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—make of it what you will:


Death chattering


for which


(you want a brief post? With the following explanation this is it):

(a) in New Zealand, 

(b) the indefensible accusation is that of being a racist.

You have an opinion* ? You are a racist. QED and EOS.


Brief enough?


* Any opinion. Anything at all …




(or so I am told …)



—which speaks metaphorically.Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 19.14.47.png

But if to be taken literally (as the ‘Bible-is-literal-truth’ folks would have us believe) makes no sense at all. Zero.

So it’s gotta be metaphor, no?

Following a proffered lead (thanks, Ark) (I think) (dammit, you’ll keep~!) I ended up dragging in the ‘Wedge Document’; and this  down there    is as far as I got before my Vomit Reflex hit the red lines:


The proposition that human beings are created in the image of God is one of the bedrock principles on which Western civilization was built. Its influence can be detected in most, if not all, of the West’s greatest achievements, including representative democracy, human rights, free enterprise, and progress in the arts and sciences.

—the very first para … boom boom … and there’s oodles of them. This is going to be a loooong week …

Anyone like to comment so far? Welcome, and feel free … for or against, be my guest. But if you want The Beast in all His glory for yourself first you’ll find it on this link—

—and if you go there take a big bag of sandwiches and a demijohn of Rum. (I have the feeling you’ll need both …)

If you do go there ponder the motives of those who concocted it—I think you’ll find them a bit less than altruistic …


“Argus! Pleeeeze stop revealing my hand!”

dodododododododododododo                            dodo

On ‘hate speech’ and why

we shouldn’t even begin to think of trying to ban it. Brrrr.

I’M A HATER~! service

So there. Self-confessed.

Surprised? Don’t be—


anyone trying to tell ME how to think or act.

I am a free agent—I make my own (tiny, little) mind up for myself. Regardless of what YOU or anyone else tells me. I evaluate as best I can eclectic inputs (from a variety of sources) and unless I have totally free access to whatever drivel is out there I cannot make a fully informed decision.

Neither can you, Bud~!

So control what other people babble and you are no better than any Nazi, Communist, Catholic, Islamic or other controlling self-interest-only freak out there.

This time:


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 09.41.05

Hmmmm … I guessed not …



—and I’m booked in to take The Spouse into town. If we can get in. If we can find parking. If, if, if …


recent correspondence I stole a minor chunk from Eternity to to quickly Google the expression

“heat death of the universe”

and with no time to research further can only scan headlines (life was so much simpler when I was a pup).

Whatever, it leads me to one inescapable conclusion—if the (many) theories are correct—or uniquely all of them—then really there is absolutely no point whatsoever; we may as well amass all the loot we can and get our butts out there for the good ol’ “Wine, Women and Song” … no?

Here … have some spring flowers from Queens Park last week—

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.56.08.png

—and returning to the fray after so brief a reality, here’s a Wiki opening salvo (the screenshot snippet itself links to the article. Good luck)—

active service.gif

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 08.38.07.png


3 gerbils.gif

JC wincing

giphy copy




(Oops—try ‘Explanation’)



I don’t ‘do’ science. I lack the education and these days the ability, and the confidence.
Much science (at least from my perspective) (garden slug) is mysticism writ large and peddled by initiates—initiates who retain a tight priesthood and monopoly control.

So I love the questioning rogues—the mavericks who keep on rewriting the books and altering dogmas despite Establishment ferocity and too often the threat of excommunication (loss of income is important to some); such that yesterday’s ‘scientific fact’ is often tomorrow’s Big Giggle.

I read summaries and conclusions that trigger my ‘Wotif’ reflex— “Wotif this bugger is actually right?”—and take it from there for myself.

Often I feel like the poor blasted Christian who has met ‘God’ and speaks to Him on a daily basis, yet none of us atheist bastards will believe a word of it … but reality for him isn’t reality for me. The sad thing is he knows quite as much as we know otherwise.
He’s happy, he’s found his answers … I’m not, the more I find the more I realise how little any of it makes sense—other than the ‘fixed’ universe in which nothing actually moves but our point(s) of perception. This is important but almost impossible to accept, that


In this static universe
Nothing at all moves
But our personal perception
Through Time


Quite loopy, huh?


—with just a wee bit of layout change to make it easier on the eye. Grateful thanks to JZ and Jim for making it possible. (Oh, and to God too, without whom I imagine we’d have by now planted flags on planets all over this solar system and possibly even polluted a few others.)

chimp rocks



known by the locals as


“God’s own (country)”, get it? selfie


to be a ‘Conspiracist’. I’m not. I flag myself up as a Crank to save others the bother and to alert folks to the ‘other worldly’ status of my thinking. (If you promptly thought ‘aliens!’ here then you are the sort of thinker I’m trying to warn against … I entertain the possibility, yes, but I don’t believe it all that probable.)


in New Zealand there is a subtle campaign of social indoctrination/manipulation underway which makes no sense unless for some reason kiwis are being prepared for the reversion of the country to ‘native’ control. Sadly for all—actions2it is no longer ‘their’ country.

To the British these islands were effectively a tabula rasa upon which they stamped their Brit values, their political systems and religions. For which all should be grateful. If not the Poms it would have been the French, Germans, or possibly the Dutch. In the end it would not (r) NOT have been the natives.


So just the other day a publishing outlet was obliged by Government action to remove from distribution a ‘free speech’ video that asked too many embarrassing questions (and had ferreted out too many embarrassing ‘facts’). One must not, it seems, in Godzone embarrass the government ‘line’. Or ask questions … why not? (Don’t ask…)

I refer to the Plummtree production—


—for that video (while you can) (if you desire). Obviously it was made for a purpose, to appeal to a minority (of cranks? Nazis?) sufficiently to make sales and hopefully a few bucks.

To my mind it raises good healthy questions. Questions which rather than being swept under the carpet should be flagged up and dragged screaming into the full light of day for objective scrutiny. But hey——I live in New Zealand and that ain’t gonna happen.


a lot about the people of North Korea … but for organic robots it is difficult to find better specimens than the ‘free’ thinking people of Godzone. Both of whom would fight like rabid rats for their beloved system — why is that?


Glove thrown, I await rebuttal …


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