Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 19.14.16ELECTED DICTATORSHIP?

Some folks are proud of their ‘democracy’.

Others just go along with the joke* .

“The non-disclosure agreement rejected by Invercargill city councillor … would not hinder public debate on any proposals put forward for publicly owned assets …”

… was asked by council staff to sign a non-disclosure agreement after he was one of two councillors chosen to represent the council on a … oversight group, whose tasks included overseeing options for the future use of … “

So:  what is a ‘democracy’?

Is it where folks vote on matters of concern, especially with respect to their expenditures? Or—

—is it where The People elect their dictators from a limited pool of The Ambitious?

If you are wondering what the old dog is on about this time please don’t fret—just ignore him, pop along to your nearest polling booth and go vote. You deserve what you get.

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* Mac’s onboard dictionary defines a joke as “a trick played on someone for fun“. (The sad part is when someone takes it seriously.)

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MoiToo gobsmacked to comment, I can but post this quote—

“Invercargill City Councillor Nobby Clark has refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying he does not want to restrict his ability to discuss issues of community interest with ratepayers.” *

Whatever next?

If this were anywhere but Kiwiland I’d tentatively offer that this Councillor has just greatly reduced his expected lifespan.

But here we sadly don’t have a track record of someone popping off our officials—

 —not yet …

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*  Source:  CLICK HERE


Moi, smallerONCE UPON A TIME

yes, but it was back in the heady days of dragons, knights on horseback, feminine wimmin, and all that anyone had to worry about was the insane murderous foul and filthy foreigner. And so long as the last mentioned stayed in his sandy cesspit worshipping his beloved Allah (peace be upon Him) (and his peaceful minions—over there) all was right with the world.

AND THEN some total (it means absolute, complete) idiot got hold of the ‘Christian charity’ thing and ran with it.

And the fact that ‘they’ outbreed the natives (why is that?) (don’t ask …) means that the lesser stature unmanly effeminate effete Western society is doomed to extinction via simple mathematics:

  • they are Islamic
  • we are not
  • they breed like rabbits
  • we do not

and the clincher:

  • in their religion* there is NO apostasy. Once in, that’s it; to try to get out is a death sentence. (Read that again, I’ll wait.)

But, I hear you squirm, but-but-but WE have laws!

Yeah, sure we do. You do. For now. Based on ‘democracy’, no? So whosoever outvotes (it means outnumbers) whom sets the pace, no?

We The People of our own traditions, now following the agenda set by the unthinking, may wake up in time.

Or not.

But bear in mind:



* It’s not a ‘religion’ as we tend to think of religion. It is, in fact, a completely dominated way of life. No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’: you’re either with us, or against us; and Death To The Infidel!

(But: it is THE “great religion of peace”**  … go figure).

** And compassion, love, kindness charity and mercy.



Does this scribe (obviously female) have a point?

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 17.40.00.png

“There’s been much speculation about whether this is the case but the numbers don’t lie: countries with male leaders where the economy has been prioritised over public health have seen 4.3 times more Covid-19 deaths…

A team of experts led by Trinity College in Dublin analysed outbreaks in 35 countries and concluded that countries with female leaders are handling the pandemic a lot better…

I was brought up to think of the female of our species as ‘the opposite sex‘. I’ve changed my tune, since early adulthood I much prefer them now to be ‘the adjacent sex‘…

… oink.

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our Leader is prettier than yours~! *

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* Unarguably nicer.


Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 08.12.08.pngKIWI STYLE

I stay clear of politics. I never vote. Irresponsible? Only to someone brought up to believe. (For example, I never bang my head against the ground for Allah either, and when I do contemplate my navel it’s only to check for fluff.) We have gods in Heaven, politicians on Earth, and all is right with Harry & Meghan and Noddy & Big Ears—

“Having him there, fronting up as health minister … would only continue to remind the public of two of the most awkward things in this government:

• the PM doesn’t have what it takes to fire disappointing MPs …

• the team behind the PM … mostly pretty useless.

And Clark is the epitome of useless … He broke his own rules mountain-biking, he broke his own rules going to the beach, he wasn’t in Wellington for the biggest health crisis in a century, he flew to Australia while the nurses’ strike was on, he couldn’t answer basic health questions …”

And to add to someone’s woes, it’s election year!

The last time I voted—ever—in our anonymous elections the nice ladies checked the back of my anonymous form, found a number and entered that number against my anonymous name/address in the rolls. Yeah …


the only genuine altruist in politics was, we are told, nailed to a cross “pour encourager les autres”.

I want no part of it.

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Apparently ya can fool the people*

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* Enough of ’em …


Hey … don’t ask me, I’m just a dum dog—

Is this simply the dumbest waste of Government money to be spent in New Zealand?

The Government has committed $100m​ dollars to tackle wilding pines infestations during the next four years but under the One Billion Trees Fund, it’s also paying for the invasive species to be planted in the first place.

—a bone and a few fleas to keep me busy is all I ask. I leave the thinking to you yooman beans (not that you seem to be doing any more better than the average hedgehog). But as is often noted:

YOU vote them (I don’t).

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—and YOU vote for them?


~The KIWI way!!

Aka “One rule for me (cos I’m God) … and one for the rest of you unwashed!”

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 09.04.39.png

“The clip – which follows controversy over New Zealand’s lax quarantine rules – has gone viral on social media.

Many people have been quick to defend Dr Bloomfield while also heavily criticising Clark, who broke lockdown rules on two occasions himself, and was demoted in the Cabinet by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.”

How does that old song go?

Words to the effect

“The working class

Can kiss my arse;

I got the foreman’s job,


Aaaah, kiwi … leading the world by example, as always. But if there’s a God of Justice in this universe, and knowing New Zealand the way I do, I think we may be looking at our next Prime Minister—this Clark guy is indeed ‘to the manner born’!

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catfiddle(one of ’em), where


and light. But hist, wot lumination through yonder window breaketh … ’tis my favourite kiwi scribe, who although she often make a lot of sense is apparently terrified of comments on her blog. (‘Tis ever thus, with the devout) …

“Questions have also been raised about her (Saint Jacinda) government’s racist bias in granting $NZ56 million to Maori interests to manage Covid-19 – but only $27 million to the usual accredited welfare agencies. Moreover, with no longer any full-blooded Maori in New Zealand, nor any scientifically-accepted definition, individuals of European descent with as little as 1/8, 1/16, or 1/32 Maori genetic inheritance can and do constantly claim disadvantage – or to manage these handouts. The police have also tolerated illegal roadblocks erected by various part-Maori groups, including gang members. One excuse proffered was that if these were challenged, a larger police presence would be required.”


Eeeeek! She dared use the dreaded ‘M’ word … and in a proper context! And she mentioned a very uncomfortable fact: there just ain’t no Maoris no more, not nowhere, here. All mongrels (but then … who ain’t?).

I have a question/s for politicians and other self-interesteds everywhere:

  • Why differentiate at all?
  • Why not just treat all people … as people?

Certainly the taxpayer would be better served in this “God’s Own Country”.

Can o' Worms


BLACK … catfiddle


A colour? (Technically, a total absence of colour?)

Or, by intent

  • A simple label?
  • A command?
  • A separative?
  • A filter?
  • Or simple adjective—
  • descriptive, and only so?
  • any meaning that best suits your purpose-of-the-moment?

Let’s consider the fashionable use of the word by both the Politically correct and by anyone setting his sails to the wind (why?).


  • ask me—I’m just a dum dog
  • think for yourself (unless capable of disassociating yourself from current ‘pop’ usages).

In the light of the way ‘minorities’ are with wildly irrational predictable enthusiasm seizing the word and wielding it as both weapon and excuse … I’d say we’ve gone beyond the time we rethink. Looking at one of my favourite (yes, believe it or not) nations on this planet I guess I should buy the popcorn franchise, wear a “neutral!” hat, and watch from the sidelines as the contagion spreads.


we predictably have opportunists harnessing the American flavours to their own ends, Not good.


Not good, but predictably the end result of not teaching the young how to think for themselves.

I believe it says in the Christian Good Book, words to the effect of “You reap what you sow”.


(Popcorn, anyone?)

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Ignoramuses. Ignoramae?

Vulture 2Thickos~!

I think that after the overture our America, modern homeland of Democracy, Free Speech, hope, glory, and stuff … is in for a bit of a rough ride. The show will be interesting if nothing else. Been done before, and until folks start practising what they screech it will be not a one-off but a guaranteed periodical. (Trust me, I’m a dog.)

But:  when all the fur and feathers settle and the New Order rises it will all be the same anyway (just totally different).


eyeface, fingrt down copy

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 09.36.01for pure unabashed chutzpah gets my vote. I have no idea (and actually care not a whit) what his campaigning slogan was but I bet it could be expressed in just a few words:


—and until the last bullet that’s exactly the way he’ll make it. I used to laugh at Conspiracy Theorists … but now I cannot help but wonder, just who is pulling his strings?

Is it humanly possible (in this day and age) for any one man to be so incredibly stupid? Certainly he is proof that in America anyone can be president *.


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* Given sufficient wealth and privilege—(just you try it today, Abe!)