lusts (rewards from Allah)—although Islamics will earnestly bleat that in Islam women are cherished, loved, protected … even put into black bags to ‘protect them from the lustful eyes of men who aren’t their masters  owners  … theirs’.


has worked to bring down the western systems. Someone is flooding Europe with a great sickness, in the name of Compassion.

To suggest that it is NOT a good thing to import millions of savages into civilised Europe is to risk the wrath of all, including the ‘United’ Nations—opprobrium from the very people who will be the greatest victims of the coming changes.

I hope I’m wrong.

If I’m wrong, please tell me so—in words I can understand. And better—tell me WHY I am wrong.

Until then I offer these pale echoes—

This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house
Against the envy of less happier lands;
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,
this nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings,
Feared be their breed and famous by their birth,
Renowned for their deeds as far from home
For Christian service and true chivalry
As is the sepulchre, in stubborn Jewry,
Of the world’s ransom, blessed Mary’s son;
This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leased out – I die pronouncing it –
Like to a tenement or a pelting farm.
England, bound in with the triumphant sea,
Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege
Of watery Neptune, is now bound in with shame,
With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds.
That England that was wont to conquer others
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.

—make of it what you will.


spare the time, this guy has his finger well on the pulse—

—and names the principle tool of the enemy.


devil-29973__340 copy