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War memorials in the Invercargill area will undergo facelifts, with the Government pitching in $679,772 for repair work through the Provincial Growth Fund.

from: https://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/122876863/invercargill-war-memorials-receive-679k-in-upgrades-through-provincial-growth-fund

Stepping away from the antiwar protesting sinecure-bred peace generations, and not asking how it is that they could be raised in the luxury of such horrific peace—

—wouldn’t the money be better spent on re-equipping today’s armed forces, and simply allowing the memorials to acquire their well-earned patina?

Social psychologist and New York University professor Jonathan Haidt notes a “gigantic increase” in depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide among pre-teen and teenage children, Gen Z, who have been on social media since mid-primary school.

from: https://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/parenting/big-kids/tweens-to-teens/300117927/it-makes-you-want-to-throw-your-phone-in-the-bin-the-film-turning-teens-off-social-media

But we older generations need face the fact:

it must be truly horrendously horrific to be raised with cellphones and such unceasing torments …


dodo me


It means well.

It gives me some optimism. Slanted? Not so badly as the ayes and nays of the Chinese leadership. Like it says in That Good(?) Book—

“Do unto others,

As they do unto you”

—but for the sake of all the gods in history (a working definition of the term ‘limitless’) do it unto to them


before they doeth it unto you. (And yes, it may well come to that.)

And if I’m a sucker for propaganda, sheesh; I’ll propagate along with anyone that rings my bell …




that no-one asks me why I am so very against the concept of OWG—

a ‘One World Government’

I mean, just think of all the advantages—

  • no more wars
  • freedom of all citizens to freely travel freely
  • a single world currency
  • a single language (eventually)
  • possibly a single bank
  • no more ‘racism’
  • no more ‘sexism’
  • no armed forces gobbling taxpayer funds
  • no confusing multiplicities of laws
  • a single religion
  • a single academic standard
  • no poverty
  • no hiding place for bad guys  guyettes  people
  • no government secrets
  • no costly spy agencies
  • greatly reduced bureaucracies
  • equal opportunities for all
  • Greta Thunberg can retire
  • etc etc etc oodles lots and much more

—so why is one cranky old dog so greatly against the wonderful notion? Hey:


if you have to askI doubt very much that you’d ever understand the answer. But here’s some advice for any fence-sitters:




because you might just get it.

And like jumping out of your aeroplane

there’s no going back!




(If anything at all?)


Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 18.47.52

Sometimes I’m glad I never reproduced (ok, as far as I know, that is …).

Might I suggest that if we must engage in yet another “war to end all wars” then this time we do it properly? (You know—go in prepared to do unto them as they will most likely do unto us unless we do it to ’em back first.

3 gerbils

“Hey you—the Dog fellow, over there!?”

“Who me? Oh! Mr Chamberlain … good heavens, Sir, I thought you were a wee bit deceased?”

“I was, Dog. But I’m part of history, and history almost always repeats itsel—”

“You have a message then, Sir?”

“From some American chappie! A bit garbled but it sounded something like ‘walk softly with a big stick and keep your goddam powder dry’


“And then some saint muttered something about having to repeat the lessons of history … are you a slow learner, Dog?”

“Not just me—just a generalisation, Sir.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 20.31.49


“He is also credited with having fought the Air Ministry so that fighter planes were equipped with bullet proof wind shields.”

I need do more research but I understand that the same anti-social git even advocated putting guns into Britain’s fighter planes. Honestly, some people! Have they no respect for the ‘noise pollution’ laws, and the fact that falling empties might break the panes in some bugger’s greenhouse?




Surely not. We’re much too clever for that … or at least, our beloved and personally elected officials are. (So there!)

The prime minister, Scott Morrison, has attempted to rally member nations of the WHO to support an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of the coronavirus …

But China is seemingly unwilling to co-operate and has issued veiled threats over whether Chinese citizens would continue to travel to Australia and purchase the country’s products.

This week, the state-controlled People’s Daily lashed out at Scott Morrison as deserving “a slap in the face” for trying to blame the Covid-19 pandemic on the communist state, warning any push for an independent inquiry into the virus’ origins will spark a travel and trade boycott.

Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just an impartial spectator here. Ask yourself, you’re clever. Australians, ahhhh … almost the same as people, bless ’em! And as a people myself, I know which side my butter is breaded on and when not to eat the hand that feeds me. Now, an aside—

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 14.05.48.png

line, turquoise thin


Vulture 2TRENDS.

Facts are for egg-noodles and counters of the executive bean. Our futures lie in trends. (You know, them pattern fings we read about, Guv.)

Which is me, though, to a ‘t’. I look for patterns, I integrate observed rates and make predictions based on elementary calculations and subconscious conclusions.

GIGO rules, in fact … so I try always to verify:

if it looks good,

to me,

it must be true*.

For me. For you? Who knows …now ponder how many folks out there believe in God. Christ. Moses. Abraham. Allah. Buddha. Vishnu. Thor. Odin. Krishna. Viracocha. Isis. The Great Earthworm … and I wonder if in my naive irrationality I may not be no more loopy than the rest of ’em. But here’s a refreshing statement I just pulled in from some university bound egg-noodle in New Zealand—

“It’s a bit like the road toll. If you have a bad weekend or a good day, or a bad day, it is the pattern that you’re after…”

—and who could possibly argue with an egg-noodle?


“Oh … WOW!

line, turquoise thin

*  Or not … anyway, quote is from:  https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12329102



“Economically, Italy finds itself facing two problems: The government must set up bailout packages that it can’t actually afford. And it needs to manage the crisis quickly and with as little red tape as possible. It must make vast improvements over how things have been handled thus far.”

Can we not see a ‘Wave Of Change’ about to sweep the planet?

I offer you a word for you, the wise—

Be very wary of anyone,

offering you the answer

—especially answers that surrender what little is left of your sovereignty. (A clue here, I am an old dog and have no investment in the future. My genes enter history when I do. But your own good self?)


3 gerbils



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15not only ‘strange bedfellows’ but folks who are just a little bit     …    different    …    and who are often withdrawn, deeply introspective, given to outbursts for provocations seen as minor and who even often dwell in a world apart from the rest of us.


is how so very many normal folks can effectively ‘take it in their stride’ and simply get on with life. Do they ever ‘turn to God’? Apparently, I’m told, some do—there is a saying beloved of Goddists that “There are no atheists in foxholes”.

Thank God, then, for foxholes, no?*

So warfare is just one of God’s cute little ‘teaching aids’ (engineered by Him some fourteen thousand million years ago before He omnisciently created the universe)—and so all of us ungrateful bastards should be thankful for His methods of trying to draw us into His holy Kingdom?

Rather than me spending the rest of the day bleating, try visiting this link—


—for the source of this wee quote:

“Returned servicemen didn’t want to talk about war.

“It was seen as taboo. They bottled it up because they weren’t able to talk about the things they had seen and wanted it to be in the past.”

Partly right, even.

But to talk about something requires a common language. So now go hug a veteran … and be careful not to get bitten.


* Who else? (Trick question—be careful here.)