with the grey bit silent.

I offer nothing more this time than

(a) this snippet—

“But when Oshima said in 1943 that the raids were having little effect, and when he said the following year that German armaments production was in fact increasing, the Allies refused to believe him. First-hand evidence was no match for the biases of Bomber Command” … and

(b) history itself (doncha just love hindsight?); and

(c) human nature (the great eternal).


stop a moment to ponder whether the word can be applied to anyone you know, or may know of—and be advised, this is a mental exercise offered for your amusement only (no prizes are offered beyond a certain joyless smugness if you get it right).

Snippet snup from—

down finger

—with thanks.

(If you want a look at the future it pays to look at the past and GP objectively lays it bare for the looking.)






(bilingual pun and not very good—I nearly got creamed by a blasted Southland driver this afternoon and am still swearing. Thank heavens for reflexes. Spouse wasn’t impressed but that’s the gentle-gender for you …) (speaking of which—)

aroow, down, smart

35 Servicewomen Evacuated From Royal Navy Ships Due to Pregnancy

Aug 02, 2019 04:14 pm 

The figures are only related to those pregnant servicewomen who were evacuated by UK Defence Ministry flights, with female sailors who had to return home on their own not recorded. At least 35 sailors have been airlifted from Royal Navy ships since 2005 after discovering they were pregnant, according to freedom of information documents obtained by the Daily Star. The documents revealed that the servicewomen were “medically evacuated” from operational duty after becoming pregnant and that about 18 warships were involved.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 17.36.06.png

Some of the pregnant sailors were specifically airlifted from the state-of-the-art destroyer HMS DUNCAN, which arrived en route to the Persian Gulf, and the HMS OCEAN. All the servicewomen reportedly became pregnant when on duty or “unknowingly conceived onshore,” the documents claimed. The Daily Star cited an unnamed defence source as admitting that “relationships do occur” and that “providing the intimate side takes place onshore it isn’t usually a problem”. “But if a couple is found to be having a physical relationship while at sea they will probably both be disciplined and removed from

the ship,” the source added They also pointed out that “the welfare of our personnel is of the utmost importance,” and that “to suggest personnel become pregnant while serving on an operation is pure speculation.” The source was referring to the fact that crews of all Royal Navy ships are obliged to stick to a tough no-touching rule which even pertains to married couples serving on the same vessels.

Source: Sputnik


As a grumpy old seadog who saw the beginnings of the transition from war-ready to frills … I right at the beginning suggested that if we had to have ladies afloat surely the decent thing to do would be to give ’em ships of their very own? Perhaps it is different these days; my suggestion that a degree of healthy competition could be engendered if they had ships of their own wasn’t well received either.

After I’d left the service I got chatting with a crusty old army warrant officer who told me (without my leading the witness) that “Wimmin are good for up to four days in the field … after that they turn to shit”. (Note: his words, not mine.)


I am a product of

  • my time, environment, heredity; and
  • my self

But I still hold about the separate ships.


that a lady can be just as ferocious as a man—you know, Boadicea, Amazons; ladies ladling out the hot oil from atop their castles under siege whilst the Old Man is away gallivanting about the Holy Lands—

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 18.01.08.png

Russian lady sniper WW2

—but on warships?

(SFX: cue theme here, please …)

images(… make it good~!)

(oh … thanks. I owe ya!)





but often it’s the only tool left in the box. To be effective it needs cross cultural divides, because a goal on home turf sometimes becomes an ‘own goal’ in international correspondences. So be it.

We are all products of our heritage. So we are all different. And as some great mind in the past brilliantly summarised:

“one man’s meat

is another man’s poison


so in our writings we need hold in mind cultural gaps and philosophical divides. Often we make allowance for the ignorance of the barbarians—

—which can be an own goal of epic (suicidal) proportions. Barbarians, sub-human as some may well seem by our own standards … are nevertheless people and capable of reasoning. To a degree. To the degree that their own programming permits.

It is when their programming runs contrary to mine that I begin to fret. Let them, by all means, have their own ‘civilisations’ within their own boundaries … but when their wannabe ‘civilisations’ collapse—implode—our humanity and charity should not (r) NOT be invoked by them against us.


the infamous Law Of Contradiction—

Contradictions Law

—and implore every being capable of Reason to use it. Now please excuse me, more and more boatloads of Islamic refugees are washing up on the beaches and we must rush down to save as many as we can. And change our laws so that they can have as many wives and children as our taxes can support (and for God’s sake please stop all that coercive bleating about their systems being better than ours, based as they are on Love and compassion and mercy and charity … and how we must change ourselves to better accommodate them.)

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 09.47.29

And we must realise the true meaning of empathy—not everyone understands our versions of humour, or satire*

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 08.36.21.png

“Efforts to define Islam by the actions of its individual devotees are generally frivolous. If a single Islamic fanatic blowing himself up at a children’s concert is not indicative of Islam being a religion of violence, then a single Islamic moderate helping to carry the resulting corpses from the rubble is not indicative of it being one of peace.” 



do NOT watch

the attached movie clipARROW DOWN

unless you can devote the resources (it’s not for the light-hearted).

It calls for a minor investment in time (less than four minutes) and it majors in meaning.

Thanks again, JZ

you’ll keep …


How dare you de-stabilise my complacency!





Concerning warriors.

Specifically, Warriors For God.

(Or gods, godlets, godlings, goddesses, goblins and cute little things with wings and that go squeak when you step on them.)


as a ‘given’ that all warriors go to Valhalla—sword in hand or not; brand, breed, or ethnic derivation of course irrelevant. But~!


the kamikaze?

Is a human guided missile also a candidate for Paradise? Will he get the Islamic allocation of 72 virgins and endless booze, for ever—or does breed/brand really matter?


likewise actually recognise the well intentioned suicides as legitimate busines battle practices?

Or will He wave a finger sadly in their faces and send ’em down below—


“Gimme your kamikaze yearning to die free …”


for being unsporting? Did they have any choice in the matter, all those heroic suicide pilots? I say not, given that a few minutes before each of them was born—or fourteen billion years, by some estimates—God knew exactly when and where He’d be greeting each of them again with a large bunch of flowers, rice cookies, cup of mead saki and a ‘Bravo Zulu!’ scroll; perhaps, even, 72 handmaidens and endless wines.

So, herewith be mine question of the day:


—as a serious query it deserves a serious answer. If you can’t answer it … perhaps you might forward it to some of your favourite religiosi?

There’s real insight into human nature in this U-toobe. And some brilliant naval gunnery—those gunners were motivated. BZ.

This next one you may not want to watch—

—the damned racist bloody announcer calls them “Japs”. (Honestly, some people!)

And now, back to God … how say you, Sir? Do they get in, for being well intentioned; or not?

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.08.04

“Argus! Don’t ask ME, go ask their gods!”


(Oops … His Royal Godliness sounds a wee bit peeved …)

So: how say YOU?

Do they?


Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15NONE TO DO IT


Prof Tab recently posted (headed ‘five hundred yards‘)—

read Prof:  CLICK HERE

—and it’s sobering stuff. Thank heavens such can never happen again, today we have  experts in charge.

In charge to lead the charge … what was that song from a while back~? Oh, yes …

“… and who was it that led the charge, that took us safe to the rear …”

Yep. That’s what leaders do. Real leaders, that is: our leaders (all salute!).

I just re-blitzed the Prof’s D-Day post, again. Equally as depresse  inspired. (Don’t go there—it’s far better for the average punter to watch John Wayne’s version or similar.)

You still not sure what the ol’ Dog is on about?

See below for a clue … (you can’t miss it, it’s labelled “CLUE” in big letters—and if by now you’re feeling a bit miffed, I confidently predict that you are a voter. No?)


Cannon-fodder is cheap (and expendable).

Actually getting up off your arse and thinking ain’t cheap. It takes effort (but cheer up, if you run low on personnel there’s always the draft …)

active service        active service             active service                    active service

active service             active service

                active service                            active service                 active service

* Sit out it in the rear, secure in the knowledge that once the bombardment has reduced the obstacles/defences to bits of old scrap all the troops have to do after (paddling ashore) is dry out their socks and stroll through to Berlin … you know:          numbers game  


1st OFF, let’s open with a question:


pc, notbefore the dread ‘plastic bag’?

Hey … I remember paper bags.

And unprinted newsprint wrappers … with sometimes waxed paper liners; and no kerfuffle about saving the planet.

I also remember leaning against the guardrails watching the sea rush by with oodles of assorted floating rubbishes. Hundreds of miles out, back in the sixties, seventies. Move along, please, move along; nothing new here …


issue. For some.

For me, I merely anticipate the next major war wherein I shall serve only as an extra, a spectating pawn waaaaayyy out on the sidelines … but anyone civically minded had then damned well better watch out for pollution on an undreamt of Grand Scale. Just one brief morning of wild enthusiasm will reverse the course of years and years of self-denial using plakkie-baggie substitutes. No?

Oh yes …

Now here’s your quote—

“If a plastic bag is reused three times, for example being used twice in the supermarket and then as a bin liner, the cotton bag has to be used almost 400 times to have lower global warming potential than plastic.

This is because of the amount of energy and use of non-renewable resources it takes to extract cotton, make the bags and then ship them…”


So? So if you are a voter, and at all overly concerned …

… go vote for somebody—

chimp rocks

—anybody!  It doesn’t matter a damn whom,

politicians are fungible

Now go recycle something, a politician perhaps …

… and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnn …