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“When we have the over-authoritarian leader of any political party failing to realise that they are simply temporarily chairing a group of  loosely-united individuals — not there to rule the country — democracy flies out the window.”


“Initially, most New Zealanders acquiesced to what has been assessed as ‘the most significant impact on human rights in living memory’, with government imposing lockdown level four. However, the estimated number of deaths of those unable to access hospitals for scheduled cancer, kidney, heart and other urgent surgery and care is apparently going to be far greater than from Covid-19. Reportedly, 20,000 operations and 60,000 specialist appointments have been cancelled.”

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This is one of those times; it’s kiwi context but almost universally applicable …




“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“Did I hear you subconsciously praying, just now?”

“Eeeek! No, Your Godliness, Sir — I was just wishing that if reincarnation is real we could come back into a genuinely democratic countr—”

“You realise, Dog, don’t you? No-one then would ever come back?!”

(Damn! He would see that …)




but why deliberately pass the keys of the kennel and control of the leash to strangers?


in Capitalism, its weakness — is its driving force, which in simple terms is the desire for the greatest profit for the least cost.

This time, any takers?

Anyone willing to argue, or call me stupid? Hey — I’m calling YOU stupid, no? Or am I simply lamenting and making a public display of personal despair?

Have we all been little Caesars, standing on the balcony with a wee fiddle whilst below and all around our ‘new Rome’ is engulfed in flames? Why have we turned the Nelsonian ‘blind eye’ to obvious signs?


indeed. But despite your optimisms and the appearance: there ain’t no ‘return to normal’. The incoming normal ain’t no normal, and shall not be*.

Now please forgive me, I’m off to look up the word ‘watershed’. As Oates said on that sad and sorry occasion:


Oh. Yes.

Here’s your quote:

Basic ingredients often come from just a few factories in China and India — and in early March, India suspended the export of 26 active ingredients and drugs, including paracetamol and the ingredients used to produce antibiotics. A study compiled by the logistics consulting firm Resilience360, a subsidiary of DHL, warns that the current crisis has shown just how important it is to maintain multiple supply sources. “Overall, the COVID-19 outbreak may be a wakeup call to the pharma industry and governments,” the consultants write.

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SPIEGELjolly roger

it’s too bloody depressing. No point in other outlets or TV either. So I’ll just leave you for now with this thought from Der Spiegel—

If the infections flare up again, according to Drosten, this should change – because the pathogen is currently spreading under the blanket of the current restrictions, just slower. “Suddenly you have a wave of infection within a month that you didn’t expect,” said the virologist. Even if the reproductive factor was kept around 1 by then (which means that one person with Covid 19 infects one healthy person at a time), the consequences could be drastic.

From ‘Spiegel’ this date.

I loooove doom and gloom, it’s so very … human.

And I, now,  may just go off to watch my most very favouritest cheerer-upper movie:

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—named for the character in the middle (although the one who stole—and holds—my heart is the one in the green jacket, Miss (SFX: drum roll, please)


Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 10.41.31.png

—who, face it, is the most alive of them all. She’s feisty. She’s honest. Courageous. Devoted, and this above all: she’s innocent.

If ever called upon to take up arms again, I would do it for no other cause than folks like her. Stuff all your silly flags, anthems, songs, poets, propaganda, politics, BS, and ‘spin’ … it’s only people that count. (And bunnies …)

Moi & bucket zzz

Try me, and stop one. (Cute sleeping doggy …)




tourism-based operations. Face it, people are going to be shonky about moving out of that nice warm homely ‘bubble’ for quite a while. So opportunities abound for those who test the wind and can set their sails accordingly.

And now, your depressing clip of the day—

“If you ask most operators whether their business can survive on 10% or less of their last year’s revenue, they would say “no”.

So adventure operators are going to have to convince New Zealanders to spend more — but even if we did this successfully and domestic numbers doubled, very few operators can survive on just 20% of the previous year’s revenue. Therefore it is a pretty grim prognosis if borders stay closed.”

—make of it what you will.

It refers to Kiwiland’s tourism industry, and is from:



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Why not just be nice, as I would, with the writer of the note?


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Neighbour leaves abusive note for nurse after seeing her leave for work every day:

A UK nurse says she’s been left stunned after an “idiot” neighbour left an abusive note on her car, telling her she was “selfish” for leaving to go and care for patients each day.

Sam Halms, a nurse at the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Foundation Trust, shared an image on Facebook of the nasty note left from a neighbour on her car’s windscreen—

“To the selfish person,” the note read. 

“I have been watching you travel every day in your car. You are not in uniform, so this is clearly unessential travel.

“You are part of the problem! Stay home and protect our country and NHS!” etc etc

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If it were me (and if I knew who had posted that note) I would take the note to the writer and without rancour simply invite said neighbour to “accompany me when I go out tomorrow” (Bring your own lunch.)


deserve small responses. But sadly response is too often necessary lest snowball becomes avalanche. Idiots love company and small minds cluster—like viruses, in fact (and about as helpful to the Human Condition).


is the confectioner-chef lady in the movie ‘Chocolat’

arrow down red smartish

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who should be lauded as a role model in all ‘religious’ institutions anywhere (especially Christian). If you haven’t seen that movie it is well worth the viewing even though not everyone’s cup-of-tea, for insight it is hard to beat …

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