a religiously programmed write-off. Take a look at the lady in question—


—oops, that’s not our Greta, that’s a young lady member of the famous Nazi childhood Movement aka Hitler Youth. However, other than one is alive and stampeding about the world spilling vitriol and the other is likely by now a bit deceased (or having second thoughts about her programmers) … by method they are interchangeable:

arrow down red smartish copy

“For the Nazis, the group had other benefits. Not only did it allow the Third Reich to indoctrinate children at their most impressionable, but it let the Nazis remove them from the influence of their parents, some of whom opposed the regime. The Nazi Party knew that families—private, cohesive groups not usually under political sway—were an obstacle to their goals.”


Miss Greta has been well and truly got. Too got, in fact, she’s spreading it—and lacking the tools with which to think for themselves her targets not only swallow the bait they jump into the boat.

This is why we must teach our children to damned well think. No need to indoctrinate, let them find stuff out for themselves—but give them the tools to do so.

Adolf’s Nazis are gone now but the replacements are coming along nicely. Don’t fret—

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.59.02.png

—everyone does it. Gotta get ’em young, and impressionable. Case in question, as evidence? Say no more:

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dodo copy



For example:  how might a rational person have prevented the rise of the insane Nazi dominance?

down finger

Line, blacker copy 2.png

“Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies)[1][2] is an Internet adage asserting that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1“;[2][3]  …”


Line, blacker copy 2.png


how might a rational person describe the wild-fire growth of the world’s newest Religion?

For an image of the new very greatest Hitle  Messiah, look no further:

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.11.16.png

… ooops … how did that get in there?

Bugger, I meant—


Sheesh! What’s wrong with this computer today? (Obviously not a real shot but I like what it is telling us.)

Compare now with this nice daddy and his kid—

Gudrun Burwitz.jpg

—so it’s all about ‘family values’, and who can argue with that?

But what if you are a believer, not in Anthropogenic Globular Warming but reincarnation—

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hitler with gudrun 1.jpg

—which I don’t, but I do indeed see a slight resemblance. (In the methodology, dammit.) (I mean, Miss Greta ain’t got no moustache …)

Time to turn up the heat?

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 18.42.24

Or not.

“Greening Earth” be damned (and Greens are old hat now anyway).





dodo  dodo








“I don’t understand!”


… we hear it all the time.

All the time, in print, in blogs, in churches, streets, movies, cafes, schools, universities—anywhere educated/sophisticated/sincere/pretentious people and their wannabe quotealikes gather.



applied as the finale note to discussion about the infamous “Man’s inhumanity to man”. It’s given as a whimpering acknowledgement by the powerless to a basic unalterable factor of life.


all ye anguishedget real.

If you don’t understand then you dwell in a dreamworld. Nice, but it’s one all of your own ~ you lock your comprehension away in a box and clutch ever more tightly your fuzzy little teddy bear.

Here, have a nice one on me, free—


—aaaw, heck with the expense … take two.

When confronted with the most basic facts of life, you—


—oh, come ON~! I haven’t said it yet!

Yes, you hide.

You hide in tears, in incomprehension; you refuse to understand that there really are people out there who just aren’t nice—

Looking back to his time in the ghetto, the horror … Kalwary says he is horrified to see violence in the world today and what he asserts is the rise in Poland of the same ideas that drove Nazi Germany …

“I am terrified by the rebirth of fascism and nationalism and I can see nationalism being glorified … Nationalism is being confused with patriotism.”

He said he finds no explanation for that other than “stupidity and lack of empathy” and an upbringing in some families in Poland, where he contends that some say under their breath that Hitler was guilty of evil things but that he also “‘freed us from the Jews.’”

“I cannot understand that,” he said.

—now re-read the last line. If for real then despite experiences he needs educating (if not, then it’s a cliché that needs replacement).





And for the first time in my life I can see with empathy (some of) where the Nazis were coming from. I watch the Islamic invasions of Europe—clever, very clever indeed; come openly with guns drawn and you’ll be thrown back into the African sewers whence you endlessly spring—but come as half-drowned rats ‘refugees’ in desperate need …

… nice. Well done. Ten out of ten for psychology, strategy, and tactics.

At what point will the displaced European natives wake up, and what form will their reconquest of their own inner cities and lands take?


Oh, really?

I don’t understand that …








Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 17.39.43.png

and I’m left scratching. All over …

“…The film also details the story of Lamarr as an inventor. “She came up with a secure communication system that was really about helping the Allies beat the Nazis in the Atlantic,” Dean said. “Wireless torpedoes were being blown up by Nazi ‘wolfpacks.’”

Lamarr worked to create a system called “frequency hopping” in which torpedoes would “hop” between frequencies to avoid detection …”

source:  CLICK HERE 

The ‘Lamarr’ referred to is of course Hedy, film star (boom boom~!) of a few years back. I had no idea that she was the slightest bit technical but there ya go. I also had no idea the wolfpacks could capture control of allied torpedoes so it’s learning curves all round.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 20.09.15.png


lines of thought triggered by the above ref’d article, I came upon this gem—

The Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy promptly identified and eliminated the problems. In the United States Navy, there was an extended wrangle over the problems plaguing the Mark 14 torpedo (and its Mark 6 exploder). Cursory trials had allowed bad designs to enter service. Both the Navy Bureau of Ordnance and the United States Congress were too busy protecting their own interests to correct the errors, and fully functioning torpedoes only became available to the USN twenty-one months into the Pacific War.[33]

source:  CLICK HERE 

—forcing once again this plaintive bleat: that in times of active unpleasantness the guys responsible for the procurement of vital equipments must be made to accompany them into the field:

Their invention was granted a patent … and at that time the U.S. Navy was not receptive to considering inventions coming from outside the military.[22] Only in 1962  … did an updated version of their design appear on Navy ships.[29]

Think of Self Interest as a wee bit of essential Quality Assurance if you like—there’s nothing quite like it for real motivation.




pc and is every bit—though few will agree with, or even recognise my point—as bad as what it purportedly opposes:

Nazi Grandma,’ 88, Convicted of Holocaust Denial in Germany


Why would a humanist like moi cast aspersions upon the brain dead morality-deprived wannabe dogooders ani* of Germany?


of insulting such few readers as I have—


—and if you can’t see any contradictions between ‘Free Speech’ and shutting people up for speaking …

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.54.25.png

Weeelll, I have this wonderful bridge for sale—only slightly used, in Sydney Harbour. Free for removal, in fact … just stick a few bucks in my Swiss accounts and it’s all yours.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Was that sarcasm, Sir?”

“Not this time Cutie. That was bitterness. But don’t fret—just study form, then off you go and vote.”

“… for Freedom, Truth, Justice and Free Speech, Sir?”

“You got it, Kid …”



finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

* It’s the plural of ‘anus’. (For you Americans it translates as ‘assholes’…)



and furry little fishes.



even the greats disappoint. I challenge anyone to address this rather intriguing possibility by telling me what’s wrong with the wee video therein?




to read and view item:  CLICK HERE



CT (Conspiracy Theorist) nutcase of the First Magnitude I have a wide (think eclectic) range of interests. Nazis and other louts, all grist to my mill. But sometimes (too often, dammit) I’m disappointed—as in the above reference.

Why, do you think?

(With the one linked above, that is … what could a hyper-critical furry oaf like me possibly find wrong with it?)


dodo.gif    mutter mutter mutter mumble gripe …


MILITANT SNOWFLAKES, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 19.45.29


It’s a long time since I saw the Liza Minelli movie ‘Cabaret’ so I may be mixing imagery here; but at one point in the film there was an earnest looking young Aryan in full ‘hearts and minds for Adolf’ campaign kit singing to a startled, then rapt, then wildly enthusiastic audience. All bright golden spring-morning sunshiney stuff, stags in forests running free etc etc …

…whilst out of sight and mind some SS type thugs were cheerily demolishing a Jewish business owner in a back room, killing the snot out of him with fists and boots.

Out of sight—the SS types only crawl out of the woodwork when all the stag-foresty blue-eyed blond singing Aryans have done the groundwork for them. Quite clever, actually…


to the now—

      You’ll remember that students at Middlebury College in Vermont physically attacked both Charles Murray and his host, Allison Stanger, on March 2 (see here and here). Never mind that most of them hadn’t read The Bell Curve, or that Murray wasn’t even talking about that book; it was enough that he got demonized because they heard Murray was a racist. Fine; let them protest from their ignorance, but don’t allow them to physically assault Murray. Stanger’s hair was pulled, and apparently that injured her neck.

      Over at the Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen, whose politics I don’t know, has a piece decrying the thugs at Middlebury, “Protestors at Middlebury College demonstrate ‘cultural appropriation’—of fascism, which is a good title …

for source:  CLICK HERE

I guess Middlebury College (and all who sail in her) qualifies as first recipient of the newly instigated ‘Snowflake Award‘.

Here, have a nice Snowflake—


—and be aware that to earn the award all you have to do is be militantly closed-minded, pig-ignorant, two-faced, and viciously anti-Freedom*. (A bit PC wouldn’t do you any harm either.)

pcAre you PC?

If you are, wonderful!

You’ve proved that you cannot think for yourself (and lack the spheres to do so anyway) so you are already well on the way to your first Award**.

Hang in there, we may yet get the official t-shirts made …

And now, possibly like me you need a refresher on the value of free speech and the meaning of the film. I intend to view it again soon. It seems much more germane now than when I first saw it years ago.


* You know, ‘Freedom” — those hackneyed old ‘free speech’ cliches (and similar such outdated outmoded unfashionable rubbish).

** The ‘Snowflake Award’ of course.